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omg your art gives me life!!!! I love it! just wondering have you ever tried drawing hq characters as toddlers???

oh, thank you very much, that’s so sweet!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ and well, I…. I actually used to have an ask blog for karasuno as kids! it was set at daycare, except everyone knew each other?? and played volleyball?? and it was basically just a mess 

this was the banner (LOOK OLD ART)… it is not my fav memory but this ask made me look out the window and go “HOW DID THEY KNOW!?” so there’s your fun fact of the day!

I can't help but imagine Sansa planning that hall scene with Arya like:
  • Sansa: OK, so everyone will be surrounding you, and you'll walk in and stand right in the center, and I want you to look worried when they close the door. And say something like 'are you sure you want to do this?'. And I'll say something like 'this about honor, family.' And then I'll-
  • Arya: Uh, how about I just kill him? You bring him to the hall, tell him why we're going to kill him and then I just do it?
  • Sansa: No, I really want to rub this in. I want to show him I beat him at his own game.
  • Arya: I get that, I do, but don't you think this is a bit over dramatic.
  • Sansa: ...
  • Arya: ...
  • Sansa: Arya, you have a list of people you want to kill and you wear other people's faces. So, I'll say what he's accused off, then I'll add Lord Baelish right at the end, and then you can drop the act and everyone will stare at him and it will be glorious.
  • Arya: OK. I'll go back to my room and prepare my fake worried face. ... Oh, how about when you reveal that Littlefinger is on trial, I go 'my sister asked you a question.'?
  • Sansa: Yes, a thousand times yes, please do that.

Watching your crush make That Face™ after he gets a shot (Never missing even one)

A little something for a fic I’m working on, once I finish the third chapter I’ll post it but for now all that exists of it currently is this.

I can’t say too much on what it’s gonna be about without spoiling but I can tell you this(keep in mind this is mostly set pre-all that universal domination shit)

Lance is actually one of the weapon testers at the Galran labs (He’s usually hopping between Altea and Daibazaal) The lab he’s in helps to create different prototypes of weapons powered by quintessence so he gets to try them out and pretty much gives advice on what they could do better with it.
Lance is pretty much Altea’s top sharpshooter, also having skills in stealth and one of their top strategists. (We need more BAMF!Lance okay, I’m tired I want my boy to be appreciated thank you very much) He’s also very charismatic and if there were bars for his charisma levels they’d be filled ok. He can pretty much smooth talk his way out of everything…almost.

Keith is one of Zarkon’s generals, hopping between missions in the system/on planet. On the rare times he gets a break he doesn’t have much to do so he just hangs around the lab watching the engineers and scientists do their thing. (Totally not there for that one cute Altean guy nopenopenope)

He has exceptional skill working and fighting with various blades and weapons of that nature. He’s one of their top pilots and fighters and leads his one unti (Even if he really doesn’t want to but they can mostly take care of themselves so there’s no babysitting involved)

i drew this little thing the other day with my mouse as i wait for my tablet, i wasn’t going to post it since it’s not finished yet.. but after a few slight touches with photoshop i managed to make it look kinda decent :o
—so here’s a soft(&abitgloomy?) toukachan ✨🐰

Since I got through the last five fairly quickly and I like having a list published because it forces me to commit to requests, here are the next ten that I have planned: 

✅Playful - Shawn and y/n have a playful, teasing relationship
Rude - Comfort Shawn bc y/n has anxiety and people are mean 
Kiss Cam - Caught on the kiss cam at a hockey game
The Girl on the Plane - Meeting on an airplane
Crying - Y/n is in pain, and Shawn hates not being able to do anything 
✅Past - Y/n has a rough past (most likely~trigger warning)
AU: High School Dropout (Part 3) - Next and possibly final part 
Perfect - Based off of Ed Sheeran’s song
Short - Y/n is short and insecure about it
Surprising You - Y/n is having a hard week, Shawn surprises her at Uni

Again, I haven’t started any of them so I can’t say when each will be posted. Also, I am not sure what order they will be posted in either, but they are coming, promise :)

she who walks the edge of darkness

A/N: So this is a rough little drabble based on this amazing piece of art by @ask-royai-lty. I’m sorry Bi, but I just couldn’t resist writing something to go with it after you dedicated it to me :’) 

I think I have a Lust!Riza problem lol

“Are you sure about this boss? Do you really think she’s down here?”

Roy had never been more sure about anything in his life. The destitute dungeon of a lab they had found themselves wandering through reeked with the stench of a cover-up. The too clean, broken beakers and dustless pieces of paper littering the room they had stepped foot in were telling.

The laboratory had been recently used.

“I’m sure,” he replied as he stepped cautiously over a pile of broken glass to stand in the center of the room. He scanned over the dusty desks and peeling walls, looking for anything that would point him toward where exactly Riza would be.

He saw a shadow shift in the periphery of his vision and he jerked his head around. Havoc responded to his sudden movement with a gasp, his weapon raised and pointed toward the corner Roy had focused his attention on. But after a few moments, when their eyes both adjusted, they found that whatever Roy had seen had been a figment of his sleep-deprived mind.

Roy staggered a few steps forward and slammed his hand against the wall to steady himself. The innumerable nights of sleeplessness he had suffered through were beginning to take its toll on him. No, three days, he reminded himself as his vision cleared and the dark spots that had dotted it began to clear. Though it seemed like it had been a lifetime since she had vanished, it had still been less than a week.  The military, the one entity he had begrudgingly put his faith in for the support and materials necessary to find her, had continued to drag its feet until he was left with no other options but act on his own accord.

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EDIT: Now with color!! :D 

Just in case I don’t do anything with these, I’m posting them here 

This is what I’ve been doodling for the past few days, I grabbed a few dancing videos, paused them and sketched 

I wanna add some color to these, or clean them up, and add even more, we’ll see if I actually do that xD


Melanie Martinez + Songs titles.

Griffith and Guts are Gay: A Visual Argument

This is extremely incomplete bc I’m only including stuff that is self-explanatory. No commentary from me. It’s still long as fuck tho so be aware that this is really image heavy when you click.

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After a bunch of recent redos - and some older ones - I wanted to put together a compilation of some of them! I won’t be redoing all of the older Pokemon lines, but there’s still several ones I’m planning on redoing at some point. It’s kind of fun revisiting old lines to see how I’ve improved over the years. Hopefully I won’t have to redo these ones eventually!

Squirtle | Charmander | Pikachu | Ekans | Rattata | Wingull | Skitty | Gastly | Trapinch | Snover | Lucario | Buneary | Noibat | Snivy

Here’s some Susan Pevensie and Wendy Darling headcanons

  • they met in england a few years after susan lost her family
  • susan hasn’t smile in months and she’s thinking about moving to america because england looks too much like narnia
  • but damn wendy changed everything
  • they’re so different
  • one is light itself
  • when the other is more reserved
  • wendy wanted to be a pirate when susan was a queen
  • but they’re also so alike
  • they’re both very motherly
  • but more importantly they’re two girls who went into a magical land
  • but don’t belong there anymore
  • they know how it feels
  • they tell each other’s stories
  • they talk about mermaids
  • and fairies
  • and lost boys
  • they hold hands
  • and they kiss
  • and wendy becomes susan’s new family
  • they’ve been told they wouldn’t be happy back on earth
  • but here they are growing old side by side

Author Fic Rec: PhD-Mama

If you haven’t yet, do yourself a favor and read the lovely @phd-mama​ ‘s fics. She is a must-read for me. The thing I like most about her stories is that beneath any of the angst or miscommunication or fights there’s a maturity to her characters. You can always tell they respect each other, and at the end of the day, love each other deeply and treat each other accordingly. That doesn’t mean one or both of them doesn’t screw up, but there’s always a believable and satisfying reasoning behind their struggles and their dynamic. Here are a couple of my favorites:

If I Had Three Wishes (They’d All Be For You) (60K)

Why I like it:  This is probably my favorite of hers. It gave me all the butterflies, I said in my comment. And it did. Harry’s had a super conservative upbringing and his parents kick him out when they find out he’s gay. He ends up in Provincetown, Ma. (which becomes essentially a character in the story) in this beautiful, welcoming haven of new friends and experiences. Louis is a drag queen who works the bar on the side and it’s all very sweet and lovely and watching Harry blossom is a beautiful thing. And the way they dance around each other, the little bit of jealousy, the fishing for where the other stands on the attraction thing. I curled up and read this in a night.

Beautiful Line:  Harry knows Louis doesn’t want the words, doesn’t want how he feels, but it’s so big and full inside of him, it fills him all the way up until it feels like it’s spilling over, and he’s never had a crush like this before, and that’s all it can be, a crush. … That’s why, inked into his skin is everything he can’t say, everything he feels that he knows Louis doesn’t want, in the form of a small tattoo directly over his heart.

Cool things: The setting! The little family they all form. LaLaLou :) The songs. I’m a sucker for a little jealously so… Harry internship! 

Feels Like Coming Home (60K)

Why I like it: I am not a break-up fic reader whatsoever. And I actually had to ask her if I should read this. But everyone loved it, so I finally decided to give it a try. And thank god! It’s the break-up fic for people who don’t like break up fics and it’s definitely a very very close second for my favorites of hers. The emotional maturity in which the entire plot is handled is amazing, lovely, special. “It’s a story about love and the power of forgiveness” is the tagline, and let me tell you, it really is. It’s an absolutely stunning emotional journey and the beauty of it is worth the pain you’ll endure on the way. It treats your heart gently even as it’s bruising it.

Beautiful line: How can you restore something that’s been shattered? There’s no gold here, he thinks in despair, only broken glass.

Cool things: Kintsugi. The flashbacks. Again, the setting! The windchime, sigh. 

It’s a Better Place (Since You Came Along) (52K)

Why I like it: I only just recently found this one, but I bumped it up into my favorites the minute I finished. Harry and Niall go on a cruise and meet Louis and Ziam and they all become fast friends. There’s a very cool and unique magic aspect to it, as well, that adds to the complexities of their interpersonal dynamics in an interesting way. The side pairing romance (which semi-spoiler goes beyond Ziam) is amazing. Niall and Harry’s friendship is an absolute joy. And it’s also just … funny? I was definitely laughing out loud at multiple parts. There’s also an underlying mystery-plot that keeps the plot moving. This was is just really fun.

Beautiful line: “We made that,” Harry whispers, mesmerized by the display that is only now starting to fade. “That’s us.”

Cool things: Niall. Just. Niall is fantastic in this. And his friendship with Harry. Like, read it for that alone. The magic! Louis’ past. The little mix ladies! pink hair and phallic shaped water displays. The ending. 

On the Go (3K)

Why I like it: Okay, it’s a shortie, but I HAD to include this one. It’s hilarious. read it read it read it!

Great line: “Manscaping, you bloom ‘em, we groom ‘em. How can I help you?”

Yesterday on Plotdale...

I rewrote yesterday’s scenes in terms of Plot (cause I can’t stop the snark)


[Robert in the pub on the phone] 
ROBERT: Don’t mess me around Bex, we have to meet to discuss our plot. It’s very important. […] Yes, we have to meet at the scene of the incident. It’s very important that we continue to cause the audience a maximum amount of pain. Be there…half past…or else. 

[The pub with Robert, Aaron and Charity with a baby…just as a reminder of where this is all going]
ROBERT: Aaron, I can’t go with you to counseling right now. I have a plot…I mean work crisis I have to attend to.
AARON: (Clearly should know work crisis is code for plot) Are you sure? I really need you there Robert, because the writers have taken away my entire support system so that you’re all I have left.
ROBERT: Sounds about right. Now I’ll just go take care of this plot thing and meet you there. *cheek kiss* - for the fans 

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I just saw my cousin as Grantaire in his high school’s Les Mis

I’m hella biased because a) he’s my cousin, and b) Grantaire is both of our favorite characters (we need help), so this is going to slightly focus on R (sorry not sorry), but here are all of my thoughts:

-They didn’t have a lot people, so in the opening number Grantaire sings “I’ve done no wrong, sweet Jesus hear my prayer”, Marius sings “I know she’ll wait, I know that she’ll be true”, and Feuilly sings “we’re not yet free, you won’t see me here for dust” (and I just thought that was so perfect with their characters)

-Because it’s a high school play they had to do a censored version, which means they can’t really state that Fantine is a prostitute, so Lovely Ladies was hysterical because so many of the lyrics had been changed and it was so ridiculous I can’t even remember what they changed the lyrics to it was so off

-Confrontation was insane because they gave Javert this whip/chain thing and had Valjean ducking under it and at “I’m the stronger man by far” he catches it mid-air and just damn it was intense

-In The Beggars/Look Down/What-ever-you-want-to-call-this-song, Enjolras and Marius are handing out papers to recruit other students to their cause, and later in the background (while Marius is singing with Eponine) Enjolras is trying to give R a paper and recruit him, and R is kinda like “I don’t know…” until Enj puts his had on R’s shoulder, and then he smiles and just nods and they spend the rest of the scene talking together in the background

-In Red and Black they gave Grantaire the lyrics “like the flowing of the tide, Paris coming to our side” as he goes to stand beside Enjolras before sitting down (AAHHHHH YOU ARE PARIS COMING TO ENJ’S SIDE)

-At “is Marius in love at last” Grantaire drops down on one knee and grabs a hold of Marius’s hand and at “I’ve never heard him oo and ah” he literally places Marius’s hand on his chest, like damn R could you be any more dramatic

-R stands on the table for the whole “you talk of battles to be won” part and only gets off the table when Enjolras walks over to them

-Grantaire’s egging Marius on during Red and Black is literally more snarky and cheeky than George Blagden, like dude is standing on the table holding his hand out before him like he’s in an actual opera while singing “Red”

-In Do You Hear the People Sing, since Courf and Combeferre are the same person, Grantaire gets “then join in the fight that will give you the right to be free” as he gives Enjolras a gun, which Enj the hoists into the air

-A Heart Full of Love starts off Romeo & Juliet style with Cossette on a balcony thing, and she comes down to stand beside Marius to sign her parts

-When they are on the barricade, everyone stands up at different intervals when Enj sings the “Damn their warnings, damn their lies” part, and Grantaire stands up at “they will see the people rise”… R is the physical representation of the people of Paris… the feels… I’m fine…

-They gave Grantaire’s solo in Drink with Me to Courf and I’m still bitter about it

-In the final battle, Enj and Grantaire are positioned at the top of the barricade and first when R dies he dies kneeling at Enjolras’s feet as Enj then picks up the flag and starts waving it, until he falls backwards into the traditional dead Enj position, but the only thing is he drops the flag as he dies and bam the tears

-they did the thing in Turning where the girls leave (fake) candles on the stage and in Empty Chairs at Empty Tables when Marius sings “now my friends are dead and gone” he picks up one of the candles and Les Amis start walking on stage behind the screen, and at “phantom faces at the windows” they lifted the screen and all of Les Amis walked forward and grabbed a candle, and at “where my friends will sing no more” all of Les Amis flicked off their flame and walked off stage leaving only Marius holding a single glowing candle (tears)

-They cut “this one’s a queer but what can you do”… like damn, as a queer that is my favorite line

-In the finale when Jean Valjean is in the church, there is a table beside him holding… wait for it… two candle sticks… feeeeeeels

-After the show my family was like “you were amazing, but you so should have had a bigger part” and my cousin and I are just here like “yeah, but grANTAIRE”

-Also, I’m very biased, but he might have tied George Blagden for my favorite Grantaire (why do the good Grantaire’s never get to sing Drink With Me?)