i'll add background later


cullen was born and raised in a small human colony called honnleath. he had a very simple childhood for the most part. he enjoyed playing with his siblings and solitude by the lake near his home. at a very young age, he grew eager to serve, teaching himself to fight in hopes of joining the military one day. at the age of 16, the colony he lived in was invaded by slavers, slaughtering all his family and friends. it was several weeks before he was saved by a passing alliance patrol. he endured unspeakable torture during his time with the slavers and suffers from severe ptsd because of it. cullen enlisted in the alliance military almost immediately after the ship docked, lying about his age in the process. 


cullen is a part of ashley’s unit, the 212. the first time you see him is after encountering ashley for the first time. he is being dragged by geth over to where the dragon teeth stand, about to be impaled. shepard is given a time limit to rescue him, if failed he dies. if shepard succeeds, cullen with join you as a squadmate.