so i’d like y’all to know that @crispyfishsticks / @crispysnakes is an immensely sweet and wonderful person and very generously allowed me to handle this darling not once but twice, the second time while signing the prints I bought from her table at HERPS

just so y’all know she’s pretty great


I’m extremely slow, but I realized just now that Aigis’s clearfile has got Makoto’s silhouette in the background! Turns out the entire thing is hilarious AND it’s full of Makoto/Aigis, including quotes from both movies.

The most important thing to me

“I won’t leave you by yourself.”
“I’m sure that is the reason I was given this eternity of time.”

I want to always be by your side.
I’ll even invade your room.

Strong and mischievous. So, how is the daily life of this admirable girl?

Also, the words that can be read in the background are: precious one, I don’t forget and Eternity.

Special thanks to @jii-ro and @cryocumulus for helping me out with some troublesome kanji!

sources: 1 | 2


DICE! Ive got dice. ive got hella dice.. ive been collecting cool looking dice since i started playing Dungeons and Dragons… I was about eight. probably closer to nine?

I rolled a human male fighter (baby!aerin had issues bless her heart) but since then ive played mostly rogues. (with the noteable exception of my new character Cassiopeia Joannus my cleric. if you’re wondering, clerics are QUITE a bit different than rogues and i am… struggling a little.)

If you’re wondering why i’ve got so many six siders the answer is a little silly.

on the practical side, its the die you use when you deal sneak attack damage (and my highest level rogue was dealing like 8d6 per backstab)

on the aesthetic side, they’re square and they come in the cute size.

*and those metal dice at the top were my christmas presant as they are solid metal and expensive as hell

When you’re watching Say Yes to the Dress and one of the bridesmaids says “[Bride] trusts my fashion advice because I’m a fashionista and I’m brutally honest” it’s usually a translation of “[Bride] doesn’t argue when I force her into buying something ugly because she knows I’ll bully her into buying it anyway to make me look better”