i'd wear the heck out of it

Got A Melancholic Temperament (that's what they said to me)
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A new meta with a strange ability has public opinion divided on whether she’s a menace or a miracle-worker. The jury’s still out on the matter when the Snart siblings get caught in her crosshairs.

Or: Leonard and Lisa end up temporarily de-aged. It’ll wear off, but in the meantime, Team Flash has to figure out what the heck to do with them and how to keep them safe. Inviting them to live at the West house seems like a natural, if terrible, solution.

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melindaington  asked:

My mom checked my Tumblr this morning to see if I'd uploaded any new art, so I came out of the shower to her shrieking "OH MY GOD. HE'S WARING IT! HE'S WEARING IT!!" and I'm not 90% certain that now I have no choice in whether or not I go to RTX next year. No doubt she's going to pay for it and fly me out. Heck, she'll probably come too.

Oh wow, this is cute and amazing on so many levels. Thanks again for the shirt. It is, as I said, approved!