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~ SPN 12x15 coda ~

This is my voicemail. Make your voice…a mail.

Dean pursed his lips and pulled his phone away from his ear. Three missed calls…where was Cas? 

Usually, if he was not back home by this time – Dean tapped his screen. 10:47 pm – then he was at a hotel for the night. By now, Cas would have texted Dean to check in. To let him know that everything was all right. Maybe he was too tired to carry on an actual conversation. Maybe that’s why he sounded off on the phone earlier,

After a moment of staring at his phone, Dean opened it up and found the messages between himself and Cas. No reason he couldn’t text Cas first, right?

10:48 pm // Any more news about Dagon?

He stared at his screen until it went black. Sighing, Dean set his cell down on his nightstand and pulled off his flannel shirt, tossing it on the foot of his bed. He toed off his heavy boots and kicked them away before he tugged off his jeans. As he sat down, he glanced over at his phone.

Still no notification. Maybe Cas’ phone was dead?

Dean slipped under the covers and sat still for a second before reaching under and yanking off his socks. He threw them across the room and rested his arm behind his head. He stared at the ceiling for a long while, watching the shadows from the lamp creep over the popcorn ceiling.

His phone buzzed. Twice. 

Dean jolted up and rubbed his eyes with one hand and grabbed his cell with the other. His shoulders sagged as he rested his phone on his knee. It was only Crowley. If he actually wanted to talk to Dean, he would call him – several times in succession until Dean picked up, judging by past experiences. 

Dean unlocked his phone with a swipe of his thumb and his eyes fell to Cas’ contact picture. It was one that Dean took who know how many moths ago during a lull in a research session. In the picture, Cas was glaring over the top of Sam’s computer at Dean in response to his endless attempts to get his attention. 

“Hey, Cas,” he said, clearing his throat. He glanced up at his closed bedroom door before continuing. “I…I know it’s been a while since I’ve prayed. But that’s because you’ve been here. And, well…you’re gone now.”

He frowned, tapping his phone on his knee. Yes, Dean talked to him today – just hours ago, even – but something was wrong. Sam did not seem to notice, but Dean did. “I don’t know what to do,” he said, though not necessarily to Cas. 

“I need you here, man. You help me, you know? More than I’ll ever be able to say.” His eyes darted up to the ceiling and back down to the phone. “I’m over-reacting, huh?…You’re probably just tired.” Dean gave his phone a half-hearted smile, his eyes drooping in exhaustion. He really should try to sleep soon.

12:12 am, his phone read when he tapped the screen. He hesitated for only a second after unlocking it before he decided to call Cas again. Dean’s fingers tightened around his phone as he raised it to his ear. “Come on, buddy. Pick up.” 

His plea was answered by the trilly dial-tone, which rang three times before there was a soft click on the other end. Dean’s breath hitched in anticipation as Cas said, This is my voicemail. Make you – 

He hung up the phone and tossed it away. It bounced off the pillow next to him and onto the bed. Dean rubbed his hands over his face, sighing. “Where are you, Cas?”

Re-watching Supergirl with my Girlfriend

Things that she’s saying

“Supergirl is just an old-fashioned sort of girl”

“Did Alex just throw away the smoke detector? That’s not safe”

In reference to ‘Yeah because I can fly’ “Ohhhhhhhhhhh.”

“He took pizza with him.”

“From now on I’m taking the stairs.”

“Lena Luthor has a good heart.”

“How does she know how to work on earth, she hasn’t been on earth yet.” Talking about Rhea

“Oh snap” In reference to the kidnapper saying he knows Kara is Supergirl.

“I’m with Kara on this, doing it the hard way, there is a chance of people dying. She needs to fly in and knock people out. We need to stop catering to pasies. In the old days we would have just cut off his hand and been done with it. I would cut cut off his hand…”

“IN A WORLD OF HURT. Because she will get out.”

“The difference between Kara and I is, I would have forgotten that dudes name by now.” (The kidnapper’s dad’s name)

“How does Maggie keep just walking into the DEO, isn’t it a secret government agency?”

“Do you know why it’s fun that she’s in this shoe?” (talking about Rhea again) *Whispers* “Because she was Lois in Lois and Clark.”

“Careful she killed her husband”

“Oh no she didn’t, that is Lena’s best friend.”

“She is totall not going to share everything.” Air quotes and funny voice “I’m and alien”

“Noooo she’s a back stabber, oh wait she stabbed him in the front, she’s a tummy stabber.”

“He is sooo not FBI”

“She smashed the table, do you think it’s made of rubber? Like to make it look real?”

“Oh, he had relations.”

“Yeahhhh” Under her voice when Kara throws Rick across the room. “Oh she’s going to kick your butr, you might as well bend over right now.”

“DO IT, give him a new haircut” When Kara’s eyes went red.

“You have x-ray vision Kara, go fly over the city with your x-ray vision.”

“You know what that reminded me of ‘We toys can see everything’.”

“No you didn’t, nobody was there, she did it in private. All you saw was the burning car.”

“The always say put two and two together, but obviously if it took that long, the equation was a little harder than that.”


“Yeah, because they’re doing this sort of stuff in Jr High.”

“Kara needs to accidentally step on his toes, because they’ll flatten.” Then she slapped her hands together and madesquishing noise.

“She is far more intelligent than I anticipated, not like book smarts because that’s obvious, but like now she has street cred.” After Lena uses the Alien detection device on Rhea.

Under her breath, “Getmos is Gwatameno Bay….that’s totally J’onn.”

“She’s going to MCGyver the crap out of that thing. WHAT IS SHE DOING? AHHHHH WHY IS SHE DOING THAT? “When Alex cuts her tracker out with the credit card. “You can’t plant the chip in there. THat does suck. Yeah and those wires connect perfectly into that thing.”

“That look…disdain.” IN reference to the look Maggie gives Rick when she’s going to leave the room.

“I hope you can swim…she’s a secret agent of course she can swim”

“She’s got to be there right?…don’t answer me.”

“Use your credit card it worked last time.” I asked for what. She said, “it doesn’t matter it worked.”

“Kara has very big arms, she looks like a girl I played basketball against once.”

“Literally, she is a little bit bigger than her.”

“haha she’s going to a closet….hey pun not intended.”

“Would you call her by her first name once in her life? You are not on a softball team.” 

“Name her gertrude? What is she russian?”

“Oh Snap, her comes Mon-El’s mama, mama El.”
“That’s right, get out of Lena’s office.”

“But really how does she know all this stuff about Earth, she’s only been around for like a week?”

“Lena, I don’t have time for you.” Pretending to be Kara when Lena is calling.

“No everything is not okay. My sister has been kidnapped. I need you to come hug me”

“Like I said fly over and Xray it… a fly by shooting if you will.”

“I’d have blamed myself too.”

“Break your father free? What is she, superman. You’re confused sir, Supergirl is the blonde one.”


“you’re missing the point pal.” Sing song voice. “Murdereer.

“I Like that she’s taken off her shoes and her socks, I mean if you’re going to take off your shoes, may as well take off your socks too.

“Now she’s taking her pants off, WOAH!!!! She’s making a floaty with her pants. She wears boxers like you. That’s definately where she wears her guns.”

“Maggie’s gone rogue.”

“Maggie letting the bad guy out is not a good idea.”

“Oh my.” (The tech) “She totes got that from the aliens.”

“Maybeeee not the best thing to have done with your life, you know, raising a bad guy.”

“Oh snap, have you been a good father today?” When Kara was giving her speech.

“That was a quick 4 hours.”

“Hello, go punch it.” Before Kara goes and punches the glass

“Give her the kiss of life.”

“Oh nevermind, she’s breathing.”

“Just hold her.”

“How did she get there as fast as Kara” I told her Kara flew her. “Kisses, sisters before misters, thanks for the ride, dueces.”

“Awww that so cute. Finally you used her first name.”

“Punch him Punch him in the face. Kick him kick him in the little boys.”

“YESSS!!!!!!!” little kid voice “oh my nose.”

“No you guys need to talk about it. DON”T JUST MAKE BRUNCH PLANS LENA.”


I’m actually rewatching the first bit, since I didn’t get too far, and to get me back to where I was. Which brought me to this point, which is THEY AREN’T WEARING WHAT YOU’RE WEARING




John Boyega in Pacific Rim 2 - John Boyjaegar

I hate when people say “don’t be so sensitive”.

Because I would legitimately LOVE to be less sensitive in some ways, but HOW. Please explain it to me. HOW do I be less sensitive. Explain it, right now. I’m gonna need charts and diagrams and specific instructions but since according to you I can just STOP, you should have no problem telling me HOW to stop. Right?

(It’s amazing how quickly people shut up when you ask them to tell you how to do the thing they just glibly told you to do. Almost as if it’s NOT that simple. Hmm.)

Hamilton bootleg thoughts

It’s hilarious that some anti-bootleg people are saying “I’m not privileged! I’m just saving money to go! And I’ll still have to drive, like, 4 hours!!”
oh no…. how terrible it must be….. four hours….. and here I am, continents away, thinking I was so unfortunate….. oh you have opened my eyes…… 

smh there isn’t even a confirmation that it’s gonna be filmed, just an old article from last year that said it might be filmed: 

“I said we WANT to film the show with this cast before the year is out. That’s all I said. There are no plans for anything yet.”— Lin-Manuel Miranda (@Lin_Manuel) October 5, 2015

come on guys. stop telling us to wait for something that probably isn’t even going to happen. you can guilt-trip me into buying tickets (and I will, with pleasure) when they tour in Armenia. thanks.

anonymous asked:

Ashley, re that Anon talking a week or so ago about Q having David Exley's id's on him when he "died". Q most likely became DE when he left Bellevue, right? When those 2 guys put him on the stretcher and then into the van where Astrid was waiting, I doubt he had any PQ id on him. Dar set up that whole new identity for him for his new life at the lake house. From Q's expression seeing the new id's it was like he was very used to it. Who knows how many names he's had. Just like Jason Bourne.