i'd want him to kill me

Relief was the last emotion Rey could’ve felt. How could she believe anything he said? She seethed with anger at him, desperate to tear the man’s mask off and hammer it into his skull. He regarded her with the same cold metallic expression. “You still want to kill me.”

“That happens when you’re being hunted by a creature in a mask.”

He held her stare, and then his gloved hands touched the sides of the mask and took it off.

He had a young man’s face, with an old man’s eyes. His lips and dark hair stood out agains the pale complexion of one who shirked the sun. He looked like a student who took no joy in his studies. One who perceived only the great problems of the galaxy and not its simple pleasures.
—  p. 133-134, The Force Awakens: A Junior Novel by Michael Kogge.
Okay ya'll, hear me out on this:

I want Ruby to kill Jaune.

I know what you are thinking, Soph, WHAT THE FUCK, but listen to this:

Cinder wants Ruby dead. So she is going to go after her, Jaune will probably be in the area or something. Maybe for an away mission for Professor Lionheart, which we all know, is in cahoots with Salem. Maybe Salem finds a way to contact him or Watts can simply tell Lionheart that Cinder is coming. Watts’ semblance can be telepathy. Either way, Cinder shows up.

Cinder finds out the person she killed was Pyrrah. Jaune finds out, and goes apeshit. They both attack, and Jaune is about to die at Cinder’s hand:

Ruby then unleashes those fancy silver eyes.
But either instead of killing Cinder, or along with Cinder, she kills Jaune too.

Joan of Arc did get burned at the stake, right?

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the stupid scruffy scottish di of stupidness and stupidity

OTP: Hardy x Miller

BroTP: Hardy x Miller

OT3: Hardy x Miller x Happiness

NoTP: Hardy x Tess and/or Hardy x @tinyconfusion​ killing him.

Give me a character, I’ll give you OTP, BroTP, OT3, and NoTP

BUT WAIT I really want a plot that’s like the book This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen. Basically, Muse A has seen their family fall apart over and over again with their mom getting married and divorced every other year. Their father died not long after their born, leaving them with nothing but a single song written just for them to remember him by. They hate listening to the song, except for really late at night after they’ve had a bad day. One day they meet Muse B, a every forward, outgoing, and energetic person who claims that the second they saw Muse A, they knew that they were soulmates and would end up together. Muse A brushes them off, already having previously sworn to themselves that they’d never fall in love. So, a few days pass and at Muse A’s moms upcoming wedding, they see a familiar face in the wedding band, it’s Muse B. After the wedding was over, Muse A did everything to avoid Muse B, but it was impossible. So, the two ended up spending some time together and are soon enough spending all of their free time together. Muse B always picks on Muse A saying that it’s so obvious that they love them, but Muse A never will admit anything, even though it’s the truth. And basically there’s a lot of drama through out the whole thing like one night when Muse B has their band play the song Muse A’s father wrote and one night someone else in the band is mad at Muse B and says something to Muse A about Muse B always doing whatever it takes to get ahead and about how they’re probably just using them and Muse A is all like whatever it’s not like I even like them or anything and I really don’t care what they do at all (even though that’s all a lie) and Muse B ends up hearing them and more drama ensues only to end up with them both fighting on her front lawn and both professing their love for one another. And I’m going to stop now before I basically type out the whole book.