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Hi maya, can you share what you mean by H's social media confusing/annoying you?

Hi! it’s just…peculiar? I didn’t agree with the common opinion that Harry needed to get out there long before starting promo, I was very ok with him avoiding the full exposure mood until he had to. But once things started moving, I expected something different, both in person and on social media. Part of me still believes he’s holding himself back until, you know…unitl something ends…the outcome on his sm account is a bit weird though, sounds a little off, not someone I’d be charmed by if I didn’t know him already (and indeed his following count hasn’t grown at all in a week of promo, which isn’t usual a thing).

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I really love your technique of using all the negative space between works to create a kind of interlocking pattern of sketches! I'd love to know more about how you do it- Do you design a whole page at once or do a few and then design another image to fit the space between them? Whats your process? You work in incredible.

Thanks!  I usually will start with one piece of the puzzle and then design around it.  I block in big shapes then decide the pose I want to put into the space based on the shape that I have to work with.  At the end, I tighten everything up to make it flow better and more cleanly. 

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You're a princess in Cucumber Quest. What is your name. The Kingdom you rule and the name of your disaster master?

I had to channel my inner 14 year old for this I hope you’re happy anon

Hello! And welcome to the Stellar Kingdom!

I will be your guide for today, I’m Princess Skye!

Don’t recognize me? That’s okay, I usually look like this:

(Being a princess is kinda stuffy and boring though…)

Our kingdom is a peaceful one, with a crystal clear view of the sky at night. Perfect for star-gazing!

But sometimes it is plagued by the sinister Voidmaster!

He attempts to suck in everything into his vortex! I hope the Legendary Hero can save us!

But until then, please visit us sometime! We’ll be waiting!


Void’s disaster stone. 8u

For my lovely anons and anyone interested it what is said in Russian in
Shameless 4x04

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Static, wallpaper-sized version available here.

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Can you please make a tutorial on how to make an au meme? I kind of know but i've seen yours and how you've used two gifs combined instead of just using one, if that makes any sense? I'd love to see how you make it :)

Well, I use this tutorial to gif. The closest I could find to how I combine two gifs is this tutorial, but I usually skip out on the “tweening” part and just paste the second gif’s frames after the first gif’s. I then alter all the gifs I’m going to be using for a meme to the same image size using this tutorial. Finally, I add the text, using this tutorial.

Hope that helps! xox

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I know this may be awkward for you but can you please make a short paragraph of descriptions/comparisons about all KNK members' voices? I'm deaf and it's really unfortunate that I can't have a chance to hear their voices. So, could you try to make a description for each member to help me and others who want to have a better image of their voices? I'd really appreciate it. I LOVE your blog by the way! I always check it out during my free times. :)

*KNK’s Voice in a Food Kind Of Description *

Seungjun: Usually when he sings or raps his voice is relatively low as compared when he’s talking/dating with Jihun. It’s like a warm cup of hot chocolate, not the ones that would scald your tongue, but the one that fogs your lens as you take your first sip on a cold winter night, reminding you that you’re not alone. Its a voice that calms your heart. 

Jihun: He is the falsetto of the group, if Seungjun brings the richness of the hot chocolate, then Jihun brings in the lightness. Jihun is like the cup of water that cleanses your tongue after having your bitter cup of coffee. What he brings is the dynamics of life, whenever its his part, its like a new chapter, a new beginning.

Inseong: Imagine that you’re having your family dinner, what do you see first? Of course its that glistening-crispy-turkey-thats-been-baked-with-butter /I am hungry right now/ His voice is like the main dish, the highlight. Its the strongest, its obvious, its powerful. Like the feeling when you eat too much greasy food and you have that feeling in your throat, imagine that turning into a piece of art. He sings with ease as if his diaphragm is like a black hole, he sucks all those fangirls in too easily into this fandom with his voice.

Youjin: Truth to be told when I first heard his voice I was like, ‘Its pretty clean and simple,’ Little did I know that this simplicity had so much complexity, he sings with so much grace despite singing /more like belting/ all those high notes, he washes all our sins away. Many say that his voice is like honey, for me its like eating menthol lozenges. If Inseong is the grease, Youjin is the grease-cleanser. Its a good balance to have main vocalists that are quite opposite from each other, its gives us contrast. Its like the ups and downs in life :’)

Heejun: His voice doesn’t scream ‘I AM MAIN’ nor is it like hiding behind those tall pillars. His voice is like eating a bowl of instant noodles, after you’ve been on a fad diet for a month. It reminds you that you’re perfect just the way you are, that you are beautiful and that you deserve to be loved. His voice has so much emotions and feelings that its so nostalgic? Suddenly you’re reminded of your childhood crush, or that time when you were so awkward with your friends back then when you guys first met and that you can’t believe that you guys were such turtles but now you guys have metamorphose into legendary memes.

I love all their voices tbh <3 

p.s thank you so much for this message, it was so sweet? It made my week cause I’m such a mess I have so much things to do in school haha /whats new/ 

p.s p.s I love you guys <33