i'd usually make this into an image but

Static, wallpaper-sized version available here.

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You're a princess in Cucumber Quest. What is your name. The Kingdom you rule and the name of your disaster master?

I had to channel my inner 14 year old for this I hope you’re happy anon

Hello! And welcome to the Stellar Kingdom!

I will be your guide for today, I’m Princess Skye!

Don’t recognize me? That’s okay, I usually look like this:

(Being a princess is kinda stuffy and boring though…)

Our kingdom is a peaceful one, with a crystal clear view of the sky at night. Perfect for star-gazing!

But sometimes it is plagued by the sinister Voidmaster!

He attempts to suck in everything into his vortex! I hope the Legendary Hero can save us!

But until then, please visit us sometime! We’ll be waiting!


Void’s disaster stone. 8u


*hums* Brush’n ma teefs with ma lipstick……. :P

Succeeded in replacing the mesh but I must have gotten the lipstick fail because it never changed their lipstick for either sim. I’ll need to change the tuning of the mod and now I’m going to play around with the lipstick images.

The mod is really quick. If you blink, you’ll miss the sim putting it on. I wish it repeated. I mean in real life you usually make a couple of passes with the tube. So yeah there’s that but it’s still cool.