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I keep designing cute outfits and then getting sad that I don’t have them in real life.

There’s some faint backwards text in the background because I doodled this on the back of a school worksheet, not expecting it to end up as a finished marker drawing. Whoops.

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this user (gay-skater-bois) has been stealing lots of your twitter posts. Here's one example: gay-skater-bois () tumblr () com/post/156701721015/viktor-when-will-my-husband-come-back-home. They posted this Feb 2 after your original post on Feb 1: twitter (.) com/Randomsplashes/status/827012091739377664

wow…just wow. they’ve stolen probably 7-8 of my posts as well as numerous other twitter users’ posts. you know, i would’ve messaged and confronted this user but they blocked me, talk about being obvious right here. 

shallura analysis :: 1x10 “collection and extraction”

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Behold the most shallura heavy episode in the series, and the one that made most of us start shipping these cuties. Since there’s so much interaction and so much to go over, it kind of goes without saying that this analysis gonna be pretty long - so I’m putting most of it under a read more. Now, without further ado, let’s begin.

The team is currently trying to access Sendak’s memories, something that deeply disrupted Shiro’s emotional state in the previous episode - similarly to Allura having to let go of her father - yet was the most dedicated to using Sendak’s memories. Allura mirrors this dedication, while simultaneously continuing the break against her father and what he would have approved of, shown in this exchange with Coran.

Allura: Somewhere inside Sendak’s memories we should be able to find the inside information that gives us the key to take down Zarkon.
Coran: I don’t think your father would approve of searching through an enemy’s memories.
Allura: I know, but we have to do everything we can to defeat Zarkon.

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catch my hopeless romantic ass zoning out and fantasizing about being domestic with the love of my life sitting on the floor of our apartment eating take-out  in our underwear


This Is Us: 1x09 vs 1x15 - Jack reassuring Randall