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Tatiana Maslany on Lemieux On You. (Posting mainly for my own reference because this is the best thing I’ve ever seen and I don’t want to lose it.)


Everyone listed here will be receiving a Gaara Christmas Card from me in the mail! Yay! (please excuse my old drawing. I’m re-doing my Gaara Christmas tree for this year, just haven’t finished it yet)

This is just people who a receiving a physical card. This isn’t the list for tumblr messages. I am not taking anymore Christmas Cards now, but I will still happily give out tumblr messages.

Thank you everyone!

- - I am so crazy excited about this you don’t understand - - !!

A - H

@apulsenamedshea​, @archkania​, @beezitoco​, @cambriorants, @cantheswingsethover​, @chiroandteam​, @coolestloserbruh​, @dragonheartlover​, @gabychan91​, @hirakawa-sama​, @humblebee19

I - P

@illuminati-potato​, @jhoudiey​, @kara-doesnt-care​, @katief1221​, @kpopandanimelover​, @kunoichi-ume, @laughie–sapphie, @leonkspiderkitty, @magical-baka-butt, @meda37, @mehomestuckandcupcakes, @michxgaara, @mizu-luna, @musicismyoasis, @narutouzumaki10-10, @nataliegaaralove

Q - Z

@raandomanon, @realssm, @spankuro, @suledinlavellan, @shinyribbonsandbows, @skitzkraken, @sandy-desert, @sebas-maddox, @sajiishii, @thatsgem, @twisterofmadness, @tsu-za, @xexistentia, @yohoho-andabottleofcum, @zuko-the-firelord