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name: Kaitlin, technically.
nickname: Katie, Kate
zodiac sign: Viiirgooo
hogwarts house: Hufflepuff usually, sometimes Gryffindor (personally I wish it were Ravenclaw).
height: 5′5"
fave book series: The Hunger Games, Maximum Ride (until it got weird), Harry Potter, the Twilight saga, Percy Jackson, Game of Thrones… Idk I’m sure there’s more.
fave fictional characters: Riza Hawkeye from Fullmetal Alchemist is my wife. Katniss is cool too.
Fave flower: Look,,,I don’t know about flowers so my fave is probably something generic like the sunflower.
fave scents: Rain, fire (but, like, not the deadly kind), Christmas (IT HAS A SMELL).
fave color: Dark purple for sure.
fave animals: Elephants, lions, ALL SNAKES.
fave artist/band: I don’t have just one fave. Though 30STM always comes to mind when I see this question.
coffee, tea or hot cocoa : HOT COCOA.
average # of sleep: Eight, probably.
number of blankets: Two!
dream trip: Japan 
last thing you googled: Probably AO3 or something about FMA, t b h.
blog created: 2015…? Maybe 2016?
how many blogs do I follow: ~280
number of followers: The world may never know…………
what I usually post about: Reptiles, me, myself, and I.
what I reblog: Reptiles, mainly. Sometimes fandom stuff or important info.

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Based on your current job/occupation/hobbies what color would you be?- I’m an aspiring actress so I suppose I’d be a Violet. ^^
What Color do you relate more too? - Gold. I’m the definition of an alpha and I need to be in control all the time.
What revolutionary thing have you done in your life? In Germany, I was a political youth speaker for a very controversial political party. We did random protests once every month. I actually wanted to start my own group given that I was dissatisfied with some of the things I saw happening within the party.
Which House do you think you would belong in? - The test said Minerva.
If you could name a revolution group like the Sons of Ares what would you name it?- I’m awful at coming up with names, lol. Probably something corny.
What would your Gold nickname be?- Big Eyes, most likely because I have alien eyes.
Who would you want as a BFF?- Adrius or Virginia.
What unlikely pair would you like to see?- It’s not unlikely given that I’m sure they were busy at the Institute (if you catch my drift) but I love Adrius and Lilath.
Whos family would you like to belong to?- au Augustus.
gravBoots or pulseShield?- pulseShield
If you had to name your razor what would you name it?- Probably something super German and ridiculous.
What animal would you have a carver make you?- A cross between a lion and a dragon.
Which character would you consider your spirit animal?- Virginia. I’d say Lilath is maybe my bitchy spirit animal but Virginia is definitely the character that I think I have the most in common with.
What characters from another series do you think is worthy of being a howler?-  Probably Arya Stark, lol.
Whos your husband/ wife?- Adrius.

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Tatiana Maslany on Lemieux On You. (Posting mainly for my own reference because this is the best thing I’ve ever seen and I don’t want to lose it.)


Everyone listed here will be receiving a Gaara Christmas Card from me in the mail! Yay! (please excuse my old drawing. I’m re-doing my Gaara Christmas tree for this year, just haven’t finished it yet)

This is just people who a receiving a physical card. This isn’t the list for tumblr messages. I am not taking anymore Christmas Cards now, but I will still happily give out tumblr messages.

Thank you everyone!

- - I am so crazy excited about this you don’t understand - - !!

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