i'd still watch the show tbh

little-fangirling-fangirl  asked:

for me you are the blog that posts about different anime where i'm always like "shit i still need to watch that show dammit" and you know what, i thank you for this because it puts pressure on me FINALLY watch them ( and bless you for the haikyu! posts ) PS: you reminded me of iwaizumis birthday help me i forgot it BLESS YOU

i’m glad it does this for u because tbh lately i end up watching new episodes through gifs on tumblr then suddenly get this urge to binge watch them weeks later (omg yes haikyuu needs another season so more posts aaaaaa)

it’s ok sometimes i forget characters birthdays and then see all these posts thinking wtf no it can’t be ???????? o H

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Did it explain why crazy eyes was in jail. I keep watching that episode and I can never figure out why.

ok for starters we should all be calling her suzanne by now

and I’m not entirely sure they even showed us it’s just implied it has something to do w/ her mental illness(? which hasn’t been specified) it’s possible she got violent w/ another person like we saw her get with poussey last season?? (tbh if im forgetting what happened in s2 it’s bc i watched it from 9pm-10am so like)