i'd still watch the show tbh

*wakes my bf up at 2 am*: hey babe isn’t it fucked up how they first introduced pidge as a girl who likes dresses and had her hair long and that she only had to cut it because she had to get into the garrison incognito and shit but people still label her as a tomgirl who straight up rejects every thing feminine like?? did we watch the same show???? just because she wears shorts and shit doesn’t make her any less of a girl babe listEN

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Did it explain why crazy eyes was in jail. I keep watching that episode and I can never figure out why.

ok for starters we should all be calling her suzanne by now

and I’m not entirely sure they even showed us it’s just implied it has something to do w/ her mental illness(? which hasn’t been specified) it’s possible she got violent w/ another person like we saw her get with poussey last season?? (tbh if im forgetting what happened in s2 it’s bc i watched it from 9pm-10am so like)