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Forduary week three: Support
At least he’ll always have his brother there to support him, right?

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FitzSimmons Appreciation Week Day One: One favorite scene per season 
                      {  when no words are needed  

Imagine Loki watching a movie with you where one of the characters says to their love interest “if I had to choose between not loving you and not breathing, I’d use my last breath to say I love you.”
Loki slumps back into the couch, arms crossed and rolls his eyes. “What an idiotic line.” He grumbles.
You cast him a side eye look before dramatically declaring, “Loki, I love you!” You collapse back into the couch, holding your breath, eyes barely open to see what he will do.
Loki straightens up for a moment, the initial worry quickly replaced as he looks at your still form. “Well,” he hums thoughtfully, leaning over you, “I suppose the best way to help you breathe, is mouth to mouth.” He crawls over top you so you can feel his cool breath on your skin, “yet perhaps this matter is more serious, seeing as you confessed your love beforehand, perhaps…” Loki pauses again, moving away from your face, his cool hands reaching for your shirt, “perhaps this is cause for drastic measures.” He leans down and presses a chilly kiss to your stomach and you fight to suppress a giggle. You can feel Loki’s lips curl into a smile as he gently kisses you. “The princess still sleeps? Very well.” Loki continues, suddenly reaching down to tickle you.
You breathe in sharply, peels of laughter escaping as you struggle to push him away. “You cheat!” You gasp between desperate lungfulls of air.
Loki winks, “of course, now shall we finish this insufferable movie, or shall we move on to more exciting activities?”


Material research v.2.0

If John and Paul got married what would their last names be?

Some time ago I read someone (it was @shortstackedkyman) saying in S15e05 the one responsible for the Orphanage perhaps wasn’t the made up Slash but Cartman himself because of the wink at the end, at the time I thought that as nice as that would be I didn’t see anything that suggested or implied so, and that the wink could be no more than a gesture to make him look cute, now however…

This is the last scene

The only one who knew about it and had access to the orphanage design was Cartman.

Then we sees the things left behind by, supposedly, Slash, nothing but items.

Kyle is having trouble believing, Stan says that and right after we see this

Cartman looking directly at us, he affirms Slash is real but then

He winks at us, and the episode ends.

It was this other wink that got me thinking.

Why should I firmly think it’s only a cute gesture when Cartman almost never does it and it’s usual meaning in a suspicious situation when someone winks at someone it is to say play along with the lie? why can’t it have that same meaning here?