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Forduary week three: Support
At least he’ll always have his brother there to support him, right?

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  • Magnus: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
  • Alec, slightly drunk: I'd change the place where my body is sitting. It's too far away from you.
  • Magnus: That's not what I meant
  • Alec: I'd change my last name to fit together with yours
  • Magnus: Did you just-
  • Alec: Or change my habit of daydreaming about you, I'm getting behind on work
  • Magnus: Hold up a second, what did you say before that?
  • Alec: nothing
  • Magnus: It didn't sound like nothing
  • Alec: nothing comes in many different forms, maybe you just didn't realise it
  • Magnus: Alexander Gideon Lightwood!
  • Alec: Lightwood-Bane
  • Magnus: What?
  • Alec: nothing
  • Magnus: Why are you so difficult?
  • Alec: Some things are just complicated, like our marriage would be because of the Clave
  • Magnus: Al-
  • Alec: nothing
  • Magnus: ...

FitzSimmons Appreciation Week Day One: One favorite scene per season 
                      {  when no words are needed  

i just wanna say this morning i woke up in tears because i dreamt steve and tony’s relationship was broken up beyond repair and years later tony’s hit by a spell that damages his mind, and steve ends up being the one who goes into his mind to try and “bring him back” (because tony’s built impressive mental shields over the years, but he’s always, always weak for steve). and that’s where steve finds out that the spell didn’t destroy tony’s mind, just displaced him so far from himself, and as a final defense mechanism, his mind had put him in what it deemed was the “safest” memory. that happens to be a white, endless room, with nothing but a bed in the middle, two bodies curled around each other. steve comes close enough to recognize tony and himself. tony’s shoulders are shaking with the familiar signs of a nightmare and this dream-steve has his arms around tony and kissing i love yous and never i’d never hurt yous into his hair and steve’s throat goes dry, because it’s them? tony’s safest memory is one of them? that’s when i woke up extremely distressed because i want to imagine that after that, they both confront the fact that they still have feelings for each other and they still want to try again

Sonny Question

Is it me, or did we never get a Sonny-centric episode in all of Season 18?

I woudn’t count Great Expectations, because Sonny had his normal amount of screentime in that episode, and it wasn’t actually about him. In S16 we got to meet Bella and Sonny had tons of screentime, not just at work but also “at home” (well, Bella’s home) for the first time. In S17 we got that amazing episode of him going undercover, giving Peter a great opportunity to play something else and, again, getting tons of screentime. Even Liv took a backseat in that ep, since Mariska was busy directing it.

In this season’s Great Expectations, Sonny just had the one moment, when he talked about his past for less than a minute. I’d compare it to 41 Witnesses or Unholiest Alliance (lol shame on me for even comparing it to those great eps), as in, it was a normal SVU episode with a heavier Sonny content, but not actually Carisi-centric.

In S18, Barba got Know It All, Amanda got the episode with her sister (queen Kim!), Fin hasn’t gotten an episode since the iconic Ludacris saga, and Liv got all the episodes :D

Nothing for Sonny? No real chance to let Peter shine, other than a fleeting moment or two? As bored as I’ve been with this season, I was at least banking on the “standard” (or so I thought) Sonny episode to get me excited.

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wait, maybe we got one and i forgot about it? that’s possible. i only remember about 3 episodes from this season

also yay i found that Malcolm in the Middle moment in gif form

pupper-gender  asked:

For Chyler's article she also recorded her saying it, (very wonderfully I may add) and one of the last lines she says is: "You are wonderful, you are worthy of respect and praise, you are deserving of love and yes, you are unique." Just thought I'd throw that out there in case people want to file that away for their bad days. It's a good line to have on repeat for when you don't believe it yourself. Cause Chyler believes it. About all of us.

I just.


Like what even.

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I just want to say that i'd seen these kinds of posts and wanted to check mroe of them out. I wasn't sure what tag to search though, so when I found your blog I was super happy. You are now my favorite blog on this site and I just want to thank you so much for compiling all these posts together in one spot. I just spent the last week reading through your entire blog, it's amazing.

I’m happy to help! I’ve had luck with the tag space australia, occasionally with humans are space orcs, and also humans are weird (though that isn’t limited to sci-fi). I’ve heard that humans fuck yeah or hfy are also tags to check out, but I personally haven’t had the time to dive into those yet. (Humans are space oddities, which I tag all the non-Friday posts, is not very common elsewhere, it was mostly my commentary at the beginning and I stuck with it.)

I’ve also found that sometimes the OP, especially of a popular post, will have a tag for variations of their original post they reblog. Checking out the people who originate or contribute to a post are great ways of finding more (as are looking at the reblogged-with-additions part of the notes on a post, though many posts are ginormous and you won’t see everything.

To be honest, a large portion of my posts have been found with a combination of the above and sheer dumb luck. For example, @arcticfoxbear reblogged a bunch of things from their original post (thank yoouuuu) and also stuff from @authorbettyadams, whose writing I had never come across on Tumblr before and whose writing I also now love deeply.

TL;DR: tags are great and people are great! Happy reading!

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Good morning! 😀 ummm, if it's okay, I'd like to request fluffy headcanons for Shouto, Katsuki, and Izuku with a pregnant s/o. Thank you and your blog is awesome! 💖

Good morning! Well, afternoon now, it’s 1:01pm in my time! Anywho, your request was needed after the last two ones and I wanted to say thank you very much! Also, I’m very glad you like my blog, I hope I can continue to provide entertaining material.

- Mod Eclipse  🍨🍨🍨


🏔️ Shouto is still shocked that you’re pregnant with his baby, he’s scared he won’t be a good father.

🏔️ Will 100% do anything you need. Need groceries? he’ll get some after work. Need a bath? he’ll make sure it’s perfect for you. Late night snack? He’s on it.

🏔️ Isn’t sure how to do up the baby room so this shocked daddy will have you by his side at the shops, getting everything you need and making sure you have a snack while you shop as a thank you.

🏔️ Cuddles while you’re pregnant will never be uncomfortable, if he has to, he’ll definitely use his quirk to either cool you down or heat things up, honestly it’ll feel like heaven and he knows it.

🏔️ Is ashamed to admit it but during his free time at work, he constantly reads “how-to” books about both pregnancy and actually being a father, he wants his child to grow up happy!

🏔️ Will probably surprise you with little presents when he can, he’ll grab little things he’s seen you eye off in the past, flowers, chocolates, anything he thinks you’ll like really, he’s a sweetheart, love him


💥 Now, this boy might not look it but damn is he excited, often muttering to himself “fuck, (Name) is having my kid…my kid

💥 He’s not one to go over the moon for you but if you need food or something you can’t reach/lift, he’ll be by your side and doing it.

💥 “Damn it, you’re carrying my fucking baby! Don’t go wearing yourself out stupid!” Is something he would often say if you can’t sit still.

💥 He’s not big on cuddles but then again, he isn’t going to refuse you while you’re going through pregnancy for him, he’ll cuddle for awhile but if he needs a break, he’ll take it.

💥 If there are fights (lets be honest, there will be), Katsuki will stop and mutter that he’s going out. It might be a couple of hours until he gets back but when he does, you can tell he was out training, working off his anger.

💥 First thing he does when he sees you is kiss your forehead and grunt a very rough “m’sorry” before going up to have a shower.


📓 Oh my god, this pure soul right here, if you need anything, he’s right by your side with whatever it is you asked for and more.

📓 If you tell him you want cuddles, he’ll make a heckin’ amazing nest of pillows and blankets with your favourite movie playing just so you can truly enjoy his cuddles.

📓 Expect foot rubs galore, even if you don’t ask, there’s no denying he’s read up on everything he can that’s pregnancy related and he will work hard to make sure you’re relaxed.

📓 If he’s at work or going to be home late, he’ll call up your favourite fast food place and order all your favourite foods and have it already paid before it reaches your door as an apology.

📓 Lots of flowers and baby clothes.

📓 Already has the baby room ready and stocked with everything exactly how you wanted it, you didn’t have to lift a finger.

flatsound sentence starters
  • "Tonight I walked through a field that used to scare me more than I scared myself."
  • "I wish I had known you then."
  • "It was never death that interested me; it was the idea of an opportunity to follow a cold breeze that promised to take me anywhere but here."
  • "I’m sorry you thought this couldn’t work, because I’ve never wanted anything more in my entire life than to prove that it could."
  • "You were not my world, you were my universe."
  • "And I wonder if that’s what it feels like to die."
  • "Why do I wait, wondering how long it’ll take you to admit it?"
  • "I’d rather keep my mouth shut then start to say what I can’t finish."
  • "I sit here wondering if anything you said was true."
  • "We both noticed something had changed."
  • "I called you up again today and you didn't pick up."
  • "I didn't expect it to happen this quickly, you know?"
  • "I sit here and I worry about myself so much."
  • "I wanted you to care, I wanted you to be nosy, I wanted you to be there."
  • "I know it's stupid of me to say that you don't care, I mean, of course you do, but I want you to care so much more."
  • "I can't be around all these people who all my life have tried to change me."
  • "I can't hide who I am."
  • "I will be happy for the first time in my whole life."
  • "It makes me feel good, makes me feel pretty."
  • "I will go to sleep; just know you’ll be in my dreams."
  • "If I cry, it won’t be because of you."
  • "You don’t have to wait or pretend that he’s just your friend."
  • "It scares me more than I'd like to admit."
  • "My only problem lately is I've got too much time so all I'm left with is that what's on my mind."
  • "I left out everyone and all I have at the end of the day is that what's on my mind."
  • "Say I came back today, would I have a spot in your heart?"
  • "I cheated with your ex best friend."
  • "You can't stand in my doorway for long."
  • "It's eleven o'clock, he's expecting you home."
  • "I'll walk you up the hill to your car."
  • "No, don't let go, don't let this die."
  • "I just need to know what I did to ruin this and turn your body cold."
  • "If you walk through that door there will be no us."
  • "I thought you were being distant."
  • "I did not mean to make this the worst night of your life."
  • "I need you to know what happened."
  • "I saw you walking by, you didn't say hi, you didn't even smile."
  • "You're not the only one who's feeling anxious toward the bullshit that's attached to growin' up."
  • "You said things would stay the same; well, have they?"
  • "I know you're scared, but you'll never get better if you keep running away."
  • "Sometimes you need to be self centered to understand yourself better."
  • "I'm not in the mood to stick around."
  • "Every day I think about you and why you had to turn into my enemy, when all I need's my friend."
  • "Look at me and see how much I've changed since you left."
  • "Well, is this what you wanted, for me to admit that this fucking hurts?"
  • "I was never good at talking smoothly."
  • "Now I don't remember how you speak; I mean, it comes to me in dreams, but by morning, I lose everything you ever said."
  • "I'm not perfect, I think I'm quite the opposite, I'm nothing to adore."
  • "Perfection is opinion and nothing more."
  • "I'll be here waiting when your plane lands."
  • "Hi, my name is none of your concern."
  • "I like the way you make me feel at home."
  • "It wasn’t a mistake - so please dont think it was."
  • "I didn’t have a lot to drink, I just needed a bit for confidence."
  • "They won't find out, no one cares enough about it to run their mouths."
  • "Just please, when you’re ready to go, try not to make it so painful."
  • "Will you write another sad, sad song?"
  • "It's obnoxious and it's useless to fight a war you're losing."
  • "This might be your only chance."
  • "Is it you who calls the shots?"
  • "I don't know why they're choosing to confide in someone who will talk about anything."
  • "There are people who miss me and I don't know why they're investing all their time into someone with my history."
  • "Why did you say that I was one in a million? Because I believed it."
  • "I thought I had something that you were too scared to lose."
  • "I also saw how often you say goodbye."
  • "Things were never supposed to be this good."
  • "Nothing I can say now would justify a thing, just know I'm sorry."
  • "I just wanted to say I hope you're okay."
  • "You're already hurt, I'm scared that if you put your trust in me, I'll make it worse."
  • "You're still so young, you have room to grow into something amazing."
  • "You won't remember who I am."
  • "I can't live with the chance that this feeling's ever coming back."
  • "I don't hate you, but honey, this still hurts."
  • "I'm not dumb, I know everything."
  • "That liquid he consumes makes him speak the truth."
  • "Look at me, because I exist."
  • "It's a shame that we're not soulmates because if I didn't know better, I'd say this feels pretty good."
  • "You've been gone for too long, why'd you go?"
  • "Is this what you think it means to be responsible?"
  • "I went to class, you didn't show up."
  • "I thought we said that we'd keep in touch."
  • "So live up to the name you’ve been making for yourself."
  • "Last night you had that dream again, the one where you try and run from your fears but you can’t because you’re wearing fabulous stilettos."
  • "If I were the sun, I'd shine my light on you and leave the people that hurt you cold."
  • "We’re fighting again, more than usual."
  • "I’m sorry about being me."
  • "I'll sleep on the couch."
  • "Bring me a cat to be my best friend."
  • "It isn’t like you ever said that you were committed to the thought of me and only me."
  • "I can’t believe I spent all morning trying to tell you I’m sorry about yesterday."
  • "You smell like the devil but you feel like the lord."
  • "I didn’t dodge all your bullets, I just denied that they hit me."
  • "If I told you I loved you would you reach out and touch me?"
  • "I wish we had just gone to bed."
  • "This could have worked."
  • "The best part of that whole song was skipping ahead to Nicki Minaj."
  • "I will not make the same mistake twice."
  • "I know you never really liked people, I didn't mean to make that worse."
  • "I still know the roads that take me to your street."
  • "I know I promised that we'd talk more it's just, I'm surprised you even want to talk at all."
  • "I'm so scared that you still think I'm the one who gave up."
  • "The plans we made were never mistakes, they just didn't work for us."
  • "You always knew the deal that we made and what this was worth."
  • "I'll go to sleep at a decent time when I find something worth waking up for."
  • "I keep checking my phone to see you haven’t called at all."
  • "I thought I was the best part of your life, now I’m pretty sure that I was wrong."
  • "You’re impossible to read so if you love me, come clean."
  • "I’ll refer to you as my special love, the one that set me free."
  • "I’m feeling lost in towns that were my home."
  • "It's my own body, I did what I wanted."
  • "It’s not that I don’t have words to say, I just don’t want to be the one that speaks them."
  • "Your only flaw is that you’re flawless.”
  • "I’m so full of shit, I’m surprised you bought it."
  • "Well congratulations, I didn’t know you two had made things so official."
  • "Don’t call me when it fizzles; in fact, don’t call me at all."
  • "What a beautiful sight to see you alive."
  • "I can't hold you responsible anymore."
  • "I'm lost now in the thrill of it."
  • "I just want to lay in bed with you."
  • "I'll throw everything I have into the flames just to make it last."
  • "There are reasons that I can't stay."
  • "I built my life around watching everything you do."
  • "I wonder if you're having fun."
  • "You said you were done; well, how done?"
  • "I want to believe that I really don't need him."
  • "I can't wait until I see your face and my brain feels nothing."
  • "I would never want you to stop your life."
  • "You were always a shitty friend."
Interview with Hermann Gerland
  • FCB: Mr Gerland, you've accompanied Philipp Lahm for many years. Are you on first name terms?
  • HG: We're on first name terms.
  • FCB: Since when?
  • HG: Since I started working with the pros back in 2009.
  • FCB: But you've known Philipp Lahm much longer. When did he come to your attention for the first time?
  • HG: In the summer of 2001. Philipp played for the U-19s then, but I promoted him because I needed a full-back for the reserves. I'd seen him play for the youths.
  • FCB: And he convinced you straightaway?
  • HG: I still have strong memories of his first match for my team, when our reserves faced Burghausen in the Regionalliga Süd. We won 2-1, and Philipp played, well, as he always does; he turned in a flawless display.
  • FCB: And off the pitch?
  • HG: Philipp was very mature at 17. To my knowledge he hasn't made any significant mistakes or attracted negative attention to this day. He was punctual, he worked hard. He's always trained outstandingly well, and he's never mouthed off about other players, neither in his youth nor today as a superstar. He gives young players advice, he's a role model. He's never lost touch with reality, as demonstrated by his social commitment via his foundation. Philipp has done an incredible job for all these years.
  • FCB: So he's a perfect player for any coach?
  • HG: As reserves coach I enjoyed the two years with him, and I'd have liked to enjoy him longer. But it would have been disastrous not to let him play in the Bundesliga, it just wasn't possible. Arranging that wasn't easy. Renowned coaches declined until Felix Magath accepted.
  • FCB: Some Bundesliga clubs will have regretted it.
  • HG: Two years ago I ran across a scout working for a Bundesliga club. I'd recommended Philipp to him back then. We talked, and he told me: 'I've watched Philipp Lahm and seen the same things you've seen, that he's an outstanding player. But my people didn't believe me.' That's a nice little story.
  • FCB: So he joined Stuttgart.
  • HG: Philipp was able to play in the Champions League that way. After only three months he was the best man on the pitch against Manchester United, so Alex Ferguson wanted to sign him. That says it all. Philipp went on to win almost everything there was to win. He only failed to win the European championship. The only sad thing is that he hasn't been named Player of the Year, which I don't understand. Sure, Philipp doesn't play in a spectacular manner. But if he's sidestepped only once or plays a bad pass everone's asking: what's wrong with Philipp today? That's the mark of an extraordinary career.
  • FCB: In terms of height Philipp is smaller than many other players. In what ways has this influenced his style?
  • HG: Philipp is very fleet-footed and hard-running, that was his advantage. And even though he isn't tall his jumping power is enormous, and he's strong in the air.
  • FCB: So training headers at the pendulum has paid off.
  • HG: Of course Philipp worked with the pendulum. All my reserves did, Mats Hummels too, he still does today.
  • FCB: What was your reaction when you learned Philipp would retire at the end of the season? Did you talk to him about it?
  • HG: No. I only told him: 'Philipp, it doesn't count if you ask me. I'm watching you during training and in matches. You're performing at a top, top, top level. The fans will be sad. Your footsteps will be very big, your shoe size notwithstanding.' I always tell my players: play for as long as can, you have the best time of your life as a player, especially if you play football like he does. I think he could have continued at the highest level.
  • FCB: How sad will you be?
  • HG: I'm always sad when players I've worked with leave or retire. It was the case with Basti Schweinsteiger, now it's going to be the case with Philipp. But he's made his decision, and I wish him all the best. He probably thinks: 'I'd better retire before everyone's starts saying: Philipp should finish his career.' Now he can focus on his family. I hope he'll return to football in some form one day.
  • FCB: What's your impression of Philipp in the last few days of his active career?
  • HG: He trains as he's always done. Maybe he'll notice after one or two months that he still wants to play.
  • FCB: He can call you then.
  • HG: He's always welcome in the youth academy, he can join us in training. Perhaps the U-19s or the U-17s, or even the U-15s, he might fit in in terms of height (laughs). He should come if he feels like it. He's a very, very welcome guest. I think I'll invite him at some point to talk to our young players about his career.
  • FCB: Many legends have played for FC Bayern: Franz Beckenbauer, Gerd Müller, Uli Hoeneß, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, Lothar Matthäus... How do you assess Philipp Lahm?
  • HG: He's absolutely in the FC Bayern team of the century, on a par with the greatest players.
  • FCB: Do you think you'll work with a player like him again?
  • HG: I'm told again and again there's a second Philipp Lahm whenever a talent is a bit smaller in terms of height. But if someone scores three goals that doesn't make him a Gerd Müller. There aren't many players like Philipp Lahm. He's exceptional.

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I know quitting last minute is terrible, I've worked shifts where a nc/ns happens and I loathe it. But after one day of training I hated my work place so much that I felt physically ill at the idea of going in to check my schedule (can't call and ask what it is) that I decided I'd just wait until they call and say "Yeah nope". But now I'm even MORE pissed because it's 3 days after the schedule has been released for this week and I wasn't called at all? Was I NOT SCHEDULED THIS WEEK OR SOMETHING?

anonymous asked:

The last ask has got me imagining all kinds of space colony AUs and I'd love to see a Persuasion one (what can I say, it's my favourite Austen) but hey. Everything is better when there's interplanetary travel and starships.

Honestly. Some staid backwater planet where Anne’s been born and raised with dull heirarchies still leftover from when the planet was first colonized, though Sir Walter as the descendant of one of the first colonists is super-proud of that even though he himself doesn’t DO anything, and then Wentworth is a great renegade starship captain in service of an intergalactic alliance and Anne always wanted to get out there and see other galaxies…

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juice-tinn  asked:

Hi snicket sleuth! I love your blog and it's really opened my eyes to subplots and possibilities that I otherwise would've been unaware of. I'd like to ask, why do you think Lemony chose to kill Hangfire in the last book of ATWQ. Wouldn't he have been more useful alive to answer for his crimes? Did Lemony not realise the PR disaster that would ensue if he was the one seen to kill Hangfire? Ultimately, I am disappointed that he chose "cruelty and chaos", while the Baudelaire's chose to spare Olaf

Hello, @juice-tinn! Thank you for your appreciation, I try my best.

I would say that Lemony chose to murder Hangfire because he’s been shaped by V.F.D. to act with ruthless pragmatism. The members of this organization are essentially secret agents who dabble into gray-to-grey morality on a daily basis.

Compare and contrast reactions of Stain’d-by-the-Sea’s mundane citizens to Lemony’s crime and those of V.F.D.’s members:

But when they saw me return, everything stopped and everyone stared. They stared and they shivered. I walked amongst them like a moving shadow, casting darkness over everyone I knew. Gifford and Ghede were the only ones who approached me, but they didn’t give me as much as a glance, and talked right over my head.
“Your apprentice’s foolishness has derailed our plan,” Gifford said to Theodora, gesturing to The Thistle of the Valley. “We need to get this whole thing back on track.”
“There’s work to be done,” Ghede said, with a nod. “Every capable adult will need to help us.”
“And me,” Theodora added, with a hairy nod. “Snicket, talk to the people here and see if anyone has some rubber bands. I’ll supervise while you braid them together into a towing rope.”

[Why Is This Night Different From All Other Nights?, Chapter Thirteen]

The people who enjoyed a more normal childhood are clearly horrified by Lemony’s actions, but they don’t even get a mention from Lemony’s higher-ups who immediataly move on to another of their plans. It’s business as usual for V.F.D. The worst part about this is that we’re not entirely sure this is the first time Lemony took a human life. He’s a little too comfortable with fire…

I had seen buildings burn before, as part of my training and as part of my childhood. I had seen small homes and enormous mansions devoured by fire, and I had seen flames destroy factories and symphony halls and houses of worship.
[Shouldn’t You Be In School?, Chapter Five]

Besides, V.F.D. is supposed to operate in secret. Open trials and free submissions of their intel is not really on the menu.

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Heya!! Your scenario with Reiner returning to Liberio was one of the most beautiful I've ever read!! I've wanted to request something like that for a while, and the last chapter (97) left me devastated, so I'd like to ask for a scenario where Reiner's fem s/o is aware of his suicidal urges and tries her best to comfort him and to be there for him... If it's too uncomfortable to write it's okay, just skip this ask!

Aw, anon, I’m seriously blushing. Thank-you so much for saying such nice things! I…got really carried away with this. Like 1.1k words carried away for something that was supposed to be a short little blurb. Anyways, this can be considered a sequel to this piece, but it can be read as a stand-alone piece as well. Massive trigger-warning as this involves the scene from chapter 97 as well as massive spoiler warning for those who don’t read the manga. With all of that out of the way, I hope you enjoy! 

It was unusual for Reiner to skip out on meeting you after breakfast.

Now that he was here, home and alive and safe inside of Liberio’s city walls, the two of you were always seen side-by-side whether it be running errands together or taking a leisurely stroll. No one knew when the beckoning call of war would disturb this thinly-veiled sham that the Marley officials called peace but, for now, all you wanted to do was savor the time that you had been granted with your boyfriend.

If you could find him through the sea of people wandering around the market, that is.

After receiving a tip that Reiner might have been holed up in one of the offices that held war information and weapons (you’d have to thank Pieck for the heads up, later), you clutched your satchel tighter to your chest and made way through the streets. Occasionally, you’d smile at citizens that passed you by, echoing hollow good-mornings and ­nice weather today, right just to seem amicable. While you might harbor a secret resentment for all the trials and tribulations the Marley government put Reiner and everyone else through, the people in Liberio were mostly innocent. The only crime that they’d have to their names is cowardice—a trait that you understood well.

“Reiner?” you called once you entered the training facility, eyes darting around for any signs or traces of your boyfriend. Given that it was still early in the morning, you were unsurprised to see the lack of people skulking about. Humming beneath your breath, you stopped in front of the door that led into the office area Reiner often used for study and, more times than he would admit, alone time. You didn’t knock before entering and maybe that didn’t matter. Somehow, you doubted it would have spared you from the sight of Reiner—your beloved, tough, dependable boyfriend—with the barrel of a gun shoved in the back of his throat.

The both of you froze—him from disdain and frustration and you from fear and complete disbelief. You felt numb; too confused to cry, and too furious at him to comprehend anything else besides marching over to him once he removed the gun from his mouth, snatching the rifle by the end, and throwing it to the floor without a single care about scruff marks or damage.

It fell to the floor with a noisy clattering, yet the sound was fleeting. Chest heaving, you stared down at Reiner, eyes glassy and narrowed while awaiting some sort of explanation for the sight you had just witnessed. When nothing came, you surged forward and gripped his shoulders, nails biting into his skin through his shirt, leaving behind faint crescent-shaped marks.

“What the hell were you thinking? How could you do something like that to me? To your mother—to Gabi and Falco?” you demanded, your vice-like hold on his shoulders only tightening. If Reiner felt any pain, his face didn’t show it. Rather, he sat there quietly while you screamed at him, silently taking in everything that ran incessantly through your mind.

Silence trickled back into the room, save for your labored breathing. Your throat was rubbed raw, vocal chords spent, yet you refused to back down until he gave you an answer. You were his girlfriend, for God’s sake! If he couldn’t talk to you, then who could he turn to?

Head bowed, your eyes flickered to the window directly behind his head. “Were you going to do it?” When your question received no answer, you dipped your head down, fury frothing back to life inside the pit of your stomach as you asked again, this time with more bite to your tone, “Reiner, were you going to do it? Answer me, damn it!”

“No,” he croaked and the crumbly, cracked foundation of the walls he had spent so much time piecing together began to dismantle right before you. His golden eyes reflected the hopelessness he felt but he reiterated one more time, “But not because I didn’t want to. I’m too much of a coward to go through with it, even after I tried to change. I still have things I have to do.”

The anger that had been bubbling inside of you quelled at his distraught answer as sadness curled around your heart. “Why didn’t you say something?” Had Reiner not been paying close attention, your words would have been lost due to how quietly you spoke. You slid your hands from his shoulders up to his face, holding his cheeks in order to peer down into those golden eyes you had come to love and adore, repeating, “Why didn’t you let me know how you were feeling? If you couldn’t talk to me, then why didn’t you talk to your mom? If—if this is about your titan powers, Pieck and Porco could—”

“It’s about Paradis,” Reiner swiftly interjected, “and everything else. All of it. It’s too much and I feel it slowly crushing me. I can barely keep my head above the surface but you and the rest of the kids; I can’t leave you just yet.”

Tears freely rolled down your face, but you concealed them by tugging Reiner closer, his face buried in your stomach while your arms wrapped around his shoulders. “I know something’s been bothering you since you got back, Reiner. Please, just talk to me. I promise I’ll listen.”

With a heaving sigh, Reiner slowly confessed everything he had been through since he received the Armored Titan’s powers. From discovering his father and learning the truth all the way to what truly happened during the fight in Shiganshina; he didn’t leave a detail out. True to your word, you were silent throughout the whole thing, clearly unsure of what to say or how to even relate.

“You think I’m some sort of heretic now.”

“No,” you protested, peeling Reiner back from your hold in order to meet his watery stare. “I don’t think that at all. I think you’re someone who has had the weight of the world on their shoulders and—and got too lost in a mission that was too unfair to ask of a child. I don’t blame you for being attached to them or feeling guilty over losing Marcel, but none of that is your fault. We’ll keep this between us…as long as you promise to come to me when you’re feeling like this. I don’t want to lose you.”

Reiner didn’t have the heart to tell you that, eventually, you will lose him due to the inheritance ceremony. Instead, he bit down on his tongue, curled his arms around your waist, and leaned his forehead back into your stomach. “How did I get so damn lucky?” he questioned incredulously, earning a soft chuckle from you as he stroked his hair.

“Dunno. Guess you hit the jackpot because I’m here for the long-haul. I’m not going anywhere, Reiner—I promise.”

There were a lot of things Reiner Braun didn’t believe in anymore, but the promise you made him? That was the one thing he could put his blind faith in.

scentedsweetspizza-deactivated2  asked:

will you please explain the end of "the least satisfying explanation"? I think I remember you saying before that you didn't think we'd be too satisfied if you did tell us or something to that extent, I don't remember the exact words. But it's really bugging me- I understand if you still don't want to, I just thought I'd ask off anon so you don't have to post the answer

Hi Margot! Sorry for my obnoxious answer last time. Basically, the father was abusing his daughter knowing that, with her condition, no one would believe her if she realized it was him and said something about it. They would just think it was another hallucination brought on by her schizophrenia.

The story, for those interested, can be found here.