i'd say be jealous

  • Negan: So on a scale of 1 to 10... How jealous did Rick look when I said that I had to get Daryl back?
  • Simon: *who has now grown a beard, has bags under his eyes and has lost 30lbs* Negan, <I>please!</I> I've told you so many times, he looked more preoccupied with the situation as a whole than with that comment.
  • Negan: So that must mean he was intentionally looking uninterested so I'd pursue him further?!
  • Simon: Yes, yes. That was it. He's definitely jealous, I'd say 12! He's a 12 on the jealous scale! Now, may I please go to the bathroom?!
  • Negan: Jealous why though? I mean, if he's jealous, does that mean it's actually Daryl he wants and not me?! God fuckin' help Rick if that's true!
  • Simon: Negan I really-
  • Negan: Or maybe he does want me. I mean you saw how he looked at me when he threatened-
  • Simon: *bursts into hysterical sobs* Rick, please wherever you are, just come here right now and bend over for him! GOD, HELP US ALL AND JUST DO IT! *proceeds to cry uncontrollably*

pugblogging  asked:

* Well golly, pal! Nice feet you've got there. I'd say I'm jealous but I'm OBVIOUSLY not. So! How does it feel standin' up? Can you walk or are you all... Heehee, wobbly? ~Omega-askblog

* Makes me wonder. Can’t you shape yourself however you like? Or it doesn’t work for you like that?

* Standing feels kind of… weird. But I think I can walk.


anonymous asked:

whoa Iris' arc this season is really only westallen. I'm laughing because it hurts so bad. Caitlin is getting episodes dedicated to her and is not being excluded form the crossover. It hurts. I'd never think I'd be jealous of Caitlin fans.

Okay. I’m going to say this, AGAIN, because apparently it needs to be said. Iris’ arc in EVERY SEASON was ALWAYS Westallen. That is part of her arc. The show is about BARRY. No one really has a storyline that doesn’t revolve around BARRY or their relationship with BARRY. When there is no relationship to Barry, they are put on a train and shipped off, or given an evil meta doppelganger and shipped off. 

Iris is the only character who has been developed at all outside of Barry. She has her own job, her own interests, her own LIFE. We may not get to see as much of it as we like because it doesn’t always relate to the meta of the week (something they are remedying this season). 

After two fucking seasons of teasing us with Westallen, I am PERFECTLY FINE with them taking a season to fully develop the ship. Iris’ job isn’t going anywhere. Her other interests aren’t going anywhere. Her relationship with Barry is something they have been setting up since the PILOT. 

Katrina has had literally ZERO DEVELOPMENT in TWO FUCKING SEASONS. So them giving her a couple of episodes to try to make her RELEVANT is not going to bother me. Katrina getting to stand in the background of the other shows and basically do nothing, is not making me feel even the slightest hint of jealousy. None of those things threaten Iris’ importance in Barry’s life or in the show.

If you would rather have what Katrina has gotten, then more power to you, as for me and mines, I’m sticking with Iris, and I’m very happy with where they are with her and where they are clearly going with her.  Iris has a family, she has a history, she has a love interest who isn’t going to be killed or randomly turned into the big bad for the season. She’s not going to get kidnapped and go missing for episodes at a time with no one trying to save her ass. We’ve seen her in her home (moreso in S1 when she lived with Joe, but still). It sounds like we’ll be seeing her in her home more later this season (Or does that not count since that home will likely be with Barry?). She has a job, a set that they built JUST FOR HER (she’s literally the only person who has a reason to be there, and if someone else is there, it’s to see HER). AND SHE GETS TO HAVE A FUCKING ROMANCE THAT IS SHOWN AND RESPECTED ON THE SHOW. 

Iris West gets literally everything I’ve ever wanted for ANY of my faves on ANY show. 

Like, I’m sorry to get all ranty and shit, but y’all and this constant negativity when we are getting EVERYTHING WE WANT is really getting on my fucking nerves. 

Do I want more of Iris outside of STAR Labs and in CCPN? Of course, but I’m not going to sit here and pretend we aren’t getting ANY of that.