i'd save it for tomorrow but impulse control and i have never really seen eye to eye

“And where are you off to?” called Q in an easy tone from the tub, making no effort to hide the way his eyes travelled up and down the agent’s body.

“To dry off?” answered Bond, in a tone that could have passed for innocent on anyone else. “Unless you have any better suggestions?”

“Get back in here and I’ll show you,” said Q smiling as he looked up at Bond, while taking a lazy drag of his cigarette.

“Now why would I do that?” asked Bond, not moving at all. “As you can see,” he continued smirking, while gesturing unnecessarily to his displayed body, “I’m already clean.”

“007,” sighed Q, reaching out to flick ash into a tray on the floor, “stop being bloody difficult and get back in the tub.”

“Well when you put it like that,” grinned Bond, and he walked back towards the tub. Q’s lips curved upwards.

“Yes. I do.”