i'd recognise that

You’re allowed to still enjoy problematic things/people as long as you acknowledge it and don’t try to defend the problematic actions

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I'd recognise that mullet anywhere. We are a good team. We had a bonding moment, I cradled you in my arms! Sharp work, samurai. Lance is the first to comfort Keith. Hey man. "Only thing incompatible is their ship name!" - Lauren Montgomery.


  • Draco, Pansy and Blaise are scouting out an illegal wizarding drug den, this case has been a year-long struggle and they are only days away from solving the whole thing. They are trying to figure out a way to get in undetected to save a fellow operative who had been undercover for months and their position has been compromised.
  • Draco: What we need is a distraction.
  • - Explosions sound from one end of the building, causing the operative to be left nearly all alone -
  • Pansy: I guess that guy beat us to it. *points to a man who's sneaking into the building*
  • Draco: Oh, no way! He is NOT going to beat us in there! That guy is always trying to one up me!
  • Pansy: Who is it?
  • Draco: Potter!
  • Blaise: Who?
  • Pansy: Are you sure?
  • Draco: Oh I'd recognise that hair anywhere!
  • Blaise: *obviously confused* Who's Potter?
Opening Scene of Far Cry 4
  • Pagan: I distinctly remember saying, stop the bus. Yes stop, the bus. Not shoot the bus.
  • Pagan: I'm very particular with my words. Stop. Shoot. STOP. Shoot. Do those words sound, the same?
  • Royal Army Soldier: But it got out of control.
  • Pagan: I'm sorry I didn't hear your what'd you say?
  • Royal Army Soldier: It got out of control.
  • Pagan: Got out of control. I hate when things get out of control. *stabs soldier*
  • Pagan: One fucking job and you couldn't fucking do that!
  • Pagan: And I got blood on my fucking shoes.
  • Pagan: At least there's a silver lining, you didn't completely fuck it up.
  • Pagan: Get up boy. I'd recognise those eyes anywhere. *chuckles and hugs Ajay*
  • Pagan: I'm so sorry about all this. This was supposed to be, well not this.
  • Pagan: We have a party, waiting for you. But I don't think I know your name. Who is this? Hm? Is this your +1? *laughs* Strong silent type, I like it.
  • Pagan: I am terribly embarrassed about all this, this was supposed to be very simple but you know if you feed the monkeys they just throw their shit at each other.
  • Pagan: Oh! Would you hold this for just a moment? I just want to get a little a picture right into the camera there we are! *takes selfie* Awesome.
  • Pagan: Don't you worry about a thing my boy this'll soon be behind us and we'll be off on our grand adventure because I have CLEARED my calendar for you. You and I are gonna TEAR SHIT UP.

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Is it an adhd feel when you can't remember the face of someone you've seen a few hours/minutes ago? Like, I see the face and I'm sure I'd recognise it if I had to, but.. if you'd ask me what their hair colour was or something.. I dOnT K nO W???