i'd really like to be a photographer

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have you ever thought about doing a tutorial? i'd really like to see how u create ur art cause it looks like a posterized photograph and it's so good omg!

it’s cause they are, sort of

I did one a bit back!~

the ending notes are really just asking for you to have some fun with it and try experimenting lol

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Hey! Love your photos! I was just wondering how exactly do you get that grey/foggy look to some of your photos with buildings in them. Its a very clean yet memorable looking filter/edit and I'd really like to try that on some of my photos but i'm not sure how to achieve it. Thanks again for letting us see your photos! Look forward to seeing more in the future! :)

Hey! Thanks for the message.

I’m not sure exactly which photographs you are referring to, so I can only speculate. It’s all about contrast to accentuate any type of fog/haze though. Subtle, yet strong enough, to bring out any variation in the light vs. dark values. This is most effective as a local adjustment (brushes, masks, etc) to the places in the photo that you would want to accentuate this.

I hope this helps!

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Hello fellow Buggies! I have a request for one of you out in the deep, dark interwebs... I'd love to see a fic where Betty and Kevin are best friends and they go on a vacation somewhere and meet Jughead, who is maybe a photographer or has some profession where they vacation? Betty is really attracted to him from the get go but is too nervous to act on it... and so is Jughead. I would love it if you could slow burn the fuck out of this fic. Thank you to whoever would like to take this on! -B

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I'd quite like to ask in all respect why people speculate that Lewis Carroll was a pedophile. I don't know all the evidence for this claim and was wondering.

Here are some of the reasons:

1. Photoshop

Breaking news: not everything you see on the internet is real! Whoever made this (disgusting) photo manipulation combined these photographs of Lewis Carroll (from 1857) and Alice Liddell (from 1860) and fooled all of them. AND DO THEY REALLY THINK THE 19TH CENTURY WOULD PHOTOGRAPH A KISS BETWEEN A GROWN MAN AND A CHILD? It’s still disturbing for us, and we’re in 2015.

2. Victorian photography

“Oh my god this is child pornography!!!!”. Today, maybe. But this was taken in 1873. At that time, it wasn’t uncommon to photograph nude children. All Victorian artists did studies of child-nudes. It was art for them. Also, Lewis Carroll only photographed them with permission from their mothers and if the children were okay with it. He made sure that after his death those pictures were destroyed or returned to the children to prevent them from getting embarrassed. So, moving right along…

3. Lewis Carroll never got married

Lewis Carroll was never married and didn’t have any children. Pedo, right? Umm, no. He wasn’t allowed to be married, because he was also an Anglican deacon. At the time, he could only get married before ordination, so he wasn’t permitted to have a wife after his ordination in 1861. Also, he took a vow of celibacy. No kids, then.

4. Relationship with the Liddell girls

Carroll spent a good amount of time with the Liddell family. He was good friends with Alice Liddell’s father Henry and became close with his wife Lorina and three of their children: Alice, Lorina and Edith. They see the many (clothed) photographs he took of them and are so quick to judge. And, obviously, as soon as they found out Alice in Wonderland was written for a little girl called Alice Liddell, they lost their minds, and Lewis Carroll + Alice Liddell became something to dish about. Because no sane man can get along with children, right? And make up stories for them? Wow, that would be unthinkable!

5. Being stupid

This one is the main reason. People are just stupid. They are lazy and don’t seem to understand that the 19th Century was a VERY different time (post-mortem photography?? phrenology??) than our time. Here’s when they care about Alice in Wonderland: When a Tim Burton adaptation comes out and when Halloween comes and slutty Alice costumes are everywhere.

*drops mic*

WE MET RICHARD DAWKINS TONIGHT!!! And I shook his hand!!! Thank you @charlottewessels for being with me and being just as flustered as I was when we saw him! I’m so glad I didn’t have to fangirl alone! WOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW!!! #RichardDawkins
I was moved to tears tonight. Amazing!!! (via Alissa’s Instagram)

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I'd dearly love to see the photo of the woman in the suspenders/sweater-vest/cape combo and have not managed to successfully google it, could you point me towards it?

EDIT: got a note from someone asking what the asker above was talking about, so here’s the picture from an earlier post that has a bunch of old west ladies on it. - Chris

I don’t know if it’s online - so much historical stuff isn’t, which is always a terrifying and surprising thing to realize.  

This is a photograph by Frank LaRoche, from 1897, entitled “Actresses Bound for the Klondike.”  

Zoom in!

Really, you couldn’t get to the Klondike if you weren’t one tough son of a gun.  There wasn’t a wagon train, or anything like that.  You hiked up snow-covered mountains, dragging your stuff, and eventually tried to paddle down the icy, rapid-laden Yukon river.  It was basically that middle section of Fellowship of the Rings, but colder, and with fewer goblins.

Even actresses (and a lot of folks will try and equate “actresses” with “prostitutes,” which is of course possible but nowhere near as analogous as everyone tries to make out) had to be Grizzly Adams tough to get there, which makes their desire to practice their craft ll the more admirable.  Some time, I want to do a post about theater in the old west, which is the craziness thing imaginable, so far as audience involvement goes.  

The pants that they’re wearing are Hercules overalls, which are big, sturdy man pants made of 9-ounce York denim.  They’re poofy because 1. they’re too big, though it looks as thought the waists have been brought in, and 2. the lady on the left is probably wearing a union suit over her undies, which ain’t a bad idea, considering the weather.  My studio doesn’t have heat for some reason, and I’m wearing a union suit right now, and lemme tell you, it makes a BIG difference.  The boots they’re wearing are called “Plow Boots.”  They have lower heels than some their contemporaries and make hiking a little more manageable.  Apparently, sweater-vests like this were intended to keep the capes from blowing around and blocking your face while climbing.  All the warmth of a sweet cape, none of the embarassing face-full-of-cloth-fall-to-your-death-in-an-avalanche moments.

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Thank you for answering my questions about Kageyama!! And now I'd like to request for some Kageyama headcannons thank you very much :D


  • He initiates when he’s jealous and he wants to rub all those thoughts away from his head. (Basically replaces them with just you.)
  • Skinship is generally rare with him. But in bed he’s all over you.


  • Puzzles! He enjoys puzzles. Any kind of puzzle.
  • He’s actually pretty good at taking photos. He dabbled with it a bit in middle school because of his mother. (She’s a photographer)
  • When he was little, he was really photogenic. You have a collection of baby/toddler/grade school photos his mom made a copy of just for you and had it set in a album that Kageyama has yet to discover.


  • Grandfather (Dad’s side) Father, (Grandparents from mother’s side) Mother, 2 Aunts (both from Father’s side), no cousins.
  • The aunts are left unmarried but one did have a baby when she was 18 but left the baby up for adoption. So he has a cousin but he doesn’t know who or where they are.
  • He used to have a cockatoo when he was a 3rd year in Elementary school named Hanabi and he loved her a lot.


  • His argument style is very unique and varies depending on the situation obviously.
  • Like if he knows he’s right, he’s really stubborn and he won’t let go till he wins.
  • If he’s wrong, he’ll admit it and apologize. He’s just really real with arguments.


  • After a ton of research and asking around, he has a whole plan for you. All the way from knowing what’s best to eat to keeping a little pouch in his gym bag specifically for your time of the month. (Complete with wipes, tampons, pads and extra undies. He’s a man’s man. lol.)
  • He forgets that women have a time of the month so you had to be quite patient with him as he began to explore the inner workings of the female body. A lot of “So that’s how that happens! I’ll be more careful next time.”

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Just wondering if you were planning on puting any more Kate Bishop prints up on Redbubble. I'd really like the one where she has arrows in her hair.

Inspirational Anonybro!  I had gotten Distracted ™, as I do, and had quite forgotten my promise to photograph it, but then I saw this message and I remembered and TO My Entire Shock, I actually got a photo of it that I like.  Here’s a piece:

SO anyway!  It will be in my Redbubble shop shortly.  Presently.  Momentarily.  Once I decide whether or not I am satisfied with the color correction.

If any of you have a need to misappropriate your tax return, the original is for sale.  I keep meaning to put it on Etsy.  You know what, me putting it on Etsy is probably totally worth waiting for, because I would say - all with a straight face and an innocent expression - it’s a metaphor - and I don’t know about YOU but I am not even close to being tired of that joke yet.

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hey dad i really want to be a concert photographer but i have no idea where to start or how to start and i'd really like some some Dad Advice™ on how to even accomplish that dream

okay sweet heres some steps to help you along ur way

  1. get a camera
  2. take pictures
  3. become familiar with how to edit the pictures/research how to use a free software and become comfortable with it
  4. sneak ur camera into shows or find local bands to let you take pics of them
  5. build portfolio
  6. apply to small publications
  7. apply for photopasses to bands you love
  8. apply everywhere
  9. good luck!

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Hello! I absolutely love your tumblr, really inspirational. Tumblr won't let me post a link in the ask section, but I'd like to direct your eyes the guardian newspaper online "hidden histories: the first black people photographed in Britain". I especially love the women of the African choirs clothes, really great mixture of textures and bold jewellery :) All the best, caroline x

“Ethiopian princes in exile, boxing champs and ‘Friendly Zulus’ … these previously unseen images of black people in the Victorian times show colonialism in all its contradictions.”

Gallery: http://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/gallery/2014/sep/15/hidden-histories-the-first-black-people-photographed-in-britain-in-pictures

Article: The black Victorians: astonishing portraits unseen for 120 years



here are all the (non-zoo) sketchbook pages in my new animal sketchbook so far.  another post is coming for the ones done from live ref, but these were all done via photographs (except for a few at the top of page 3 which is the tail end of class at the LA zoo on saturday)

more description in the captions~

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Hey there. Great blog! I was wondering, have you seen or do you have pics of John without his glasses? They're such a big part of his personality that I'd say he wouldn't really be caught in public without them, but who knows. I bet he looks like a completely different person without them :P

Hey, thank you!

I can’t even picture him without glasses, even in his uni days he’s photographed wearing them. I don’t have any glassesless pictures of John but if anyone has any they’d like to submit for Anon, feel free! 

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Epps you are the blessed ass photographer. See I couldn't be a photographer. After a shoot with an attravtive model I'd be like sooooo. Netflex N Chill lol

I hope you never become a photographer. It’s difficulty as is to be taken seriously, let alone having people like you using the craft to get girls in compromising situations. I get that you were joking around, but it’s really not funny.

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Why can't we have both! I'd love both. I'd have sung with joy if we'd had both, wouldn't it have been beautiful? But if you didn't realise it was the photographer 20 minutes before he said 'the photographer!' I'd be amazed. If you didn't know it was soldier before sherlock even jumped across the table I don't know where you were looking. It was dull, it was obvious, it was very sad. I miss my clever brilliant sherlock. I miss being surprised. The show I fell in love with is gone.

Really?  You didn’t figure out that it was A CABBIE in “A Study in Pink” like half an hour before Sherlock did?  It never occurred to you that the tagger in Blink Banker came in through the windows before the show told us? 

My clever, brilliant Sherlock is right here, more than he ever has been, and he is evolving into a more rounded man.  This has never, for me, as Moftiss have said, been a detective show, but a show about a detective.