i'd really like it if someone did actually

  • Bucky: Look, I don't usually ask out men that I meet in coffeehouses.
  • Sam: HA!
  • Bucky: [turns round] Gesundheit.
  • Tony: I would love to go out with you.
  • Bucky: Really, great... did I actually ask you?
  • Tony: No, that's just where you were going. I just figured that I'd help you out, you don't seem like the kind of guy that does this a lot.
  • Sam: HA!
  • Bucky: [turns round again] Seriously Sam, you should see someone about that cold, if it gets much worse you could DIE!
  • [Sam looks scared]

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I think we suffer from a severe lack of youtuber memes. Such as what type of cinnamon rolls they would be ex. Looks like a cinnamon roll can actually kill you or who fits into which character alignments. Just an opinion I thought I'd share. Love the blog!

Only thing to do is to start making some of your own! :D 

Haha, I actually did one of those cinnamon-roll things back when I first got into youtube communities; I didn’t really know a lot of youtubers, so I should probably redo it. XD And I know I’ve seen an alignment thing someone made with different ipliers for each alignment. That was awesomely accurate. 

But yeah, the best way to generate more of the stuff you want to see is to start making it and releasing it into the wilds of the internet! :3 Meme stuff is always fun to make, lol. Thank you, friend; I’m glad you like the blog!

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Last episode seriously brought me back lol. I have been on Tumblr looking at theories constantly everyday and I feel like I haven't done that since like season 4. I really hope they don't disappoint next episode 😭 also I need a spinoff of what the hell ali did from the moment she left town until the day she returned. That's the only spinoff I'd like.

Yeah the mystery is at its peak I think. I’ve never been this invested in the mystery. Uber A, Charlotte’s death, the girls killed someone and Uber A knows it, the board game, LucAs, etc. There’s so much going on. If I go back to seasons 1 and 2 now, I’m actually bored! It’s all about “oh no A knows about me and Ezra” and “we have to obey our dolls to save Dr Sullivan”. That was cool back then, but it’s very very light in comparison to what we’re seeing now and if it stayed that light right up until season 7, I definitely would’ve stopped back in season 3, maybe 4. The mystery is getting darker and I appreciate that.

People say that the show is getting worse - and of course everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but I disagree that it’s getting “worse”. Yes our questions still aren’t answered and the romance has taken over but STILL through those I can say it’s better now than before.

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Hey there:) I just feel like dying. I can't breathe well and I feel like if I'd move an empty body. U know my life could be so fucking great, but this ruins me. I can't tell my parents, I love them too much. And even a few friends now what goes on. But they don't really care, idk why. No one actually did before.. that's why I've decided to keep everything to myself... but idk how long I can hold on... I'm sry for telling u this, but I cant tell it someone else

If you feel like you can’t breathe well, I have these two gifs for you all! It really helps!xx And it’s always complicated to tell other people.. Many of them are super shocked and try to pretend that it’s not happening. I think it’s normal.. sadly. If it really get bad, you almost have no other choice than telling your parents or going to a psychiatrist.. Maybe you can sit together with your parents and slowly try to tell them in small and easy steps? I believe they love you just as much as you love them and I think they’re willing to help you go through this! Also by the way I am much better since I left my old friends who didn’t treat me right! Sometimes it’s really because of the people you hang out with.. I was so sad at the beginnig but now that I found ‘new’ friends, everything has changed for the good!

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100 ways to say 'I love you.' Girl Meets World edition
  • 1. "Because if this is my world now, the first person I want in it is you."
  • 2. "If I've forgotten to say thank you, I'm saying it now."
  • 3. "I came over to check on you."
  • 4. "You want me to bring you lunch?"
  • 5. "I'll never take this [friendship ring] off until I die."
  • 6. "I have no interest living in a world without you. [Riley and Farkle]"
  • 7. "[Maya] has something very special."
  • 8. "I think we're cute together."
  • 9. "You get me."
  • 10. "I will never get sick of you."
  • 11. "My life is so much better for having you in it."
  • 12. "I've always known your name."
  • 13. "That's what's so beautiful about you."
  • 14. "You make me happy."
  • 15. "I want my Farkle back."
  • 16. "I'm in it for the long game."
  • 17. "You will always be my favorite chump."
  • 18. "I finally like you!"
  • 19. "You can borrow any of my clothes whenever you want."
  • 20. "I'm so proud of you."
  • 21. "Hey! Nobody laughs at her but me."
  • 22. "Did they change her diapers?"
  • "We haven't yet, but we will when she's old."
  • 23. "You, me, Earth. Let's do this thing."
  • 24. "You grew up to be a really good person."
  • 25. "Because with you around, I feel really good about myself."
  • 26. "I believe in you."
  • 27. "I want to be exactly like you."
  • 28. "Hi, we were just talking about you."
  • 29. "You think I did my homework?"
  • "I think you did mine, too."
  • 30. "That was boys. Too soon for boys. Not ready for boys."
  • 31. "My motives are completely selfish."
  • 32. "Be like an eagle and soar above the mockingbird."
  • 33. "It's beautiful!"
  • 34. "My mother already made me eggs, wheat toast, home fries, marmalade and a strawberry shaped like a star."
  • 35. "Hey, I'm the only she who gets to see you in your pajamas."
  • 36. "Oh, nobody's better than Farkle."
  • 37. "Maya, oatmeal."
  • "No thanks, Mrs. Matthews."
  • "Oh, I wasn't asking."
  • 38. "Maybe we could do something every year."
  • 39. "Please, you know no matter what, you are always going to be there."
  • 40. "I appreciate that you did anything for me at all."
  • 41. "If you stop right now, nothing bad will happen to you."
  • 42. "I'm not changing you back."
  • 43. "Aww, that's our silly little weirdo."
  • 44. "So don't be mashed potatoes because they're better at that than you could ever be."
  • 45. "I was raised by Topanga and Cory Matthews. They're maniacs. They would walk through an avalanche for friendship, for the sake of family."
  • 46. "No, you just need to be protected."
  • 47. "You're supposed to meet somebody and fall in love, and be together for ever."
  • 48. "Medieval talk, what are you doing to me, woman?"
  • 49. "You're the hottest little gopher/chipmunk in the whole forest."
  • 50. "You know, someday you're going to make somebody a wonderful fortune cookie."
  • 51. "You doing okay?"
  • 52. "Did you miss me? Because I missed you."
  • 53. "Now place is Svorski's, soon place is Topanga's."
  • 54. "Don't keep the dollar. It won't fix you if you keep it. Pass it on. That's what changes you, Farkle."
  • 55. "I only kissed Maya's hand, and then I got her this engagement ring right after we got off the subway."
  • 56. "We were passing by on our way home. We thought we'd stop by and say hi."
  • 57. "Farkle, Farkle, gonna sparkle."
  • 58. "I think he's the best there is."
  • 59. "We are gonna do everything we ever dreamed of."
  • 60. "I had to make sure you'd come."
  • 61. "You really know how to talk to people."
  • 62. "I think you're regular short."
  • 63. "Because we're best friends."
  • 64. "Don't ever give up on your sheep-riding dreams. You go out there and you become the best sheep rider the world has ever seen."
  • 65. "So, you all come to me when you're feeling lost in this world, and I'm gonna fix you right up."
  • 66. "Honey."
  • 67. "Peaches."
  • 68. "I never think of these hallways as being anything but clean."
  • 69. "People who underestimate you are making a big mistake."
  • 70. "There's no one I trust more in the art of mediation."
  • 71. "There will be no losing friends. Lose one friend. Lose all friends. Lose yourself."
  • 72. "Everybody looks up to you because you're this brilliant, strong, Amazon warrior."
  • 73. "But you're the fiercest woman I know."
  • 74. "I've got to say you did really well for us."
  • 75. "So, shall we actually finally learn what happened in Belgium in 1831?"
  • 76. "I mean, he does want to take over the world and everything, but frankly I'd like to see what he does with it."
  • 77. "And what would you like me to call you?"
  • 78. "Well, it turns out, there's always two doors. He showed me the other one. It's good to know there's someone like that around."
  • 79. "That's my boy."
  • 80. "I was ready because of you."
  • 81. "The clothes look nice, Maya, but it's the hope that looks great on you."
  • 82. "Thanks for telling the truth."
  • 83. "Only you're Riley. I'm Maya."
  • 84. "Oh, I don't think I've ever heard more beautiful words come out of that little face."
  • 85. "A Farkle is a loyal, loving, best possible friend there could be. I think everyone should have one. But they don't, and I do. And I never want him to go away."
  • 86. "I'm sorry, honey."
  • 87. "Well, I need the holiday to be good for your mother."
  • 88. "How great is this? My favorite person in the world."
  • 89. "Man, keeping you around was always the best choice I ever made, wasn't it?"
  • 90. "Riley and I are the best friends on this planet."
  • 91. "You're Cory with Topanga's hair. You got lucky."
  • 92. "Not a day goes by that your voice still isn't inside my head."
  • 93. "I'm so proud of her."
  • 94. "I've heard stories about you. You're great in the stories."
  • 95. "I remember us every day."
  • 96. "We should bring this cake to Maya's mother, just in case she forgot to get her own kid a cake."
  • 97. "I have a key."
  • 98. "You know what happens at 530? You turn gold."
  • 99. "There's that giggle I love.'
  • and ...
  • 100. "I peeled potatoes for one day and I almost died. I love you."

i’ve really been in the mood for writing some polyamory lately, and with what’s been on my dash, i felt like this was a good time to do it. this is my first time seriously writing a pairing with more than 2 people involved, so please feel free to give me constructive criticism on how to improve in the future if i did anything poorly. 

it’s very mercy-centric, just fyi. 


angela sees fareeha amari for the first time when fareeha’s 12 and she’s 17. she’s been at overwatch for a few months when ana brings her daughter to work–her nanny was sick, and since ana was just doing paperwork for the day anyway, it was easier to bring her along.

angela, long before she became the graceful guardian angel of overwatch, was a teenager with balance issues and insecurity over her weight, who dressed in baggy clothes underneath a lab coat. she nearly bowls fareeha over and spends a solid three minutes stammering apologies and helping her up under the watchful gaze of captain amari. she thinks that little fareeha looks a lot like her mother, but she has softer eyes.

angela scurries off, busy with work, and fareeha watches her leave before ana’s gently pushing her towards her office.

angela sees fareeha for the second time when she’s lying in the middle of the typical omnic-human warzone and wondering if it’s time for her to just. stop. she could heal herself—it’s a gunshot wound through her middle, and if she would just pick up her staff and click it on—

but she’s tired. has been tired since overwatch fell, since no one would take her into their research programs when dr. ziegler was synonymous with “overwatch’s nanotech research department” for years, since she has been offering her assistance to only the most desperate, because that’s all that would accept her help in the aftermath

(she’s been tired since all of her friends scattered to the wind and she was left alone and had no idea where to go or what to do.)

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  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Why was Prince Zuko so obsessed on restoring his honor with his father? Ozai was abusive and neglectful towards him. He had Iroh who loved him like he was his own. Could he not see that he meant the world to his uncle. His uncle had already lost one son, he wasn't going to lose another in the same fashion. I'm pretty sure that if Zuko asked Iroh if he could call him "dad," Iroh would have gladly let him. Ozai was an insufferable prick who didn't deserve Zuko as a son. Iroh loved Zuko more than anything. Why would Zuko let that go to waste? His standing with his father should have meant a lot less to Zuko than it did. Iroh was more of a father to Zuko than Ozai ever was. What if Iroh was really Zuko's father and that's why his mother was banished or went missing under mysterious circumstances or whatever that situation was? I mean it would make sense, Iroh was always more emotionally accessible than Ozai. That was made apparent multiple times throughout the series. This is going to bother me forever. When did Zuko realize that his relationship with his uncle was more important than his relationship with his father? Was it when he started training Aang how to firebend and became part of team Avatar, or was it when he opened his eyes and realized what his father was actually doing to the world? Or were those to events the same thing and I missed it entirely? This is a really complex issue that I'd like to discuss with someone and has bothered me immensely since 2005.

No, I see the door… I’ll let myself out of the fandom :T

Feeling art block-ish and uncreative with art I’ve been trying to work on, so I took a break to up my artist morale. I wanted to do some Don x Karai art before I feel like I can’t (‘cause I do like Leorai). Though I did figure out how these two could actually work in the current story arch ( >3>);; //send help :T

I can’t promise I won’t draw more Donarai, sorry OTL

*after hyuk does his Romantic Pose (a hug)*
leo: jaehwan-ah
ken: eh?
leo: why are you smiling?
ken: what?
leo: why are you smiling like that?
ken: huh?
leo: you’re smiling a lot
ken: i’m just.. thinking of romantic poses…
hongbin/n: do you have one too?
ken: yeah i have one
hongbin: ah of course
*ken does his Romantic Pose of shielding someone from the rain with the help of hyuk*
n: i did that once before in a drama
hyuk: really? when?
ken: ah really? when? where?
n: ugh you guys…

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Ahh it's kinda late where I am right now, but I'd like to drop by and ask. I've read some of your theories on Juuzou so far, I was wondering if you know anything about Juuzou mentioning a drag queen ghoul back in chapter 93. And if you do, is there anything we can draw from there with regards to Big Madam's trans theory?

Okay, so I have seen that going around. I don’t speak Japanese, so I would really appreciate it if someone who did could tell me exactly what is said in those panels. This is the translation that I read:

In context, it actually makes more sense that Juuzou is referring to the possibility of a male homosexual ghoul than a crossdresser, drag queen, or transgender person in these panels. 

1) Shinohara is making a point about physical appearance, and that the people who were killed were all (a) male and (b) physically attractive and thin. Therefore, he says, the ghoul would be a (straight) woman. 

2) Juuzou counters by pointing out that the ghoul could be a (gay) male. 

Since cross dressing/doing drag/being trans isn’t a sexual orientation, but rather a hobby, lifestyle, or identity, countering Shinohara’s assertion regarding the sexual preferences of the ghoul with that information wouldn’t really make much sense. If Shinohara is referring to a mix of gender and sexuality, then drag doesn’t apply.

As far as the Big Madam being trans theory, I’ll admit, it’s not my favorite. I feel as though this fandom jumps on every character’s gender in a way that feels quite fetishizing. It happened in TG with Juuzou, then in :RE with Mutsuki (and Kanae, strangely), and now with Big Madam. Additionally, Big Madame’s body type does not suggest that she went through puberty with testosterone sex hormones. In order to look the way that she does, she would have needed years of hormone treatment, hair removal, and surgery, unless she was on hormone blockers + estrogen from pre-pubescence on. So, that’s not completely out of the question, but it also makes it more plausible that another mechanism is in place, here, especially considering that ghoul surgery is no mean feat, and we don’t know how hormones affect their bodies.

I might not stress the physical aspect very hard, except that we do have a canon cross-dressing natal male in this series, Nico, and Ishida very much draws him that way. Additionally, Mutsuki looks exactly as you would expect a young trans man to look if he hadn’t taken hormones, or hadn’t been on them for very long. So I feel as though Ishida does have a handle on the physicality side of this. Of course, transgender people can look a variety of ways, and this isn’t me asserting that there’s no merit whatsoever in the theory. What I am saying, I suppose, is that it is a theory and that there are other things to be considered. 

Again, the theory I much prefer is the one that my partner came up with; that Juuzou viewed Big Madam as a complete parent, that her maternal side was one he associated with violence, and that her paternal side was one that he associated with love. This association would explain why Shinohara was able to access his emotions and bond with him, and could also be used as an explanation as to why he seems to bond more with males in the series. We do see him interacting with Akira Mado, but much differently than he does with Shinohara, Hanbee, Amon, and Haise. 

Only time (and Ishida) will tell. 

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did he remember you??? tell us everything i'd love to hear!!

he did! I was actually gazing adoringly at some cupcakes and I felt someone looking at me and I looked at him and he smiled and I was like I KNOW YOU!!!!!! and he was like “yeah!” and gave me a hug

what a sweet dude

he remembered me and was really confused why I was in Cleveland (“This is so surreal, why are you here?” “I live here!”)

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It actually hurt a great deal today when someone that I care about (I think of them like a niece) reblogged and added to something about how horrible bronies are. It made me feel like, "Well, I guess I'm not the sort of person you'd want around." I doubt it's worth getting into, but it did kind of hurt a lot because they're someone I actually care about the opinion of. Just since it kind of came up with what you were saying and since this happened today, thought I'd mention it. Take care.

I know how you feel… I’m pretty immune to strangers dissing the fandom, but I’ve had a friend make a pretty thoughtless comment before, and hearing it from someone you know personally - it really hit the mark.

Thankfully not long afterwards they apologised and said “that wasn’t fair of me, I stereotyped,” and everything was cool - but yea, it’s the judgement of those we love that hits us hardest.

If you’re ever in that situation, and you want to fight your corner, remember that You Are Enough. You don’t need to list statistics of bronies who don’t fit the negative stereotype - so long as you’re happy with who you are and what you like, and that’s enough to prove them wrong. If they’re a friend and they know you, they’ll understand that.

That being said, remember to choose your battles. Sometimes you’ve just got to take the hit and wait for a better opportunity to tell someone the truth.