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ta-da! a transparent, lazy looking yufuin! (when does he not look lazy, actually) he looks super nice on the darker backgrounds, as well as the lighter ones! credit is not needed if you’re using it, but a like would be appreciated!

Join us, Harry. Fight for freedom.

Define freedom.

Let's call it a dramatic reorganization. They want freedom; 
we'll give them freedom. A free world, Mr Potter. A world where we 
can use our wands without having to hide. Wizards and proud. You'd 
like that wouldn't you, Mr Potter? No more hiding. No more being 
locked up. Don't - Mr Potter, I know. Nobody wants freedom. 
They want safety, comfort - a warm bed at night. We'll give them 
safety. We'll give them a safe world. One where we make the rules 
... and magic is might.


You poor naive boy.

No! This isn't freedom you're offering. This is fear!

So you won't join with us?

I'd rather kill myself than join you.

Pity, Mr Potter, and you were so promising. ... AVADA KED-



Well it didn’t quite happen like that, says Harry - I’m not a Death Eater, Ron grumbles in the background - and Albus’ face falls.

It’s just a story, he adds, trying to will his sons into understanding, without actually saying it out loud, just how garbled the truth has become over the years.

Sensationalist fiction, Hermione adds drily as she stops Ron from chucking them all into the fire (I’m not a Death Eater, not even a brainwashed, Imperiused one - yes dear, we know - yeah but they don’t - Ron dear).

There’s a lot more… statistics. Like an iceberg. Of people, he says apologetically, Doing Things, and James crosses his arms, looking distinctly unimpressed. Ginny rolls her eyes and Hermione mutters something about Archduke Ferdinand and world war one underneath her breath.

I’ll tell you later, Harry fidgets with his robes and Ginny glares at him.

About statistics

Something like, says Harry, but more interesting