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Hi I'm working on an overwtch mercy cosplay for a con in July. I'd like to make moveable wings so i can unfold them for pictures (but put them probably against my back while on the con floor). I was wondering if you have tips for how to make them moveable but stay in place when up? I'm not sure what materials to use yet but I can think about that once I have a way to make them moveable Even moving manually would be great

These tutorials should help you out:

All the best,
Duckie / Admin

(Dumb story idea ahead)

Its the future, and Earth’s resources are running low.
There is a drastic measure put in place.
The hope is there are enough volunteers for this program.
Scientists swear the technology has been perfected.
It is brodcasted that volunteers to be shrunken down are being asked for.

Smaller sized people would mean smaller ammounts of resources being used.
Of course, more laws would be put in place for these tiny sized citizens.

(And in this moment, there is a group of people that couldn’t be more ecstatic.)

Also lets say this process you volunteer for is irreversible. Would you do it?
Lets also say the size you end up at is about 3-6 inches

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So I got a second job cuz my first job was cutting hours, and I planned on keeping both jobs if I could juggle it (I could really use the money) but upon working for this new place I have discovered I HATE my first job. I'm considering putting in my 2 weeks but they have lost sooo many people recently, I'd almost feel guilty...

Pick Up Lines The Gems Would Use Probably
  • Garnet : When I first saw you I looked for a signature because every masterpiece has one.
  • -Your lips look so lonely. Would they like to meet mine?
  • -Are you a camera? Cause every time I look at you I smile.
  • ______
  • Amethyst: Aye girl, do you have an inhaler? Cause you got ass ma B)
  • -Hello, I'm a thief and i'm here to steal you heart.
  • -I think its time I tell you what everyone's been saying behind your back...Nice ass!
  • ______
  • Pearl: Your body is 65% water and I'm thirsty.
  • -Are you made of Copper and Tellurium? Cause your a Cu- Te
  • -Even if there was no gravity on Earth I'd still fall for you!
  • ______
  • Steven: Do you have a band aid? Because I just scrapped my knee falling for you.
  • -I wonna live in your sock so I can be with you every step of the way.
  • -I'm no organ donor, but I'd be happy to give you my heart.
  • ______
  • Rose: If I had a star for every time you brightened my day I'd have a galaxy in my hand.
  • -You know you're in love when you cant fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.
  • -Put down the cup cake. You're already sweet enough!
  • ______
  • Jasper: Do you work at UPS? I could have sworn you were checking out my package >:D
  • -Did you get those pants on sale? Cause at my place they'd be 100% off!
  • -Do you have any tape? Cause I'm totally ripped!
  • ______
  • Peridot: You still use internet explorer? You must like it nice and slow.
  • -Your beauty rivals the graphics of Call of Duty
  • -If i cant buy you a drink, at least let me fix your laptop.
  • ______
  • Lapis: Do you hear that? The ocean wants me to join you for a drink.
  • -Wonna make a seafood pallet? You bring your mussels back to my place and I'll show you my clam.
  • -I don't know what's prettier today, the water, the sky, or your eyes.
  • Robert: Are you not coming back through?
  • Aaron: No, I'm busy.(pointing to the TV)
  • Robert: (turning the TV off) Liv might have a point, you know. Even if she is half-feral, she's not stupid.
  • Aaron: I don't want anything to do with his dirty money.
  • Robert: It's all very well being moral but it doesn't put a roof over your head, does it? What else is she gonna do with it? Buy one of them monster trucks with wheels the size of a house?
  • Aaron: If she wants to, yeah.
  • Robert: It's probably a better idea than that old wreck she was on about doing up, but still... You might be better off encouraging her to invest it properly.
  • Aaron: What, for a house for us, you mean?
  • Robert: For her, really. We'd just be lodgers, God help us. You know how insecure she is. Well, what if we found a place that we could afford?
  • Aaron: That she could afford, you mean.
  • Robert: It would be in her name, yeah, or in trust or whatever. I'm not trying to pull a fast one here. You really think I'd rip off your little sister?
  • Aaron: No, you better not.
  • Robert: Well, it might do her the world of good. It's a bit of security, isn't it? Like, putting down roots. It might even stop her being an almighty pain in the backside. (Aaron looks annoyed) I'm joking, I'm just trying to lighten the mood. Just think about it, that's all I'm saying.
  • Aaron: Just shut up going on about it, Robert, I've already said no. I don't just want him dead, I want him erased, cut off like he never existed. Do you get me?
  • Robert: Yeah, I get you. I just want us to be happy. And living with your mum and your little sister all crammed in, taking it in turns to use the bathroom, it's not exactly how I imagined it would be.
  • Aaron: What, so it's a bit crowded for you here, is it? Cos everywhere I turn, there's a woman that you got off with.
  • Robert: There is nothing going on between me and Rebecca. Yes, I might've led her on a bit, but it was only because I was trying to get Andy off the hook.
  • Aaron: Yeah, well... If it was the other way round, you'd be the same.
  • Robert: Yeah, I'd be beside myself but I'd believe you. (scoots closer) Come on, you know how I feel about you. No-one even comes close. So, are we good? (Aaron shrugs) You know, you are such a wind-up. Just give it up, I know you too well.
  • (KISS)
I've had this blog for a little over a year now and I can't believe 
I have hit the milestone of 4,000 followers!
To celebrate I thought I'd do my first follow forever. Beatles fans are some of the lovliest, funniest and most talented people
I've ever come across,
- this place would be dreadfully boring without us lot!
★ Some Fab blogs : ★ I wish I could put everyone on here but then the post would be
super long!! [123]
[a - e]
[f - j]
[k - o]
[p - t]
[u - z]

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I've seen it in a lot of things, from real life pictures to movies, and they've all made me wonder one thing: what's up with the military's use of the Punisher skull? I've seen it spray painted on gear and walls, and given its popularity I feel as if it's something that would be interesting to put in a story. I'd just need to know its history of use in the military, its current use, and any personal feelings you have regarding it. Thank you so much!

It might not necessarily be the Punisher skull you’re seeing. Here’s a thing: soldiers love skulls. I don’t know whether it’s because they think they’re cool or they remind them or pirates or something or they have a morbid sense of humor or they just love skulls because soldiers love skulls, but soldiers love skulls. Likely that’s why the Punisher chose to go with a skull motif in the first place.

If you’re quite sure it’s the right skull, (those long “teeth” are kinda unmistakable) another thing: a ton of soldiers are goddamned nerds. You wouldn’t think it, but soldiers love comics and video games and tabletop games and trading card games and all kinds of nonsense that people usually attribute as hobbies of the geeky. Soldiers probably decided to start using the Punisher skull because they made the connection of, “Hey; Frank Castle is a soldier, I am a soldier, wouldn’t it be cool if I use the Punisher logo?” That would be a bit of a boring reason, but it’s probably a very common one.

Another thing worth keeping in mind is that the Punisher was initially released around the Vietnam era, and as I’ve said in the past, the military was not very well liked during that era. Frank Castle came home from war and was probably abused and ridiculed by the public for the role he played in the war. When he appeared in comics as an antihero, other soldiers probably sympathize with his background as a traumatized and unappreciated soldier, so they adopted the logo, as they themselves were traumatized and unappreciated. Use may have merely drifted down over the years without realizing where the skull originated.

One last cool idea for the logo might be the conscious acknowledgement that they are acting in a morally gray area. You’d be surprised how many soldiers aren’t in favor of most or any of the military activity the U.S. is responsible for. A lot of us have the impression that we’re some kind of inspiring, heart-wrenching heroes; a lot of us are very aware that in the story of war, soldiers are more often the villain. Frank Castle, aka the Punisher, is NOT a hero. He’s not a good person in general. At best he’s an antihero. To take his symbol would mean either you admire the Punisher (you admire a killer) or you view yourself with the same moral taint that exists in Frank, aka you view yourself as a morally gray antihero. 

Personally I always took our obsession with skulls as our acceptance that our jobs often mean we must flirt with death, and yet even in death we’re still dedicated to our service. Honestly, just google “army skull” or “soldier skull.” We fucking love skulls. We will put skulls and skeletons into everything. 

These are a few reasons I can think of people using the Punisher skull. I hope at least some of them were helpful!

-Spc. Kingsley

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Random thought no 4671C

If I were a person from some “exotic” place who got tourists all the time asking me in that shitty patronising way to “Teach us something in YOUR language!”, I would absolutely teach them something like “I’m a dumb tourist, and I’m sorry if I’m rude.” and say it was a “Traditional blessing” they should tell to everyone they meet.

You Want Me To Stay?

Smutty Everlark one shot, for old times sake. 2012ish. Katniss lives in NYC. Peeta lives next door. Shit is weird between them.

“You Want Me to Stay?” By Lbug84.

Beta’d by lauralulubee & preread by jennagill

Modern AU. ~4,000 words, some lines directory from canon (can you spot them?). Rated E for explicit language and sexual situations.

“We should stop,” I say, as I tuck my hair behind my ears.

“Why?” I hear a light thud on the floor and the jingle of a belt being unbuckled. I turn around and find Peeta shirtless and tugging his pants down over his hips.

My resolve wavers. “This always ends the same.”

Peeta takes a step towards me, shaking his blond hair out of his eyes. “I like how this ends.” His hands wrap around me, sliding into my underwear and cupping my ass. “It ends with me inside of you.”

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pen pal letters! (ideas + pictures)

Hey, so it’s Amy, the new girl in town and I wanted to share with you some pics and advice on writing letters to your pen pal. I would share with you great ways to get pen pals but tbh, I don’t really know because I just started writing letters to my cousin. She’s a lot younger than me so I have to make my letters a bit more entertaining. I also write letters to my Nan but there aren’t any photos of those 

So this is a picture of the first letter I sent her, there aren’t any individual shots though, just this other photo

Then she sent me back the cutest letter 

along with some little drawings and a handmade bracelet.Firstly I’m going to share with you some ideas of what to write; 

  •  Lists! This is such an easy thing to do. Write a list of your favourite things at the moment, your favourite movies, stuff to do on the holiday, send your bucket list if you really run out of ideas
  • What you’ve been up to. I promise you that talking about your school clubs or your trip to the city really isn’t that boring, talk about what you’ve been doing, I like to look at my calendar when I’m trying to think about what to write. 
  • Questions - so. important. Questions keeps the overseas (or state) conversation flowing ask things like how has your (club/activity) been or what do you like doing in the summer? or if you’re really stuck you can even ask about the weather so what’s the weather like over there? 
  • Poems, stories, lyrics. These can be really beautiful, they don’t have to be original works. Share a quote that’s stuck with you lately, share a paragraph of a story you love 

ideas of things to send; 

  • Your favourite teabag
  • A playlist/mix CD
  • Photos (polaroids preferable) 
  • A drawing with a message on the back 

  • Stickers! Packets of stickers is always amazing to receive, no matter what the age 
  • Candy from your country (if in same country who cares? it’s candy)
  • A survey so I usually do a ‘fill in the blanks’ or 'this or that’ and then get them to send it back to you!
  • Mini bunting or paper garlands 
  • Freebie art postcards or just free stuff with writing on the back

  • Flower seeds. A great thing to send if you can find it is seed paper, where you can bury the paper and watch it grow
  • Little figurines 
  • Pressed flowers/pretty leaves 
  • Your artwork (yesyesyes) 
  • Jewellery or other little bits. I sent her a bracelet last time, now I’m sending her a keychain and a ring. You could even send little earrings, badges and necklaces if you like 

ideas for decorating; 

  • Stickers, all over the place. Yes
  • Print out pretty photos and stick them down in a collage, or just cut up old magazines
  • Make a border with cool materials like watercolours and markers
  • Use pretty wash tape and put it everywhere
  • Doodle all over the page, make it really pretty
  • Use stamps if you have any 
  • Lots of people say 'glitter!’ but idk, I’d be pretty pissed having glitter all over me so instead I send confetti and sequins 

Don’t forget to decorate the envelope as well! use cool fonts when you write the address down and also pretty tapes all over the pace. I cut out a dog’s head and did the information in a speech bubble, be creative and cool or do something silly like that. 

Well I hope this hasn’t been too long and boring and I’ve given you some ideas on cool things to include in your pen pal letter

I’m sending this little cutie out tomorrow 

Amy xx

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Hello! I'm loving your artwork and I was wondering if you could maybe use one of my pictures as an inspiration? I'd always wanted to see myself drawn as an anime/manga character😅 I'm a huge fan and I love following your blog!

I’m flattered that you love my blog, but I take no credit in drawing them, none really.  All I did was share photos that I find lovely. :) 

I saw your pictures and I immediately thought of flowers, so here it is.  Personally I didn’t want to put a face, it placed a label on your pictures that were more about the sceneries and everyday things.  I felt a vibrant picture wouldn’t fit with the ‘modern’ or 'chic’ theme you had for your posts, so I came up with this.  

I thought it was perfect with the flowers in your post and the single flower (Sunflower?) in her hair.

Thank you for asking.  :)

falafel recipe with two variations

(vegetarian, includes egg, dairy free, soy free, gluten free compatible)

basic falafel


  • two 14-15oz. tins chickpeas/garbanzos, rinsed and drained
  • ½ cup plus 2 Tbsp. all-purpose flour
  • an egg
  • garlic powder, minced garlic, or fresh sautéed garlic, to taste
  • cumin to taste
  • either ½ large onion or 1 small onion, chopped very finely
  • oil (olive oil is yummiest but canola or soybean oil will work)


  • stovetop or portable burner
  • food processor (i use a mini one i got for $3)
  • mixing bowl
  • something to stir with (i use a fork)
  • tin opener
  • pan
  • spatula
  • small plate
  • big plate with 4 paper towels folded on top of it


  1. put 2 tbsp flour on a small plate
  2. put the chickpeas through food processor & then into mixing bowl
    (smooth and tiny chunks are both ok. i like tiny chunks.)
  3. add your garlic/cumin/any other spices.
    (feel free to riff; i know someone who adds dill)
  4. put oil in the pan and turn it on medium
  5. stir the egg, half the onion and ½ c. flour into the mixing bowl
  6. add more onion if you want but stop if it starts getting hard to make balls that will hold together
  7. taste a tiny bit, add more spices if you want them
  8. make small patties, then press them into the flour on the plate to coat them all over
  9. drop into the oil. turn after 3-4 minutes then cook 3-4 minute more. they’re done when golden brown
  10. take out and put onto the plate with paper towels


  • it’s easier to undercook this than overcook it. if it looks a little burnt while in the pan, it’s probably just right.
  • you can sub in gluten free flour and it will taste just as good (my best friend likes to use garbanzo flour)
  • you can skip the onion but if u do it will taste better if you add onion powder or onion flakes (up to u tho)
  • every time you make this, pay attention to what you like or don’t like about the flavour. change the spices to suit your own taste.
  • if there’s too much dough, it‘ll taste crispier if you save the dough and cook it later, but there’s nothing wrong with saving already cooked falafel if you don’t mind it soft. refrigerate it tho.
  • this recipe is good in salad, dipped in hummus, or in a pita sandwich

taco filling variation

make the above recipe but replace the seasonings with whatever you’d use for taco filling - things like cumin, garlic, dried coriander leaf/cilantro, cayenne pepper powder, etc. - or you can also get premade “taco seasoning” in some supermarkets. (some has dairy tho, check the ingredients if that’s relevant to you)

once it’s done, break it into pieces and put it in a taco, burrito, nachos, etc. in place of meat

vegetarian chicken nuggets

make the falafel recipe above, but replace the seasonings with paprika, cumin, yellow mustard, a tiny bit of bbq sauce if desired, lots of onion powder, black pepper, and some garlic.

instead of flour coating, use crushed up cornflakes.

serve with mustard, honey mustard, or bbq sauce

Costume evolution in Kanan the Last Padawan

Ooh, if there isn’t some clever costume evolution being worked into Kanan the Last Padawan. I was originally going to pop this in a reblog, but it became a bit of a thing because we all know how i feel about costume and narrative, and narrative in costume. Projection and speculation within.

I am apparently on a roll with clothing as physical and psychological armour. 

As we know from the opening prologue of A New Dawn and issue one of The Last Padawan, little Caleb takes pride in being a Jedi and dreams of being a great hero (perhaps like Generals Kenobi and Skywalker, sob). Throughout issue one we see him always in his robe, often directly mirroring his master, Depa Billaba. His robe is oversized and drowning him (though in this particular panel it appears that this is a general stylistic choice on the part of Pepe Larraz), but it is a status symbol. He is Jedi. Or will be. It’s an aspirational status symbol. We also see a lot more flashes of his cream tunic and trousers than we do later on - his cloak is that much more often for a lot of. He is that much more open, withe the brashness of youth. As the story progresses over these two issues (plus a preview), he begins to close in on himself, and these flashes become less common as his innocence is stolen.

This panel is very interesting - we’re meeting Janus Kasmir, who speculation and less-than-subtle naming suggests is going to be a big influence of the future role of little Caleb Dume. Notice Caleb’s tunic here. The belted black over the cream. Remind you of any scoundrels? This is a very neat way of foreshadowing the future development of Caleb into the roguish Kanan that we all know, by making a subtle connection to another character that we all know and love in that world.

So then we have little Caleb Dume in the issue 3 preview. He’s just taken out a ship (or multiple?) in an entirely reactive, instinctual way that was defensively aggressive. He’s terrified, he’s alone. He’s dangerous, and the galaxy is out to get him. He’s probably questioning everything - they’re saying that the Jedi were dangerous, Palpatine is saying that they turned children into deadly weapons. In a very natural and protective way he’s pulled his hood up, cocooning in on himself like any frightened little boy would.

At this point Caleb is still swathed in the remnants of his life, literally as far as his robes go. He has the layers and the cloak, the hood and the sleeves, the leg and arm wrappings. He is entirely enveloped. The only time we see him not is when he is asleep in that one panel, where he is completely vulnerable and otherwise dead to the world. Yes, Janus helped him smudge things a bit so he looks more like a street rat than a renegade jedi - a bandolier here, a robe pulled up and no footwrappings - but he is still identifiably Jedi through each aspect of his costume. He’s still clinging to his identity and the crumbling world that he knew.

An interesting thing is to note the neckline of Caleb’s tunic:

Of course Caleb is following the common robe style of the japanese-influenced crossover, but as we’ve seen from others (Obi-Wan, Mace Windu, Yoda, many others) and real life fashions, a high neck is common. Caleb’s, however, is very low, almost open, particularly when fleeing from his battalion in issue 2. He’s young and vulnerable and completely open - he’s inquisitive, he’s warm and he’s having everything snatched out from under him (and nuked). That is going to change (this can be seen mirroring Obi-wan’s progression from his TPM costume to the very high neck Alec Guinness-style of RotS).

Somewhere along the line, Caleb is going to shed those layers. Covers, of course, are not direct indicators of anything about a comic’s content - they’re more about capturing the essence of an issue in an eye-catching way. I still think it’s worth taking a quick look at Caleb on the cover of issue 5:

Here he is, somehow back the Janus and apparently on hijinks. Again, this is unlikely to be exactly what we’ll see inside (for one thing, the wonderful cover artist, Mark Brook, draws Kanan slightly older than Pepe Larraz who is really emphasising his inexperience and naivete). But. The neckline is that much higher, we’re already beginning to see aspects of Kanan bleeding in through the shoulder piece and an element of streamlining. His Jedi layers are still there, but they are less, both in terms of number and in volume. Clearly things Are Up here, and this looks like it’s going to be a pretty big turning point as the tiniest renegade begins to shed his former self along with his garb. It’s also worth noting that probable namesake and his ticking life-expectancy appears to have taken Caleb under his wing proper here, which will no doubt play a crucial role in his transition of self.

Kanan Jarrus has a streamlined silhouette; in the look that we begin to see developed on the issue 5 cover, it’s easily identifiable as him (that shoulder piece helps), but it is entirely spare and entirely practical. This stripping away of layers to an utterly simplistic and contained look is very much a case of body image control. He doesn’t want any connection with who he was before - Caleb is gone. Or so he would like to believe. He wants to present a careful image of the drifter, the nobody, perhaps a bit of the handsome vagabond, and this look is saying just that. There is no excess; it is purely utilitarian. Every aspect of the costume had a purpose, and arguably in something so minimal there is nowhere to hide (especially since he apparently paints his jumpers on, hello). He will be taken at face value, and he knows exactly what sort of an impression he will give. It’s a very curated image.

Here i should stop and say that with Kanan’s sartorial choices I may be… projecting. I’m definitely sympathising. The idea of a streamlined silhouette as a defense mechanism is something that is.. well, actually it defines my entire wardrobe and my entire aesthetic. I’ve written about it here if anyone is interested (cw: harrassment, assault, sexism, body image).

(I had to include this)

(I hadn’t noticed before that Larraz has drawn Kanan with a much lower collar than in the show, where the stand of his neck guard mirrors the stand collar of his jumper. This may be a design decision - cleaner lines, more obviously visual ties to Kanan - or it may have been an error of interpretation. Or maybe Kanan has two almost-identical jumpers. I am choosing to ignore it here.)

The neckline is higher, which instantly ages him up from the open and exposed Caleb. It closes him in, and once you you factor in the neck shield and shoulder piece then the whole look is instantly defensive.

The green… As meta-viewers, we can all look at this as a sign of his light-side alignment, his former Jedi-life in block-colour. Contextually, however… Green is so far from anything a Jedi would wear - or at least any Jedi that we have seen of his time (I believe Old Republic Jedi were a bit more creative fashion-wise?). It’s bold, it’s a little bit obnoxious. It’s camoglague - both in that if he visited a jungle planet, he’d be fine, and in that he’s hiding in plain sight. No one would look at this obvious rogue and go, ‘Yup, that’s a Jedi alright.’ There is also another aspect of that careful curation - who else do we (as viewers) know that wears green? Oh, right. Boba Fett, Bounty Hunter extraordinaire - it’s a bit meta for what I’m discussing, but it instantly creates that connection for a viewer which can then be projected onto the denizens of the GFFA. Why shouldn’t green be associated with scoundrels and mercenaries and the underbelly populace.

There is also much to be said about the fact that his armour piece gets a grey paint job in season 2, as seen in the trailer. It’s likely that this is a result of it getting ‘sabred by Vader (again, as in the trailer, I have not seen the premiere), but there is also the implication of shifting allegiances and that Kanan is shifting more towards a more overtly neutral ‘grey’ school of Jedi teachings (there is an excellent post about this somewhere around that I can’t seem to find right now - I think it’s beneath a photo of the life-size Kanan at Celebration, if anyone has a link? This post has some good discussion of the implications of this change.) Of course, his season one teachings to Ezra were a perfect blend of what he was formally taught, and what life experience has hammered into him (such as his discussions of attachment and fear - ‘We’re all afraid, kid’.)

I also think it’s interesting that the trailer for Season 2 shows Kanan in command Stormtrooper armour. Of course they chose to place him in that armour with the shoulder piece because 1) it means we can actually idtenify and track the character as he (presumably) sneaks around, and 2) adopting the persona of a command figure will narratively allow for greater and easier movement, creating fewer blocks and hold ups. BUT. It’s on the same shoulder. It’s very easy to ascribe that that shoulder piece - that we have never seen him without once as Kanan - is a crucial part of his psychological armour to help him handle the world galaxy. Even when not himself he can’t go without it.

(As he has been shown in art to be wearing the same piece in A New Dawn, I’m choosing to believe that despite his seemingly flirty, easy-going air - that of course never fooled Hera - it’s quite some time before she ever sees him without that thing strapped to his shoulder. To such an extent that she begins to believe to believe that it’s just an extension of his body. The first time he doesn’t have it on, she’s perturbed by how unbalanced he seems, looking both bigger and smaller than what she’s used to. Once he catches her staring, he scratches uneasily at his neck feeling suddenly exposed. (Ghost had become such a place of easy home, and he woke up starving he didn’t even think to put it on.) )

(Gloves and armour. Saddest damn crew in the ‘verse.)

I think that quite often people underestimate the storytelling power of costume; even moreso in mediums that don’t involve actual tangible cloth-and-thread costume. We still know so little about Kanan and about his transformation from Caleb, but from nothing more than looking at a few images of him we can already begin to piece together

(Where’s that post saying ‘One day you’ll wake up at 11.30 on sunday with someone you love makign waffles’? I think he needs that tattooed on his arm.)

Update: If you’re interested in reading me ramble on even more on this, this reblog is… just as long. But hopefully of some interest!

gerardvillefort  asked:

What are some things an apartment dweller can do to help fight climate change? I'd install a solar panel or something like that if I had my own place, but setting up anything like that here is obviously up to the landlord.

Great question. You’ve identified one real barrier to large scale deployment of renewable energy. But it can be overcome. EPA recently put out some helpful tips about what all of us can do at home – whether you rent or own:  http://www.epa.gov/climatechange/wycd/home.html


You make crepes in the morning,
something your mother taught you how to do
although you never want to talk about it.
You just pile on the clotted cream and dice strawberries
and smile. I pour orange juice and put the kettle on.
You’ve laid out your good suit for the day, blue
because of your eyes. I put the glasses in the sink,
run the hot water too long, use the last of the dish soap.

I stop at the market in the afternoon, pick up peaches
and asparagus, don’t make metaphors out of anything.
I just think about that scene in Eat Pray Love
with Julia Roberts, where she’s eating boiled asparagus
on the floor of her Italian apartment. You take the train home
from work, get in later than you expected, but you’re always
getting in later than you expected with this new job.  
You pick up dish soap and Thai food on the way home.
You put the keys on the table by the door,
greet the dog, turn the lights on.

I used to think we’d do these things in the same place
but my apartment is quaint and covered in books.
Your flat is still mostly empty. Your neighbors are only
a little too loud. You never know where you put your
house slippers. I pull mine out from under the bed.

—  Trista Mateer

ammoth  asked:

I've seen you mention 'the proper way to restrain a bird' a few times recently, could you elaborate on that? How do I hold a bird? Out of… general interest and also because I have had to pick up hurt birds or lost young birds before (to put them in a safe place or bring them to rescues) and I'd love to know if there's a proper way to do it.

Basically, you want to make sure you’re restraining the wings so they can’t open them against you. If it’s a small bird, wrap your hand around it from the back so their wings are pressed into your palm and your fingers rest on either side of their chest. If it’s a larger bird, use one hand around the back and cup the chest with your other hand - their head should poke out from between your two hands, but you should have a decent amount of control of it. In theory, if you’re handling a larger bird or a raptor (which you shouldn’t be unless it’s a professional setting, fyi) you can pin them to your chest with one hand to restrain their wings and hold onto their ankles with the other. 

It’s always a good idea to wear gloves if you have to handle a bird, since you don’t know what parasites or diseases they might have. Even babies. 

Some random facts about Cameron Goodkin
  • He comes from an affluent family 
  • His mom is a doctor and, assuming his father’s alive, he seems closer to her than to his father
  • But he still has a seemingly strained relationship with her (he doesn’t seem to call much and has hung up on her at least once)
  • Seems to argue with his mother over his chosen place of work pretty regularly 
  • Collects/has a lot of comic books 
  • Seems to have a knack for interior design
  • Doesn’t really have any personal items (I.e photos, books, etc) around his apartment 
  • Is a bit of a neat freak 
  • Has a pretty impressive record collection (including a juke box)
  • Had a cozy & coveted research position at MIT that he gave up to join the Stitchers program
  • Really likes plaid
  • Frequently leaves his front door unlocked

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm sorry for the long-ish ask, and this is kind of weird for me(I'm honestly very nervous and have a hard time talking to people)but I'd like to thank you for making videos. I've had a lot of problems with anxiety and dealing with stress and your videos help calm me down and make me a lot less anxious. I've been watching your videos for a while and I'd like to say that you're really funny and I appreciate the effort you put into making videos(I'm sorry if this sounds weird!). Thank you!

Thank you for the message! 

I’ve had anxiety issues for almost my whole life, so I know how you feel. I used to not be able to go to public places (especially dark restaurants at night, that was one of my triggers) without having a panic attack. It can get better though! I pretty much cured most of my own anxiety by just coming to terms with the fact that it was all in my head. Granted, it took me years, but I did finally get it mostly under control, haha.