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Musketeers AU – The Inseparables

Athos, Porthos, and Aramis were Queen regnant Louise’s most trusted musketeers, and known in the regiment as The Inseparables because you rarely saw one without the others.

Athos, who came from the nobility, but with a past which haunted her and that she unsuccessfully tired to drink away. Porthos, who grew up in the Court of Miracles, and had fought for everything she’d ever got. Aramis, a nobleman’s bastard, constantly torn between her skills, her lust and her faith. 

Their true names were known by no one but themselves, but in each other they all found something they had never really had before: family, loyalty, and love.

All for One, and One for All.

There was a young lady called Bobbi

Complaining in verse was her hobby 

Now red rubber bands 

They cover her lands

And she’s screaming for help from the lobby 

Rewatched Stranger things and got Jopper feels. The height difference between those two gives me a lot of feels. Also, noticing details like both Joyce and Hopper holding Eleven’s hands in the pool and Eleven wearing Hopper’s shirt.
Hopper holding Joyce when she is holding Will.


Chloe  ‘Easily Offended’  Tousignant

“ That bear has some kind of super thick skin. It took three tranquilizer darts to bring it down. 

Getting out of  bed in the middle of the night, Remy casually opened the drawer of her nightstand, taking out the knife she knew she stored there in case of emergencies. Feeling as if she was in the middle of a dream, she left her room, creeping around the hallways, the knife low in her hand, as if she had picked up a trail and had decided to follow it, hunt whatever had caught her attention before it decided to kill her instead. Upon hearing the sound of footsteps coming from her left, Remy carefully slid closer to the wall and swiftly turned the corner, lashing out with her knife, intent on reaching her goal.

// SO here’s the deal:

I’m having trouble with Molly and keeping her around long enough to actually do anything. I feel like I’m losing her voice and the confidence to play her, and I most certainly don’t want to lose her altogether (hate to play favorites but she’s my favorite muse). So I’m taking today to get rid of threads and plot lines that have me at a stand still, clear out my inbox of memes and messages that I know I won’t reply to (like the ones I don’t have a matching post to anymore), and read up on her threads from the very beginning when I made her. I’m very much hoping this helps to shake her from wherever she’s hiding and put her back to work. Bear with me?

Unpopular opinion: I feel bad for Daisy Buchanan. 

      “why’s everybody gotta assume i’m just gonna use weapons in a fight? i can fight fine without ‘em. beat up a bunch’a thugs that were kidnappin’ goku without a gun, y’know.”

I… just told my mum about how I’m not feeling well after keeping it all bottled up for years…

To the Anon(s) who requested Human Leo surprising Karai and Leo giving snake Karai flowers, well, I sorta combine them…

Anyway, I tried researching flower language because I wanted the flowers that Leo gave Karai to mean something special… And let me tell you that was hard to do. Every website has a different meaning for the same flower (often times complete opposite meaning).

These are supposed to be (I should have put more effort into drawing the flowers) Momo (peach blossoms, I believe) and in the Japanese flower language, Hanakotoba, they are supposed to mean “I am your captive” and “fascinating personality”.

I thought they fit?
[even though it might be weird to give someone peach blossoms? Idk. All well, I had enough of flower research so I gave up and just went with this, haha XD]

Just a reminder that based off of Malcolm’s story, and some other facts, Annabel was probably between 16-21 when she died, most likely around 18. Not only did her family murder her when she was barely an adult, but we’ll have a teenaged late Georgian zombie on our hands next book.

You know you cast / a long shadow / on the ground

Is there anything that’s worth more than peace and love on the planet Earth?

So cool that Peridot is a Crystal Gem; really amusing to see her experience Earth stuff! Best Stevenbomb!