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Headcanons or scenario (whichever you prefer in this case) for Sebastian when his s/o falls asleep on him for the first time and he admires how fragile yet foolish they are for him for doing so?

THIS IS SO SHORT IM SORRY! But I had a lot of fun! If I’m being honest, Sebastian really creeps me out, so this is right up my alley haha

Sebastian sat on the bed, watching his s/o sleeping peacefully. They looked completely calm, and he guessed they were dreaming of something pleasent. He smiled to himself, running his fingers through their hair.

How foolish of them, he thought.

He could easily rip them apart, steal their soul, or anything else he wanted. They were completely helpless to stop him, and yet, they still slept so peacefully, even knowing how dangerous it could be. It was almost cute.

They sighed, and rolled over in their sleep. Sebastian stayed, watching them sleep for a few more minutes before standing up, and going to check that everything in the manor was in its place.

They really are silly, thought Sebastian as he walked away

I was watching Disney channel earlier and ‘What’s my Name?’ came on, and can I just say—-

This movie hasn’t come out yet, but Uma is already my queen. And I’m already rooting for Uma, Gil, and Harry, even though they’re not gonna win because their the antagonists.

  • *Chris Martin leaves the airport*
  • Paparazzi: *Takes pictures and asks him about Jennifer Lawrence.*
  • Paparazzi: *Runs into a column that he didn't notice.*
  • Chris: *taps the paparazzi on the back* Be careful, man.
  • Paparazzi: *asks about Jennifer's nude photos*
  • Chris: *smiles* It's nice to meet you. I don't really want to talk about anything. Thank you.

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helloo, your dai screenshots are absolutely gorgeous. would you mind posting your dai cinematic tools setup? ive just started using it and it's a bit hard to manage!

hellooo lovely anon ♥

oh bless you! thank you! and i wouldn’t mind at all. i’ll pop some stuff behind the cut for you!

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