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1/ days of hobi

Percy Weasley


One SilverFlint moment per episode: vii 


(aside from the fact that logan looks less like logan and more like me cosplaying him…)

(and forgiving my art style for being so consistently inconsistent that just zooming in on a character makes him look totally different…)

(and acknowledging the fact that the difference in hair color is based on my headcanons for what they’d look like as individual people…)

I illustrated one of my favorite moments in one of my favorite @thatsthat24 Sanders Sides videos (well i mean they’re all my favorite, but.)

I might make it into a video, using the audio from the original. It’s almost not the same without the background music, heh.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens cast reading the script for the first time


Hey guys.

As you know by now I’ve been absolutely terrible all week, and it’s been very hard for me to pick myself back up.

I’m trying extremely hard and doing the best I can but it’s.. difficult.

I have horrible feelings, mixed feelings, dark thoughts, and it’s just hard to communicate at this point, though I’m trying my hardest.

But I see all of you in my inbox and I see all the messages and I may not have replied yet because I don’t have the real brain power to do so, but know that I do really… really appreciate it. Truly, I do. I love each and every one of you very much.

That being said, hopefully I’ll be able to answer the inbox at some point today, if not (or if it goes slowly) then please forgive me.

I’m sorry for basically being MIA all week but I didn’t have it in me nor did I want to express any of my horrid thoughts or feelings to any of you because I would just feel worse, so, thank you for putting up with me;


I have, at the moment, 2 requests done (I might have more by tomorrow, we’ll see) and I’ll be scheduling them, along with some art reblogs, for tomorrow! Why tomorrow, you ask?

Well! I will be! Drum roll please!


That’s right, while yes I’ve been gone… all week… I have seen everything and tried my very hardest to respond to some of you in PM’s, but I will be completely gone tomorrow!

I’m going to SacAnime!

It’s a con in California completely catered towards anime culture in case that wasn’t obvious by the title;;

But! I’m going as a Female!Saeran, and I am very very excited. If you want, I can try and post some selfies or pictures that I take, since it is technically Mysme related. But that’s up to you. Honestly I worked pretty hard (in such a short amount of time) for my cosplay and I’m /very/ proud of it. I love it! So, you’d have to let me know if you’d like to see or not. 

So! That being said! If any of you are going to SacAnime, and happen to see me, you don’t have to hesitate to come say hi! I may feel like shit but I will always greet you with my arms wide open. 

Okay! Well! Again! Thank you all for sticking with me, giving such encouraging words (like literally guys I;;; do not deserve you;;), and putting up with me disappearing for a week like I did. I’ll try to answer you all later today, and I will try my best to be (or work on being) okay. ^^

I love you all, very much. 

Thanks for sticking around and thanks for reading my long ass update ^^ ~Admin 404


That last anon message reminded me that I’d been meaning to try and make a texture based around HHayley’s Fair Skin Complexion for a while now, so I managed to tear myself away from Persona 5 long enough to make this. I was worried it might look a bit too much like my earlier KISS textures (especially since both make heavy use of Maevan’s Mature Skin,) but comparing the two, this one is a bit softer, and much less weather-worn. It’s kinda fun, working with a slightly different style!

I want an alternate universe where the ikesen mc is actually an independent master castle thief so one night she breaks into azuchi castle but then she gets caught. she realises she accidentally broke into the wrong castle and straight up says that to nobunaga, expecting him to just get mad and kick her out. instead he laughs really hard and decides to keep her around because she could be useful to them (she is bc they send her to go steal important letters and probably gunpowder from their enemies). they end up falling in love because nobunaga has strange tastes and mc finds his taste in women hilarious


Don’t worry, @kimicapucciny.

Mochitalia will not let themself be forgotten.