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If you could date either Ty or Kit who would you choose?

concept: i’m on a date with kit, candle lit restauraunt. we’re drinking wine (though we’re both underage), nice time, intruiging small talk. I find a pen from my purse, and grab onto the small napkin the restauraunt offered us. discretely, I write onto it, kit busy on his phone. I get up claiming i need to use the restroom, and smoothly pass the neatly folded napkin to him on the table as i leave. from the corner of my eye, as i leave the restauraunt doors, i catch him opening it and smirk.

I dunno what’s wrong, but I’ve been feeling real weird lately. I always feel alone, distant from things. Like…Not worthy of peoples attention or some shit. I dunno. Mostly just really lonely. And it’s made me crave friendship. So, if you ever like…Wanna write some awesome, fluffy kinda friendship rp, hit me up. Can be very slice of life, can be adventuring together, or anything. I just wanna talk to people more, I guess.

all my pastel edits from 2015~ still adding more to the collection! Thank you to everyone who has enjoyed my graphics, they’re still a work in progress, but there’s always room for improvement, please anticipate more graphics! <3

i haven’t even touched a word processing software in some long months, at least not seriously…. but what do you guys think, should I try to do NaNoWriMo? I have sort of an outline for That Fic (the placeholder title for it is “And Down Goes The Sky”, so… ADGtS?), and while it would be nice to have someone up my ass motivating me to Do Shit with it, I’m kinda scared that not meeting my goal would only discourage me further…

Hey baseball tumblr, let’s play a game!

I’m bored and want to get to know everybody so…

If you were a player in the MLB:

  • What team would you be on?
  • What position would you play?
  • What would you excel at?
  • What would your walk up song be?
  • Who would be your best friend on your team? On a different team?

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I've seen people talking about how teens do find adults attractive so that means they'd date them willingly. News flash shalalaladongs: teens can find adults attractive but also be really creeped out by adult romantic/sexual attention. I mean heck at 14 I thought my 28 year old history teacher was hot, but if he'd have hit on me I'd have probably just straight up started crying from uncomfortable confusion as to why an adult I trusted was being creepy. Besides, how does that excuse the adult?


Sick Day

As usual, huge thanks to all of the messages I’ve been receiving from all of you, they are amazing. They are also part of the reason this chapter took so long. You guys need to request things before I’m already half way through writing a chapter lmao.

Sorry if this feels shorter than usual, I am really heavy with homework lately, but I wanted to post a chapter for you guys.

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Warnings: Nightmares, sickness, Gaster mention, souls.

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This incredible desert barn find is in Silver Springs, Nevada.  We went to his house to buy a goat.

1966 Chrysler Imperial

The guy Justin went to a ranch to buy a dump truck and noticed the car
covered in the barn.  He bought it just out of amazement.  It was bought
new in 1966 by the rancher and his wife, who put 89k miles on it in the
first two years (common in a place where the grocery store is 100 miles
away).  They had it professionally repainted from green to copper.  Then 
the rancher's wife declared it was “too long” and they tucked it in the
barn in 1968, where the ranch hands went out and topped it off and turned
it over every few months for thirty years!  Justin bought it to cart his
family around but it has an electrical draw that kept leaving him stranded
so his wife put the nix on it.  So it sits in his driveway under the

It's got the 440 big block (!), power steering, AC, power brakes, power
windows, power everything.  Basically what a big rich ranch owner would
buy top-of-the-line from Chrysler in 1966 to go to church in.  Justin is
the second owner, and the tires on it are the second set it's ever had. 
Comes with the custom cover.  But the real winner here is the interior-
check out that headliner!  It is perfect.

Has the original metal
“Certi-Card” under the hood.  No dings,
runs (with aforementioned battery draw), you could drive it home.  Shit
you could tow a trailer and do quarter-miles for pink slips on the way

This guy has three kids and just missed his first mortgage payment.  He
bought this car back when money was cheap, and now he's underwater on
his manufactured home.  He's selling his goats trying to make the note on
his house.  Goativated seller!  He wants $5k. 
This thing is amazing.  Shit I'd drive it as is. 
Probably gets six miles to the gallon.

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