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here it is, my piano arrangement of “mcqueen and sally” from the cars ost!! painstakingly written out by yours truly

Soul Shattering

Soul shards are the result of the Soul shattering. This is caused by any number of things, but more commonly it is caused by a very traumatic event or by leaving pieces of your Soul in the Astral Worlds when you travel. These happen unintentionally and result in the same general effects, which are typically: feelings of being lost, scattered, depressed, tired, or feeling disconnected. Often the person feels more and more like they are ‘not here’, depending on how many shards are lost in different parts of the Astral World.

Reckless Astral Travel is not necessarily the most common cause of Soul shattering, but when it is, typically it is due to poor grounding techniques. Typically the person returned from a journey inappropriately by means of waking themselves too suddenly, accidentally leaving a part of their essence, or a Soul shard, in the Astral Realm. Sometimes this can go unnoticed, other times, this is immediately noticed. The person may awaken to feel like they are still in a dreamlike state, and they are just not able to shake it.

A misconception surrounding this is that Astral Travel is always deliberate. This is not the case. Sometimes we do this when we sleep, completely unaware that we have done this. Sometimes we are aware, those of us that are more connected to our Subconscious workings, and know that we get tapped to do some extra work when we lay our corporeal Selves down to rest. If when we are ‘Dreamwalking’, we are jolted awake by something suddenly, this too can cause a fracture of the Soul.

Cases where the Soul is fractured by traumatic events are further more tricky, because this can be caused by a wide array of events. These are typically deep traumas, and the fracture usually burrows deep, often complicating its retrieval. A person’s Soul can fracture from traumatic events only once per event, but can fracture for a similar event later under a different circumstance.

The more this happens, the worse the effects become. This can start to have a mood impact, leading to shifts in mood, feeling lost, feeling scattered, confused, in disarray, and drops in energy. These can be repaired once the Soul Shards are retrieved, either by the one whose Soul was shattered, or by a practiced Astral Walker. Bridging sessions can retrieve the Soul Shards, then unify them once more with the sufferer. A Bridging Session is a session where the sufferer and the practiced Walker travel together to retrieve the Shards, which can take up to a few hours, depending on how many and how scattered the pieces are, and how receptive the sufferer is.

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When Louis and his "gfs" have to fly on planes together and are locked in a small space with nowhere to run, does he have to book seats next to them lmao , like imagining the awkwardness of it all kind of makes me laugh. Louis be like "you know what I think imma find a seat in economy, I've seen the movie snakes on a plane and I'd rather not sit next to one just in case".

You know, I wasn’t planning on publishing this, and then I saw the last line and I started cackling…A+

“you know what I think imma find a seat in economy, I’ve seen the movie snakes on a plane and I’d rather not sit next to one just in case”.

The Christmas special. I was just laughing out loud, and I was on a plane! Yet again, my lines, so brilliant!
—  Alex Kingston, in response to fan question, “Did you ever get a script that was so suspenseful, you couldn’t wait to turn the page?” - New York Comic Con (October 6, 2016 - Tales From the TARDIS panel) [x]

my biggest fear in life is that by the time I finally get the money to go to playlist live or vidcon, dan and phil will have stopped doing youtube

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So today I learned you're as old as two of my professors and I feel guilty for having interacted with you so casually I shall now do my utmost to treat you with respect, ma'am.

You have some young professors, my word.

And we’re all equals here, so casual interaction is always completely okay. :) If you’re in college, you’re probably around my youngest sister’s age–if that puts it in another perspective.

Blur will play British festivals this summer, and they’re hopeful about a return visit to the States. “I have an ambition to play Madison Square Garden with Graham,” says Albarn. “I’d definitely get on a plane for that” – provided, he says, the demand is there. Evidence says that it is: the autograph seekers waiting outside the hotel, the concierge who almost plotzes after Albarn stops by the desk to have a word about his room, plus the 550 fans who line up two days later in front of the Music Hall of Williamsburg, where Blur plays 11 new songs and three old ones, with all high notes intact. Surely they’d have no trouble filling our modest area, right? “Well,” says Albarn, “we are one of the ‘90s’ greatest boy bands.
—  damon confirming what we knew all along abt blur being a boyband (x)