i'd pee more

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Did you know that Steve is hosting the Bootsy Bellows party after the Grammys? I hope Louis is in LA, seems like a good time to meet people. Niall hasn't been seen either but he was hanging out with Diplo and others last night, and it's only known because one of Diplo's friends tweeted something random.

Ahhh Dim Mak is indeed hosting an after party at Bootsy Bellows. I wonder if Louis and/or Niall will make an appearance! 

I think im immune to beer or something.
I tried to get drunk for the first time and I’ve literally just been constantly drinking ALL DAY and I dont even feel tipsy.
I mean i wasnt drinking super heavy stuff or anything, just alcopops cos i hate the taste of proper booze. but i drank a huge shitload of them, 11 out of 14 weekly units of alchohol in one sitting.
dont feel ANYTHING
I just felt a bit shaky when I drank the first bottle but i think that was probably nerves from expecting it was gonna work. its a shame that not even the placebo effect could do anything!
all i feel is like my body’s heat index has gone up or something. it feels mildly hotter and uncomfortable in this room, and im probably red-faced but i really dont feel remotely happier or even more incoherant or anything. I’ve had better ‘high’ from just getting excited over an upcoming videogame and being sleep deprived chatting to friends :P people always say I always act drunk, lol. if anything i feel more bored and lucid now, i think it just made me a bit sadder. And probably I’ll have a headache tomorrow without getting any of the good symptoms that are meant to be worth it :P
At least now I’ve tried it and I know for sure I dont like it, so I wont ever be tempted to drink again.