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So, a prompt! First, do you write for IronPanther and StarkQuill pairings? If yes, I might be back with more prompts for them, but I'd really like Stuckony where HYDRA sent the WS to kill Tony before launching Project Insight, so he can't somehow stop it at the last minute, as heroes are wont to do. He's sent UC in SI, because that's the only way to get close, but Tony, exhausted, trips and twists his ankle in front of him and dozens of witnesses, so he can't kill him yet. (1/2)

He’s forced to pick him up and take him to the med bay, being the security guard and visualy strongest. But he’s desperatly touch starved, and really like touching/carrying Tony, and he smelled so good and was really nice to him, so he decides Tony must absolutely never die and tells him everything, declaring himself his new bodyguard. Steve/Tony is established, and both are aware of Bucky’s feelings for Tony (before and after regaining memories) so they invite him into their relationship. 2/3

And Bucky is super confused, like, punk, we’re already in a relationship?? Keep up? And picks Tony up and takes his two fellas on a date! - ok, that was super long and detailed, sorry about that! I can just imagine it and it’s so cute! You don’t have to include all the elements, I realize it’s a lot, I just really need touch-starved Bucky imprining on Tony and the ‘we’re already dating, punk’ scene! Thanks so much! (3/3)

Haha, this is adorable! How sweet. :) I do not write StarkQuill. In fact I’ve never even seen Guardians of the Galaxy! I should get on that, haha. I can write IronPanther though. I hope this lives up to your expectations! Keep an eye out for under the cut!

This work can also be found on my Ao3 here.

The Asset had barely even touched his gun when the Mark tripped and went down in a flail of limbs and loose papers. He had to fight a sigh. Some might think the clumsy marks would be easier to kill, because it could be made to look like an accident, but actually it was much harder—they were more likely to accidentally dodge attempts on their lives.

The Mark sat up, looking shocked. “Ow.”

“Sir?” one of the secretaries called, standing from her desk. “Mr. Stark, are you okay?”

“I think so?” The Mark pressed his palms to his eyes, letting out a sigh that betrayed deep exhaustion. “Yeah.” He took her hands when she offered them to him and pulled himself up, letting out a little noise of pain as he finally stood. “Ow!”

The secretary began patting him down, concerned. “What? What’s wrong?”

The Mark batted her hands away. “I’m fine, Ms. Carmichael. Just a twisted ankle.”

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Hi! It's my birthday on March 24, I'd love some AgeGap! Smut. Thank you so much for doing this, each and every story is a gift!

Happiest of birthdays, @mysteriouslysizzlingthing!! Your birthday delight was crafted by the amazing and creative @peetabreadgirl (who also sent along the gif above!) We hope you enjoy!

When it’s Right, Part 2

(part one is here)

rated M

Since Peeta had thrown caution out the window and kissed Katniss that day in her classroom, he hadn’t been able to think of anything else. He dreamt of it at night, thought about it during class time when he should have been focused on teaching. But only when he was alone did he allow his mind to be consumed by more than kissing. And it went wild.

What was the rule again for sex? It had been so long since he’d needed to know. Was it three dates or five, he wondered. Ten? God, he hoped not.

They’d taken things very slowly since then, and that was a big part of Peeta’s problem. He had a new vibrant, young, incredibly attractive girlfriend, but there hadn’t been time for more than a few stolen kisses on their breaks now that Peeta was coaching an outside soccer league with games on the weekends and Katniss was helping the music department get ready for the spring program after school. They rarely saw each other in private due to their crazy schedules and they were already several weeks into the relationship, but they only had a few dates under their belts.

For the first month there hadn’t been a lunch they hadn’t shared, or a night they hadn’t talked on the phone until the wee hours of morning. He hadn’t run on three hours of sleep since college, but being with Katniss made him feel like a teenager again.

Peeta had been thankful at first so that he could sort out his feelings about their age difference - fifteen years was a lot to get over. But now that he’d gotten used to it he found himself wanting more. The conversations they had during their respective conference periods were amazing and with every word he fell harder for Katniss. But if he had to go another hour without being able to touch someplace other than her arm or hold something besides her hand, he was going to physically explode. Which was why he was avoiding her today.

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Deep friendships with MC and rfa + v + saeran! I crave deep friendships between characters, and I'd love to see this! Thank you!

This is such a sweet request anonny, I love it! Being friends with any of the Mystic Messenger characters would be awesome because they’re all so great! I didn’t add Jaehee since I answered a similar request about having a deep friendship with her yesterday! I really hope that you enjoy!! :)

Side Note: I will not be posting any headcanons tomorrow! I’m taking the day off for my birthday and having a huge birthday party just kidding I’m probably going to stay in bed all day and play Fire Emblem but I’ll periodically check my asks box in case anything major happens! I’ll resume posting headcanons on Sunday. Thank you for understanding and I hope that you all have a wonderful day!! ^^


  • Yoosung has had plenty of friends in the past but none could compare to the deep friendship that he shared with you
  • Your friendship with him blossomed when one day you defended Yoosung when the rest of the members scolded him for always slacking off
  • From that day on, you and Yoosung would spend a lot of time together and go to fun places, especially when either one of you were upset
  • He loved taking you to the arcade to show off his gaming skills, but was shocked when you beat him in a couple of the games
  • Yoosung would often invite you over to his apartment when he needed help studying and even started to steadily improve his grades thanks to your help
  • If anyone ever made you upset or cry, Yoosung would comfort the heck out of you with lots of supportive encouragements and hugs
  • In return, if Yoosung ever felt upset, you give him the biggest hug ever and play some LOLOL with him (you would always let him win so that he’d feel better)
  • Yoosung realized how lucky he was to have you, you never yelled at him for his lifestyle and you supported him in whatever he chose to do, making you the greatest friend he could ever ask for


  • Zen was surrounded by people who were his fans and co-actors, but he would always be grateful to have a best friend like you
  • He had always seen you more as a little sister who needed her big brother to explain to you how dangerous other men could be since they’re wolves
  • Your support during the entire Echo Girl ordeal is really when your friendship with Zen took off, making the rest history
  • One of Zen’s favorite things to to do with you was to go over his script lines with you
  • He would always get a good laugh in when you tired to act out the part, telling you that you should leave the acting to him
  • Of course he’d stop laughing whenever you’d give him a slap across his arm
  • Calling you late at night to talk about a vivid dream that he had was also common when you’d become friends with Zen, he always felt safe around you to tell you his crazy dreams in detail
  • Zen was incredibly thankful to have a best friend like you in his life who’d listen to his issues and help him out when needed so he’d always make sure to be there for you whenever you needed him


  • Jumin never thought that he needed to have friends in his life in order to be happy
  • Sure he had V, but he was usually out on “buisiness trips” and even though he’d never admit it, Jumin felt like he was all alone at times
  • That is until you showed up and began to be more friendly towards Jumin, no judging him about his wealth, car obsession, or personality
  • Jumin loved whenever you came over to his penthouse and discuss business ideas with him, usually with a glass of wine or cup of tea
  • But you also became a pillar of support for Jumin, he’d sometimes end up talking to you until morning about his life and just how overwhelming it could be
  • He also loved to take you out to lunch during his own lunch break and rant to you about how some idiotic a few of his employees are
  • In return, Jumin would always be a phone call away if you needed absolutely anything at all, which ranged from if you needed a driver to pick you up because you have a flat tire to throwing someone in jail for life if they messed with you
  • Jumin could be a little awkward around the edges to have as a friend, but once the two of you did become friends, you both knew that you had each other’s backs, something that in Jumin’s mind qualified you as best friend material


  • Seven really never had a true best friend before until he had met you
  • Of course he’d joke around on the messenger with the other members, but you saw through his 707 mask and only saw the real Saeyoung
  • He was nervous at first to be friends with you, since he didn’t want the hacking agency to harm you, but you assured him that you were fine
  • After that, you and Seven would spend tons of time together doing all kinds of random things
  • The two of you would go to movies but he’d end up getting bored halfway through and left with you, went to the video game store to find some multiplayer games, and even went to the planetarium together
  • But most importantly to Seven, you’d listen to his problems and fears, you’d always be there to envelope him in a big hug whenever he needed to let it all out and cry
  • He’d always have your back and listened to your problems in return, Seven would keep an eye on you when he knew that you were going out at night to ensure your safety
  • Seven would forever be appreciative to have a best friend like you in his life, he really doesn’t know how he functioned without you being there for him and him there for you


  • V, out of everyone in the RFA, needed a friend more than anyone
  • So when you came into the messenger and treated V with respect and a positive attitude, V immediately wanted to be your friend because of your kind-heart and he just really needed someone in his life to be kind and encourage him
  • Having someone like you who would actually listen to the poor boy and give him helpful advice was something that made V so incredibly happy and he would make sure to always return the favor in any way that he could because he wanted to share his happiness
  • When he noticed you getting stressed out or sad, V would take you out to a cafe or show you some of his nature photos to help clear your mind
  • He would genuinely laugh and be happy with you and he would always try his best to do the same with you
  • If anyone tried to hurt or talk down on you, V would hire some security guards to take them down because no one messes with V’s friends
  • V would always be eternally grateful to have you as his best friend, he’d constantly make sure to tell you how much of a positive impact you’ve made on his life


  • Saeran was always apprehensive when it came to having friends
  • Everyone in his life had betrayed or abused him at some point, except you, you were different
  • You accept Saeran, you never based your judgement on him because of his past actions and you sincerely wanted to be his friend
  • It took time by soon enough, you and Saeran had become each other’s best friends
  • The sweets shoppe was basically yours and Saeran’s second home, the two of you went there all of the time to try new kinds of candies
  • If Saeran was having a rough day you’d always be there to gently rub his back and tell him sweet words of comfort and praise
  • He opened up to you since he developed a deep trust with you, telling you everything and anything about his life and his emotions
  • But Saeran would always be there for you in return and even though he wasn’t the best with his words, Saeran definitely became one of the best huggers you’ve ever met
  • Saeran could never thank you enough for being his best friend, but the two of you made a pinky promise to always be there for each other no matter what

Levy hadn’t planned on being a pet sitter when she’d moved into the city. She also hadn’t planned on pet sitting for a sex god either, but here she was.

AKA the one where Levy is a pet sitter, Gajeel is her client, and Lily is the glue that binds them together.

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1. Do you think there's anything to be said about how Cisco purposefully sabotaged the speed bazooka for Savitar when you consider how in Rogue Time he was put in a very similar position but in that episode ended up giving in to the villains' demands? I mean, I guess he did try to tamper with the cold gun back then too and Leonard caught him, but I always felt personally that it was sort of a desperate, last-ditch effort on his part and not really something he planned out (1. because it wasn't

2. shown or stated that he tampered with either the heat gun or the gold gun - even though neither Leonard nor Mick would know how a gold gun works off-hand so it would have been the easiest to tamper with and 2. because all he did at that time was leave out a crucial piece of the cold gun that he still *built*, just didn’t put in). He was essentially in the same position - bad guy(s) threatening the lives of people he cared about (even if Caitlin was ‘Killer Frost’ at the time).

3. I’m not sure *what* exactly it could be saying; maybe that the loss of his brother has made him a bit harder or maybe getting/mastering his vibe powers has made him a bit bolder, or since that was S1 and given they had Barry at the end of this finale essentially passing the torch in some ways to Cisco, it might be showing that he’s grown up a bit and gotten more experienced in keeping a cool head in dangerous/deadly situations?

Now here is some meta I can get behind.

Cisco is season 1 was so goddamn vulnerable. And so brave. So fucking brave. This adorable and beautiful man with a heart of gold and jokes to match who stood up to Captain Cold with a vacuum cleaner and a voice hard enough for Snart to believe he’d actually use it. That, or Snart just had a soft spot for him because of it. Either damn way, the heroism of that moment.

And then things happen, bad things, and they’re getting worse. People keep getting hurt: Bette died, Farooq almost killed them all, Caitlin got kidnapped. But good things are happening too! He’s truly close with Barry and has a new bff, they tracked down Ronnie! Who is alive!!!! Even if Hartley’s still a dick (or not, depending on the timeline).

So Cisco takes the bad with the good and keeps smiling. Looks up to Barry, you know he does. And he’s got this family event he’s got to attend and he’s feeling super off because he just had this terrible nightmare of Dr. Wells straight-up murdering him and he’s shaken by it because that’s crazy, right? It felt super real, though, and he’s now supposed to play nice with his brother and yes thank you Barry let’s get some beer because fuck Weather Wizrard we beat him without breaking a sweat and

And then Lisa Snart walks into his life and he’s so off-kilter with her beauty and of course it’s too good to be true, he even says so. But he’s so brave, again. Like with the vacuum cleaner. Except it doesn’t matter, this time. Because Dante is there, and no no no no no. That wasn’t supposed to happen. This – this is wrong. His personal life and work life were never supposed to bleed like this and for the first time he thinks he really understands why Barry hasn’t told Iris about his powers. 

This wasn’t supposed to happen.

All he has for the next 12 hours is panic and adrenaline. Sweaty, slippery hands making weapons that make him sick. Not for him, but for Dante. He knows he’s a goner, but this is the only way he can stall for time despite that. So long as he gets Dante out of here, that’s what matters. That’s what keeps his fingers moving over pieces of machinery.

He tampers with it at the end because it doesn’t occur to him to do so before that. He’s so focused on coming up with and discarding plans for how to save Dante from this nightmare that he doesn’t think to ruin their weapons. He could’ve. He’s a genius. He’s kicking himself. But he tampers with it at the end as best he can and it’s pointless - it’s too late. But he’s never been in a situation like this and he wasn’t sleeping well before and now hasn’t slept and the adrenaline and caffeine are making him crash hard.

It was pointless anyway. Cold saw right through it. And he’s still not free. He’s supposed to stay awake, still, and make another one. For the cruel, beautiful, toxic Lisa. Cisco might hate her for a moment, there. But then, not. Because it’s another way to stall. Another day spent keeping Dante safe and alive and he even convinces his captors to feed them and refuel his coffee needs.

He doesn’t tamper with this one. He wants to, but he can’t bring himself to do it. Not to her. She did this to him, but for a little while there she was… nice. And smiled in a way no one’s smiled at him in a while and he can pretend she meant it but not if he ends up killing her with her gun backfiring (and not if Cold kills him for hurting his sister). So he finishes the mean piece of machinery and he’s still empty. He’s got some plans for deception, but really the best plan is to get a cellphone or any phone and contact Barry. He can be there (wait for it) in a Flash.

He’s working on the logistics (with Lisa, he thinks, it’ll work best. But then Rory’s outfit is the loosest and thus the easiest to steal from. But he can get closer to Lisa without being suspected, for sure. Decisions, decisions…) but then Dante rushes it. Cisco could smack him for it, honestly. He was working on a plan, goddammit. Not that Dante knew that. But if he’d given Cisco another minute or three, Cisco could’ve at least told him to try and steal Rory’s phone if he was gonna go all Rambo on him.

But then Cold walks in and all plans go out the window when Dante’s hands get iced.

Nothing like this has ever happened. Nothing remotely. It’s not supposed to happen. His family isn’t supposed to be involved.

And what’s he got to fall back on, thinking about it? What would Barry do? Let his family get hurt? Never, in a million years. But Cisco can’t jump in front of a weapon that’s already been fired, can’t save Dante when he’s already injured. All he can do is give Cold what he wants and hope he doesn’t die in the process. Hope Dante doesn’t die, at least. 

He’s in a lose-lose situation with zero options and he takes the one he can live with and still sleep at night, he hopes.

Flash forward a few years. He’s been betrayed. Those nightmares of dying were real. He’s seen a blackhole he helped create swallow one of his very few friends. He’s seen a lot more death. He’s been pushed away and pushed back, himself. He’s been betrayed again, and he’s been terrified of what he knows he can do. Of the moment of temptation he felt at Reverb’s offer, the eyeliner notwithstanding. He’s seen magic and lost friends, too many now, and he’s grown and grown and grown.

He is powerful. Frighteningly so. And yet. And yet some days he stills feels like the Cisco who stood in front of the Reverse Flash, helpless in the face of his own death. Of the Cisco who stood in front of Captain Cold and whispered “Barry. His name is Barry Allen.”

And some days? Some days he feels a million miles away from that Cisco and wishes he still could feel like him. Because when Barry (his name is Barry Allen) as Savitar takes him, when facsimiles of his two best friends as Killer Frost and Savitar are colluding to kill him, he doesn’t falter. Not this time. 

Because Cisco knows better, now. He’s thinking ten paces ahead. He gets that Savitar needs Killer Frost alive. Cold didn’t need Dante, except as leverage against him. It’s different, and it helps keep him calm. Savitar’ll hurt her to get to Cisco, if needed, but he’s bluffing at least about when he’ll kill her. 

It doesn’t matter, though. The threat jarred Cisco memories. He’s been here before. And now, faced with this situation agin, he’s got a plan. 

There’s no firing pin to tamper with, but he doesn’t need one, and this won’t be a last-second effort this time. You’d think Savitar would see this coming, knowing Cisco, but then, Barry didn’t see him tamper with the firing pin the first time around either. Barry just saw him save someone he loved, without any of the intermediate planning. 

Cold was five steps ahead, Savitar is six steps behind, and Cisco…

Even if he hadn’t been here before… Cisco’s older. He’s bolder. He has experience not just with this but with everything. He has trauma and triggers and he’s been through his share of panic attacks and he has practice thinking around those things more than he did before. He’s seen a lot more death and pain and heartache. 

He knows that even doing everything you can, even doing your best, the people you’re trying to save can still die anyway, in ways you can’t predict and can’t fix. Not even with time travel.

There’s only so much he can do, but this time around, he can keep calm and actually do it, plan for it.  He’s not letting Savitar get away with anything, not on his watch.

Elemental (Calum imagine)

Summary: You decide it’s time to return a few of Calum’s things

Warnings: Mentions of cheating, heartbreak, a touch of swearing, sadness

Word Count: 1.1k

A/N: There’s a breathtaking piece of dialogue that I took parts from (x) because it inspired me to write this. I also took inspiration from a Justin Bieber fanfic (which I managed to forget the name of) and certain areas of that inspired some of the weather-related metaphors. I was in a sad mood, hence the angst. This is how I imagine it’d be in the months that follow Calum cheating.

Originally posted by muketastic

“Y-You need to take this.”

Tears prick at your eyes but you bite back the urge to rub them, knowing that the moment your fingers touch your leaking slits you entire demeanour will begin to crack, slowly releasing the tsunami of emotions held behind them.


Calum stands in the doorway of his apartment, bleary eyed and static. His wavering glance lands on the box held between your fingers.

“I can’t have all your shit hanging around anymore,” You reply, thrusting the cardboard into his unprepared hands, only to be greeted with the noisy clatter as the array of objects plummet to the ground. 

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Congratulations on 600 followers! Wow. It is deserved :-) Cool event! I'd like committment with Sasuke, Genma and Kakashi?

aaa thank you! i hope you’ll like this!

10 Stages of Love - Commitment

Originally posted by demigodxtonio

SASUKE (he has two arms btw)

    You both relax under the tree’s shade, sharing light laughs and loving gazes. The sky light was dim; but the sunset sure made it up for it. You lean your head against his broad shoulder, taking a short sip of water. You send Sasuke a coy glance, “Why do you look so nervous all of a sudden?”

“What are you talking about?” He retorts, “I’m not nervous, so don’t worry.”

Sasuke raises an eyebrow and sigh, he continues to take short bites of his tomato sandwich. But he quickly remembers why he took you out on a date, and he felt the littlest tinge of anxiety wave over him. His hand travels down to his pocket; where the little velvet box’s resting.

“The expression you’re making makes me think so otherwise,” you chuckle. You thread your fingers over his soft dark hair, Sasuke relaxes in your delicate touches; it was almost rare for Sasuke to feel such delicate hands running over his locks. He never mentioned it out loud but, he always loves and longs for your touch. Sasuke grumbles a little, “That does not mean I’m any nervous.”

Laughter escapes from your lips, though it was only for a brief moment. You feel Sasuke; your boyfriend of five years shuffling softly against you. Looking down, you see his hand fumbling; and when he pulls his hand out. Your eyes widen in pure surprise. You feel your lips quivering, your eyes water and your heart beating quickly in your chest.

You watch Sasuke kneeling down on one knee with a beautiful little velvet box sitting on the palms of his hands; opening it to reveal a beautiful ring. Tears streams down from your eyes, rolling down your cheeks. Sasuke smiles before he begins to speak. His words flood your senses and your heart races quickly against your ribcage. You nod your head; he slips the ring through your ring finger and pull your now fiancé into a warm and tight hug; both of you were filled with pure happiness.

“I’d like to spend an eternity with you and I hope you’d say yes. [Name], will you marry me?”

Originally posted by phoenix-sage-flower-nail-crimson


  It was one of those dates where you and Genma would walk around the woods; bringing some weapons if needed. But it is always fortunate seeing no one trying to plan something bad. You look down at Genma sitting down on the soft grass, you soon joined in and you both rest for a few more minutes before continue the adventure around the woods. “Genma, look!” You say excitedly, “There’s a hill and we can see the starts and moon clearly!”

Genma raises his brow and he surely agrees, and you both head over to the hill. You both sit back and relax. “It’s been a while since we’ve stayed this late together,” you say with a chuckle. Genma makes a hum of approval through his senbon. You read his expressions and he’s collected and calm, as usual. You hear a sigh escaping his lips and you continue looking up at the stars. A smile spreading your lips as you read the constellations above of you.

“Genma, look! The sky is so pretty tonight.” You grin from ear to ear, lately; it’s been almost rare to find a night sky as beautiful as this one. Your eyes shine brightly against the moonlight and you lightly smile; enjoying the fresh air enveloping both you, Genma and all living things and things on this land. Sitting down onto the grass, you look over to your boyfriend; shuffling his hand into his pocket. “You know,” Genma says, you look back at him and tilt your head slightly in curiosity, “you’re the most beautiful and wonderful person than any other shining star.”

“You’re so cheesy,” you blush heavily and laugh, “But thank you, Love. I could say the same thing to you too.”

As soon as he settles himself on one knee and he pulls out the most beautiful ring you’ve ever seen. Tears swell in the corners of your eyes, you quickly wipe your tears and you quietly curse as the tears keep returning. You look down, surprised yet so happy. Genma laughs a little before saying his little speech. You immediately say your yes! and he slips the ring through your ring finger in ease before he pulls you up for a warm and loving hug.

“Ever since you’ve came into my life, I wanted to spend the rest of my days with you. Will you marry me?”

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 Kakashi’s hands envelops the small box, his eyes shows confidence and the smallest tinge of anxiety. Not many negative thoughts spills in his mind, most of them are about how happy he is to spend his whole entire days with you, if you say yes.

He quickly hides the box in the pockets of his trousers as soon as he hears you opening the door from the bathroom; dressed as you brush your slightly damped hair. “I’m ready for the date,” you smile brightly, putting the brush aside.

“Let’s go, shall we?” Kakashi gives you a smile through his mask, he holds your hands in his before he gives them a small squeeze. You both walk out of his place, and you both walk to your destination. A surprise expression appears on your face, “This was where we went for our first date!”

A chuckles bubbles up from his throat, he pulls his mask off; a small smile was there. “Yes, today; our date is going to be really special.”

  He watches your face growing excited as your eyes shines in pure excitement. Kakashi pulls you close to him, and you feel warm in his touch. You both converse and reminisce about the past, but you soon pause in your words when you Kakashi stands up from the grass. You look at him with curious eyes, watching him as he shuffles his hands into his pocket. He almost looks panicked, you wonder why.

Kakashi sighs in relief, though it was barely noticeable. You sit there, frozen as tears starts to swell in your eyes; you blink your eyes rapidly, trying to blink away your happy tears. You cover your mouth with one hand as Kakashi kneels down in front of you; holding a small but beautiful box with a diamond ring in his hand. Kakashi says his words and in an instant, you quickly answer with a loud “Yes!”

“Will you marry me, [Name]?”

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Hi! I'm loving the idea of your got7 prompt game, and since you said you wanted more requests for Jinyoung I'd like to request 9 and 40 for him please? I was thinking about a scenario where the reader is close friends with the boys and her and Jinyoung are lowkey crushing on each other, and he accidentally walks in on her changing or something? You can make it however you want to. I'd love for it to be a bit fluffy and suggestive, if you're comfortable with that. Thank you!

prompt: 9. “I’ll never be able to erase that image from my mind.” / 40. “Is that a new tattoo?”
group: GOT7
pairing: park jinyoung, you
genre: semi angst, fluff, suggestive !! 
words: 2903

heheh so this took an unexpected angsty turn;;;; buuuut i hope u still like it? i tried following your request as accurately as i can ^^, well, except for the added angst heheheh

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Could I maybe get a small/short drabble on how Shiro would propose to his s/o? ; w ; I'd sell my soul for blushy Shiro!!


(Y/F/R) = Your favorite restaurant

After saving the universe, you and Shiro grew even closer together. You decided it was best if you lived together, as it seemed pointless to do otherwise.

The two of you had tried to fit back into a normal, human routine, but it was more difficult for Shiro. Since he had been gone a year longer than everyone else, his mind had not gone back to a steady pace of a peaceful and safe life as easily. He didn’t need to keep his guard up for alien soldiers anymore, he just needed to be the best boyfriend he could be to you. It made him guilty he couldn’t fit back in with you, but he was getting there. You helped him every step of the way.

It had been two months of living together (not including the many months of living together in the castle), and Shiro’s thoughts drifted to the future. A happy family in a big house, good job, and someone by his side that he trusted with his life. And he wanted that someone to be you.

One day, instead of finding Shiro’s chest underneath you when you awoke, the seemingly uninviting mattress was there instead. Confused, you sat up, with your back against the headboard and saw a note laid against the quilt of your shared bed. The note was handwritten, in neat pen strokes and gorgeous cursive.

“Meet me at (Y/F/R), on the balcony at 9:00pm. Wear something nice! xx”

You smiled down at the note. You never knew Shiro’s handwriting was so pretty.

The thought of the night ahead gave you butterflies, as a soft blush dusted your cheeks. Just what was he up to?

You spent the whole day pondering, re-reading the note over and over. Sure, you guys had gone on dates before, but it was usually only a casual suggestion over breakfast if he wanted to make plans. This was unusual of him to ask you like this. Maybe it was just a date, and he had plans elsewhere today. Still, it made you think.

Once you had gotten ready, you looked in the mirror and sighed. Something made you want to look good for him tonight. You always wanted to look your best when you were around him, but tonight felt special.

You didn’t want to look too overdressed, as the restaurant wasn’t too fancy, but you did feel the need to indulge in an outfit you knew you looked great in.

Arriving at the said destination, you took a deep breath. You had always gone to a date together and when you both felt like it, not separate like this. What was he planning?

You made your way through the bustling dining hall and made your way to the balcony, with a beautiful view of the shoreline. You could see Shiro’s silhouette under the moonlight, his elblows resting against the metal railing as he stared out to sea.

Shiro was nervous, no petrified. What if you say no? What if it was too soon after everything that’s happened? He could feel his heart pounding against his chest as he chewed on his lower lip. What if he screws it up? He gripped the velvet box in his hand tightly, breathing heavy as he looked up at the full moon beaming down at him. This was it. No turning back.

When Shiro heard the glass door slide open, his head jolted around, putting the box in his pocket. His eyes widened as he saw you shut it behind you, walking up beside him. He felt his beating heart stop. You looked beautiful. The most beautiful thing he’s ever seen in the universe. His breath hitched in his throat as the soft glow of the moon caressed your features perfectly. How the hell was he gonna do this?

His managed to pick his chin off the floor and smile warmly down at you. “You look stunning, Y/N.”

You felt like you were on your first date again. Your heart was pounding. Shiro looked fucking angelic.

You smiled back. “Thank you, Shiro. You look quite handsome yourself.”

He was wearing a dress shirt, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, a loosely fitted tie and dress pants. Yes, he looked goddamn attractive, but smart.

As you were in your trance, you felt his hand grab yours softly, planting a kiss on your forehead.

“I love you so much, Y/N.” You felt your face burn as you looked at him, a twinkle in your eye. He was such a romantic, and you frigging loved that about him. He never failed to make you feel loved.

“I love you too, Shiro.” The intimacy of the moment made you feel nothing but affection for the man stood before you. The comforting silence surrounding the two of you was interrupted, however, as you heard a loud whistling sound, followed by a bang.

Your gaze shifted to the horizon, where you saw the night sky being painted with sparks of vibrant color. The fireworks crackling as they fell down, before more lit up the sky before you.

You gasped as the beautiful picture took you by a pleasant surprise, squeezing Shiro’s hand in yours.

The way your adorable face lit up with excitement at the wonderful lights display filled him with happiness. It reminded him why you were the love of his life.

“Shiro it’s.. it’s amazing!” You exclaim, your other hand gripping the bar in front of you.

The show continued for a few minutes, with you feeling like a little kid again and watching fireworks at a festival. You were brought out of your amazement when Shiro let go of your hand.

You turned to face him, but he was down on one knee, hand reaching into his pocket to pull out a small velvet box. The fireworks were drowned out by your heart beating in your throat. You gasped and threw a hand over your mouth, tears welling up in your eyes. You didn’t fail to notice the deepest blush you’d ever seen him have dancing on his cheeks, even darker than the first time you both made love.

“Y/N. When I first met you, I knew you were the one for me. Despite the hardships I put you through, despite being a shitty leader of Voltron, despite not being able to be the boyfriend you deserve, you put up with me. You stuck by me. You loved me. Right when I thought no one else could, you got through to me. You’ve saved me so many times, whether it’s battling aliens, or battling myself, and I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. Now, would you do me the greatest honor I will ever have, by marrying me?” Shiro opened the velvet box to reveal a gorgeous engagement ring, reflecting the dancing colors in the night sky.

You didn’t realize you were sobbing, nodding your head as you threw yourself onto him, your head buried in his neck as you cried your eyes out. You squeezed him tightly, not wanting to let him go.

Shiro stood up, holding you tight as he picked you up and spun you around. When he set you down, he felt tears slide down his cheeks. He took the ring out of the box, and slid it onto your finger.

You grabbed his face, and pulled him into a passionate kiss, much to his surprise. He melted into the kiss, however, and wrapped him arms around your waist, pulling you close to him. You heard the crowd of the restaurant clapping and cheering for you both.

When you break apart, your wipe your eyes and smile up at him, your new fiancé. He pressed his forehead against yours and spoke softly.

“Thank you.”

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okayyyy so, i'd be really happy if you write a blurb where harry and y/n is best friends since xfactor and y/n is a professional guitarist, and she becomes 1d's guitarist and then they realize their feelings for each other when theyre on tour together?? thank youu ❤️

Ok so I think this will be a two-parter (or maybe more?? idk yet). I think there’s more to this story than just a blurb. So here’s Part 1:

Heartstrings - Part 1

I need to talk to you

You must have stared at the text for ten minutes. Harry never said he needed to talk to you. He just talked. Whenever, wherever. The most he might do is ask if you were busy before immediately going into what he wanted to talk about. Even if you were busy, he knew you’d get back to him when you could.

But this…this wasn’t him. This wasn’t light-hearted, cheeky Harry Styles that you’d known since he was sixteen. The best friend, the confidant. The one person who could make you laugh even when you were at the lowest of the low. This? This was a serious text.

The truth was, you had started to develop feelings for Harry. Feelings that surpassed those of mere friendship. It had started out as a little flutter in your chest about a year ago when you’d gone to his house to hang out. You’d watched a movie that was one of his favorites but you’d never seen, and you were enthralled by his enthusiasm. You’d sat on the sofa next to him, your legs tucked underneath you as you watched his mouth while he spoke. Then your eyes travelled down the length of his body, his torso and long legs both clad in all black. You’d blinked and shook your head. This was your best friend. When you’d gotten home that night, lying in bed and thinking of Harry in a different light, you dismissed it as a crush. That was all it was. It would go away.

One year later, and it hadn’t gone away. In fact, the feelings were stronger. But you resolved never to let him know.

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“You train too hard lately.” Baze’s voice over his shoulder was gruff, as always, annoyed, as usual. “You won’t be able to do much for the temple if you hurt yourself practicing.”

“It’s nothing unusual. I took the landing badly.”

No mention given, then, to whether or not he needed to leap from such a height in the first place, very literally blindly. He winced as Baze cleaned the long gash down his ribs none too gently. It wasn’t as bad as it looked; it wasn’t deep, wasn’t particularly life-threatening at all, especially since he’d hurt himself so close to the temple itself, easily led inside for treatment. But there was no bacta in their far-reaching limb of the universe, at least not for quick-healing a little thing like this. It had to be carefully reserved for only the most serious wounds. It was why he’d lost his sight, why he and Baze both has skin streaked with scars. 

“Anyway, the Force protected me.”

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Boy Culture in Supernatural

So I want to talk about Sam and Dean in relation to something I call “boy culture,” and no I do not mean that movie from 2006. “Boy Culture” is a term I’m borrowing from this book, and I think it’s best exemplified in a number of movies, my favorites being Stand By Me and The Outsiders, as well as The Goonies, The Lost Boys,  The Sandlot, Dead Poet’s Society, and more recently, Super 8. The list goes on.

Boy culture is, essentially, a set of rules, values, and customs commonly used by groups of young boys - and for the sake of this particular discussion, American boys -  from childhood into young adulthood. At its core, it prizes four main values - courage, loyalty, mastery, and independence - that are also largely emphasized by the American standards of masculinity often set for adults. The difference here, the part that makes it ‘boy’ culture and not ‘man’ culture, is the focus on intimate same-sex friendships and a group mentality. Think spit handshakes and the alternate definitions of “blood brothers.” At a young age, boys are allowed a physical and emotional closeness that they aren’t allowed in later life. Interestingly enough, the process of growing out of boy culture generally happens as a boy’s desire for intimate relationships is transferred from the companionship of male friends to the companionship of a romantic partner.

So I think it’s very easy to see the way this applies to how the Winchester boys were raised, certainly. Loyalty to the family, mastery of hunting, courage to face monsters, the independence to care for themselves when necessary. The intimate bond between the two of them being of the utmost importance in their lives. All well and good, but here’s the thing: Sam grew out of it, Dean didn’t.

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lizstargaryen  asked:

Hi again, Lucy! With S/U being discussed so much in Beyond's wake (by fans & detractors), I'm wondering what the original series actors had to say about it. I have seen a post or two that says that Spock and Uhura's relationship in these movies takes them out of character. I've also read what Nichelle Nichols said about what she thought about it, but what about Leonard Nimoy? Since they originated these characters 50 years ago, I'd like to know what they had to say about the new movies. Thanks!

The old cast is adorbs! They had fun about the rebooted characters for the most part :D
Nichelle did support the idea that the relationship was a possibility in tos too but couldn’t be explored at the time because of the racial climate of the 60s. In her book too, before the reboot was even made, she always said Spock was the character Uhura was the most close to on the ship and the one who intrigued her. She would have loved to see a relationship for Uhura ( “I think Uhura is a very independent woman but a relationship for her would be a very exciting aspect to delve into. There is a great potential to develop Uhura because she has many interesting qualities.’ …. ” ) . She also always supported Zoe and keeps saying she’s proud of her.

Some of her quotes about the reboot:

“I decided then from the character that I read [Spock] that I wanted to be very much like that character but in a feminine way. And Gene [Roddenberry] said, and I was sharing this with George [Takei] the other day, when I told him that I thought of Spock as my mentor. Because if you remember Uhura was the only one he was able to teach the Vulcan lyre to and he sang and spooffed on Spock. Now, you could have never had a love scene in 63 between Uhura and Spock but there were several hints and Gene was one in the kind of beginning to follow that“  (the trekfest ‘09”)

Spock fascinated her, her serious side. Now, this is me making my story on what happened, but he saw in her his human side and she touched a side of him that they were supposedly discreet about.
Now, go back to my participation in Star Trek as Uhura and Leonard (Nimoy) as Spock. There was always a connection between Uhura and Spock. It was the early 60’s, so you couldn’t do what you can do now, but if you will remember, Uhura related to Spock. When she saw the captain lost in space out there in her mirror, it was Spock who consoled her when she went screaming out of her room. When Spock needed an expert to help save the ship, you remember that Uhura put something together and related back to him the famous words, “I don’t know if I can do this. I’m afraid.” And Uhura was the only one who could do a spoof on Spock. Remember the song (in “Charlie X”)? Those were the hints, as far as I’m concerned. ”
(fan questions, star trek.com)

Leonard.. oh Nimoy was such a sweetheart too, no wonder why him and Zachary developed such a close relationship beyond his participation to the movies. He liked the reboot and he loved spock/uhura.  Let me try to bring back some of his comments.
In an interview for trekmovie they asked him what was his fav thing about new Spock and he said:

trekmovie: Once you mentioned that he did something that blew you away. I am curious now that I have seen the film, what was it that you went ‘oh that is really interesting’?

Nimoy: His relationship with Uhura, he played something that I was quite touched by. So did she for that matter. They both were terribly available for each other.
[also] I was really affected by his final moment with the Vulcan council when he rejected their invitation to go to the Vulcan Institute, and the way he said “live long and prosper.”

and his wise words here:

“There is no way in the world that a Star Trek film will please every Star Trek follower or fan, no way. And to try to would be a death sentence, you just can’t. You twist yourself into pretzels over ‘what are they going to say about this’…for god’s sake what are people going to say about Uhura and Spock having the relationship they have in this movie? What? I thought it was wonderful and touching and effective.

other comments:

Beautiful, beautiful. Wonderful, both of them played it so well. They were both so available to each other. Very touching, really.”

I thought Zachary’s choices in his performance often surprised me in a very positive way. I often thought, ‘I would never have thought to do that! That’s a wonderful idea.’ I was, frankly, extremely jealous of his scenes with Zoe Saldana and I think it’s totally unfair that I never got to do that kind of stuff. I will never forgive the writers and the director for having put me in this position, that I have to be watching them instead of participating. (…) these two, I think, were wonderful together and this is such a passionate performance by Zoe, that I was so pleased to be a part of this movie, with all these good people.”

QUESTION:   How did you feel when you first read that script? Were you resistant to that [spock/uhura], because it’s quite a significant character shift.
LEONARD NIMOY:  You know, I’ll tell you. I was bemused by it when I read it in the script. I was amazed by it when I saw it on screen. I thought it was incredible.
QUESTION:  So, do you think it works?
LEONARD NIMOY:  Brilliantly. Don’t you?

this is also a video where he said the thing about being jealous too LOL

I also love this quote by Zach about Nimoy because it kind of summarizes it all

“In some ways he was grateful to be able to share this character with someone else, because it was something that he had experienced singularly for so many years. I never felt that he was trying to instruct me, to tell me how to do it. He was just there to answer whatever questions I had. He was very supportive of my take on Spock.” - Zachary Quinto

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Hi, are you taking requests at the moment? I'd really love if you could write a thing where Harry comforts Y/N after bad day, since I'm feeling a bit out today and I could sooo use a thing like that...

I hope this is what you wanted. Hope you’re feeling better, darling! xx


Harry quietly walks into the house, boots in hand. He took them off in case you were upstairs sleeping and the noise of the boots shuffling the floor woke you up. You’ve been feeling off all day. It’s no surprise for you. There are days where you’re all smiling and full of happiness and just…plain content. But there are obviously days where you’re just not feeling okay at all. And you don’t know why. Your body just feels…off. You feel like everything you do is not good enough. That you do everything the wrong way and it makes you angry and upset. You feel like everyone is against you, even when you know they’re not; you know there’s people who care and love you, one of them being your boyfriend, you know how much he adores and admires you. But you don’t feel it.

Today is one of those days. To put it mildly…you feel like crap. Pissed off.

So you snapped at Harry today, twice. The look he gave you was one of shock and hurt, since he’s never seen you like that. You avoided looking at his expression because you knew you were going to feel guilty right away, so you turned your back to him and kept trying to clean the top of the fridge. You weren’t small, but the fridge was big and you had to raise yourself in your toes. Harry only offered to help, like he always does. And you usually let him, thanking him afterwards. But today you glared up at him as if daring him to ask again. He did. And something snapped inside of you. It was like boiling water in your body, what you felt. You hated it.

Harry left the house to leave you alone for a few house. He went to the park and sat down against a tree, gazing out at the children playing hide and seek in the playground. After that, he just wandered off, willing himself not to call you or text you to know if you’re okay. You needed some space. Or so he thought.

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How do you feel about relations between Pearl and Peridot? Even after Back To The Barn, I still think they are highly compatible. They are the same but complete opposites at the same time, and could work well together, in all ways. When Peridot strips herself of her ignorance she has from living on Homeworld, I can see her really admiring Pearl for a few reasons. I might just be wearing shipper goggles - but I'd love to know what you think their relationship has the potential of becoming!

I’m a bit conflicted, because I think Back To The Barn could hardly even be called the foundation of a relationship between them.

Peridot absolutely needed to get her preconceived understanding about Pearls off the table for a meaningful interaction. But look at the way that it happened: Peridot felt like she was being insulted, was given an opportunity to prove herself, and played by the rules to the letter as she understood them. Pearl was the one to escalate it to a physical brawl and Peridot clearly interpreted this as a final trial, and made her intentions clear before retaliating. She also stopped attacking once Pearl’s robot was destroyed, making no effort to attack Pearl herself and dismounting from her own machine- despite being a prisoner she didn’t use the context of this test to try and run away or lash out. She basically behaved exactly within the parameters given, as she understood them.

And what happened?

The lesson Peridot learned that day was not that prejudice is wrong and she shouldn’t’ve made assumptions about Pearl.

The lesson she learned was that it doesn’t matter if she plays by all the rules, the Crystal Gems don’t have to give her anything. That it literally doesn’t matter how she feels about these things, she had better bite her tongue and get with the program because if she doesn’t cow to their wants, they’re going to give her nothing. Or, worse, punish her.

Peridot is respecting Pearl at this point because she feels effectively held at gunpoint and forced to. She understands that they operate without the hierarchy (doesn’t assume Amethyst is in charge against her experiences, but does clarify that Amethyst would be normally) but not that what she did was wrong in a bigger picture, just that she has to throw away her values to survive.

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"Hey, show me ... I'd love to know more about your beginnings."

Emma sharing with Killian her box of memories and the videotape within was such an incredible scene.  For sure there is beauty in the fact that she felt comfortable enough to share this moment with him.  But what makes this scene so moving, for me, is this:

Killian Jones is the ONLY person in Emma’s life with whom she could share that box.  

Not her parents, not Henry, not even her new ‘friend’ Regina. Only Killian.

Killian coming into her life has given Emma an outlet that previously didn’t exist - someone with whom she can share her past - ALL of it.

We’ve seen Emma’s baby blanket before. She opened up a little bit when she showed that piece of her past with Mary Margaret.  But that window has since closed - their friendship died the day the curse was broken and they were reunited as mother and child.  The possibility of Emma describing to her parents the painful and heartbreaking truths of her childhood  is highly unlikely considering the sadness they feel over what she (and they lost) when they were forced to put her into that wardrobe. She’s confessed to feeling abandoned and unloved, but I don’t imagine Emma ever burdening her parents with the details of that life - the disappointment when year after year Santa doesn’t show, the fear of having her few possessions stolen from her as she moved from to home, etc. There’s just too much pain there and I see them trying to heal as a family by moving forward not looking back.

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