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The jacket origin story that no one asked for


Dan Wilson (Taylor’s co-writer) performing Treacherous at Room 5 in Los Angeles on November 14, 2012.

“Taylor Swift and I wrote a song in the Spring and we recorded it a few weeks later and I added some stuff to it and it was out a few months after that.

It was really, really a very smooth and fast (relatively speaking for me anyways) process and one of the questions that several people asked online was “What is it like writing with Taylor Swift?” and I just want to say, you know when she makes that amazed expression on the TV awards show like she is just astonished that she just won? That’s how she treats a new good idea in a writing session too and it’s incredibly motivating. It actually makes you want to come up with another great idea to make her make that astonished face.

One cool thing is that if she comes up with something really cool, she makes the same face also. I admire that kind of, you know, transparency.

We wrote this song called Treacherous that I’m going to play.”

Why Tony Stark deserves better
  • When he realised his equipment was causing so much damage, he chose to change direction, even when everyone was telling him he was “crazy” from the kidnapping, but apparently he’s “selfish”
  • He said that he “shouldn’t be alive” and that’s why he wanted to change and do something different with his life
  • He had nightmares after NY (where Steve told him it was a one-way trip and he nearly died), suffered from PTSD, but of course no one cares about these minor details, and JARVIS died as well, but again, who cares?? It’s not like they knew how important Jarvis was
  • Steve actually stood there, saying “you’re keeping secrets from me, I can’t believe this”, and then he goes onto NOT tell Tony that Bucky killed his parents, which, because he’s not thick, he knows is something Tony is extremely sensitive about, but apparently this is all in the past and we shouldn’t focus on that
  • Tony says he’ll help Steve, and then finds out about his parents, and tries to kill Bucky, but apparently he should’ve ‘controlled himself’ and ‘over-reacted’, because you know, it’s just a video showing his parents getting murdered by the person he’s standing right next to, no biggie
  • Let’s talk about shithead Clint saying you should “watch your back” with Tony because “there’s a chance he’ll break it”, where he’s referring to Rhodey. Really? And Natasha’s whole double-agent thing. So Tony was the one being being too violent? Tell me more.
  • And it’s sad that Peter was sent home, because when Tony recruited him, he was probably like “oh we’ll just try and stop them with a friendly fight” but nah, because TeamCap doesn’t care and Steve wants to crush Peter with a truck, and paralyse Rhodey in the process
  • Because Steve, who awoke after 70 years, thinks he knows everything and knows that those 117 countries are the ones that are wrong, and this gives him the right to do whatever he wants, with no regards to any consequences, because apparently he can never be wrong
  • Because Steve, the righteous person he is, had the decency to send Tony a letter saying “I’m sorry, but not really because everyone likes ME now, so call us if you need us, I guess I’ll drop by, because see? I’m a giving person.”
  • Even that line - “I don’t want you roaming around by yourself” like Steve, kindly gtfo, you missed the “because I decided to breakup the Avengers because I’m better than everyone else and I know what’s best for everyone even though 117 countries may disagree”.
  • Steve didn’t deserve the shield. The “Howard made it for Steve, not Tony” excuse is bs, because YES, I’m sure if Howard was there and knew Steve’s friend was gonna murder him and nearly kill his son he’d say “well, I guess I made it for you, so sure, take it.” Uh huh. UH HUHHH
  • Tony was dropping Peter off, joking around with him, making video vlogs, because he didn’t want to tell him that his best friend nearly killed him - and he tried his best to keep him out of trouble, prepare him for anything (+ the training wheels protocol thing), even if it meant taking the suit, because he said that “if you die, it’s on me” but nah, he’s a bad role model and only cares about himself.
  • Aaand lastly, did Tony not try, and try, and try, to find a middle ground? He was there telling Steve to sign or do something, but nah, that thickhead was like “soz can’t do it, don’t even wanna consider it”, but sure, it was Tony who betrayed everyone, because he didn’t warn them about what would happen if they…you know…broke the damn law

I could go on, but you get the point. 

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Hello! I have a question about that "race" post. I'm American, I'd never heard of this before, and it made me think, so, thanks! So, is the term "racism", being derived from "race", seen as equally bad? Thanks for your time - also your icon is hella cute and every time I think of the name "Thomas McGraw" I just. melt. so I appreciate seeing it on my dash :)

Hello to you, and thank you so much :) I’ll try to answer to your question as best as I can, forgive me if my english is not perfect! I’m not an expert on such things so if some of my followers wants to weigh in, feel welcome!

So, as it was said in that post, in Italy and more generally in Europe, we don’t use the word race anymore. It’s considered highly offensive because it recalls fascist and nazi laws, and after WWII people just stopped saying the word, preferring to use “ethnicity” instead. Today, the only people who still use it are neo-nazis and fascist parties who promote racial supremacy.

That said, we do use the term racism, but it’s used in a different way than in the USA: racism here is xenophobia + racism. The discrimination comes more from your nationality. For example, a person from eastern europe, even if technically white, is going to face discrimination for the mere fact that they are eastern european. This is often tied to the ability to speak the language, to class and religion.

I’m not saying that racism based on skin colour is not a problem in Italy, it obviously is. For example, last week an italian Senator took a picture of a black man who was using an overboard in the street (he took it without his consent) and posted it on facebook, basically insulting him for being an immigrant and stealing our jobs or sth. But turns out, the man in the picture was italian, born in italy and with italian citizenship, with a very good job. So the guy was just being a trashcan racist on the internet.

But that’s not the whole issue, it’s far more complicated than that. Moreover, we have quite a different concept of “race”. When I first came in contact with US culture, I was surprised to see that with the term PoC you include everyone who is not-white, including latinx people and people from Asia. In Italy with the term “persona di colore” we mean only black people from Africa. We would never ever call, say, an Argentinian or a Korean person with that term. I’d find it hard to apply that word to a person from north Africa as well, they wouldn’t be a person of colour but a tunisian/libian etc.

Unfortunately there have been many people from the US on tumblr who have offended us italians when we tried to explain that for cultural differences we do not use that term, claiming that we were racist scum or something.So thank you for sending such a polite ask and wanting to understand, this makes me very happy :)

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In reference to Staircase shots of Tom/Loki from the Avengers... I'd like to say, any shots of him walking/running are a huge problem. The way he struts oozes so much swag that I have to take a moment to compose myself. I have never seen anyone walk so elegantly before, I don't know if I ever will. So yeah, that sinful walk of his is a problem all around. I wonder if others feel the same as well.



The really terrible aspect of the problem is that there are dialects of the walking across his stage and screen work and even in real life.

Shall we examine a few of them?

*dons lab coat*

Regarding Loki, the aforementioned Staircase shots have sort of a smooth gliding feeling, whereas there is a lot more shoulder attitude and back and forth head movement in other scenes.  Think a peacock vibe.  

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The Loki In Chains strut is more subdued, more purposely controlled (for the obvious reasons…).

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There are also variations within the character of Jonathan Pine.  The Night Manager himself is an authoritative, efficient stride, not one of bravado or pride.

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This one is very careful, not exactly tentative, just highly alert and subtle.

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And let’s be real here, the Jack Linden version is simply a “Mine is bigger than yours and I know how to use it” message.  

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And Exhibit B in a similar vein *cough* with an added side *cough* of Personal Justice.

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And Coriolanus.  Let’s not forget our darling Murder Machine Martius.

Boo running up the stairs with teeth bared, sword in hand, vambraces tightly cinched…

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Renowned Coriolanus, victorious general…moving with confidence, not vanity.

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Sir Thomas Sharpe, man with a cravat and a mission.

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Hank the Scoundrel coming for your girl with a twang in his step.

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Anyways.  I should stop.

So.  Yes.  Problem.  Lots of Problem.

I leave you with Noble Harry and a single word:


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I thought I'd share this with you. I've been getting a lot of little kids lately asking if we had stickers. Sadly we do not but one little boy asked so politely and I happened to be making a new price ticket with our scanner so I printed out a blank ticket, drew a smiley face on it and gave it to him. I've never seen a child so happy before.

 That’s so cute!! I’m so proud of you bud you did so good

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I honestly don't trust men who watch porn or enjoy objectifying images of women, but so many men do. Unfortunately this is seen as okay and normal, so when I discuss how I'd never date someone who watches porn I get hit with a wave of, "Have fun being alone forever!" "You're going to die alone then!" It's sad and frustrating. Not that I disagree that it will be hard to find a man who doesn't watch porn, but that men's harmful behavior should be ignored or even accepted to avoid being alone.

It’s better to be alone than in bad company! (If you think there’s nothing wrong with porn check out @antiporn-activist before coming into my inbox)

i want to cry because:

‘So have you had a good term?' 'Oh, it’s been alright,’ said Luna. 'A bit lonely without the DA’

'I enjoyed the meetings, too,’ said Luna serenely. 'It was like having friends.’

'Oh, no, I’d love to go with you as friends!’ said Luna, beaming as he had never seen her beam before. 'Nobody’s ever asked me to a party before, as a friend!' 

Luna had decorated her bedroom ceiling with five beautifully painted faces: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Neville. They were not moving as the portraits at Hogwarts moved, but there was a certain magic about them all the same: Harry thought they breathed. What appeared to be fine golden chains wove around the pictures, linking them together, but after examining them for a minute or so, Harry realised that the chains were actually one word, repeated a thousand times in golden ink: friends … friends … friends …


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Hey why are antis ableist? Saw you say that and I'd never heard it before? 🤠

Antis are ableist because they are under the idea that if you have a mental illnesses or a survivor of a certain trauma if you don’t go about coping with that in a certain way your mental illness is basically either not real or not valid. So for example something I’ve seen, if someone who’s a CSA survivor uses fiction online of borderline abusive relationships in order to cope with their trauma as it is an outlet for them to project themselves onto in order to cope, antis will basically make out that they ‘can’t be a CSA survivor if they’re comfortable with that kind of content.’ Basically antis are just incredibly naive when it comes to mental health issues and are very much one dimensional with it which in many ways is ableist because it’s basically saying unless you fit into this exact category your PTSD or other mental health issue isn’t valid. They cater to a very specific demographic whilst simultaneously claiming they’re doing what they do to help all, when in reality their attitude alienates the vast majority of people with these mental health issues which is ableist in itself

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YO you made me watch lemonade mouth (I'd never seen it before) aND IT WAS SO GOOD???? I CRIED THREE TIMES THAN WATCHED IT AGAIN RIGHT AFTER I FINISHED THE FIRST TIME wow I can't get the songs out of my head!!

never in my life have a felt such a sense of accomplishment as someone telling me i got them to watch the greatest movie in history lemonade mouth

but like???? lemonade mouth has EVERYTHING

  • hayley freaking kiyoko playing a hardcore high school student who hates authority and gives off suspiciously gay vibes
  • NAOMI SCOTT need i say more???
  • naomi scott singing a whole song basically dedicated to scoffing at any guy who thinks he can walk all over her
  • bridget!!! mendler!!!
  • endless lemonade
  • also hayley kiyoko spits lemonade all over that one fuckass and tbh even if the rest of the movie was shit (it’s not) it would still be worth watching for that one scene

in conclusion: lemonade mouth deserves all the love