i'd made those also


“What are your best memories from shooting The Vampire Diaries?” - Vampire Attraction Con 2016 (x)

i can hear my neighbors playing the entertainer on the mini grand piano next door

i had no idea that thing was still in there my elderly neighbors who lived there previously would play it but they both passed away in recent years and i haven’t heard it since

the house was bought and rented out to two different families since i guess the ones before this one never used it–wait now they’re playing für elise :0

i was taking a nap but my windows open and i sat bolt upright in a daze like what the fuck cause it was as if my elderly neighbors were back again pfft


Don’t try to see what’s behind my hair apparently. I will hammer your face. 

Also bonus where I actually show you myself 


and in the end, they learned they weren’t that different after all.



As soon as I read im-an-emu’s tags from this post I was all “T-SHIRT WORTHY”


anonymous asked:

"She also worked a little just with Naeher afterwards and I'd say only made 20% of those shots but naeher also kept making crazy saves that had press laughing and saying things like "come on" and "you're kidding" while laughing. Overall super cute."

Maybe that could be this? Remember how lys said working with Press was making her better :)