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“What are your best memories from shooting The Vampire Diaries?” - Vampire Attraction Con 2016 (x)

@bixgirl1, my love!!! For some reason tumblr wasn’t letting me publish your ask, so I had to make this separate post!

Anyway, I happen to have already made a whole list of Epistolary Drarry fics, and it includes about four of @jadepresley‘s (yes, Origami Bird is one of them). I hope something there satisfies your craving!!

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I'm not sure if stickers or anything count as canon or whatever, but in Junkrat's Halloween sticker (when he was a kiddo), it showed that he had all of his limbs? I don't know if that counts or not against the whole "he was born without limbs" or something, just thought I'd say something about that, haha.

Those stickers also made Zenyatta and Bastion humans and by extension soldier 76 was never a kid but born a grumpy old man so idk.

I will say if the developers decide to keep the whole blown his limbs off deal it will make this 

the saddest thing i’ve seen tonight

this week in fic

Weekly round up of fic I’ve read and enjoyed this week.  Do yourself a favor and check ‘em out!

Soldier’s Solstice: Chapter 12 by @hellostarlight20 (Nine/Rose, AU, alien!Rose, human!Nine)

Faith of the Heart: Chapter 10 by @rishidiams (Nine/Rose, Star Trek soulmate AU) 

askbox fic (1) for @chiaroscuroverse by anon (Nine/Rose, NSFW, BDSM, Domme!Rose)

askbox fic (2) for @chiaroscuroverse by anon (Nine/Rose, NSFW, BDSM, Domme!Rose) 

What We’re Made Of: Chapter 24 and Chapter 25 by @rishidiams and @caedmonfaith (Twelve/Rose, AU, canon!Rose, human!Twelve, post-Doomsday, babyfic)

As always, links are to tumblr posts when possible so people can reblog fic if they want to.

Another short list this week because of the classic fic rabbit hole I’ve yet to emerge from…if you want to know which fics I’m rereading, you can find them on My All Time Top 10 Favorite Fics list.  (And please let me know if you check any of them out!)


and in the end, they learned they weren’t that different after all.

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"She also worked a little just with Naeher afterwards and I'd say only made 20% of those shots but naeher also kept making crazy saves that had press laughing and saying things like "come on" and "you're kidding" while laughing. Overall super cute."

Maybe that could be this? Remember how lys said working with Press was making her better :) 



As soon as I read im-an-emu’s tags from this post I was all “T-SHIRT WORTHY”