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Kissing fic meme: I'd love to see either 13 (stomach kiss) or 17 (goofy kiss) for Jack/Bitty. (or, you know, literally anything else you want to write.) Thanks!

[stomach kiss]

It’s quiet in the Haus now, everyone left or leaving. It isn’t home anymore, not for Jack or Shitty or Lardo or Ransom or Holster, but it’s still one of the most important places Jack’s ever lived. Still one of the most important places he visits.

It’s quiet, but it isn’t silent. There’s the patter of rain outside, the settling of wood, the creak of a mattress. The sigh that shudders out of Bittle as Jack kisses down the column of his neck to trace the wings of his collar bone with his nose. Bittle shivers and shakes and sinks fingers in Jack’s hair, and all Jack can think about are the tears earlier as Bittle said goodbye to their friends, their former teammates, and how close Jack came to missing this.

“Jack,” Bittle breathes as Jack kisses across his chest. “Jack,” he says, his fingers slipping against the round of Jack’s shoulder.

Jack smiles, presses the curve of it to the curve of Bittle’s abs. Breathes in and smells skin and sweat and Bittle. He pulls back for a moment, wants to look, to see Bittle laid out, bare skin glowing in the light filtering through the window. He loves it here. He loves Bitty.

He almost missed this.

“Bits,” he says, voice coming out thick. “I love you.”

Bittle smiles. It’s the most beautiful thing Jack has ever seen. “I love you, too, sweetheart.”

Jack smiles back and feels like the moon, reflecting. He kisses Bittle’s wrist, so near, before bending again to the task at hand. He kisses Bittle’s chest again, then his stomach. Then lower, lower.

The Haus is quiet.

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The gangster!Hoseok au is usually sad-ish and serious, I mean I love those but what I'd love to see it y/n's first time visiting his place. Idk how his place would look like but imagine y/n being all like 'oh look... guns' 'Oh... More guns', ya feel? I love your work though xD xxxxx

i feel you, so here we go

coming to hoseok’s place for the first time was rather… refreshing.

in past relationships, whenever you went over to your partner’s place, it would usually be here nor there in terms of cleanliness and style. it was either the usual black decor with messy clothes all over or vice versa, or a mix here and there that you didn’t really care because it’s the person you were with that mattered, not the place.

but boy, you had another thing coming when you visited where hoseok lived.

if you were being honest, you would say you had an inkling how things would be but not quite in this manner. ten minutes in and he’s taking a quick shower, leaving you to explore around to your liking. when you see he has a bottle of wine oh-so-conveniently placed by the island, you step into the kitchen.

what’s mine is yours.

don’t mind if i do, jung hoseok.

you’re chuckling as you place the bottle of wine by the counter nearest to the glass door. you open up the cabinet ahead to find for some wine glasses but not quite when there’s a gun slotted between the packets of biscuits. with a okay… you close it and shift to the next door of cabinet, only to be greeted with something similar. when you resort to find a wine opener instead, pulling open the drawer by your right to see a pistol at the end of cutleries makes you sigh and - “looking for gold, love?”

as you turn over your shoulder to see him in a loose shirt with his boxers on, you face him completely when he stands in front of you, hands already coming up your sides to sling around your waist.

“a wine opener with two glasses would be just fine. so far, three guns are all i managed to find,”

“…so you saw them, huh?”

“they’re for protection,” you murmur, a hand steadying on his shoulder, the other cupping his cheek to lure him for a quick kiss before you continue, “i understand. you know i do,”

he smiles and leans in to kiss you again, only to pause in time before a third one when he peeks over you to see the bottle of wine and he seems to have a better idea to get the night started.

“how about that wine opener and glasses, hm?”

“…i think that sounds lovely,”

you sound lovely.”

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if you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be? (I'd go to Paris, London, New York, and Tokyo.) also I love you guys ;3;

* .—————–! ——————————————-! ————————-! ———————————————-! ————————————!

* grillby says he would love to go to france or italy since he read does places have the best food in the overworld. india is also in the to-do list because of their spices. i’m mostly paraphrasing. 


* Travel the world would actually be amazing! Seeing how much things have change all this years!

* from my part, i don’t have a preference, though the beach sounds kinda nice.

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Oh lord the locations you shoot are outstanding and your photographs give justice to such beauty! I'd love to travel there to shoot. Where so you recommend me visiting?

Thank you! 😊✨Well, we live in Snowdonia, an area rich in magical landscapes. Some of my favourite places are quarries, and this area is thick with abandoned industrial remains. You just wander around anywhere here and you’ll find what you’re looking for 😁I’d recommend Dinorwig quarry, Llanberis slate museum, Dorothea slate quarry, the gold mine trails near Dolgellau, the Rhiwbach tramway above Blaenau Ffestiniog, all the area around Llynnau Cregennen, Bird Rock and Castell y Bere, Nant Gwynant… there are countless interesting and beautiful places… just check out Google maps. My partner, Iain Robinson has a great website with all the details of the places that we visit: www.iainrobinson.online When you do visit I hope you have a fantastic time!🌿🌱🍀✨

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This might be silly, but you crossed the street in front of my car today on your way to Powell's, after I'd finished my final shift there and was on my way home, and I got SO EXCITED. I wanted to say hi, but I also didn't want to be That Creepy Person so I just flapped at my partner. Anyway, you're cool, and I hope you had a lovely bookstore visit!

Awww, I wish you’d said hi! I love meeting folks from various places on the internet!

I did have a lovely visit to Powell’s, and managed to restrain myself to buying only three books. (I kept reminding myself about the towering “To Be Read” stacks I already have.)

Peeps, please remember: if you see me Out and About, please come say hi! I may not have time for a lengthy conversation, but meeting folks who read my various postings is always a treat for me.

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Hello, I love your blog so much and I literally visit it daily (your masterlist has saved me so many times). That being said, I'd love it so much if you could Rec some fics where Draco and Harry are in situations where they're stuck together (like in a physically room or mentally or pretty much any place they're forced to be together) I've read all the fics on your bonded rec list and loved them all. Thank you so much and have a lovely day.

I read this ask wrong first, so congrats you also made me update my bonding list. :D I separated your request in to two, hope you enjoy it and thank you for the support x 

Stuck Together

The Dangers of Faulty Handwriting by ashindk (6k)
The difference between mind-blowing sex with Harry Potter and all-eclipsing disaster is just one gentle stroke of a quill. Pansy Parkinson’s quill, to be exact.

The Ties that Bind Us by faithwood (28k)
An accident leaves Draco and Harry bound tightly together. Literally.

Salt on the Western Wind by Saras_Girl (60k)
When the war isn’t quite as over as it first appears, a guilt-ridden Harry is sent to a mysterious safe-house. Among sandwiches, insomnia, and Mills & Boon, he discovers something quite unexpected.

Hungry by birdsofshore (24k)
The first thing Harry knew about it was when he woke up lying on a bed in the hospital wing, with his arm firmly stuck to the scrawny, milk-white arm of Draco bloody Malfoy.

Glued by Vendelin (83k)
When an experiment in the potions dungeons goes awry, Draco Malfoy finds Harry Potter a little too close for comfort. The title might give you a lead. 

Trapped Together

After Hours at the Ministry of Magic by birdsofshore (11k)
It isn’t precisely how Harry planned to spend Christmas Eve: trapped in a lift with his ex-boyfriend, somewhere between the third and the fourth floors of the Ministry of Magic.

All Our Secrets Laid Bare by @firethesound (149k)
Over the six years Draco Malfoy has been an Auror, four of his partners have turned up dead. Harry Potter is assigned as his newest partner to investigate just what is going on.

At This Hour by @thisisdisapparater (10k)
Although he wants more, a nice meal and a good fuck might be all Harry can expect from Draco. But when Harry finds himself trapped inside a nightmarish version of Malfoy Manor he might get more than he bargained for.

On the Last Day of Our World by Sansa (85k)
During a detention, Harry and Draco get locked in a strange room together overnight.
When they escape the next morning, they discover they are alone.
Love, angst and adventure abound as they struggle to survive in an empty world.

A Fruit Tree in Winter by Bryoneybrynn (29k)
After failing in his task of killing Dumbledore, life doesn’t go as Draco expected. Sometimes just surviving takes everything you’ve got. And sometimes healing is something you can’t do alone. Story goes AU/AR from the end of Half-Blood Prince.

The Safe House by emmagrant01 (10k)
Aurors Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy are forced to spend Christmas together in a safe house. Bet you can guess what happens. ;-)

Dirty Little Secret by Writcraft (22k)
When someone threatens Harry’s life, Kingsley decides to send him to a safe house with only Draco Malfoy for company. As the two men are forced together, memories of the past resurface and secrets are discovered.

The Boy and the Sleeping Prince by writcraft (26k)
Harry is miserable and tired of being an Auror, coasting through life until he’s forced to make some changes.  Spurred on by his passion for drawing and working with best-selling author Draco Malfoy, Harry develops a charm which gives children a magical, interactive reading experience.  But when it’s time to test the spell, the two men find themselves trapped in a nightmarish fairy tale world.  Can they escape unscathed, or is Draco right in his assertions that there is no such thing as a happily ever after?

Annus Mirabilis by Ren (39k)
Harry and Malfoy are trapped at Hogwarts around the time the school was founded. Stuck with a different way of doing magic, with no chocolate, and with each other, they have to find a way to work together if they want a chance to go home.

Dangerous by Faith Wood (6k)
Being trapped in a dungeon with Malfoy — who’s a werewolf, a former Death Eater, and a giant git — is definitely dangerous. Harry has no reason to be excited. None at all.

Side-Along by lumosed_quill (22k)
If this wasn’t a curse then it was Hell. Because surely, in Hell, all roads would lead to Harry Potter’s living room.

To Be Back Again in the Rest of the Room by lamerezouille (16k)
Harry’s just defeated Voldemort, and has had enough trouble for a lifetime. All he wants to do now is to get into his four-poster bed in Gryffindor Tower and sleep. Too bad he soon finds himself unexpectedly stuck in a malfunctioning Room of Requirement… with Malfoy. 

Touchstone by Faith Wood (7k)
Two years after their break up, Harry and Draco meet again under familiar circumstances: Draco is in danger, Harry saves him.

Lamp in the Cooling Room by Sansa (9k)
Draco and Harry become snared in a trap, but they’re not alone. Love guides our path for reasons we can’t always understand. 

Resistance by lamerzouille (10k)
While trying to help one of his former Death Eater friends leave the country, Draco messes up so horribly he winds up bonded to Harry.

Stuck with You by Maxine (8k)
Lots of stuttering, lots of fumbling, lots of fighting, lots of cussing. Lots of awkwardness, a decent amount of sex (once they manage to get to it), and very little room to do it all in! 

Under the Mistletoe by ileflottante (7k)
It’s Christmas Eve, the castle is deserted and Harry and Draco are trapped under a piece of charmed mistletoe from Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes which won’t let them go until they’ve kissed.

Roses by @julietsemophase (16k)
Harry Potter has encountered Draco Malfoy numerous times so far during his Auror career, but on their first mission paired together events don’t exactly go to plan and they soon find themselves trapped together for a night. [Sequel Violets ]

All the Best Ideas by Writcraft (3k)
Draco’s driving Harry up the wall and they’re trapped in a remote location on official Ministry business. Clearly the only way to make things tolerable is to have sex together. Repeatedly.

Need by Cheryl Dyson (1k)
Harry and Draco are trapped in a basement and Draco is being such a Malfoy… This is just a quickie cute story because I’m frantically typing the next sequel to… whatever. [Remix Sequel Sine Qua Non by khasael ]

Good Night, Sleep Tight, Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite. by FangirlWolfie (8k)
Draco and Harry are trapped in a very small room… Hogwarts never was especially safe from booby-traps.

Snowbound by Gemfae (4k)
It’s Christmas and Aurors Potter and Malfoy are on assignment in Russia when their covers are blown. A faulty port key drops them off near an Auror safe house, and they make it inside just before a blizzard hits, only to discover that they are in a magical dead zone; with no magic and no way to get home, what will our favorite Aurors do to occupy their time?

The Empty House by hollycomb (21k)
Harry is separated from his friends during the war and stumbles into an empty cabin that happens to belong to the Malfoy family.

Trenches by Sara Holmes (3k)
They’re auror partners, smoking buddies, wine mates, co-inhabitants of a snow filled trench somewhere in western Scotland, and they’ve had it with being cold. 

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Hey I saw that ask from that shitty anon & I wondered if you had any tips on traveling cheap? I'd love to see the world but I live in a place where money doesn't come easily. <3

hello!! sure, where should i start!


1)What’s the plan?(type of trip)
Firstly, figure out where you want to go! Think of a few aspects that you are looking for in your trip, for example mountains, beaches, architecture, a certain culture…? Maybe you want to visit a few countries that are near each other? Find out as much as you can about your destination to make sure you will be happy with what you chose.

2)Finding the cheapest option to go to
So to travel cheap is to think about where it would be cheapest to live, get best flights etc. For example you can spend the same amount for a week in europe and a month in asia. So first thing is look at flights, and decide how long you want to go somewhere. My recommendation for a cheap, safe and amazing trip is a place like Thailand, there’s nature, you can find super cheap accommodation, food and transportation and get a full backpacking experience while riding night trains and eating tropical fruit.

3)Research on your destination
Transport, places you want to visit, their prices, get a notebook and write everything down, if you want to travel cheap, check everything out beforehand, plan out your money, because it’s really easy to spend it on a trip without noticing. When going on a budget trip I always try to find the price of every train ride I’m planning to take, calculating an average daily food budget, cab prices, hostels, any extra stuff, and even if you want a chill trip with not planning on what you are going to do, still write down prices of everything so while on your trip, you won’t have to spend time on your computer researching and then you can easily figure it out just by opening your notes (and personally I think it’s really fun looking for all of this, it gets you excited for what’s coming). So if you want to travel cheap, find out stuff beforehand instead of having surprises.

4) Manifesting
So important !!!!!!!!!!! Believe in the fact that it will all work out. Before my first trip that I went to with my own money, I had no money :D But from the second I decided that I’ll go I didn’t lose hope, even though it seemed IMPOSSIBLE. Seriously earning money in the country I lived in, especially as a teenager-young adult, is very hard. And once I let go my doubts, job opportunities came! And you can believe this or not, but this is key. Believe in what you are reaching for. Manifest everyday, when going to bed, take a few minutes of just imagining your trip and how it will go. IT WORKS

5) Putting in physical effort
Of course just thinking about it won’t make it all happen, but the next thing is working for it! Try to find a job, and if you have a job, but find it hard to save money… The way is not eating-out and not buying clothes :D This is where most money goes, and seriously when you have a goal in mind it’s not that bad. Now I’m actually used to it, and I’d change a trip for new clothes anytime. You will be surprised how much you can save. Just put it all in a mason jar and don’t let yourself open it;) And of course it takes time, especially if you want to travel for a longer time for ex. a month). It may take half a year to one and a half year depending on your situation, and that time can get hard sometimes! but alwayssssss worth it. always.

6)Still not enough money?
So you got no money? There are still options! One option you can try is WWOOFing (you can google it for more information) and basically you find an organic farm in any country you like, and you help out on it, like picking fruits and veggies etc, and you get a free stay and money, so basically all the money you need is a flight or any other way you’d get there, and it’s a fun experience if you want to change life up a bit! 

7)Booking the cheapest flights
The trick to finding the best flights is not trying to look for a date that fits for you but fit to a date that is cheapest. Of course if it’s possible for you, but look for last minutes, or just keep on tracking flights, and i found that the cheapest place is orbitz.com but there are more, just i saw that the same tickets cost cheaper here. 

8)Cheapest accommodation
Hostels are best, it’s just a lot of beds in one room and you get to meet other travelers, so if traveling solo you can make cool friends or just have some very interesting conversations. People are awesome and you can find some super interesting people in a hostel who has been living with just a backpack for a few months;) I like to look for hostels in booking.com or something similair to that. If you want to live for free try couchsurfing.com and stay at people’s houses, it’s fun because you get to see the place from a different perspective when you live with a local, and they show you around the truly important places of the regions, and that’s not only the famous places that all people go, it might be a secret spot on the beach, or a place where locals only hang out and spent there childhood in, and then truly get to know the place that you visited.

Rely mostly on supermarket food and try to make as much food by yourself! It’s so much cheaper than buying every meal from a restaurant or something. Or in some places street food is also a good option.

10)Helpful tips
-Get a notebook beforehand! Write all the adresses that you think you may need (in both English and the local language); write all basic words and phrases in the local language; some train or bus schedules that you think you may need; phone numbers of your families or friends form back home just in case; names of places you may want to visit and etc. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT. It can help you a lot, so it’s better to not get lazy on this part you will be thankful later on.
-Use the time of your layovers! I’ve seen so many extra places that I didn’t plan to, for example I had a 11 hour layover in Amsterdam and I went to the city, and even though I was alone and didn’t spend money, just walking around wherever I could, without knowing where to go, was a completely different experience, and definitely worth it. Just blindly exploring. Or I had a layover in Abu Dhabi for 16 hours and apparently it was easy to get an on-arrival visa, so I just went out, got into a bus that I spent a dollar on, and just walked around and explored, sooo worth it! An extra trip in your trip haha. There will be enough time to rest around when you get home:)
-It’s okay to be nervous when traveling alone! If traveling alone there’s always a little bit of nervousness about if you will get and find everything on time and if everything will go on well, and it’s okay, embrace it! It’s a completely different experience that’s quite life-changing. 
-It’s okay to be lazy! There always seems to be a must-visit list of places with every destination, and while on a trip you can feel like you have to do or see certain stuff and do something every day, but it’s okay to be lazy and maybe just chill for the whole day doing nothing! Sleeping till noon, lazily reading a book on the beach until the evening then eat and just sleep, this is also a relax time, and I feel like often people feel like it’s just wasting time. And same with the “must-see’’ places. Even though it’s really cool, if you don’t feel like it, it won’t mean that you didn’t visit the country if you don’t see certain stuff.

So this is a little summary! :D I hope this helps. And if you need any detail in any bit of this you can message me, I’d love to help. :)

About the photo below: even though it’s quite a funny photo, I thought I’d put it in for extra motivation. The first photo is before my first big trip, at that point I really didn’t have any money at all, and here I was working in a bar that I used to clean after a night, scrubbing vomit and stickiness from drinks on the floor, but still believing in my heart that I will do this. I didn’t tell anyone except my closest family because people would’ve just laughed that I want to go to Thailand for a month at the current situation that I was in at that time in life.But I didn’t give up, and with the image of blue seas and white sand, I didn’t give up and it turned out to be the trip of my life! And the photo on the right was about 7 months after the one on the left. Good luck! Reach for your dreams!

‘’if people aren’t laughing from your dreams they’re not big enough”

Send me your favorite Disney movie?
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Am I a tidy person?
  • Pinnocchio: The biggest lie I've ever told
  • Fantasia: Favorite instrumental track
  • Dumbo: My relationship with my parents
  • Bambi: Have I ever lost someone close to me
  • Saludos Amigos: 3 places I want to visit
  • The Three Caballeros: 3 gifts I'd love to get
  • Make Mine Music: Do I play any musical instruments?
  • Fun and Fancy Free: Am I a wandering spirit or more stay-at-home person?
  • Melody Time: An artist I'd like to see live
  • The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad: Do I believe in ghosts
  • Cinderella: Have I ever been to a formal dance (prom, homecoming etc.)
  • Alice in Wonderland: My weirdest dream
  • Peter Pan: A strong childhood memory
  • Lady and the Tramp: Have I ever misjudged someone? (Be honest!)
  • Sleeping Beauty: My favorite sleeping position (on the back, stomach, side...)
  • One Hundred an One Dalmatian: Have I ever owned a pet
  • The Sword in the Stone: One time you did something you thought you're not capable of
  • The Jungle Book: Have I ever gone camping
  • The Aristocats: My relationship with my siblings if I have any and if not, would I want siblings?
  • Robin Hood: If I had 1 million dollars, will I choose to donate the money or keep it to myself?
  • The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh: favourite food
  • The Rescuers: Do/Did I volunteer?
  • The Fox and The Hound: A strong memory of me and my best friend
  • The Black Cauldron: My greatest nightmare
  • The Great Mouse Detective: One thing I'd like to do in London if I ever get to visit
  • Oliver & Company: One thing I'd like to do in New York if I ever get to visit
  • The Little Mermaid: Have I ever done something my parents told me not to do?
  • The Rescuers Down Under: Have I ever helped someone in need?
  • Beauty and The Beast: My favourite books
  • Aladdin: Have I ever stolen anything?
  • The Lion King: If I were the king/queen, what would would I do first?
  • A Goofy Movie: Have I ever met a celebrity?
  • Pocahontas: Where is my family originally from?
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Do I like carnivals?
  • Hercules: If I were a child of a god, which god would it be?
  • Mulan: Bravest act I've ever done?
  • Tarzan: How many languages I can speak?
  • Fantasia 2000: Do I listen to classic music?
  • Dinosaur: Favourite historical period?
  • The Emperor's New Groove: If I were an animal, what animal would I be?
  • Atlantis: The Lost Empire: If I could visit any legendary place, where would I want to go?
  • Lilo & Stitch: Can I surf?
  • Treasure Planet: If I could go on an adventure with only one person from tumblr, who would I take with me?
  • Brother Bear: A mistake I made
  • Home on the Range: Have I ever been to a farm?
  • Chicken Little: Am I a coward?
  • Meet The Robinsons: Would I prefer traveling to the past or the future?
  • Bolt: Can I act?
  • The Princess and the Frog: Favourite fairytale
  • Tangled: Am I good in arts?
  • Wreck-It Ralph: Favourite game
  • Frozen: Favourite Disney song

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hi!~ my birthday's on january, so that got me wondering... how about birthday headcanons?? what would the rfa + v + saeran do for mc's birthday? or what would mc do for their birthdays?? i'd love to read what you think would happen ^^ ♡

Happy early birthday! I hope you enjoy these


- he doesn’t even know the concept of over the top

- prepare for a two week long vacation

- a few months before your birthday, he starts sneakily asking you what your favorite place to visit is he’s not actually that sneaky

- the morning before your birthday he wakes you up, announcing there’s a flight you two need to catch and that your bags are already packed

- you’re so excited when you realize where he’s taking you

- the next morning you wake up to Jumin making you pancakes

- and a mini mountain of presents

- “Jumin, you didn’t have to,”

- he smirks, pulling you close and leaving a light kiss on your forehead “yes I did.”

- the two weeks pass very quickly, and he almost extends the stay but you convince him that you two should go home Jaehee’s sighing in relief as you do


- you can’t get more classy than Zen

- the morning of your birthday, you wake up in a sea of flowers and balloons

- you’re seriously concerned about how he got them all to fit

- he peeks out between a large bouquet of mixed flowers, a large grin on his face

- “happy birthday, my love!”

- he makes you breakfast but you keep hugging him from behind which is super distracting

- he got you a giant stuffed bear and some other smaller things, but he’s very proud of the bear

- he chose a white with red heart eyes so if he wasn’t around you could pretend the bear was him and cuddle it and oh wait he’s jealous of the bear, never mind he’s returning it

- he takes off work that day and spends the whole time cuddling and messing around with you

- he takes you out to a fancy restaurant for dinner

- only takes pictures of you, no selfies, just you

- except maybe one of you two kissing


- he’s simultaneously super excited and terrified

- college kids don’t have an abundance of money, so he can’t afford anything expensive for you

- and he stresses the entire time over what to get you

- he’s so nervous you won’t like it

- of course you love it though, it’s perfect

- he says you get to choose what you’ll be doing today

- you two spend five minutes going back and forth with “I don’t care, you choose,” “no! It’s your birthday, you choose,” “I just want to be with you,” “Aw, babe”

- eventually you two decide to have gaming duel, and plan to have a nice walk to the park afterwards

- the park never really happens, you two get sucked into gaming and a few hours later you decide you just want to stay at home with him

- so after an adequate amount of games, you curl up on the couch with him and put on a quiz show, trying to guess the answers and either teasing the other if they get it wrong or being overly impressed if they get it right


- she’s been up all night, trying to perfect the perfect cup of coffee

- by the time you wake up, she’s almost satisfied but it looks like she’s the one who needs coffee more

- she refuses to go to sleep though, declaring she has the whole day planned

- first, breakfast

- “In bed! You’re supposed to wait for me to bring you breakfast!”

- “I like watching you cook though”

- she sighs and allows it, it’s your birthday after all, you make the rules

- next she takes you out, bringing you to a bunch of different stores and saying she’ll buy whatever you want

- by lunch time it’s clear she didn’t get any sleep and her energy is starting drop significantly

- you suggest stopping at a cafe for lunch before going home

- she agrees to the cafe, but says she has more planned for the rest of the day so you two can’t go home yet

- after lunch she takes you to the movies

- you glance over at her about halfway through the movie, your heart swelling with affection as you see she’s dead asleep

- once the movie ends, you wake her up gently

- she starts apologizing quickly but you interrupt, saying you two should go home

- she tries to argue, saying you don’t have to feel pressured to go home just because her, she’ll be fine

- with a smile, you shake your head

- “there’s only place I want to be right now”

- it’s on the couch with her asleep in your lap as you watch Zen’s DVDs


- he is so prepared

- he has balloons, party hats, cake -that looks mildly suspicious-, party poppers, candy, music, confetti, everything

- he manages to find the weirdest presents

- they’re great though, you love them

- both you and Seven are giggling and throwing confetti all over the place while Saeran sits to the side grumpily with a crooked party hat on

- about halfway through the day, after you two have worked some of the excitement out of your systems, you start getting disgustingly affectionate

- “You wanna know what I love most about you, MC?”

- “What?”

- “When you laugh, your nose crunches up and it’s the cutest thing ever”

- “You’re the cutest thing ever.”

- Saeran just leaves at that point

- tons of cuddling and feeding each other cake

- he pulls up a 24 hour live feed of space and projects it onto the ceiling

- you two lay on a blanket and watch it, talking and giggling while falling asleep slowly


- you don’t think he even knows your birthday

- the morning started off fairly normal, Seven might have been a bit more fidgety than normal and Saeran might have been glaring at him more

- but you don’t really notice

- after breakfast, he tugs your sleeve slightly, glaring at the ground with slightly pink ears

- “h-hey, there’s something you need to see, so, come with me.”

- you’re a little confused, but follow him anyway, noting how his ears were getting pinker, though you can’t see his face as you’re behind him

- he takes you to the computer room and that’s when you realize something is up as Seven is nowhere to be seen

- “Saeran, what’s-” you pause mid sentence as Saeran turns around his face is bright red

- you’ve never seen him blush this much

- he holds out a small, brown paper package

- “You probably won’t like it, but happy birthday,” he mutters, scratching behind his head and glancing to the side

- you smile broadly, he’s so sweet and you love him so much

- you unwrap the present, your eyes widening at the matching rings

- “I-it’s not, it’s not like a proposal or anything, just, Saeyoung, he told me about p-promise rings, and, I dunno, it’s okay if you don’t want-” he can’t continue what he was saying as you jump on him, hugging him like you’re afraid he’ll disappear in a second

- “I love it!” You exclaim, leaning back with tears in your eyes and the biggest grin ever

- he smiles in relief, quickly looking away but unable to hide how happy he is that you liked the present

- suddenly confetti explodes above you two as Seven jumps out from behind a stack of boxes

- “See? I told you she’d love it bro! No need to tha-” he gasps as Saeran shoves him

- Seven you totally ruined the moment

- neither you or Saeran really care though

- it’s the best birthday you’ve ever had


- similar to Jumin, but a bit more reasonable

- emphasis on “a bit”

- he takes you to a mountain retreat, one that he’s stayed at before when he was taking pictures, so he knows it’s good

- anything you could possibly want, he gets, even if you’re not serious

- you joke about how pretty butterflies would look on the mountain side and the next morning, you don’t know how, but there’s a small cloud of butterflies drifting along in the breeze

- not a huge amount of presents but still way more than you expected

- “Just one would have been fine…”

- “Not for you.”

- tons of hugs, cuddles and kisses

- there’s an outdoor hot spring you can use any time and you two get into more than a few splashing wars

- you fall asleep in his arms under a clear night sky on the night of your birthday

- he takes so many pictures of you there that he could have made a book of just the pictures

- though he would have to make a section specifically for adults


after a year of working, scrapping ideas + reworking, sol is exactly the way i want it to be! its a lively modern town w/ asphalt and sidewalks and brick paved roads. there are four houses to explore, and i placed outfits & handhelds all over the town, so be sure to look everywhere! if you visit and take pics please tag them as #prolistening! i'd love to see what you have to say! ✿ da: 5F00-001A-86DC

hostilehospitalbeds  asked:

Hey so i noticed you said interspecies interactions are a sign of a bad rescue so i have a couple questions: a) i visited a big cat rescue that had a tiger and lion in together and it seemed like a good place. i also volunteered at a rescue that kept a bobcat and lynx together and saw firsthand what a good place it was. are these actually places i should not support? and b) what about when zoos use dogs with cheetahs? is that also bad? i'm sure this is a nuanced issue so i'd love more insight.

Good question! I did phrase that very generally. It is nuanced.

A good rescue - emphasis on rescue - should attempt to give animals a highly naturalistic life, as much as is reasonably possible in a captive setting. This means that they should not be encouraging cohabitation of animals or creating interactions that were not extant when the animals arrived.

Many pairings of big cats at rescues come from the cats having been raised together at their previous homes. Many places choose not to separate them, and that’s generally ok (although in the instance of some unintended breeding, some facilities are opting for neighboring containment with social access through a fence.) They should not be cohousing animals that did not arrive with a bonded companion from another species - it’s mostly done by shady places with cubs as a marketing endeavor.

In general, any sort of domestic to exotic cross-fostering is probably shady - we know how to hand-raise those animals effectively, and since they’re not nursing from the foster it’s probably staged. Hand raised animals do just fine without a mama/littermates to snuggle. If you try to cohabitate adult cats, you’re just going to end up with violence.

Zoos are a bit different. Cheetahs and dogs being raised together is a highly successful conservation strategy and is the only thing I say is ethical in 100% of instances. Zoos will also carefully design multi-species exhibits, and that’s okay - but the one thing you’ll never see is predators fostering, raising, or living with prey species in reputable facilities.

What I want in Okami's sequel
  • • Have the game take place long after the battle against Yami
  • • Exploring the Celestial Plain
  • • See the Celestial beings
  • • See the Brush Gods again??
  • • Reuniting with Issun
  • • More of Waka's stupid prophecies
  • • A new boss as terrifying as Yami
  • • Visiting Nippon again and seeing how its changed
  • • A new follower (possibly a god)that befriends Ammy&Issun
  • • Maybe new brush gods???
  • • LORE
  • I'd love to see what other people want to see! (feel free to add on!)

Sword Art Online II — Episode 07: Crimson Memory - Preview Screencaps

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Holly Sucks at Small Talk
  • Lunchbox: I have a question for you.
  • Gail: We haven't talked in over a year but sure, knock yourself out.
  • Lunchbox: Such a trooper. Here goes: If you could have one superpower what would it be?
  • Gail: That's it? That's what you wanted to ask me after all this time? Not, how's work? Are you seeing someone? Murder anyone lately? Do you miss me? Did you ever get that piercing we talked about?
  • Lunchbox: I was leading up to all that.
  • Gail: You are so weird.
  • Lunchbox: So I've been told, but it always meant more coming from you.
  • Gail: You can't see my face right now but I'm rolling my eyes.
  • Lunchbox: You forget that I know you, you are also blushing and smiling like an idiot.
  • Gail: Shut up! Am not.
  • Lunchbox: Sure, sure. Back to the question then.
  • Gail: Fine. The power to time travel.
  • Lunchbox: Interesting. I could have sworn you'd choose something to do with mind manipulation.
  • Gail: Why's that?
  • Lunchbox: So you can make your friends fetch you things, like donuts.
  • Gail: I already do that anyway. Or at least try to. They are far less compliant these days. Well that and I no longer eat donuts.
  • Lunchbox: I'm sorry... I think my brain just short-circuited. Really? No donuts?
  • Gail: No lol. Still as gullible as ever, I see. You know my grave will read: She Loved Donuts. (Oh and Lunchboxs' boobies)
  • Lunchbox: How could I forget that conversation?
  • Lunchbox: So what time would you travel to, and why?
  • Gail: I can't believe you just made me math. I'd travel back 14 months, 11 days, and roughly 5 hours to tell the woman I love that I loved her - I would tell her that I loved her and that I was sorry. For everything. Then I'd beg her to stay.
  • Lunchbox: lol is that all?
  • Gail: Yeh, that's the gist of it
  • Lunchbox: I imagine you'd be very hard to say no to. This woman you loved was very lucky and obviously a complete idiot for ever leaving in the first place.
  • Gail: Love. Present tense.
  • Lunchbox: Gail...
  • Gail: Lunchbox...
  • Lunchbox: I have another question for you.
  • Gail: Shoot.
  • Lunchbox: Did you really get that piercing?
  • Gail: Come visit me and you can find out ;)
  • Lunchbox: I'll be there in 6 minutes.
  • Gail: Maybe your brain really did short-circuit, I think you meant 6 hours. Or do you have a superpower I don't know about? Oooh do you have a one of those tight fitting costumes too? Because that'd be sexy af.
  • Lunchbox: I'm in a hotel around the corner.
  • Gail: Shut up, you are not.
  • Lunchbox: I beg to differ.
  • Gail: Seriously?
  • Lunchbox: Seriously. Meet me half way?
  • Gail: I'll see you in 3 minutes.
  • Lunchbox: Kiss you in 1.5 if we run.
  • Gail: Better not, just ate 4 donuts. But you can tell me you love me in 4.5

starlightafterastorm  asked:

Omg Bre. Did you ever watch Smallville. One of the lines randomly popped into my head today and i imagined Thea saying it to Oliver and Felicity and I can't stop laughing so I'd just like to share it. Imagine Thea coming over for a visit to Oliver and Felicity's new place and letting herself in very hesitantly "Ollie? Felicity? Are you home? You know what Thea likes to see when she comes to visit right? Pants. Pants on everyone."

I love this! And I’ve never seen Smallville… (so when anyone mentions that one dude who played Oliver Queen, I’m always like, “Who…?”) 

I can just see it…

Thea paused outside the front door, craning her head, key poised at the lock. She concentrated on the silence coming from inside the loft, trying to hear anything that might be anything.

It’d taken only once for her to not barge into the loft - it had been her place… well, technically it still was her place, and she’d left some stuff there, stuff she suddenly needed once Oliver and Felicity took over. She’d walked in, key and all, not even thinking that the space was now occupied by two people who’d only been together, technically, for a few months. And if there was ever a couple that was destined to stay in their honeymoon phase for way longer than normal, it was them.

She hadn’t been looking for them, but it was  hard to miss them, because Oliver - a very, very naked Oliver - had Felicity - also very naked, incredibly naked - pushed up against a pillar, his hips… doing things.

A sharp scream had escaped Thea before she could stop it and she’d dropped her keys, hands flying to cover her face as she’d backed up wildly, tripping over things blindly, babbling, “You guys need to hang a sock on the door or something!” mixed in with rapid apologies and a really gross thought of, ‘Wow, he’s really strong,’ before she’s squashed that line of thinking because ew.

Felicity had yelped and Oliver had yelled, “What the hell are you doing, Thea?” followed quickly by sounds, sounds she never wanted to ever hear associated with her brother, and Thea’d shot back with, “Entering my loft!” to which he’d retorted with, “You don’t live here anymore!”

He had a point.

So, she’d knocked the next time… and when nobody answered, she’d used her key again. Very tentatively. They hadn’t been in the living room, and she’d literally sighed with relief before she’d walked towards the kitchen… only to see them out on the balcony, Felicity straddling Oliver in one of the chairs, hips moving in a very specific way, and the first thing out of Thea’s mouth had been, “Oh my god, you guys are in public!” 

Felicity’s response? “At least I was wearing a shirt, it’s not like anyone could tell. Right?”

“Me,” Thea had replied. “I could tell, which means all of Star City knew what you two were doing, and hey, Ollie, since you’re, you know, running for Mayor, you might want to keep the frisky business inside from now on. Little tip for you there.”

The only good thing about all of it was how red Oliver’s face stayed for a solid hour.

They were two experiences she never wanted to have again. Ever.

So… she tried to hear things.


Thea slid her key in with extra noise, rattling her keys as she unlocked the door, yanking them out with a bang on the door to alert them to her presence. 

She opened the door a crack and yelled. “Ollie? Felicity? Are you home?”

Thea was supposed to come over for dinner in about an hour and she was early. An hour was a long time for these two idiots.

No response.

Thea stuck her head in, slowly stepping in, raising her voice. “You know what Thea likes to see when she comes to visit, right? Pants. Pants on everyone.”

She caught Oliver coming out of the kitchen just as she shut the door behind her and 

“Pants!” Thea shouted, her hand flying to cover her eyes, her other rising to stop him in his tracks.

Oliver just sighed.

Felicity stuck her head around him. “Lots of pants going around in here, Thea, come on in! Or, rather a skirt in my case, but still, coverage. Lots of coverage. Unless you count when I bent over earlier and…”

“Trust me, Felicity,” Thea interrupted. “That’s a story I so don’t need to hear.”

This just happened
  • Friend: You like reading right?
  • Me: Yeah!! I love to read!
  • Friend: Well do you want to read something I wrote the other day?
  • Me: Sure! I'd love too!
  • Friend: Hurry! Let's join district thirteen!
  • We can help them fight in the war
  • Or go with the Doctor to a place so serene.
  • But wait, there's Gandalf at the door!
  • He wants us to help destroy the ring!
  • After that, to Hogwarts, back to school
  • Just don't visit the third floor wing
  • A three headed dog, that's not cool
  • There's something Supernatural that just can't be
  • Maybe it's a sign, but go to prom with me?
  • Me: *speechless for five minutes then enthusiastically says yes*

giuab  asked:

Hi, Ronya!! I'm Brazilian but I'm currently at London (until 01/28) and I'd love to visit places that aren't so famous and that usually, tourists don't get to know! Do you have any suggestions? Giulia.

Wow, that’s a bit of a wide brief. Let me see… 

Here’s my starter for ten:  

Jump on the Thames Clipper (high-speed river boat) from Embankment to Greenwich and walk through the sweet little streets there. make sure you visit the Old Royal Naval College too which houses the Painted Hall which some people call one of the most spectacular pieces of art not in a museum. From the Royal Observatory you get one of the most spectacular views of the London skyline. From Sundays - Tuesdays there is also a market on (London’s only market situated within a UNESCO Heritage Site). 

If you go to see the Tower of London or Tower Bridge, don’t just stop there. walk through St Katherine’s Docks and walk through Wapping for some spectacular architecture and some of the cities oldest Public Houses (check out the Prospect of Whitby). Once you venture further in, you won’t feel like you are in London any longer, more like a film set … It’s no surprise that people like Rod Stewart, Helen Mirren, Cher and Graham Norton live here… 

Make your way to the City and visit Leadenhall Market - a victorian gem on a site of a Roman Forum. It’s truly stunning, tucked away behind Lloyds of London and gets buzzy with city traders in the week and serene and peaceful at the weekend. 

Head up north and visit Hampstead. On a nice day it’s beautiful to take a stroll through Hampstead Heath and have a saunter through Hampstead Village to browse through the sweet little boutiques and shops there.

Last year I went on a ‘Backstage Tour at the Royal Opera House and that totally blew me away. You get to see the stage area and theatre as well as backstage, prop and dressing areas. It’s incredibly beautiful. You can buy tickets on the Royal Opera House website 

Visit http://www.sroaudiences.com/application.asp?show_id=1032 and try and get free audience tickets for the Graham Norton Show. There might be a bit of waiting and queuing involved but you definitely won’t regret it if you get in.

To unwind, you should have a cocktail at Freud’s cellar bar off Shaftesbury Avenue - basic decor but great atmosphere and huge selection of cocktails and they also have art exhibitions on there regularly. 

That’s just a few of my very own favourites - would love to hear other people’s suggestions. Does anyone else have any gems to add? 

Whatever you do, I hope you’ll have a very special time here in London, Giulia! x