i'd love to visit this place

capheus is so chill about being sensate and i love it? like did any of them visit him and explain everything at some point because every time you see him visit a new person or place he’s always just so in the moment and he doesn’t question it, you just see the fascination and wonder in his eyes and it’s so cute??

and when he has to help the others you can see he looks so happy and proud to be of assistance because the values at the very core of his existence are optimism and family and the cluster brings him both, so he just enjoys it and does his best to help out and play his part and i just have a lot of capheus emotions help

bosselimitchell  asked:

🌈 - Where do you want to travel to?

((That’s a really long list. I’d love to travel to a lot of places. But most of all I’d like to travel to the places that I have plans to use as settings in books. I learned moving from Louisiana to Arizona that while I can imagine what it might be like in a place, that imagining doesn’t always equal accuracy. There are things you just don’t realize until you are in a place. 

My list includes: Ireland (specifically the coastal cities), Jerusalem, Britain, Iceland, Sweden, various countries in the Middle East, India, and Bangkok. I’d also kind of like to go to South America.

I’d want to go just for funsies too, but mainly to get a feel for these places. And I’m also aware that being a tourist is a far different experience than living there, but it would be a start.