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I'd love to see headcanons about the chocobros being dads and how they do through the different stages (baby, toddler, teen, etc)!

(the first request, thanks, anon!)


Baby stage: When Noct first holds his baby, he’d be in awe about how cute his daughter is. He wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off her, and would always try and make her smile.

Toddler stage: Noctis would be the type of dad that at this stage, that would be watching the Powerpuff Girls with her. He would want his daughter to have the best and would want her to always be happy.

Teen stage: His daughter would probably be going through the typical teenage things (Wanting more freedom, getting defiant, etc) and he would quickly try to adapt to this. Noctis would desperately want his daughter to stay down to earth, but at the end of the day, he realizes he needs to let her grow up, and does so.


Baby stage: Prompto would be such a goofy dad, always playing peek-a-boo with his child and tickling them.

Toddler stage: At this stage, Prompto would spoil the fuck out of his kid. He’s the type of dad who takes his kid to a wiggles concert.

Teen stage: Okay, so Prompto and his kid would literally be BFFS in his kid in their teenage stage. Prompto would totally act like a goofball alongside his child and would watch Teen Wolf with them.


Baby stage: I feel like Gladio holding a baby would be almost like a huge guy holding a kitten. It would be such an adorable sight and as Gladio holds his child, he tries to hold back tears. He always rocks his child to sleep and sings them lullabies.

Toddler stage: Gladio would be the hero in his child’s eyes. He always scares the monsters out from under the bed and gives them piggy back rides.

Teen stage: DUUUUDE. Gladio would be so protective of his kid. A boy is bullying you? He teaches them how to fight. A boy asks out his daughter? That boy better hope he doesn’t hurt her because Gladio will beat the hell out of him.


Baby stage: Iggy would have already done tons of preparing before his child is born so he would be an expert on taking care of a baby. He would rock them to sleep every night and play whale sounds so they sleep well.

Toddler stage: Iggy would have a bit of trouble at this stage, as his child doesn’t like vegetables. He would try so hard to get them to eat their veggies but eventually tells them that if they don’t eat their veggies, Santa won’t come.

Teen stage: Again, Iggy would have some trouble at this stage. His teen child would want more freedom, yet Iggy would go into Mom mode and want them to be safe. Their child would at first see this as strict parenting, but eventually realizes Iggy wants the best for them. :)

(This was so much fun to write!)

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Ok your TL5Y comments have made me curious :) If you haven't already and wouldn't mind doing so, I'd love to hear more about specifically what Cathy did that you feel put her at fault (partly). I've seen the stage show and heard from others before and I'm not really one-sided, but I'd like to hear your perspective, especially because I feel like the movie tipped me even further in Cathy's favor, seeing more of her at Jamie's events along with feeling neglected and misunderstood and worse off?

I would like to point out before I write all of this, because there’s going to be a lot, that I don’t entirely blame Cathy. Jamie also did horrible things. I just think it’s very easy to see Jamie’s faults. So, now that my discretion has been put up, shall we?

In my opinion, I think the movie really did make Jamie out to be the enemy. For example, every stage production I’ve seen has never had more than one girl with him in bed at the end, and viewing him as a serial cheater in the movie really makes it seem much worse. I also personally think they pushed A Miracle Would Happen a lot farther than it needed to go, especially with the alcohol. I think that Jamie has always been a very big story teller, he’s got a very creative mind so sometimes, as writers do, he exaggerates things. But the movie does things that the stage production never does: shows him eyeing SEVERAL girls at the bar, going to strip clubs with his friends, and imagining other girls in their underwear. We would never see these things in the stage production, and we usually laugh a lot during this song, just like we do during A Summer in Ohio. I also don’t personally agree with JerJor’s choices in If I Didn’t Believe in You to get as angry as he did, because once again, it makes Jamie seem very condescending. Usually when I listen to that song, I can barely hear it over my heart breaking for how much Jamie really loves Cathy.

Now, anyways, on to Cathy. Or rather, comparing Jamie and Cathy.

“Here’s a headshot guy and a new Backstage, where you’re right for something on every page.” -Jamie
“Isn’t he wonderful, just 28? The saviour of writing.” -Cathy (sarcastically)
“I am so proud of you, baby, you’re doing what you never got to do before” -Jamie
“Jamie needs his space to write since I’m obviously such a horrible, annoying distraction to him.” -Cathy
“If I didn’t believe in you, and all of the ten thousand women you are.” -Jamie

Jamie was always very supportive of Cathy in her career, or rather, her lack of it. Even when things weren’t going well, Jamie wanted nothing but to see her succeed in what she loved doing. Cathy, on the other hand, resented Jamie’s success. And I think Jamie’s line in Moving Too Fast, “Some people can’t get success with their art, some people never feel love in their heart, some people can’t tell the two things apart, but I keep rollin’ on” really portrays Cathy in that moment. I know you’ve all seen the gifsets of him singing this line and how it pertains to Cathy. Jamie found success in his art, and Cathy didn’t. Jamie very much loved Cathy, although I do think that Cathy very much loved Jamie too. The difference was, though, that Cathy couldn’t tell those things apart in him. She thought all he loved was his work, and not her. “I’m a part of that, aren’t I?” And her resentment of his success was a huge fault.

“I will not be the girl who gets asked how it feels to be trotting along at the genius’ heels” (Climbing Uphill) / “I tend to follow in his stride, instead of side by side, I take his cue.” (A Part of That)
“I want you, and you, and nothing but you.” (I Can Do Better Than That) / “You can’t spend a single day that’s not about you, and you, and nothing but you.” (See I’m Smiling)

We all know Cathy was very contradictory. We’ve seen gifset after gifset of her saying one thing at the start of the show, and something very different at the end. I think it was hard for her to know what she wanted, because she swore to wanting something only to hate it afterwards. Although I didn’t quote it, the one that made me personally very upset, is in See I’m Smiling, she has a very unsuspecting personality. She starts off saying that she’s happy that Jamie could come and they could work on their relationship. But, once Jamie says he can’t stay, she gets upset with him. Jamie attempts to comfort her, but she pushes him away, and then at the end sings “And see I’m crying, and not do anything at all.” because I don’t know about you guys, but if a girl is pushing me away when I try to physically comfort her, I will not continue to do so. I think it was unfair of Cathy to be upset that Jamie wasn’t doing anything when she had already shown signs of not being wanted to be comforted. Now, I know a lot of you point out that it was awful of Jamie to leave her on her birthday, but this is one thing that I will fully support Jamie on. I don’t think he wanted to abandon her on her birthday. No one wants to leave their s/o alone on their birthday, that’s just a shitty thing for both of you. Plus, as a pilot’s kid, I can tell you that sometimes flying can be tricky, and if Jamie couldn’t make it back to New York the next day, what else was he supposed to do? If he had missed that party, I’m sure it would have looked pretty bad on him.

“Jamie is probably feeling just fine, and I’m still hurting.” -Cathy
“I’m not the only one who’s hurting here.” -Jamie
“Once the foundation’s cracked.” -Cathy
“You never saw how far the crack had opened.” -Jamie
“Maybe I’d see how you could be so certain that we had no chance at all.” -Cathy
“It’s not about another shrink, it’s not about another compromise” / “Some people analyze every detail, some people stall when they can’t see the trail, some people freeze out of fear that they’ll fail, but I keep rollin’ on” / “So we could fight, or I could wait, or I could go” / “You never saw I’d run out of rope.” -Jamie
(Just all of Still Hurting) -Cathy
“I made a promise and I took a vow. We wrote a story and I changed the ending, Cathy just look at me now.” -Jamie

I basically made these quotes in two. I gave Jamie a lot on the third one for a reason, but I’ll get to that as I go through these. First one I think is important. Jamie knew that this was going to hurt both of them, he was more than aware that this divorce would shatter Cathy’s heart. And of course, he was also breaking his own heart as he did it. I always say that I believe Cathy was very selfish, and I think that this is a prime example of it, in that she couldn’t see past her own hurt and pain to think for a moment that Jamie once loved her for five entire years, and that getting a divorce wouldn’t kill him. Alright, second one. I think this one just speaks for itself, that maybe Cathy wasn’t quite aware of just how broken everything was. She thought everything was going fine, that the foundation had just been cracked, but Jamie points out that the crack was open pretty far. Of course, they could be talking about different times, but remembering that Still Hurting and I Could Never Rescue You happen within 24 hours of each other, I think it’s important that these are the distinctions that are made. The third one, Cathy constantly believed that things could be fixed. She was a very hopeful girl when it came to the relationship, thinking that things could be fixed, but I gave Jamie all these quotes on this last one for a reason. The first quote states that it’s not like they’d never tried to fix things, they’d tried compromising and seeing shrinks, but as the last one says, Jamie just ran out of rope, and could no longer keep trying. The middle two sort of go hand in hand, although one might feel a little out of context seeing as it’s from Moving Too Fast, I think it’s important. Jamie couldn’t stick in a rut. He hated being caught standing still, and that’s probably how he felt at the end of the relationship. They could keep fighting and keep compromising and seeing more shrinks, but to him, they were standing still and running in circles, and he needed to move on in his life. In the end, I do think it was very mature of Jamie to leave Cathy, although I fully would agree in saying that it was awful of him to have to wait until AFTER he cheated on her to divorce her, I think it was smart of him to do so. Cathy would have never done that, because she kept wanting to try to fix something that never should have happened in the first place, to quote Jason Robert Brown here. Finally, with our last two, I think Cathy was very selfish. During all of Still Hurting, the entirety of the song is made up of “Jamie is ______”, constantly putting the focus on him and blaming him. He’s decided it’s time to move on, he thinks it was Cathy’s fault, when in reality, looking at the second quote, we might think different. Jamie also sings, “Facts are facts.” When he’s cheated on her, and he knows what he’s done is wrong, and he can tell that he’s done something awful by doing this. He made a vow to Cathy to always love her, and he changed it, and he lied.

I’m happy to write out other things, I guess. I will very much admit that it wasn’t all Cathy’s fault. Jamie was also a very faulted person. They were both faulted people who should have never been together. They ruined each other’s lives.


Hey taylorswift, remember when Lilly and I gave you this ‘love’ ring in London and you wore it for a year and it appeared on magazine covers and when you won like 13209834595 Grammys that year you were wearing our damn ring on the stage collecting your GRAMMY for Album of the Year LIKE was that even real life?! look how cute and young we were in 2008 at your first ever UK show….now THAT was a time to be alive!

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Oh, prompt! Okay, so Peggy's got some fiercely protective friends (the Commandos, Jarvis, Angie, even Howard). Let's see Daniel interact with some of them after they start dating or after he finally pops the question. I'd love to see them all give him a hard time but not-so-secretly approve of him to Peggy.

A/N: I combined these prompts. Thank you, as always, to the lovely fitzsimmmonsy, who beta’d this fic and helped me with my computer woes.

Daniel had almost finished running the gauntlet.

Meeting Peggy’s friends once he had begun dating her had been like running an obstacle course; one set up on a minefield and with no map in hand. There had been a series of stages, where he met each of the important people in Peggy’s life. Each section was strewn with potential pitfalls, including poor conversation topics, invasive questions, and embarrassing speculation. And now, he was coming up to the final push.

Jarvis, Daniel had already known to some extent. The chauffeur had invited him and Peggy over for tea one day after he had somehow discovered he and Peggy were ‘spending time together’ (Jarvis’ words, not his). Jarvis had spent the entire hour glaring and passively-aggressively sipping tea, managing to convey an entire wealth of resentment at Daniel’s presence in Peggy’s life while Anna Jarvis happily carried on conversations with both him and Peggy. Until their time in the Jarvis household came to an end, and Jarvis shook his hand happily. Turned out Jarvis had just wanted a final opportunity to punish Daniel for arresting him and causing Peggy trouble before ‘welcoming Daniel to the family’ (also Jarvis’ words) (which was totally awkward for both Daniel and Peggy given the fledgling nature of their relationship).

A few weeks later, Daniel had been introduced to the Howling Commandos almost by accident. One night he had come by to pick Peggy up for a night at the theatre, only to have the door opened by Dum Dum Dugan and found Peggy’s old army buddies piled into the living room of Peggy’s apartment, clearly very much at home. They had taken one look at Daniel and then forced him to sit with them as they all lounged around and tried to intimidate him. It (mostly) didn’t work.

They also spent an inordinate amount of time interrogating him about his relationship with Peggy, but Daniel largely refused to answer, figuring it really wasn’t much of their business. What Peggy wanted them to know, she would tell them.

Eventually they moved on to questioning him about his service, until they realised that some of them had actually met him before.

By the time Peggy came into the room ready to go out, Daniel figured he must have passed the Howling Commandos inspection, because they let Peggy leave with him with only minor teasing. By the time he brought Peggy home a few hours later, they had disappeared.

Now, Daniel was edging closer to the finish line.

While he had met Angie a number of times, it was mostly in passing. Now, the waitress had decided that she wanted to meet Daniel in an ‘official capacity’ (Angie’s words, not his). Daniel agreed partially because he liked the idea of being ‘official’ with Peggy. Daniel was letting Peggy set the pace, and since she hadn’t told him exactly where he stood, he was left at rather a loss of how to explain their relationship. What do you call someone that you took out sometimes and that you were occasionally allowed to kiss?  ‘Girlfriend’ sounded terrible. ‘Partner’ reminded him too much of work. ‘Lover’ was incorrect, as they hadn’t (yet?) gone to bed together.

Hence, ‘official’ was about as close as he could get to an accurate title for them both that still sounded like they were a thing.

Angie swung the door of the apartment she shared with Peggy open seconds after Daniel knocked. Clearly she had been waiting for him.

“What took you so long?” she demanded.

Daniel surreptitiously checked his watch. He was ten minutes early.

“My apologies,” he told her.

“Well, I’ve been cooking all day, so you better come in,” she said grudgingly, stepping aside and allowing him entrance.

Peggy rounded the corner in that moment and lit up the instant she saw him. “Hi,” she said with a smile.

“Hi,” Daniel replied, completely unable to to keep a ridiculous grin from his face. It was always like that when he saw her, or thought of her or…

“Are you two just going to moon at each other or are we going to actually eat some food?” Angie interrupted them. Daniel felt heat rise to his cheeks, even as Peggy made her way over to him and kissed him lightly.

“Food sounds good,” she murmured close to his lips, just loud enough for Angie to hear. Angie hurumphed, but Daniel could see a repressed smile just before she turned away from them.

Daniel and Peggy followed Angie into the kitchen and tried to help her bring out food to the table. Instead, Angie waved them away with an “if there’s anything I can do, it is bring food to a table”.

So Daniel and Peggy sat at the dining table and waited as Angie weighed it down with a series of questionable-looking food dishes. Eventually, she sat, eyeing the table proudly.

“Dig in,” she told them. Daniel and Peggy did so cautiously.

“So, how have your auditions been going?” Daniel asked to distract Angie from the fact he was only picking at the food. It was the right topic of conversation, as light burst into Angie’s eyes.

“I really nailed an audition last week. I mean, I thought I did OK, but then they didn’t call, so I was really bummed out. But then they did call, so now I am playing Hero in a production of Much Ado and I am so excited.”

“Great,” Daniel managed as Angie took a breath.

“But we aren’t here to talk about me,” Angie said seriously as her eyes narrowed in on Daniel. He gulped.

“What’s your family like?” Angie asked. Alright, apparently she was starting off easy.

“I have a younger sister, a little younger than you, called Ruth, and a grandmother still living.”

Angie nodded. “Do you want lots of children?” she sprang on him. Daniel choked on an unidentifiable vegetable.

“Angie…,” Peggy began warningly, but Angie waved her away.

“Ah, I would one day like children. I suppose that how many we have would depend on my future wife as much, or moreso, than I. Though, if I found the right woman and she didn’t want children, I would accept that.” His eyes slid over to Peggy, and then down to his plate. Of course they hadn’t yet had any conversations about the future, let alone children, and he wanted to be honest while still covering all his bases. Just in case he and Peggy got to that point.

“What do you think is the most romantic thing you can do for a woman?” Angie asked, the pretence of eating abandoned as she leaned towards him intensely.

“Um, listen to her and respect her? Learn from her? Show her how much you appreciate having her in your life?” Daniel decided it was safer not to look at Peggy during this.

“Angie, really, that’s enough,” Peggy said with fond but firm exasperation.

“This is for your benefit as much as mine. Don’t you want to know this stuff?”

“Yes, but organically. When the time is right.”

Angie sat back and huffed a little. “Fine,” she agreed, only a little grudgingly. They all turned back to their plates with little enthusiasm.

Conversation eventually resumed and settled into a pleasant pace. Peggy must have felt safe enough to use the bathroom, because she excused herself from the table.

Daniel glanced nervously at Angie.

“Don’t worry,” she told him. “I won’t jump down your throat again.”

Daniel grinned. “I’m glad to hear it.”

“I just care about her, you know?”

Daniel smiled softly. “I know. Me, too.” He hesitated a moment. “Listen, Peggy and I are still early days. But I want you to know my intentions are honourable. If I had it my way, I’d marry her tomorrow and spend the rest of my life trying to make her happy. But she’s not ready for that, so I’m letting her set the pace. I’m a very patient man. I just…I want you to know I’d never hurt her, or pressure her, or make her unhappy. I’d rather cut off my other leg,” he finished rather lamely. But it was obviously the right thing to say, as Angie gave him a rather watery smile.

“She needs good people in her life. You seem like good people.”

Daniel’s heart swelled. “Thanks, Angie. I’m glad she’s got you, as well.”

The two shared an emotional smile of accord, which was broken when Peggy came in clearing her throat. Her eyes looked suspiciously wet.

“I hope you two behaved while I was gone,” she told them, her voice a little unsteady. Without giving them a chance to answer, she continued. “Because you are both really important to me. And I’d really love it if we could all just…get along.” She blinked rapidly.

“I don’t think that will be a problem,” said Daniel.

“Me neither,” agreed Angie.

Peggy nodded, clearly touched. “Right, in that case I think we should order some Chinese.”

Angie huffed out a laugh. “Oh, thank god.”

Daniel grinned, enjoying Peggy’s affectionate laugh. He felt like he’d passed all the tests set by Peggy’s self-appointed protectors. The woman herself would no doubt be an even greater challenge, but as Daniel had said, he was a patient man.

And Peggy was more than worth the effort.

He hears the other boys compliment you
  • Luke: I missed (y/n) like crazy. It'd been far too long since id seen her and I was going senile with only the company of the boys. They were all single and didn't quite know how it felt to have a girl who was as amazing as (y/n) as their own. I was lucky enough to have had her for 2 whole years. We dated in high school and when I started touring, we promised we'd still be together. We kept our promise. I was face timing (y/n) through in my room, where I could get some sort of privacy from the other boys. "Babe, you look amazing." I smiled as she changed in front of the camera. We were no longer shy around each other - like we were in the beginning of the relationship. "Yeah, I can't wait till you're home luke!" She smirked, bringing her boobs closer to the screen. I could tell I was getting turned on but we couldn't do anything about it. "Stop it. I know what you're trying to do and we both know you don't have time for that." I winked. We ended the call having told each other that we loved each other, missed each other and couldn't wait to see each other. As I walked into the lounge where the rest of the boys were sitting, I heard their mumbles about (y/n). "She's got a great body. Super hot. Luke's a lucky guy." I heard Michael say, I smiled quite proudly with myself for having such an amazing girlfriend. "Did you see her in that bikini last time?! She's not just super hot." Calum jeered, at that point I walked into the room smiling at them. "You think my girlfriend is hot and you guys don't get to have sex with her." I grinned, sitting down as they all tutted at me.
  • Michael: I'd just said goodbye to (y/n) at the airport and it was pretty emotional. I knew I wasn't going to be able to see her for a pretty long time and even just now we still hadn't been together for very long. It sucked that she cogent travel with me and see myself and the boys on stage every night of tour. I did love having her though; I was so lucky and I didn't want to let her go - especially when it was easy to work out a schedule of when we could see each other. The boys were pretty friendly with her too and loved her company. On the way to a radio station one day, I was listening to my iPod while closing my eyes to make it look like I was sleeping while the boys had a chat. They were talking about (y/n) and as soon as I heard them say her name I immediately paid attention - still looking like I was asleep. "She's amazing. I wish I had a girlfriend that would do all this for me." Ashton spoke, I could only think he was on my twitter after I posted a photo of what (y/n) got me when she left to go home. "I really hope that one day I have a girlfriend as nice as (y/n). She's just incredible for him." I discreetly smiled as the boys continued to talk.
  • Calum: Waking up to the sight of (y/n) sleeping naked beside me always managed to put me in a great mood. She just looked so innocent and she slept with a smile on her face. I smirked remembering what happened the night before and wouldn't ever be able to thank her enough for it. We were busy for hours and I couldn't even remember what time we locked ourselves in my room of the house myself and the boys shared. I didn't get to see (y/n) often and that was our excuse - we were just spending some quality time together, that's all. I could hear mumbling coming from outside on the balcony, just down a bit from where my bedroom window was. It was Luke and Ashton. They made the most of the mornings in LA. "Did you hear them last night?" Ashton asked Luke, leaning on the barrier of the balcony. They didn't know I could hear or see them. "Yes! Calum is one lucky boy with a girl like (y/n). He sounded like he was having a great time." Luke laughed, Ashton joined in. "He is pretty lucky to have a girl like her. She's got a brilliant body; bet he seen a lot of it last night, too." They both laughed harder and I slightly blushed. "Morning boys!" I waved out the window as they turned around, going red. "Morning cal." They both mumbled. "Would you mind getting me some orange juice? Had a pretty long night last night." I said, winking at them both to make them feel awkward. "Stop rubbing your sex life in our faces, bro." Luke laughed, returning back to his balcony leaning position.
  • Ashton: I was so excited to show my girlfriend to the world tonight at a movie premiere. This was our very first one in the UK and we were all dressed up and looking smart. I was the only one with a girlfriend and luckily for me, I was able to bring her along for it. She loved the movie before this one and I couldn't wait to see her completely fangirl over the fact she was on the same red carpet as Zac Efron. "Do I look okay? I couldn't really decide what to do with my hair." She spun around in her tight fitting dress with her long, simply straightened hair running down her back. "You look great." I smirked, wrapping my arms around her waist as we both faced the mirror. "Give us a kiss." I grinned as she turned to me, kissed me quick and then went to reapply her lipstick - which was now over my cheek. We took a selfie in the mirror and (y/n) posted it to her twitter - which then up roared with compliments. She continued to finish herself off, not that she had to, as I went to see the other lads. "She looks stunning. I wonder if Ashton's planning on doing her tonight." Calum whispered, although I could still hear him. "If he doesn't then I will. She's too hot for him not to." Michael added. "No worries boys, I'll do the honours." I winked as I walked into the room. They both blushed and smiled apologetically.