i'd love to see bloopers


Ragnar and Ivar Appreciation post. (None of these gifs are mine, found them all on weheartit, give me a shout if you want crediting)

I needed more Daddy/Son screen time. They made me emotional. They still do. Infinitely more than Ivar and Aslaug. 

They also made me have extremely disturbing thoughts.

Also; I’ve just become suddenly and weirdly attracted to Ivar’s neck in the first gif

joe-isnt-here-right-now  asked:

If you had ANY more bloopers please I'd love to see them I found your blog when I saw the drum bloopers and I loved it more than anything

I made a list for you!

  • Blooper reel for The Muppets
  • Blooper reel for The Muppet Christmas Carol 
  • Blooper reel for It’s a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie
  • Blooper reel for Letters to Santa Part 1 and Part 2
  • Camera test for The Muppet Movie - Not really a blooper reel, but if you want Frank and Jim just dicking around and being silly with their characters, you’ll love this. Kermit explaining to Fozzie that he’s not a real bear is beautiful. They did this to see if the Muppets could be filmed outside (since they had only been filmed in a studio before), so they wanted to test filming outdoors before they did The Muppet Movie. But this is great because it’s just Jim and Frank trying to make each other laugh and succeeding. Plus Fozzie’s telling jokes to cows and Frank’s just cracking up.
  • More camera test footage for The Muppet Movie - This one has Kermit, Fozzie, AND Sweetums! It’s more of Frank and Jim goofing around (not sure who’s in the Sweetums costume? It might be Richard, but it could be someone else). Fozzie and Kermit in the car is my favorite bit. “Is there a stove in this car? Is there a bathroom here? Maybe it’s next to the stove. I’m going to go in the stove.”
  • Blooper reel for The Muppets at Disney WorldThis is SUCH a good one. It’s just the Muppet performers basically having the Muppets beat each other up whenever one of them messes up. The ending when they’re doing the dance it’s just the Muppets continually wailing on whichever Muppet mess up. Plus you get to see Frank, Jim, Steve, Jerry Juhl, and Kevin in the behind the scenes at the tale end.
  • Blooper reel for Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas - Hands down the best of all the blooper reels. “Get the drum! It’s worth about ten bucks!” “I can’t! My feet are stapled!” “… I’m a munchkin.”