i'd love to know how she got involved with the warehouse

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I love your metas. I'd love to hear your thoughts if any Patty/Flash scene versus the Iris/Flash scenes. I find it very interesting that last season Barry was so eager to see Iris as the Flash but with Patty, he's kept his Flash life entirely separate.

Thanks anon! :) 

You are so right it’s a very glaring difference! He even has Joe telling him to tell her and he doesn’t. Major difference from Iris, when he really wanted to but deferred to Joe and then kept visiting her at every opportunity. He even cried when she told him not to contact her anymore, which is telling considering she hadn’t told Barry himself that and he could see her the next day. 

I also noticed something else in the last ep. Whenever the Flash visited Iris, there was always a bright light behind him or just off to the side. I always figured it was to help throw off recognition. But it’s symbolism! Check out the lighting when the Flash visits Iris at the end of 1x7.

Ok this got SO long. I blame the pictures.

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