i'd love to keep making more :)


Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton’s children in their father’s films ‘Alice in Wonderland’ (2010), ‘Dark Shadows’ (2012) and ‘Big Eyes’ (2014)

alternative be more chill titles
  • jeremy's theme: bee boo boo bop boo boo bop beEP
  • more than survive: i can't keep my hands outta my pants and i love to dance with my stoner friend
  • i love play rehearsal: im not emo promise
  • the squip song: made in japan™
  • two player game: n o n o t b e c a u s e w e ' r e g a y
  • the squip enters: tHe fReAks fReakIng oUt
  • be more chill part 1: beCaUse sHe cHeaTed oN mE
  • do you wanna ride?: get in loser we're gonna make you popular
  • be more chill part 2: all obey satan
  • more than survive(reprise): cccccccmmmmmmmoooooooooonnnnn
  • a guy that i'd kinda be into: ya got filthy pranked
  • upgrade: jeremy wtf why'd you do that to my man michael not cool
  • halloween: sPoOky sCarY pArTy
  • do you wanna hang?: jeremy gets mad pussy™
  • michael in the bathroom: why are my eyes sweating so much that's not normal oh look more eye sweat
  • the smartphone hour (rich set a fire): burn baby burn disco inferno
  • the pitiful children: all my friends are dead on the inside
  • the pants song: i'd put my pants on for you if you wanted me too
  • the play: miChAel mAkes aN enTraNce anD eVerYone's oN ecstAsY
  • voices in my head: still ended up with the girl but why not michael tho

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Hello~ I was reading your ask about fic recs centering around powerful Magnus, and you mentioned how some fics don't have Magnus as "a character in his own right," so I was wondering if you have any tips/general advice on what writers like myself should keep in mind when writing Magnus? Like Dos/Don't and which stereotypes to be careful of/avoid? (I figured I'd ask you since you love Magnus very much and i'm always scared of accidentally writing magnus as lesser, if that makes sense?) Thanks!

This is a good question! I should clarify that I’m not suggesting people shouldn’t write Alec-centric stories because obviously if you have a shorter story there maybe just isn’t room to explore another character. That’s totally fine and everyone has a certain character they identify with more. So that isn’t really what I mean when I call Magnus a prop. It’s more like there are certain trends I see in not just writing, but also meta and headcanons, that strikes me as problematic. For example:

Magnus the Waiting Waifu

Wherein he’s waiting for Alec to come home or call him or generally just existing only to be available instantly Alec. Magnus is the High Warlock, guys. He’s got better things to do. Between being the High Warlock and the Head of the Institute, Magnus and Alec probably have to fight tooth and nail to get time to spend together. I’d like to see more of this. I’d like to see Magnus waking up early to squeeze in a goodbye kiss before Alec leaves. I’d like to see Alec duck out between a hunt to bring Magnus coffee as he’s on his way to meet a client.

Like, there’s a ton of fics about Alec falling asleep on Magnus after coming home late, but few about the opposite even though in CoLS, it’s stated that Alec has trouble pulling Magnus away from his work and that it’s Alec who actually winds up going to bed alone on some nights. Speaking of which:

Magnus the Always Ready for Sex Bisexual

Magnus has hedonistic tendencies, but let’s not make it like he’s just ready to go at all times or that he’s always the one initiating between them. Sometimes he’s got other shit on his mind. Seriously, in the same scene in CoLS, Alec practically had his hands down Magnus’s pants and Magnus was literally like “Yeah ok maybe in 5 min.” 

Alec leaned into him, pinning Magnus between the table and his own body. Not that Magnus seemed to mind.

“Come on,” Alec said against Magnus’s ear. “It’s late. Let’s go to bed.”

Magnus bit his lip and glanced over his shoulder at the papers on the table, his gaze fixed on ancient syllables in forgotten languages. “Why don’t you go on ahead?” he said. “I’ll join you—five minutes.”

“Sure.” Alec straightened up, knowing that when Magnus was deep in his studies, five minutes could easily become five hours. “I’ll see you there.”

It’s suggested this isn’t even a rare occurrence. Alec seems to know this trait of his after dating him only a few months.

Magnus the Unconditionally Supportive Boyfriend

Magnus is very patient and understanding with Alec. He’s kind, and as a whole he wants to see the right thing done. This is canon. But Magnus can also be petty and bitter and cynical. Sometimes he stirs shit just because he can and it amuses him (1.12, taking digs about Jace and Clary being siblings). This does not make him a bad person. I think it’s important to remember because while white characters tend to be allowed their flaws, POC are required to go above and beyond. Their mistakes are often less forgivable, blotting out any hint of good they otherwise have. So people either dismiss the character altogether or, if they like them enough, then the MOC is often rendered as Very Pure and his flaws completely ignored even if they may be addressed in canon as if acknowledging said flaws automatically ruins the character and makes them Bad rather than human. (This is just the other side of the same coin regarding what fandom does to white characters where their terrible deeds are acknowledged but woobified and excused and made totally okay.)

For instance, as early as 1.02, when Magnus chose to rescue his warlocks and leave Dot behind/ignore Clary’s need for help, there was bit of an outcry from fandom about how “Magnus would never do that.“ As if the entire fandom forgot moments in book canon where Magnus basically slammed the door in Jocelyn’s face when she came to him for help (Tessa had to convince him) or where he manipulated Clary into finding and giving him the Book of the White.

Magnus is 400 years old. He’s complex, occasionally ruthless, and has an exceptionally sharp tongue. Sometimes he projects his feelings. Sometimes his desire for self-preservation overrules his compassion. Sometimes he has his own agenda that takes precedent over other people. And yes, this includes Alec. (See 1.09 where he helps steal the cup.) Magnus’s priorities and self-interests being in conflict with Alec is not him being a bad boyfriend. It makes him a person and part of a growing relationship is two people navigating and making compromises. I’d like to see more people explore this rather than just constantly making Magnus Alec’s cheerleader.

Anyway, that’s the general gist of it. I have read good meta and fanfic, but there’s definitely a trend that can be seen, though this is really something that applies to all fandoms.

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Hi! I'd seen some of your art on my dashboard but today I spent some time seeing it on your blog (I even went through the whole supergirl tag) and I love it so much! Not only are your illustrations effortlessly heartwarming, they're also very funny. I laughed at "You've been framed for a heinous crime by your evil genocidal mother. Move back 20 spaces." for longer than I'd like to admit. I just really wanted to thank you for bringing a smile to my face and inspiring me to create more art.

Thank you. This message made me happy. Keep making that art.

Since Tumblr seems to be the new magic lamp, can I make a wish?

Hello OL tumblr genie watching out there *waves*

How about we get some OL promo instead of asking fans for money, political tweets, gym pictures and trying to make non cast members relevant? 


A SHOW fan

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I love Dan and I'd have no problem if he came out but I genuinely can't see him making a coming out video. I mean in the past he said he was bi but after that he never talked about his sexuality until the roast yourself challenge. I can more see him just casually mentioning it like how he recently keeps voicing his love for the guys rather than him making a 10 min vid about it.

i think, if i he did make a coming out video, it wouldn’t be a “let’s sit down and have a talk” kind of video, but instead it would still have a classic danisnotonfire comedic vibe to it. he would keep it lighthearted and comical. dan has been slowly coming out the past couple of years by learning to accept himself and feel comfortable enough to talk freely about his sexuality even if its in a comical way like he did in his diss track. a coming out video, unrealistic? two years ago, maybe. but now? in 2017? it’s not very unrealistic anymore

Voltron Characters as lyrics from Falsettos
  • Pidge: I don't lead the life of a normal child, 'cause I'm too smart for my own good, and I'm too good for my sorry little life.
  • Lance: But I can't help but feeling I've failed. Let's be scared together, let's pretend that nothing is awful.
  • Keith: We don't have the answers, and life can be grim, it life's not all about him, and that things rarely go according to plan. Tell him things happen for no damn good reason, and his lack of control kills what's best in his soul.
  • Hunk: Holding to the ground as the ground keeps shifting. Trying to keep sane as the rules keep changing. Keeping up my head as my heart falls out of sight. Everything will be alright.
  • Shiro: I'm breaking down, I'll soon redecorate these stalls, I'd like some padding on the walls, and also pills. I wanna sleep. Sure things will probably worsen, but it's not like I'm some healthy person.
  • Allura: Lovely. I must make things lovely. Put everything in it's place. Ready for the band. Cheers. And are things lovely? I feel more helpless than I have in years.
  • Coran: No one's screaming at you! So you feel alright for about 10 minutes, if you feel alright for 10 minutes feel alright for 20 minutes, feel alright for 40 minutes! Drop it and smile!
  • Zarkon: I want it all. I want it all. I want it. I want it all.
  • Lotor: My father's snide. He's morbid and dissatisfied.
  • Haggar: Something bad is happening. Something very bad is happening.

decim62  asked:

Hello Apticho! I had a question that I've just come to realize is plaguing me, and would be great if I could hear how you dealt with it as well. I recently created my own OC, but I guess I never really took the time to deconstruct what my character would consist of, i.e. Favorite foods, appearance, age, height, an intricate personality- and for me personally that's why I respect your OC's to a fault because of how much work goes into bringing them to life! Anyways I'd love to hear your stance!

thank you OMG TTTT______TTTT yall make me so happy by supporting me w/ my ocs and stuff QQ

character development is really like a snowball effect!! once you keep developing them, they get more and more detailed and filled with more character!! its kind of hard to illustrate my thought process, but first start out with bigger themes that will eventually diverge into smaller things. i usually like starting out with their role in the story and conflicts in terms of the plot and other characters. eventually this trickle diagram will merge with other characters if you connect them!!

all in all, just spend a lot of time thinking about your ocs. after time, they will become more and more alive after you give them a lot of thought. personalities and characteristics will eventually fall into place as you see fit ^^!!!

since drawing takes more time, writing DEFINITELY helps also. i took a creative writing class this spring semester and spent the majority of my time writing about my ocs. little did i know, i had grounded a plot for all of them. they felt more alive to me than ever before.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE SWEET MESSAGE BTW QQ i didnt kno how to reply at first and just kept rereading it bc it made me so happy…

Sorry I haven’t been posting for the past days!! Gonna try and post more, but here’s something for today for now! I know I keep saying I’m super proud of my art, but I just love this one!!

Probably post some sketches later on, but I’ll have to draw the one request I got sometime tomorrow, depends cause I might be busy 

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i am a communist, coming from a working class family, and i have recently hit the lottery (the jackpot was in the millions). now i wanna do good with it if i can and try to do something for the cause of socialism/communism and my own community as well as others but at the same time i don't want to come accross as some rich jerk who does things selfishly do you have any advice on what to do?

8) wanna pay for me to go back to school lol?


uhm I think the best thing you can do is look around your community and see what needs fixing, for instance, say the homeless shelter sucks in your area, see what you can do to improve that shelter, uhm, women’s shelter doesn’t have enough beds? see if you can buy more beds, I’m unsure what your community looks like, but there are always things you can do to help improve your community. You can pay off kids lunch debts at the public schools for instance, uhm theres really endless opportunities for you to do good.

you could also like invest some of that money to keep doing this shit on a long-lasting scale. You can’t change the world with millions, but you can make your community a better place, definitely. 

Roasting The Signs
  • Aries: Could you be a little less obvious about the steroids you take? It's making the rest of us worried you may die in the middle of class.
  • Taurus: I thought "money talks" was just a saying before I met you.
  • Gemini: They call you two faced because while you're cute and smart, you're also an emo, petty dumbass.
  • Cancer: I don't really have to say anything, just the fact you're on here is prolly enough to make you cry.
  • Leo: "Attention Whore," because not only do you crave attention from everyone, but you also can't go more than a few days without sex.
  • Virgo: You talk a lot of shit for such an alcoholic fake bitch.
  • Libra: For someone who always wants a relationship, you sure can't keep one for long.
  • Scorpio: I just love how every time someone tells you that someone else has an STD, you rush to get tested.
  • Sagittarius: If I wanted to scare you on Halloween, I'd say "commitment" instead of "Boo!"
  • Capricorn: I love how you're 'so good at roasting' but you're basically a dildo - fake AND dickish.
  • Aquarius: I like how you "care for people" and also treat them like experiments. It's kind of like a company that does animal testing saying they love animals... fucking hypocrite.
  • Pisces: Don't cry, but I've got to break some news to you - The world doesn't revolve around you, sweetheart. The only thing that revolves around you is a constant shitstorm that you created, but blame everyone else for.

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Good luck with this blog too hun :D I'd love to request some cuddling headcanons for Levi thank you!

Awe thank you!!! Ahhh, and of course!! Yaahhh to my first request!! :) 


  • He isn’t big on physical affection, but when he does show it, oH bOy 
  • Likes to be the big spoon
    • I can’t see him being a little spoon. Try to imagine it. Its impossible.
    • Being the big spoon allows him to wrap his arms around his s/o, and make sure that they are safe and all his. 
      • It shows more of dominant side too ;) 
  • Likes to keeps his hands at their waist, and just stroke their back with his chin atop of their head.
    • It calms him down from anything serious that happened that day, or if he’s just stressed
    • He needs to be reminded that theres people out there he cares for, and they’re real
  • Or the night after an expedition 
    • He wants to hold his s/o and cuddle with them, with his forehead pressed against their’s so he can look into their eyes 
    • He just needs to know that they’re still here with him, alive 

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Hey,, can you tell us abt some of that fefnep,, because your designs are beautiful and I'd love to hear you talk abt the girls

heck yea, i’ll put it under a read more since it’s gonna be long lmao

(also i’ll be answering the other asks bout the rest of the humanstucks soon but i am trying to keep it relatively organised and not bombard everyone with a huge post lmao thank you for your interest tho it makes me happy)

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hey, if i were to write a jewish character, how should i go about it?


Fair Warning: This is going to be a long post.

Personally, I’m an Orthodox Ashkenazi, so most of my characters are Ashkenazis who are at least Modern Orthodox. HOWEVER, not all Jews are Ashkenazi so…. 



I’m going to use Christianity as an example because I assume the majority of people who will read this are Christian. In Christianity there are different sects that believe different things (Catholic, Lutherans, Irish Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Mormons, etc). 

In Judaism there are also different sects only most of them don’t believe in something different than the others unless they’re an offshoot of Ashkenz (which I will get into in a moment). Each of these sects is mainly based on where you or your family are from geographically. If you’re from Spain you are most likely a Sephardi or Anusim Jew. If you are North African (Moroccan, Libyan, Tunisian) then its likely you are also Sephardi. (For anyone interested, Sephardi means in English “of Sephard” Sephard is Spain in Hebrew). If you are from Ethiopia, you are most likely an Ethiopian Jew. From Iran you are most likely a Persian Jew. Anywhere else in the Middle East you are most likely a Mizrachi Jew. If from Yemen then you are a Temani Jew. These are just usual rules to live by. 

If you are from anywhere in Europe (Mainly France, Germany, or Russia) besides Spain then you are most likely an Ashkenazi Jew. The reason that Ashkenazi Jews are a little different than other sects though is a simple reason. 


In the 1800s European Jews got Emancipated. This meant that Jews were allowed to leave their gated communities (shtettles, though there were plenty ghettos too) and join in with regular society. Since (and @ jumblr correct me if i’m wrong) this only happened in Europe during modern times (1400s) only the Ashkenazi Jews were really affected. So as Jews began to integrate into society many of them began to lose their religiosity. So the Ashkenazi community freaks out because they have Jews who are suddenly not being religious and they create two communities. Reform and Orthodox. The Reform believed that Emancipation was good and it slowly morphed into what everyone knows as Reform Judaism today. The Orthodox Movement thought that Emancipation was ruining Judaism and they later morphed into what is now called Ultra-Orthodox. Then you had two offshoots of those–Conservative and Neo-Orthodox. I know more about Neo-Orthodoxy so I’ll tell you about that, Neo-Orthodoxy believed that unlike Orthodoxy Emancipation was both good and that mitzvot were good. They ended up becoming the Modern Orthodox Movement (sorta like I am!!). 

The difference between the geographical sects and the Ashkenazi offshoot sects are that the geographical sects don’t necessarily have belief differences (differences in tradition and halacha, sure, but not belief) and the other sects do. Since then there have been other offshoots of Ashkenaz (mainly) that have a slightly different belief system as well (Reconstructionist, Renewal, Hassidic, etc). But each of these are different in tradition and halacha because of their belief not because of their teachers. 

Now, friendly reminder that geography doesn’t always work for identifying a Jew’s denomination. I have friends who are Sephardi and have no relation to Spain. There are Jews who do have Spanish decent and are Ashkenazi. It is a good base, but not a law. 

When creating a character figuring out what denomination of Judaism they are is important, as figuring this out is an added character trait and usually very important to the character themselves. 

After you figure out how religious you want them to be I suggest working on their character and seeing how the religion and the rules or miztvot that they follow merge. Remember, Jews are people too and if you are writing a Jew just write a person only with like… Kosher and Yom Kippur (or not if your character doesn’t keep that… whatever).

Traps Writers Fall Into:

There are two big ones:

  • Christian Influence
    • This one is a lot more prominent if the character is in a non-Jewish majority country–which I assume your characters will be, be it America or Britain. 
      • Why, you ask? Well because Secular countries are actually a lot less secular and a lot more Christian than most Christians think. It’s not necessarily a criticism but it is a thing. 
    • Do not, I repeat, do not write your Jewish character like a wannabe-Christian. We are not Wannabe-Christians. If we were then we wouldn’t be Jewish. Not every Jew grows up wanting a Christmas Tree or dressed up for Halloween. Not every kid secretly wants to eat a cheeseburger or go into a church.
      • Jews complain when they don’t get representation, they may love the twinkle lights during the Holidays but they are annoyed that there are no Hannukah decorations in the stores or that every chocolate in Spring is a bunny. We are not Wannabes.
  • Over using Yiddish
    • And certainly not every Jew speaks the amount of Yiddish that non-Jewish writers use. Most Ashkenazi Jews speak a mixture of Hebrew and Yiddish slang with a base of English. We’ll say “shelp,” “spritz,” and “gavult.” We’ll also say “stam,” “davka,” and “baruch hashem.” But our base language is usually English. We don’t all have Yiddish accents, we aren’t all New Yorkers. 
    • Also, Yiddish is not the only Jewish language!
      • There is another one called Ladino which is a mix of Spanish and Hebrew, and while it is dying out there still are some speakers. If you have a Jew of Hispanic decent you might want to use that instead of Yiddish. 

Now Let’s Talk Pet Peeves:

I have many Pet Peeves about Jews in Media so let’s start with the most obvious.

1. Jewish Holidays are ignored when they don’t fall out on Christian Ones

It sucks and it’s true. Most of our holidays when not Hannukah and Rosh Hashana are almost never mentioned. Jews have many more holidays than just those two. Like…

  • Jews have like… six fast days. All of them are important but most Jews ignore some of the shorter ones because they fall out on regular work days and it isn’t good to fast while at work.
    • fasting also means fasting. We do not eat unless necessary for health, we do not drink unless necessary for health. And for two of those fast days we have four other restrictions as well. 
  • We have Purim. Purim is a pretty cool holiday with a backstory like most Jewish holidays, someone tried to kill us, we won, let’s eat. 
    • Which contrary to popular belief is not Halloween only Jews.
  • Sukkot
    • A great holiday in which we eat outside and shake a bunch of leaves and a nice smelling fruit (which the TSA must be informed about every year so they don’t hold Jews in Airport Jail for carrying a bunch of palm leaves. I shit you not, this happens every year and it gets funnier every time). There’s other stuff to but that would take longer to explain. 


2. Jews almost never marry Jews in Media

This actually happens a lot more than in real life. You have a Jewish character, doesn’t matter if they’re religious or not, they almost never marry Jews. I have only ever watched two shows where two Jewish characters married (or were close to it). These are Will & Grace (Grace and Leo), and a show called Saving Hope where the lesbian Jew gets with a lesbian Jew and moves to Tel Aviv (Doctor Katz). 

3. Women and Jewish Marriage

These two topics are treated very badly in media. People tend not to understand what a K’Tuba (Jewish Marriage licence) is, and what it means to Jewish Women. It means we more or less have all power in the relationship. Where Saving Hope is good on the non-intermarriage issue, it sucks on a heterosexual marriage issue. Women are allowed to say no to sex, they are allowed to incite sex, if they do not want sex with their partner their partner cannot have sex with them

Alternatively if either partner wants a get (a Jewish divorce) then the partner must give them one. Something usually ignored is that if the woman wants a get not only does her husband have to give her one the Jewish community is obligated to alienate him from them, personally and business-wise, and treat him as though he has a contagious disease. A Jew is allowed to do almost anything to the unwilling partner to get them to sign the get (the Torah even says that you can stone him. We don’t obviously because killing is wrong and etc. There is a lovely story that I heard about a man who wouldn’t give his wife a get and her angry brother and a matza factory but I won’t get into that). This is exemplified in an episode of a show called In Plain Sight (Episode Aguna Matatala), I really like this episode and the Rabbi character. Personally I believe this is one of the best ‘Jew Episodes’ out there. 

4. Not knowing a character is Jewish until it must come up because of a holiday or a death in the family

If your character is Jewish they are Jewish all the time. Only bringing it up when it’s suddenly Christmas and you want diversity is stupid and quite frankly annoying. You cannot erase our Judaism because it does not benefit your plot. 


An Israeli Jew acts differently than a Diaspora Jew, and a Hollywood Jew acts differently than a New York Jew. We aren’t just stereotypes we are people, and if you are making a character be realistic you must keep that in mind. 

That’s it for now. I may add on more guidelines in the future, and if anyone reading this has a Pet Peeve about Jews in Media I urge you to add yours. But please keep this thread respectful. The ask was respectful and I actually really appreciate you asking. 

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tbh I see you as an idol. I'm a trans dude, eight months on T and sometimes I get impatient but seeing you post makes me feel a lot better, and that eventually I'll be able to look completely how I'd like. (especially the facial hair aaaa I love your facial hair aND SEPtum piercing ug h I would get one if my nose didn't bleed chronically.) Keep being awesome my dude <3

This was me 8 months on T! (I looked way different)

Like lmao 

Feb 2016 to May 2017

My 1 to 2 years on T has been SUCH growth. Thank god. A lot more of my changes came 12-24 months! It’s wild! You still got lots of growin <3

anonymous asked:

You probably won't see this but your art is so fucking amazing and so pretty and your au is so original (well feels originally done) even if it's with characters that already exist it's sooo refreshing, it's artists like you who keep such characters alive while we wait for more! Ahhh I absolutely love the mafia AU... if I had some money I'd donate just because.. but I'm broke *that art life* I LOVE YOUR WORK PLEASE NEVER STOP ARTING❤❤❤❤❤

Thanks so much! ;A;
It makes me so happy that you like my art so much and think the AU feels original! OuO
even if it is using character which already exist XD
And no worries at all!!
Just your support by sending me this message is so thoughtful and nice ;w;

hey wanna support a mentally ill enby???

I’ve had a lot of weird shenans go on with jobs and stuff and being sick lately, i’m going from 29 hours to 8.5 hours a week bc they won’t teach me to close so………..yo i’m willing to draw most anything just send me a message and we can discuss !!

prices are very general, they can easily be more or less depending on what you’re wanting (and if you’re hurting for cash i’d be happy to make a deal too!)

and just fyi!! prices are in CAD, this means it is actually cheaper in USD than the listed prices because of the conversion rate

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*slides $10 inside your pocket* hello, omg, could you do like a top 10 of your most liked ronsey fics / a top 10 or 20 or 30 of your most liked ronan fanart? because i'd love it. Love you, btw! i'm always checking your blog and it makes me smile, actually. sorry if it sounds cheesy. <333

sorry this took so long! thank you for giving me the excuse to go through 30 pages of my ronan tag tho. i love fan art so much and there’s so much amazing fan art out here, it was hard to keep it to a reasonable amount to link here. there are more on this post here (some repeats, though). i also limited this to JUST ronan bc otherwise there were too many great ship/friendship fan art options.

in no particular order:

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

re: ronsey recs, i’ll give you a few here, but i’m going to hold out for now because i’m working on a trc rarepair fic rec!! so there will be more there. i just need to remember to finish it lol.

thanks for the ask! i love you too and am glad this blog makes you smile. <3