i'd love to have him as a father!

So Washington was 6′2″ and Hamilton was 5′7″- talk about hilarious height difference.

But you know what else? James Madison was 5′”4. dont think about how hilarious it is to think of him standing next to Washington or Jefferson

so basically when you put all your fav revolutionaries and founding fathers at a table sized for the middle- John Lauren’s 5′8″ even though that’s tall for the time period-, you get this:

Washington and Jefferson have the problem of their knees hitting the tables, like all the time. Lafayette is just shorter than George and Thomas, so it’s close but not as bad as them; he’s mostly comfortable like this. John Laurens is somewhere between 5′8″ and 5′9″, so the table is like normal sized for him. Hamilton and Burr are doing that thing where your feet almost come off the floor and you can easily tuck your feet under your chair. 

James Madison just swings his legs under the table. He keeps accidentally kicking Jefferson, who has his legs spread all the way across the table so he doesn’t smack his knees on them.

anyway if anyone wants to make a comic of this or of a height lineup of them all with their historical heights (regardless of whether you use historical or musical appearance) i would love u a lot

has anyone pointed out the difference between Marinette’s nosy af parents who probably knew they’d have to put her bedroom on a separate floor as the rest of the house in order to make sure they gave their child some privacy, and Adrien’s father who probably wouldn’t notice if he transformed at the breakfast table and strolled out the front door as Chat Noir? because I want to talk about that

Band of Brothers AU where they all attend ‘Single Parent Speed Dating’

  • Nixon isn’t even an actual father. But he has 5 dogs and they totally count as his children.
  • Even though he told everyone he did not need something like Speed Dating Speirs still showed up. But he totally sneaked in the room just so no one would see him.
  • Liebgott and Webster are married already but whenever they have a fight they go to an Event like this just to prove the other one that they could totally find somebody better than their husband. After 2hrs of awkwardness they remember that they already found the perfect match.
  • Lipton and Winters were convinced by Welsh to go try meet other single parents. They are both very loving fathers but Harry knew that they needed somebody else in their lives. 
  • Babe refused to go on his own, so Bill had to come with him. Bill never told him that he wanted to come anyways just for a different reason.
  • Malarkey, Skip and Penkala are the trio hosting the thing and make everybody attending uncomfortable with their stupid jokes. But they have a surprisingly good idea of who might match with each other.
  • When Speirs enters the room the first thing he sees is Lipton smiling at him, highlighted by a violin playing a romantic melody. The violin is played by Skip who quickly disappears before Speirs can vent his anger.
  • Roes collegue Renee mislead him to the Speed Dating because she figured he needed someone by his side to take care of his adorable daughter.  
Inside Dominion: 207

Carl Beukes: I think that was a beautiful thing for Gabriel, to learn what it felt like to basically be human, and feel that bond between human beings.
Tom Wisdom: I don’t know if Michael every says or does anything without a thought behind it, I think he knows exactly what he’s trying to do. He brings up a story of David and Goliath, because he wants Gabriel to remember a time when he was a better person, when he liked himself, when he was as happy as which is when he was looking after this other boy. He was a Chosen One, just like Alex. Gabriel definitely gets that comparison.
Vaun Wilmott: His belief after that was that God’s, their Father’s, plans may be perfect, but humanity, humans will corrupt them. You really see that he was a father to this son, and losing this son has just completely altered him.
Gregg Simon: In a sense, this was one of the key circumstances that changed Gabriel’s whole perspective on humanity.
Carl Beukes: When David was ripped away from Gabriel, it opened the door to that world of hating humanity. And this does kind of work. It makes him stronger. It brings them back to where they used to be, and that gives him strength. Julian should’ve never put them together, I think. Michael and Gabriel have this unbreakable thread. When we’re on set, it feels as if Tom Wisdom and I have the same thing. Often we don’t have to speak to each other, we laugh at something.
Tom Wisdom: They love each other and the last thing they’re gonna ever do is let one another die.
Carl Beukes: Gabriel does go within and does open his heart to the relationship that Michael has with Alex, and for once sees it for what it is.