i'd love having those


long-haired boys (*´♡`*)


I’d like to have a word with the stylist–

bleach model au in which ichigo and rukia lose a bet to orihime and uryuu and the loser had to do a ‘’’’’’serious’’’’’ photoshoot in clothes of the winner’s choice…… thus leading to those gree cards


I don’t know why you’d want it but here you go, my very boring self for you 

(ノ´ ᵕ `)ノ*:・゚✧

so many duck folks out here and I didn’t even know, my people were with me all along I feel so blessed

(also regarding doodle comics gosh don’t tempt me pal I got too many ideas, but anyway even if I do I can’t hurt you more than the original comics I mean heck have you read A Letter From Home)


make me choose challenge: Albus Potter or Scorpius Malfoy SCORPIUS CINNAMON ROLL MALFOY VS. THE SCORPION KING

“I discovered another Scorpius you know? Entitled, angry, mean – people were frightened of me. It feels like we were all tested and we all – failed.”

“But you changed things. You had a chance and you changed time back. Changed yourself back.”

“Only because I knew what I should be.”

How To Adult on a Budget: Kitchen Edition

I wish someone would have told me these things when I was younger to save me a lot of time, money, and frustrating mistakes so here you go kids:

- when you’re putting together your first kitchen on a tight budget, certain quality items are way more important. good basics will get you through most day-to-day cooking and last basically forever, whereas nice matching plates are cute but no less functional than mismatched stuff from goodwill. (also, overstock stores are a GREAT way to get good basics cheap because who gives a shit about damaged packaging or out of season colors when it comes to stuff like this? rich people maybe idk)

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these are a handful of posts i’ve found where inclusionists feel the need to “remind” exclusionists that “allo” isn’t a slur… and this:

is the only thing i can find where someone says that “allo” is a slur. a single anon. is this what y’all are basing it off of? when you feel the need to make these patronizing posts letting us know that some made up word isn’t a slur?

because i promise none of us actually think it’s a slur. one anon might, but i can’t find a single active person in the discourse who does.

10:51 A.M

You, 10:51 A.M
Yes or no, is salt hour happening later?

I don’t know what this is except purely texts that I thought of if you were dating doyoung so. Uh. Enjoy??? probably not as good as i’m hoping it’s late i’m sleepy i’m passing out

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anonymous asked:

Do you know of any dogblrs with reactive dogs? I love following pretty much all of the dogblrs but with having a reactive dog myself I'd love to follow those with reactive dogs the most! Just seeing if there's a list out there I don't know of Thank you!

All the reactive dogblrs I used to follow back in the day have moved on to other things. (Which is good for them and their dogs! Recovery is awesome!) I don’t know of any lists or active reactive dogblrs.

Anyone have any suggestions?


and i’m free fallin

Meet Mint Chip (right, she/her) and Strawberry (left, they/them), two broke-ass besties who can’t keep a job to save their hides! 

Black Sea

A/N: The first half was written by @ghikij This is our attempt to sorta rationalize how a DiaKanan scene would go based on their characters, since we don’t have any canon scenario to base their interaction off of lmao.
Note: This blip took place in ep7, like a behind-the-scenes sort of story
Words: 3,532
Characters: Kurosawa Dia, Matsuura Kanan

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Finally made Nala my furmiliar! I’m so happy SoS included multiple dog and cat breeds for this game, because German Shepherds are one of my absolute favorite dog breeds.

I named my in game Shep after my own, who ended up passing away, at age 13, to cancer. Nala’s passing really hit me hard at the time- I was pretty much inconsolable for days. I still miss her a lot everyday. She was very precious to me, and I’m happy I can have a reminder of her in SoS. She might be gone irl, but she can still exist in my game and travel to lots of different places, via street pass. Maybe that doesn’t mean much to some people- but imagining my baby existing in some form and seeing the world means a lot to me.

I’ll always remember you, my sweet baby Nala <3

anonymous asked:

Pls has anyone talked about how chris buries his nose into sebastians neck whenever they hug???? Like most ppl would tilt their head up to rest their chin on the other persons shoulder (which is what seb does) but not chris???? Does he do that with everyone he hugs????? Why is a grown man so precious??

He literally nuzzles his nose against Sebastian’s neck/shoulder more often than not when they hug and keeps doing this thing where he reaches out to grab his shoulder or pat him on the chest/back or just touch him in whatever possible way, even when Sebastian’s not close enough for the movement to be natural/comfortable:


Chris you’re gonna fall off your chair

All because he’s the most tactile fucker in the planet with the biggest puppy crush ever and he can’t keep his hands to himself and it makes me so damn happy, you don’t understand <3


oh god, believe me anon, you’re not alone!

It was a great hug. I gushed about it in length when it happened [here]

Also look at the intensity with which Seb hugs him, aaah <33333



Chris kissing his cheek and then literally burying his face in the crook of Seb’s neck and his hand in his hair and asdjfkgfjdszhjfkgk this gif fucking kills me ok if they didn’t share a hotel room later that night I swEAR TO GOD

(also, that gif is from this pap video)

Anon, please look closely at Mackie here:

He’s literally in the middle of saying something, when Seb interrupts him to compliment Chris, and:


Chris and Seb start giving each other the heart eyes™ and he just stops speaking and is all like ‘omg guys please not again’ fight me on this.

Mackie KNOWS.

Mackie is also 100% done with their shit

the-flower-karasu replied to your post “Whenever I hear someone refer to Morgana as a cat, I just hear him…”

Can I recommend either @moruganya or @cat-thief-morgana? I have interacted with them before and they’re pretty great

Ooh! You’re right! WYZ does have a Morgana! And, I actually hadn’t heard of the latter, but hopefully they’d be down for plotting with me and general Garu Bros shenanigans! ;-)