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do you take fic requests??? bc i keep having this idea or shyan during the vid with the test friends when they try the ice hangover treatment and shane winks at ryan,,,,like i just need something written where maybe shane flirts a lot with ryan whenever he drinks and idk yeah it's just hella cute????

a/n: first, i am a l w a y s taking requests lmao!!! second, i have no idea how to write drunk people because i have never been drunk lol. anyways i watched the video again and came to the conclusion that shane is a loud drunk (see the dauphine orleans video too)  and ryan is a giggly drunk l o l. also i have no idea how to flirt so lmao hope it was okay!! thank you for this prompt, it was super fun to write!! 

It’s no secret that Ryan liked to drink. Of course, he mostly limited his alcohol consumption to the weekends when he doesn’t have responsibilities to maintain, but there was something about drinking on a weekday that made the entire experience all the more enjoyable.

“Hey, hey Ryan,” Shane said, stumbling over to where Ryan was standing. “Ryan, I’ve got something to tell ya.”

Ryan wasn’t as intoxicated as Shane. Sure, they both had more rounds of shots than they could possibly count, but if there’s one thing Ryan learned during his time in a fraternity, it was how to hold his alcohol and still function. Shane, however, didn’t seem to be as practiced. As self-assured and good on his feet as he normally was, being drunk truly made him into a grade A mess.

“What is it?” Ryan said, reaching out to steady Shane, who wobbled precariously.

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Number 9, for Tsuna. Several of the others are already too accurate...I'd love to see Reborn or the Vongola's reaction when they come to train him and find these animals wandering around the town, and everyone else is so used to it it doesn't even register and they are like....?????????


Reborn blinks as he looks from the address he was given to the high walls and intimidating gate bearing the appropriate number.

It’s been more than a bit of a hassle to find where Tsunayoshi and his mother ended up, after the divorce. Sawada Nana, now Hayashi Nana had not wanted her husband to be able to find her, after he signed the papers, but some careful research in Namimori, and judicious questioning of the neighbors eventually netted Reborn a phone number and an address.

Examining the gates again makes Reborn relieved he finally decided to call ahead on this particular journey. The walls of this property are high, and there’s something subtly off about them that makes him certain that climbing them would be a mistake, possibly a final mistake.

Pressing the buzzer for the intercom set into the gate, Reborn wonders what exactly is on the property that requires such formidable security.

Yes? Who is it?” a woman’s voice inquires, staticky through the intercom.

“My name is Reborn,” he replies, more sure of his decision to be honest about his name now than he was when he first offered it. “I called earlier about potentially tutoring your son?”

It was certainly an interesting coincidence, to find the help-wanted ad for a live-in tutor at the same address he already needed to reach. Reborn is intrigued though, about the wording the ad used. Needing someone who is ‘mentally flexible’ and ‘adjusts well to unusual circumstances’ is unusual for a teaching position.

Oh, welcome, Reborn-san!” the woman on the intercom–likely Hayashi Nana–says. “Please, come in! Just wait by the gates until Tsukkun comes to get you. The path can be hard for strangers to follow.”

While Reborn is blinking, trying to understand why a path might be hard for strangers to follow, there’s a sound like shearing metal, and the gates creak open.

Stepping through, Reborn eyes the path at his feet. For a moment, it seems like a straight, well maintained dirt road, leading to a large, traditional house. And then, in the next second, it blurs before his eyes until it’s a narrow, overgrown path, leading into a shadowed forest. Leon makes a startled noise, and darts into Reborn’s collar, shivering faintly against his skin.

Well, he thinks. That explains that.

He waits, patiently, for what feels like nearly half an hour. Eventually, there comes the sound of hoofbeats, and out of the shadowy forest–which has shivered and changed several times while Reborn has been watching–a pale light emerges, swiftly resolving into a snow-white horse, with something wrong with its back, and a rider crouched low over its shoulders.

Reborn quickly realizes that there isn’t something wrong with the horse, there’s something wrong with his vision, because he cannot be seeing a winged horse making its way towards him.

Except that’s exactly what it is, and when the pegasus comes to a halt barely ten feet away from him, it takes genuine force of will to keep his mouth from dropping open.

“You must be Reborn-san,” the boy on the pegasus’ back says cheerfully, as though he’s not mounted on a myth made flesh. “Welcome to the Hayashi Preserve. I hope you adjust faster than the last tutor. I hear he’s not responding particularly well to therapy.”

Reborn blinks for a moment, and then smiles. “I will do my best, Hayashi-san.”

Tsunayoshi laughs. “You’re already doing better than some,” he says, before nudging the pegasus forward and offering Reborn a hand. “Come on, Hayabusa can handle two easy as one, and the woods are being annoying today.”

Taking his student’s hand, Reborn allows himself to be pulled astride the pegasus, tucking his legs under the folded white wings and wrapping an arm around Tsunayoshi’s waist at the boy’s direction.

“All right, let’s head back. Mom’s got the whole explanation laid out, and the sooner we get that out of the way, the sooner you can decide if you’re going to stick around or run screaming.”

Reborn smiles into Tsunayoshi’s back as the boy urges the pegasus forward. Training Dino was rewarding, primarily because of the screaming. He has a feeling that this round of tutoring will be enjoyable for entirely different reasons.

How I Met Your Mother

Disclaimer: I, unfortunately, do not own Avatar: the Last Airbender. That privilege goes to Bryke and Nickelodeon


“Daddy, can you tell me a story?”

Zuko freezes in the process of extinguishing the fires which light up his six year old daughter’s bedroom and slowly turns his head towards where she is sitting up in bed, hugging a turtleduck plushie to her chest as she stares up at him with wide gold eyes.

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