i'd like to think that emma's literally looking at these little moments

We Just Might Feel Good, Part 1

Old friends, Emma and Killian, walk a fine line in their relationship while balancing their high profile careers. Having not seen each other in months, they find themselves in their hometown of Boston, reunited for only one night. Modern AU.

AN: This fic is mostly inspired by the song “Boston” by the Dresden Dolls. It will probably be three or four parts.

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Part One

Emma smiled as she looked over the menu in front of her, pretending to consider what to order. She’d eaten at the hotel restaurant often enough to know what was good, and most of her attention was on the man sitting across from her. Tall, light brown hair, with the right amount of scruff and an accent that could just wash over her, she’d been interested ever since she’d ran into Graham in the hallway upstairs - quite literally - and hadn’t had to hint too hard before he’d asked her to dinner.

He’d known who she was, but it hadn’t thrown him like it did most people. He’d told her that he’d seen one or two of her films, liked her performance but hadn’t heard of much of her other work, which was the comment that she got from most people. But instead of wanting to know about the other actors that she’d worked with, or what her favourite kind of ice cream was, he was more curious about the type of life that hopefully-budding stardom was bringing her, and didn’t push her if the topics became too personal.

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anonymous asked:

I'd love to see something about Emma being hesitant to say the three big words

I think that’s an amazing idea. It was incredibly difficult to cover  everything from NY to the ILY, so I skipped a few things (I never did like the savior goes dark plot) Please Don’t Say You Love Me by Gabrielle Aplin was constantly on repeat for this. I took a small part of one of the lyrics as a title.

Everything falls into place

~2500 words


She likes him.

She has for a while, Emma suspects. But her memories haven’t even been back for a couple hours and she is already being forced to be the savior again. There’s no time to think about it, yet her mind still does.

Sure, Hook’s annoying and gets on her nerves, definitely makes too many innuendos and needs to control his eyebrows, but he’s more than that. Supportive and kind are qualities of his too. Emma can’t forget that Hook didn’t back down until he found her in New York, didn’t stop until she was back home with her parents. He cares for her.

Not so unexpectedly, Zelena comes to throw a monkey wrench in the works. And she takes that monkey part quite literally.

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itssoinevitable  asked:

Hi! I've been reading your blog today, and I found your views on OUAT very interesting. I was wondering if you might share a bit more about your dislike for Captain Swan. I have not been impressed with them either, but I'd like to know your reasons, if you don't mind :)

I’m always glad to explain, especially when someone asks so respectfully. (Thanks itssoinevitable)

My dislike of Captain Swan comes in two parts: the concept that Emma Swan’s character has changed dramatically since season 1 (and not in a positive way, not in a way that makes narrative sense), and then the concept that Hook is not a character that treats any woman well enough to be in a relationship right now, nevermind one with Emma.

Starting with Emma: the Emma we met in season 1 was confident, assured in her ability to take care of herself and make her own decisions. She had this past where she’d been betrayed, and this made her reluctant to put full, blind faith in anyone (understandable). But at the end of the day, she was truly the “modern” princess of the story - a herione worth investing in, looking up to. She didn’t act like she had to rely on anyone else to get by, she could do things on her own. She respected and trusted her friends (Mary Margaret most notably) but didn’t blindly trust in everything they said or did. She took this same attitude with Henry - she obviously loves him, but didn’t bend to his every whim.

I’ve seen it argued that this was pre-curse breakign Emma, that she was searching for her family and lost and lonely and so her rapidly becoming “Emma Charming” in season 2 (and then who knows who in season 3) makes sense. I don’t think it does. After the curse breaks, Emma falls in line behind her parents far too quickly. She stops questioning them, stops trusting herself (like the Regina/Archie incident. S1Emma would have gone with her gut.) She has minute moments in Neverland (lost girl speech, the confessions in the cave) but those moments are never fully explored - they happen, but there are no consequences. Emma feels like an orphan, but falls in with her parents and seems unbothered by what Snow practically literally dubs the replacement baby. Emma tells Neal she wishes he was dead because he hurt her so badly, and yet the love trial endured (again, no consequences).

I understand that S1 Emma wasn’t going to be the same for ever, but she really needed to WORK through abandonment issues, feeling like an orphan, being betrayed by her first love, being ordained a Savior without her consent. None of that has happened, she’s just kind of moseyed along.

That all said, that’s not really what makes Captain Swan so unworkable for me, it just makes the bad worse. Hook’s character, what little of him there is, does all the work necessary on that front.

Hook is ironically the most consistent character, because Hook has been self absorbed and self involved the whole time. He even says, outloud, several times, that he only does things that benefit him or that get him something he wants. We have several examples of this: he saves David, but not because saving David is the right thing to do (he TELLS David this TO HIS FACE). It takes him about 2 minutes after Emma finds out to essentially demand a (sexual) reward - he goads Emma into kissing him. He was working with Cora when we met him, he was working with Greg and Tamara up until Neverland. He only forked over the bean for Neverland because Emma was totally absorbed with saving her son - when everyone’s lives were in danger, he was AWOL. Even during his vigorous pursual of Emma, he showed no true signs of redemption or being ready or worthy of a relationship - he betrayed Emma by lying to her and putting her family in danger, and he did nothing but leer and make sexual comments while they were in past FTL. He’s joked about getting women drunk to sleep with him (rape), and he embodies rape culture - the idea that a woman can be uninterested but if you pester her enough that’s “winning” her over (as if women are objects to be won). In the lost year FTL he only thinks of getting his ship back and setting out to get away from everyone even though they clearly need help with Zelena, and only goes after Emma after a note tied to a pidgeon tells him to (he never tries on his own, much as he “loves” her).

In one sentence: Hook represents everything that the princes in the classic fairytales represent: entitlement, narcicism, greed, and yet he is paired off with the main character who was supposed to be a symbol of independence and self sufficiency and confidence.

If this was being used as a commentary, if the show was acknowledging this as a bad relationship, that would be one thing. But they’re not, and this it’s being repped as the most romantic thing since William and Kate. It’s not an “interpretation,” it’s clear examples of rape culture being ignored by the show, the media, and pimped out by JMo and Colin (as much as I want to believe it’s just them rolling with party line because it’s their job, they’re still responsible for what comes out of their mouths).

I will rejoice if we return to season 4 and Emma has come to her senses and says “what was I thinking”? Will this actually happen? Not likely. Captain Swan will probably go through some “trial,” but nothing substantial and nothing that really challenges all its issues.