i'd like to think he was leaving his number before he left

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Can i have a head cannon about a promoto and his girlfriend pregnancy, how she tell him and how he tell the other boys that they're gonna be uncles and along the stages up until she give birth, when he hold his baby fir the first time, and how he tell noct when he see him when he gets out of the crystal Bonus: Twins maybe? I'd love to see his face when he learn that there is two munchkin in there xD

Here we go B)

If you thought about it long enough, the prospect of bringing a child into such an uncertain world filled with daemons and the empire looming over citizens’ every moves was absolutely frightening, and yet there you sat crouched on the bathroom floor with your knees up against your chest. You leaned against the cool, porcelain bathtub and tried to even your breathing. The pregnancy test sat on the tile a few inches away, and it more or less sealed your fate.


 At first, you thought it was faulty or an improperly made product so you had gone to the store for another immediately. It yielded the same result, and the morning sickness would set in eventually to further confirm it. Prompto hadn’t seen you for at least two weeks. When you missed your period, that’s when you became suspicious. He was on the road with the prince often, so any time you spent together was precious. This time, though…things got a bit heated and you said fuck it to bother using a condom.

 You took the risk, and here you were on the floor trying to think of a way to tell him because you certainly couldn’t do it over a phone call. No, you needed to see his face. He’d be overjoyed, but you were terrified. It wasn’t like you hadn’t talked about marriage and a family before, except that had been done in a hypothetical context and it was mutually agreed that those things could wait until Noctis claimed the throne.

 Prompto needed to be home. Now. 

 With shaking hands, you reached for your phone and dialed his number. The ringing made your nerves even worse, just waiting, waiting, and your heart raced. “Hey, y/n, is everything alright? It’s the middle of the night.” Prompto answered, concern apparent in his voice.

Oh yeah, it was nearly midnight. You swallowed heavily. “Um, where are you guys at now?”

“We’re at Wiz’s.” They were closer than you thought, thank the Six. “Is something going on? Are you sure you’re okay?” The worrying crept further and further into his voice at the lack of your explanation. In the background, you heard Ignis ask the same questions. Apparently, the boys could hear you. Perfect.

“Prom? Can you come home tonight?” Your voice stuck in your throat. The disbelief choked you, and you tried not to cry because you just wanted him here so you didn’t have to be alone with this news.

Clattering noises came through the receiver as Prompto shuffled things around in their camper and packed his bag. Noctis groaned, too, and you assumed that someone had woken him up to leave. Gladio’s voice was muffled by Prompto’s as he told you, “Hang tight. We’ll be there soon.”

So, he didn’t believe your lie that nothing was wrong. Well, partial truth. You wanted a family with him, but it was just going to happen sooner than expected.

As the minutes ticked by, you sat on the couch in silence, not even touching your phone. Only the light of a single lamp illuminated the walls and left much of the room in shadow. The blinds were shut over the curtains to block out the night. Your nerves were on fire with anxiety. How were you supposed to tell him something like this? Prompto probably told Ignis to floor it to Lestallum, so it wouldn’t be long until they arrived, perhaps half an hour. Just a few days ago, they were over in Leide, and you couldn’t have been more thankful that they were nearby but at the same time so nervous.

This wasn’t something to be announced casually.

There was a knock at the door, and you barely rose from your seat before it swung open and Prompto rushed in. He came for you immediately, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you to his chest. Gladio, Ignis, and Noctis were much slower in entering, and Ignis carefully shut and locked the door behind him. Prompto’s warmth spread through your body as you leaned into him and breathed in the smell of his strawberry shampoo. He was home. “Are you okay, y/n?”

Your stomach turned and you pressed your face against his chest. “Yeah, I’m…I’m fine. I just need to talk to you.”

Prompto suddenly backed away, and you saw the fear in his blue eyes. “Talk?”

You gently placed your hand on his arm and squeezed it reassuringly, giving a glance over his shoulder to the others. They would stay put if you left for a moment even if Noctis would claim your couch for the night; they were all sleeping here anyway. “Yeah, but it’s nothing bad, Prom. Don’t give me those sad eyes.” You had to be brave, put on a smile to make him feel better until you shared the news. “Come on.”

He followed you back the hallway to the bathroom and eased the door shut behind him. This was it. You sat down on the edge of the tub to prepare yourself because there was no damn way to say this standing. Silence. You took a deep breath. “Prompto, do you remember what happened the last time you were here?”

“I, of course I do. That was one of the best nights of my life because I got to spend it with you.” His eyebrows pinched together with concern and lines formed on his forehead. He kneeled in front of you and held one of your hands in his.

A smile tugged at your lips. He was always so sweet. But, your stomach turned as you reached for the bag that you had put the pregnancy test in. “Prom, there’s really no way I can tell you this, so I’ll just have to show you…” You trailed off and passed it down to him.

Confusion momentarily knitted his features together, but the second he realized what he was seeing, what he was holding in his hands, his eyes shot open wide and his mouth cracked into an open grin. “You’re pregnant?!” Prompto yelled joyfully, jumping up and pulling you into the tightest hug you’d ever received. He was both laughing and crying, rocking you back and forth, and all of your worried faded away instantly. His joy became your own, and you smiled against his chest.

There was a knock at the door. Gladio. “You’re a bit loud in there. Care to celebrate out here?” When you eased the door open, he stood there smirking and leaning on the adjacent wall.

Immediately, Prompto shook Noctis awake and began to yell oh my god she’s pregnant! again and again until it registered in the sleepy prince. Then, he was on his feet yelling and high-fiving his friend; Gladio laughed and gave him a huge pat on the back as if to say good job; Ignis smiled ear to ear and offered his congratulations. You were going to be parents, and they were going to be the best uncles ever.

Sometimes what everyone needed in these dark times was some good news.

 In the following months, Prompto stays with you. He doesn’t want to leave Noctis, but they force him away and tell him that you need him to be there. Prompto caters to your every need, every weird craving, and every complies every time you demand snuggles. When the day finally arrives, Prompto is frantic and ecstatic at the same time, but what neither of you expected were twins. Two, itty bitty babies with tufts of blond hair and blue eyes just like their father. You’re exhausted but smiling, and when you look over, Prompto is in tears. When he holds one for the first time, he’s so afraid of dropping them that he’s apprehensive, but that all changes when his daughter reaches out and holds his finger in her tiny hand.

You’ve got a big future ahead of you, and Prompto’s going to do everything he can to be there.

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What about team nice dynamite playing surgeon simulator on a real person

Oh jeez that gets awfully bloody awfully quickly. It’s definitely  one of their nastier games, which considering who they are and what they’ve done is really saying something.

The idea is probably born in Caleb’s office. Michael’s grumbling his way through stitches, reluctantly laughing as Gavin makes a nuisance of himself while he waits, opening draws, playing with tools, theorising about what everything does, miming out increasingly disturbing looking operations until Caleb finally banishes him back to the waiting chair under the threat of a first-hand demonstration.

Still, the idea is planted and not even a week goes by before Michael and Gavin decide to rob a hospital, pick up a few tools of their own, and play doctor. They get everything from scrubs and gloves to speciality instruments and various medications, alongside a few of their own concoctions and no small number of personal knives. Their ‘surgery’ is an abandoned warehouse; not even one of Geoff’s, just somewhere private where no one will notice them making a mess. And boy do they make a mess.

Their first involuntary patient is a very bad man indeed, cruel and nasty and just generally lacking in heart. So they take his out. Dig around for a bit, surprised by the effort it takes to get through the ribcage, wondering at the sheer amount of blood, the various strange bits and pieces they rummage through, organs they examine then toss to the floor to continue their quest. Astonishingly the patient does not survive, but they manage to extract the heart before it stops beating so at the end of the day they call it a successful endeavour.

For the next sorry contestant, who had the misfortune of witnessing something he shouldn’t have and running his mouth in the wrong company, there is a very delicate eye surgery, followed by a far less delicate experimentation to determine which vaguely eye-shaped objects found laying around the penthouse would make the best replacements.

There’s a dirty cop working for the wrong gang whose night ends with his brain on the floor, a noisy thorn in Geoff’s side who involuntarily donates his kidneys to science, a brief foray into dentistry leaves a crook without their teeth, an arms-dealer who got a bit too touchy loses an arm, and in a move that’s more petty than anything else, a wanna-be conman who thought he could manipulate Gavin of all people gets to accidentally teach them just how quickly a person can bleed out when they’re missing their tongue. 

With all the compassion of serial-killers, the selfish amusement of egocentric children and the in-built bravado born from the unwavering support of a best friend the only end in sight for this awful new game is the inevitable moment Team Nice Dynamite gets bored and moves on to something else.

The rest of the FAHC doesn’t know what they’re up to in their spare time but have seen enough shared looks and whispered plans to know they’re doing something, have witnessed more than enough of that particular brand of nasty delight to know it’s something devastating. Still, when casual inquiry reveals nothing more than a pair of matching grins, somewhat secretive and entirely wicked, it’s generally agreed that it’s best to just sit back and wait for the mayhem to roll in.

Which is all well and good for a while, but eventually Jeremy and Ryan are bored enough, curious enough, nosey enough to give up on patience and track them down. It’s not particularly difficult, they’re not really hiding, but what has been seen cannot be unseen and Jeremy, for one, desperately wishes he’d left Ryan to investigate on his own. Ryan stands in silence, reaction hidden behind his mask though Jeremy fancies that there’s something upsettingly amused in the way he surveys what is undoubtably a makeshift surgery, eyes sharply interested as they flick around the room, to the blood on the floor, the walls, to the body on the table, the wailing heart-monitor and an IV bag filled with something oddly glittery.

Jeremy is feeling slightly less impartial. Maybe it’s just the surprise of it all; he was expecting another firework bomb, maybe a kidnapped cop or the makings of an elaborate prank, anything other than the cold, still, Dexter-like vibe of this particular undertaking. It’s almost too much, too disturbing, even with everything the FAHC have done, everything he himself has done. Perhaps it shouldn’t be, maybe it’s no worse, not really, but in the shock of landing in what looks like a horror movie torture room Jeremy can’t help but think that this is something else, that this is terrible.  

Then Gavin tears through, squawking up a storm and holding two eyeballs up over his head like they’re watching Michael, who’s roaring with laughter and whirling something pink and fleshy around like a lasso as he gives chase, and just like that the moment is thoroughly broken. Ryan snorts, turning on his heel and heading out the way he came but Jeremy can’t quite make himself leave, can’t even stay silent, not when Michael slides through something unnamable, wiping out into a tray of instruments and going down under a bombardment of misplaces organs like the worlds goriest slapstick routine.

The sound has Gavin finally catching sight of Jeremy, eyes widening in shock before he grins, wild and disastrous as he crows out a greeting, calling for the illustrious Doctor Dooley to come in and save him from the heavy-handed fumblings of Doctor Jones, and honestly at that point there’s really little else Jeremy can do but start looking around the room for a spare pair of gloves.

The Surprise

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Summary: Dean has a surprise for your week off between jobs. 
Word Count: 2095
Warnings: Perhaps a wee bit of a cliffhanger at the end. Don’t hate me.

Your name: submit What is this?

You took a good look around the day room at the station that had been your home-base for several years now. This was your last twenty-four-hour shift with the next county over from yours; after a relaxing week off, you would start work with Ethan in your own county. Twelve hour shifts were certainly still taxing, but you were looking forward to going home every night, whether it was to your bed or Dean’s, and not spending the whole of your first day off sleeping when the rotation came around.

Dean was excited, too. He tried not to mention it often, but whenever you mentioned it, you could see the excitement bubble up in his eyes. He had a surprise for you the week you were off – told you in no uncertain terms that you were to not make any plans until he told you otherwise. You still had no idea what the surprise was, but you weren’t about to prod it out of him. Not after he seemed so proud about whatever it was that he had set up for you.

After work, you went home to sleep for a few hours before waking up and cleaning house and getting ready for Dean to come over for lunch. If you weren’t working, you and Dean had made a habit out of spending Saturdays together, even if it meant lazing around one house or the other together.

You pulled on a pair of comfortable jeans and a loose t-shirt before pulling your hair into a messy bun. The weather was unseasonably warm, so you turned off the heater and opened up the window in the kitchen.

Dean let himself in, yelling for you as he came in with a couple of bags on his arm. “In the kitchen, babe?”

“Yeah, in here,” you called back, pouring each of you a glass of lemonade. “What’re we making for lunch?”

He set the bags on the counter and grabbed your hand, twirling you once before pulling you against his chest. He leaned close and smiled. “Hello.”

“Hey they, Sparky,” you greeted, going up on tiptoe to kiss him. “Answer my question, please. I’m starving!”

Dean chuckled softly before leaning close to your ear. “Hamburgers.”


“Pasta salad.”

“The kind I like?”

“Bacon ranch, with the shells.”

“You’re amazing.”

“There’s more.”

“Tell me.”

“Have I ever told you that your love of food makes me love you more?” He kissed you once more before releasing you. “I also have one of those Dutch apple pies from the freezer section that you love, so you should preheat the oven.”

You eyed him suspiciously. “You got all my favorites – what’s going on?”

Dean shrugged as he pulled down different spices to prepare the hamburgers. “Just wanted to bring my girl all her favorites.”

“Dean Winchester,” you said, rolling your eyes. “Come on. Out with it.”

Rolling his eyes at your impatience, Dean started work on the hamburgers. “I kind of took a leap of faith and made plans for us on your week off.”

You raised your brow and mentally guessed on lots of time working on the TransAm. “Oh, you did?”

Dean nodded. “I know it’s starting to warm up here, but I’m thinking we need to be somewhere even warmer. Lots of sun, the beach … you in a bikini.”

“Oh, Sparky, what have done?”

He turned to you, lacing his fingers through yours, with a proud smile on his face. “I booked us a trip to Florida for a few days. We can get away, just the two of us. Enjoy the time off together. I’ll spoil the shit out of you, too.”

“So romantic – well, except for the cursing part,” you chuckled. “Count me in.”

“Really?” Dean grinned. “You’re not mad that I didn’t talk to you first?”

You shrugged, pulling away and going for a pot to boil the pasta in. “I mean, I wouldn’t say that I’d enjoy you making it a habit or anything, but this really is an amazing gesture, Dean. I’m excited. When do we leave?”

“Monday morning. And Y/N – I mean it when I say I’m going to spoil you. So be prepared.”


Dean wasn’t kidding. He drove the two of you over to the airport Monday morning, albeit a little too early for your liking. It was the first Monday of Spring Break, and you figured the airport would have been busier; when you mentioned it to Dean at the check-in counter, the employee there told you that most of those flights had gone out the previous Thursday or Friday.

“Lucky us,” Dean smiled, taking his ticket from her before dropping both of your bags at the luggage area.

An hour later, the two of you were airborne. You hated flying – couldn’t believe how at ease Dean was with it, as though he were riding in a car down the highway.

“I know you’re not crazy about heights, I don’t know how you handle flying,” you sighed, white-knuckling the arm of your seat when the plane hit a patch of turbulence.

Dean pried one of your hands from the seat and held it between his own. “In another universe, I suppose.”

After a short lay-over in Atlanta and another bumpy plane ride, you finally found yourself safe on the ground in Florida, Dean at your side. You two picked up a rental car, checked into the hotel. You wanted desperately to go to the beach – which was directly behind your hotel – but the gray clouds overhead hindered that activity.

“I should have checked the forecast better,” Dean sighed, dropping down to the bed.

“Nonsense,” you assured him, kicking off your shoes and snuggling under the covers. “I’m sleepy from our flights. Let’s take a nap – we can open that slider a bit and let in the ocean breeze. Unless the storm gets crazy, it’ll be nice to hear the waves crashing and whatnot.”

Dean studied his phone a little more. “Forecast only calls for light showers.”

“Perfect,” you smiled as he opened the heavier slider, leaving the screened portion closed. “We can check out that balcony view later.”

“It’s pretty good.” Dean slid into bed next to you, pulling you close. “Thank you for coming on this trip with me.”

“Thank you for a vacation that’s already been wonderful,” you beamed back, kissing him sweetly before drifting off to a peaceful nap.


When the two of you woke, clouds still threatened to drop more rain on the land below, but it sure wasn’t going to keep you holed up in that hotel room for long. You took a quick shower before letting Dean have the bathroom to do the same. The dress you picked out to wear was a white spaghetti strap number, with pretty wildflowers printed along the bottom of the skirt. You left your hair down to fall into its natural waves, and slipped into some red sandals. Just as you were finishing your light make-up, Dean emerged from the bathroom, his hair perfectly tousled, and wearing a green polo that brought out his eyes, and khaki shorts.

“Well, look at you, pretty girl.” He leaned down to kiss you. “Let’s do a little exploring before we find somewhere to eat dinner. What do you say?”

“Sounds perfect,” you agreed.

Thanks to a suggestion from the gentleman at the hotel’s front counter, you and Dean followed directions to a small district towards the middle of the city. There were street vendors, small shops, and plenty of restaurants to choose from for supper. The two of you ducked in and out of almost every store, took in the wares of most of the vendors, and finally settled on a place to eat.

“This is excited, our first trip together,” you gushed while the two of you waited for your food. “Seriously, Dean, you have no idea how much this all means to me.”

“Anything for you,” Dean promised, running his thumb over the back of your hand. It sent chills up and down your spine.

You bit your bottom lip, then pretended to look around at the restaurant’s décor. In reality, you were trying to compose your thoughts. Physically, your relationship with Dean had gotten more and more heated as time went on – and not necessarily gradually, either. The temptation to sneak down to the basement those few days you spent with Mary had been almost overwhelming, but you held on to your respect for Dean and his family and stayed put. The last few days, however, every touch that held even a hint of intimacy had your stomach full of butterflies, and the rest of your body aching with anticipation.

It wasn’t that you wanted to jump right to that. You were just so in love with this man, and the deeper in love you fell, the more you had the urge to share that intimacy with him.

“I think I lost you,” Dean chuckled, squeezing your hand. “Come back to me, Y/N.”

You giggled, but then let your eyes meet his in a coy gaze. “I could never leave you, Dean. You’re it for me.”

“Likewise,” he half-smiled across the table. His eyes reflected the lighting of the restaurant, but you knew the look he gave you was more than just mood-lighting – it was Dean feeling exactly the same as what you were feeling.

You were nervous the rest of supper, but tried not to let it show. When the meal was done, Dean walked with you back to where the rental was parked. He kept his fingers laced with yours, and kept his body as close to you as he could without interrupting your steps. In the car, he kissed the back of your hand.

Okay, you thought to yourself. Is this going to happen now? There was the look – damn. Why am I so nervous?

Because he’s the one, your heart reminded you.

And you knew it was true. Everything had to be perfect, because your love with Dean was perfect. You almost felt like you were losing your virginity all over again.

A few fat raindrops hit the windshield as Dean directed the car towards the hotel; by the time the car was parked in the lot, it was a straight downpour of the same fat raindrops. You bit your lip and looked up at the sky.

“I don’t think it’s going to stop anytime soon, Sparky,” you sighed.

“I think you’re right,” Dean agreed, turning off the ignition and leaning back in his seat. “Do we wait here a bit, or head inside?”

You pretended to think for a moment before breaking out in a grin. “Race you up to the room! Loser buys breakfast!”

You heard Dean yell after you, but all you could do was laugh as you ran, soaking wet, into the hotel and over to the elevators that would take you up to your floor. You couldn’t help but laugh a little more when the elevator doors closed just before Dean could make it.

The air inside the hotel was cold; you shivered and hugged yourself. You couldn’t wait to get out of that wet dress and into some dry, warm pajamas. The elevator dinged, signaling your floor. You walked at a normal pace to the door of the room you were sharing with Dean – and realized he had the key to the room.

“Damn it, you still beat me,” you heard from down the hall. You grinned looking over to see Dean coming from the stairway entry to the door.

“Yeah, but you have the key, so I’m not sure what I really got out of winning – oh yeah, except for breakfast,” you giggled.

Dean chuckled as he pushed the hotel door open, allowing you to go in first while he made sure the door was locked behind the two of you.

“I never would have thought you had speed like that,” Dean joked.

“I have talents you know nothing about, Winchester.”

You hadn’t mean for the statement to imply anything, but as you stepped closer to him, the implication was confirmed by the look in your eyes.

Dean looked back at you with the same implication in his gaze. His hands traveled up to your wet cheeks; he cupped your face and kissed you softly. Softly, but with a definite purpose.

“I love you, Y/N. Always.”

“I love you always. Promise.”

The kiss deepened as your tongues battled for control, and Dean’s warm hands went for the zipper on the back of your dress.

Morning After

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Hello there! Can you maybe please do number 26 of the Ways To Say I Love You fanfic thing? I'd love to hear how you'd write it because you write in a very specific and interesting way. I love you! Have a fantabulous day!!! :))) xxx

26: Broken, as you clutch the sleeve of my jacket and beg me not to leave

The Way You Said I Love You

It’s not my fault you guys keep sending me sad prompts

Nico blinked back the tears. He seemed to be doing that a lot lately, holding back his feelings and putting on a smile, encouraging Will no matter how much it hurt. He wanted his fiancé to be happy, doing what he loved, but that seemed to take him further and further away from Nico.

“It’s three months in Haiti. I’d leave on the first and I’d come back in November.” He handed the voucher to Nico, who set his coffee cup aside to hold it. He glanced down at the smiling faces on the front, a woman holding a stethoscope to a child’s chest, the child sporting a wide grin. He glanced at her left hand and saw a silver band, thinking of her husband who must be worry sick back home, struggling to live normally without his wife. That would be Nico in three weeks. 

Nico looked up and was met with Will’s blue eyes, so full of hope and eagerness to help and youth. Nico plastered on what he hoped was a convincing smile. “If this is what you want to do.” He set the voucher aside as Will leapt at him, grinning.

“I thought you’d beg me not to go. I wouldn’t go if you asked me not to, but I’m really excited about this. I’ll get to help so many people. The time’ll fly, you’ll see.”

Nico let a few tears slip, his face hidden from Will’s view. “I could never keep you from your dreams.”


Nico felt like a terrible fiancé. He didn’t want Will to go to Haiti at all. He wanted him to stay safe, working in the hospital and coming home to Nico every night. Did that make him a terrible fiancé? Nico was pretty sure it did. He kept it well hidden though, for two and a half weeks leading up to Will’s trip. He smiled when he was supposed to, kissed Will when he was supposed to, enjoyed Will’s occasional sex when he was supposed to. He felt like Will was already gone.

Four days before Will was supposed to leave, Nico snapped. He threw a wine glass at the wall just as Will walked in the door, and at that point, it was too late. Nico was already sopping and looking for something else to smash. 

Will was at his side in an instant. “Hey, hey,” he gently grabbed Nico’s arms to keep him from breaking anything else and maneuvered them to the couch. “What’s going on? What’s wrong?” His voice was soft and compassionate and not at all judgmental and it made Nico even more upset. 

“I can’t do this anymore!” He squeezed his eyes shut and grabbed a fistful of his hair. 

Will gently pried his hands away and held them in his lap. “Do what? What’s wrong, Nico?”

“I can’t pretend that I’m okay with you leaving! You’re my fiancé, Will!” He tried wiping his eyes. “I know I can’t hold you back from your dreams, and that I’m being incredibly selfish right now, but I just,” he grabbed Will’s sleeve, “I can’t, Will.”

Will gently shushed Nico ad pulled him into his lap, setting his chin on the top of Nico’s head. “I can’t do it, Will.”

Will stayed silent and Nico was scared that he was going to yell, push him away and leave. Instead, Will sighed quietly and traced Nico’s chin with his thumb. “Why didn’t you tell me you didn’t want me to go?”

“You were so excited, I couldn’t just say no. You want to help people, I don’t want to be the one to hold you back.” Nico sniffled quietly. 

“There’s a difference between holding me back and wanting to keep me safe. Nico, you should’ve just told me.” 

A beat of silence then, “I know. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. I’ll cancel my ticket.”

Nico turned around and stared at him like he was crazy. “But that’s what you want to do. Your dream-”

“My dream is to marry you, which I will one day, but my dream isn’t to go to Haiti. It’s just something I thought would be cool.”

Nico smiled, really smiled, for the first time in two weeks.

It’s long, but I couldn’t just end it.

London Calling


Dean cranks up the stereo, doing his best to drown out the sound of Cas talking. He clenches and unclenches his jaw, feeling the muscle pop as he does, trying to give himself something else to focus on besides the freeway.

His efforts are in vain, and right now there’s just him, Cas, and the open road to Kansas City International.

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 A/N: So, for me this story has been a whirlwind. I’ve met so many gorgeous human beings because of it. I just wanted to say that I quite honestly love anyone who has said nice things to me as a consequence of this daft thing I wrote half on a whim and half at your encouragement. I know it’s simple, I know there’s not a bunch going on and it’s rather predictable – but I love you all so much for everything. And not to spoiler alert or anything, but the rating has kinda gone up, maybe, sorta… 

I also had a few questions about who I thought Emma’s boss would be fairy tale wise, and while he’s not in Storybrooke, I’ve included his name in this chapter so you can figure out who he is through that handy thing we call google :)

Whatever Floats Your Boat

CS Bookshop AU

Part 1: Clichés // FF
Part 2: Romantics
Part 3: Biographies
Part 4: Children’s Literature
Part 5: Imagery
Part 6: Travel Guides
Part 7: Epilogues
Appendix 1: Cook Books


Part 6: Travel Guides.


I quit my job this week. 

There were three things that happened within the space of three weeks that Emma would say - with the benefit of hindsight - were probably (definitely) worth noting. Of course, at the time she was none-the-wiser, she was simply the same small girl making the same frightened choices, lost to most people and to herself. She had no clue what she was doing, except that every vein in her body was begging her to scratch the itch that spread through her like pins and needles. 

So, Emma waited.

As she always did when she did this (which she’d done several times, now), waiting for the regret to sink in. A boy had told her once, twisting on a rusty carnival swing, that she would just know when the decision wasn’t the right one; know when an overwhelming feeling of post-adolescent yearning was location specific and not an esoteric longing for somewhere non-particular. Just as Emma would always wait for that answer, for that confirmation, that feeling, the response came back a resounding ‘no’ each and every time.

(Much to Emma’s great disappointment.)

Similarly, that is exactly how it came to her now.

‘No, you will not regret leaving this place’.

But there was something there that wasn’t there before, and there was no denying to herself what was different this time.

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Hi! I came across your random sterek fic rec list a few days ago and there were a few fics on there I'd read but most I've never even heard of, so I saved it in my drafts and like every freaking fic on there is literally GOLD. I mean I read A LOT of fic and I've NEVER come across a list where I throughly enjoyed every single rec. It was like finding a treasure! So I was wondering if you possibly had any interest in making another one? Either way, thank you so much!

Hey there! Sorry for the late reply, I was at the beach for Carnival and I had no wifi or cell reception there. First of all, thank you so much for giving me feedback! I love reccing fics but I never get feedback so it’s good to know someone’s been enjoying them :) So I’ve no idea what you have or haven’t read yet, or what sort of fics you like, but here are some I’ve enjoyed thoroughly:

This fic rec contais 32 fics of varied lenghts, ratings & tropes. Hope you enjoy!

tongue of dog and blind-worm’s sting by Zercalo 

In order to keep the identity of the teacher he’s been seeing a secret, Derek’s been withdrawing from his pack and family. Cora, frustrated with his alienation and a little lonely, clings to the first nonjudgmental person who offers companionship – which happens to be that odd Muggleborn Revenclaw who’s always hanging around the Gryffindor common room.

She hasn’t befriended Stiles for Derek’s sake, but Derek just might reap the benefits anyway - if he pulls his head out of his ass and quit the stupid self-sacrificing act.

Tags: Teacher-Student Relationship; Warning: Kate Argent; Alternate Universe - Hogwarts; Human Sacrifice; shunning as a form of bullying; Quidditch; dead children

Dead Cinch by Zercalo

Precision tactical nuclear devices; Umbrella-typical damage control handling method. At midnight tonight, Beacon Hills will be completely sanitized.

That leaves Derek with less than five hours to complete his mission, help this kid find his father and maybe even discover what happened to his sister when she disappeared a year ago.

Tags: Alternate Universe - Fusion; Minor Character Death; Zombies; Resident Evil - Freeform; Soldier Derek

The Silent Fury by andavs, rosepetals42

Derek is about to leave, content with the smell of blood as proof that the Fury is dead when he hears it.A heartbeat.It’s faint and uneven and even with its help, it takes Derek a full minute of scanning the clearing before he finally spots the small heap that must be the human. It’s down on the far side of the canyon, almost completely hidden by a tall oak tree and–Derek jumps down before he thinks about it.He knows what he has to do. Furies are dangerous. Furies are fire and smoke and a funeral he barely remembers. He lands almost silently and makes sure his hands are fully shifted into claws and then slowly moves forward.Or, a How to Train Your Dragon AU

Tags: How to Train Your Dragon AU; Emissary Stiles Stilinski; Magical Stiles Stilinski; Werewolves; Alive Hale Family

Beta Testing by andavs

If asked, Derek would be able to provide a number of solid reasons as to why he took the job as Head of Security at Global Dynamics.

He could also, at the drop of a hat, list in descending order every reason he hated it and why he kept his letter of resignation updated and printed out next to the phone in his office.

Tags: eureka au; Roboticist Stiles Stilinski; GD Security Derek Hale

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dokidokihuh  asked:

Can you do some aomine cheating on his s/o angst and the aftermath (maybe she ends up with one of the gom :3) i thought i'd miss requests being open cause i was playing videogames nonstop for 4 hoursXD

“D-Daiki..?” Your broken voice still rang in his head, even though you were gone, trying to put as much distance between you and him as you could. You’d caught him doing the one thing you’d worried he would do.

He cheated. Even though he promised to never cheat, he did.

He’d called you almost a dozen times now and left as many voice messages containing an equal amount of profanities and apologies.

“Fuck, ______, I’m sorry, I know I’m a dick but please, shit, please I messed up let me fix this.”

You listened to the voice mail but it only made your heart ache more.

No amount of either could fix what he’d done.

You muted you phone and shoved it into your pocket as you ran back home, trying to stop the tears from falling from your eyes.

You’d put enough distance between him and you that you slowed down from your run to stumble back to your home. Curling up alone in your blankets seemed like a good idea right now…you really didn’t think you could face anyone.

Though of course the universe didn’t care what you thought. You ran directly into someone and stumbled back before a hand wrapped around your wrist.

“Ah, sorry I didn’t see you!” Someone apologized and you looked up with tear stained cheeks and red eyes.

“My bad…” You sniffed.

“H-hey is something wrong?” He cocked his head, golden eyes looking at you with concern.

“No… It’s nothing.” You sniffed again and his concern grew.

“Can I at least walk you home? As an apology? It’s getting dark.”

You shrugged and he gently let go of your hand. “Lead the way. I’m Kise, by the way, Kise Ryouta.”

“_________ __________.”

“_______….” He considered the name then his eyes widened, “you’re Aomine’s-!”

He was cut off by your strangled sob as you shook your head. “Not anymore.”

“Oh no….”

You arrived at your house soon enough and Kise shoved his hands in his pockets. “I’m sorry about whatever happened. If you ever need to talk-”

No you didn’t need to talk. You didn’t want to talk about this ever again.

Instead you threw your arms around his neck and pulled him in for a kiss.

He was taken aback but his eyes closed slowly and his hands rested on your hips. When you pulled back he grinned slightly. He slipped something into your pocket and whispered, “my numbers on the card.” He made sure you ran inside safe before taking off.

Aomine was still trying his hardest to get a hold of you but you refused to take his calls or messages. You didn’t need him anymore.

He refused to accept that.

It took a while before he gave up calling you and went for a direct confrontation.

He knocked on your door a week after “the incident” and you threw the door open with a grin.

“Ryouta! You’re earl-”

Ryouta wasn’t there. No this was the one person you did not want to see.

“What are you doing here?” Your voice had been cheerful a moment ago but now was harsh and cold.

“I wanted to apologize…Ryouta? You were expecting Kise?”

“I don’t want to hear your apology. And that’s none of your business at this point.”

“You never let me explain!”

“Why would I need your explanation? What I saw was enough! I don’t need you to justify yourself to me!” You yelled, trying to slam the door. He stopped it with his foot.

“And how long was it before you and Kise became a thing?”

“You don’t get to question me! Things were over with us from that moment and you knew it! You have no claim over me!”

“I made a mistake! I still love you!”

His words brought tears to your eyes. “You didn’t love me enough to do what you did. Leave Aomine.”

He flinched at you using his last name like you were strangers when you had been so close. He gritted his teeth as the door was slammed for a final time.

prompted by reallybadacid

accidentally called your number while drunk asking for a ride and you actually came au (from this post)

It’s all quick-rapid motion, Erik’s transition from comfortably sound asleep to bolt upright wrench open bedside table grab knife turn on light look around wild eyed and alert and poised to strike. It takes a long beat and another tinny ring to realize the only thing that’s interrupted his slumber is the ringing of his cell phone. He sighs deeply, letting tension ebb from his frame as he thunks the knife back onto the bedside table, picks up his phone and frowns at it. A string of numbers greet him, not somebody programmed into his phone. He has a moment of indecision, but - well, it’s 2:30 am, what if it’s important?

He jabs the green circle on the screen and brings the phone to his ear. “What.”

He immediately pulls it from his ear again, because a blast of sound is issuing from the tiny speaker. Some kind of atrocious music, loud enough to be distorted over the phone line, thumping bass. People talking as well, but not particularly anybody talking into the phone. “…Hello?” Erik tries, patience nearly run out.

“HANK.” Erik nearly drops the phone. “HANK, CAN-… CAN YOU HEAR ME.”

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the john painting, its meaning according to its location


When John first goes to Baker St, the painting I like to call the, ‘John Painting’, is introduced to us thusly.  

It’s exactly behind John so we can see the clear parallel.  To me, this painting already being in Sherlock’s life is a kind of foreshadowing of him falling for John.  Here’s a painting of a man that he already finds beautiful enough to prominently display in his home.  It is the only portrait in his flat. 

In this episode we see that the painting is displayed in the bookshelf on the left hand side of the fireplace.


This is the first shot of Baker St we see in this episode,

Where the John painting used to there is now a television.

Our first view of the John Painting is here,

Immediately after Sherlock says, 'take my card’.  A gesture of his love and trust, even this early on.  

For importance of money in relation to courtship in TBB, see,


And in the tableau that Sherlock has created for John’s arrival.  He fixes his suit and sits himself casually here to wait for John.  With his bull and John painting behind him.

The John painting is now immediately next to Sherlock’s desk and the bull. Symbolism of the bull includes sex and virility.  I’ve always thought of the bull in his flat as one of the elephants in the room for Sherlock: his repressed sexual urges.  To place the painting next to himself is a romantic gesture representing that John is now and will always be on his mind.  In TBB is the first time we are introduced to the idea that Sherlock “doesn’t notice” when John leaves.  

“I said, 'would you pass me a pen’.”


“About an hour ago”.

'Didn’t notice I’d gone, did you?’

This to John means that he doesn’t notice him one way or another but it actually means that John is so ever-present in his mind that his inner monologue continues to revolve around him, even when he’s not around.  


In the beginning of TGG we see Sherlock has painted a happy face on the wall at Baker St and is now shooting at it.  

For meaning of happy face, see,


He’s angry with John but the John painting is still on the wall near the bull.  Next to his desk area.

We see John put away his gun and the John painting is still in its special place, next to the, 'symphony of illumination’, as I like to call Sherlock’s multilamp set up on the desk.  In case we needed more symbolism: the John painting is now positioned in an area with an excessive number of lamps.

At the end of TGG, we will see a breakthrough for them in the form of John offering to die for Sherlock and himself and John deciding to die together in other to defeat Moriarty.


First shot of Baker St, we’re immediately shown that the John painting has moved,

John writing on the illumination/Sherlock side of the desk.  

The John painting no longer in its new location.  Why?  I think because it’s been replaced by the happy face cypher as a statement of Sherlock’s love.  Now, that the happy face is there, he can return the painting to its old location.  It’s old location, however, was one of the 'ideal’, i.e. the place he had chosen for this beautiful man, before John was even in the picture.  This way John can remain as the ideal with his chair next to the John painting, as a clear parallel and the happy face with express his love.

This is the first we will see of the painting, right above John’s shoulder,


Two skulls, two Johns. we are specifically shown the location of the tv and the John painting since John’s chair is turned as if to watch tv,


John with painting above him, complaining of this new tabloid nickname,


We can see that while Mycroft is in John’s chair playing operation, he is not shown from his right hand side with the John painting in the back.  Their establishing shots are out of focus and their dialogue is shot in over the shoulder closeups.  We only see the John painting once Mycrofts leaves John’s chair.

This shows that the John painting is a symbol of John, it’s not shown in relation to Mycroft while in John’s chair.


First shot of John painting in relation to the morning tea that Sherlock hadn’t realised he’d been taken for granted for god’s knows how long,

like his feelings for John.


The first we see of the John painting is after they come back to Baker St.  We have the scene with Anderson and drug search, conflict with Mycroft, Janine coming out the bedroom and only after all that happens, as Janine is leaving, we get to see it,

We see it triangulating with Sherlock and Janine, enforcing the theme of John’s jealousy, here.

And the John painting in its starring role:  The Stag Night.  I would’ve never noticed its role as John if I hadn’t seen that scene.

John will show it to us, in case we haven’t noticed,

anonymous asked:

48. "Boo." (preferably narry if you don't mind :)

In honour of the anniversary of this blessed event: 2k words of a uni au.


A bloke in the row behind answers a question about Gladstone and his rescue work and Niall turns around to listen, because he can only really concentrate on what someone is saying when he can see their face as they say it, and that’s when he sees him. Right behind him, in fact, almost - he’s sat in the chair on the left of the one directly behind Niall. He’s looking at the bloke talking as well along the row so he’s not looking at Niall, and Niall can only see the side of his face; he’s not entirely sure it’s him. The other bloke’s finished answering the question and everyone on the row turns to look at the front again once the lecturer’s talking again and Niall’s head snaps forward as well, just in time.

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hookshappiness  asked:

Hiii Lena, congrats on your milestone!! You derserve them all :)) Aaaaand I have a prompt for you! I'd be very happy if you could write number 46: “You’ve locked yourself outside of your apartment and there’s a storm rolling in and I pity you so I’ll let you into mine” :))

hookshappiness​: Alet! mijn moiie liefde tulp! I hope you like this  :)

Roll the dice

K: I forgot my keys, please leave them under the doormat before you leave so I can get in

L: Got it, little brother

Killian Jones looked at this phone screen one more time. Liam had replied, he’d said he would leave the bloody keys under the bloody doormat. So why had he lifted the doormat and find it empty!? He hastily taped on his phone and called his older brother.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm a big fan of your tumblr. I wonder what are your expectations for the future of the Winter Soldier and Black Widow in the film. For knew Sebastian Stan signed nine contracts. I'm really anxious, I'd love to see them together like in the comics.

Well it’s hard for to me to say what my expectations are. We know that Sebastian Stan has seven more movies left in his contract. I’ve never been able to find any information about whether Scarlett Johansson has a six or nine movie deal, so it’s hard to say how many movies she has left – though if they do decide to do a Black Widow movie, I would be kinda shocked if she didn’t renew her contract. So let me tell you what I want to happen.

I want a Black Widow movie.

I want a Black Widow movie set in the present day. I want a Black Widow movie set in the present day with Bucky as Natasha’s Bond Girl. I want a Black Widow movie set in the present day with Bucky as Natasha’s Bond Girl where they go after the masterminds of the Red Room (who also had a hand in keeping the Winter Soldier brainwashed). Maybe that person or persons was HYDRA all along, embedded into or recruited from the KGB*. Maybe they offered their services to the highest bidder during the collapse of the Russian economy in the 1990s and that’s how they ended up with HYDRA. Either way, HYDRA has its own Red Room and the Black Widow and the Winter Soldier are going to shut it down.  At the very least, I want Yelena Belova. I would love to see Madame Hydra to be at least introduced in the film.  This is basically what I want in a Black Widow movie.

Now for specific Bucky/Natasha things I want:

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anonymous asked:

(Part 1) Oh, wise one, I have only a few people to ask for advice about this so I figured I'll get a new opinion, if you'll help me out! I have been with my husband for 7 years (2 of them married) and, well, I'll make a ridiculously long story as short as I can. (Background: he's latin american, and they are much more affectionate than americans(like me), generalizing from everyone I know. Throughout our relationship, he's had a number of female friends who are more affectionate than I'd like...

and I have told him it makes me uncomfortable and Asked him to ask them to stop, but there is one girl who is a huge problem. They talk about sexual things and “joke” about sexual things they (according to him) have not done, and he has hung out with her in secret, so secret in fact that she came here from his old country and they hung out and took a roadtrip AND HE DIDNT TELL ME ABOUT IT. I found out from my grandma asking my mom who she was on facebook because the girl has me blocked.
And I have confronted him many times and each time he says he will stop talking to her but he never does and every time I happen to see that she’s sent him messages he says hes not talking to her but she wont stop talking to him. 2 times ago I seriously told him I want a divorce because this will never change, but we decided one more strike and its over. Then it happened again and i said okay once more but seriously this is the last chance. Then two days ago he was on his phone at the theater before the movie and i glanced to see what he was doing and saw the main list of messages and a few down was a message from her that day at 7pm. I dont think he had responded, and we had been together out with friends since 6. So I need to bring it up again in the next few days (i havent because weve been working and havent seen each other except at 3am in bed). Its hard to decide to leave and i dont know what to do! If you have advice I would appreciate it! Thx 

Oh man, normally I try to be measured and thoughtful in these things but Anon, why do you keep giving this dickbag another chance? You’ve given him like four last chances. Why are you still with him? 

Because the thing is, whether or not he’s actually cheating on you – which I gotta tell you, having watched a lot of the TV show Cheaters, he’s almost definitely cheating on you – he obviously doesn’t respect you. He tells you what you want to hear and then does what he wants. He hides things from you when he knows they’ll upset you, and probably not because he doesn’t want to upset you but because he doesn’t want to get caught and have to talk you into staying with him again. He knows what he’s doing hurts you and he clearly doesn’t give a shit. I am sorry, I am so sorry, and this is not your fault, but your husband is a jerk. 

I know it’s hard to leave a committed relationship. I know that there’s shame involved, and a feeling of failure, and I know that you may not be in a great financial position to leave him. I know you might be afraid of being alone. But bb. Figure out a way to swing it and leave him. If he hasn’t gotten better by now he’s not going to, and he clearly a) doesn’t care about what makes you happy and b) doesn’t care overly much if you find out he’s hurting you. The only reason he keeps talking you into staying is that then he’s got a guaranteed partner to come home to. Ask yourself, what are you getting out of this relationship? What is he getting out of this relationship? Who’s getting more? I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume he’s getting everything he wants and you’re getting nearly nothing you want. And do you really feel happy having to keep tabs on him? Do you really feel like a good person when you spy on him because you can’t trust him? 

If you are in a position to leave him, leave him. Don’t confront him, don’t ask him to change. Tell him you’re done and leave him. Better yet, leave him while he’s out and leave him a note telling him you’ve left him, and don’t ever talk to him without a lawyer again. Take your stuff, clean out what’s yours from any joint bank accounts you guys have, cut off his access to any personal accounts you have, find somewhere safe to stay, and leave him. 

There is no aspect of being single that is worse than being in a relationship with someone who has no respect for you. You deserve better. I hope you find it. 

  • you have your first run-in with the paps.
  • Luke: It's been two months since you last saw Luke, so naturally when you joined the boys on tour you and Luke wanted to sneak out for some alone time. Or what you thought would be alone time. You and Luke interlock fingers as you walk around a small town in Northern England. The streets are quiet, and as the wind blows he pulls you closer. "I'm so happy you're here, I needed to see you Y/N." You smile up at him as you make your way around a shop corner. "Luke! Y/N!" The two of you are suddenly blinded as it seems like cameras are flashing from every direction. Within seconds Luke and you are separated, and you helplessly spin in circles screaming as the paps close in- their voices getting louder and louder. Suddenly you feel a firm grip on your arm as you are pulled backwards. "Leave us alone you fucking pricks! Can't you see she's scared!" Luke screamed at the top of his lungs, as he wrapped his arms around you. He continues to yell as he pulls you away from the mayhem. In between his countless apologies you watch him take deep and long breathes, you've never seen him this angry. "It's okay, I'm okay Luke." "This isn't okay." He huffs as he walks in circles with his hands behind his head. "I just…I'm so sorry that happened to you." He states sadly as he pulls you into a tight hug.
  • Calum: "Are you sure you want to go shopping now?" Calum questioned as you and Ash's girlfriend were preparing for a day out on the town. "Yes" you laughed "I love being on tour with you but I'd also like to leave this hotel room." "I know, it's just those paps are everywhere.." He furrowed his brows together as you quickly kissed him. "I'll see you later!" You smile as you shut the door. The day went quickly and as the sun set you all decided that dinner was the best option. After yelping every restaurant in the nearby area you all decided on a cute up and coming italian place. Along the way to the restaurant you ran into a few fans and of course stopped and talked to them. It was because of these lovely people that Cal even had the opportunity to do what he loves. Yet suddenly you saw cameras flash in the distance, and within seconds paps had surrounded you and the girls. Frantic and unable to process what was going on you began to push through the crowd and run. By the time you looked up a car was barreling towards you. You screamed loudly as Ash's girlfriend pulled you back onto the sidewalk. Desperately you all got into the closest cab and rushed back to the hotel. Before getting out you all agreed not to tell the boys what had happened. "Y/N! Are you okay?? I told you that this wasn't a good idea! I have been sitting here sick about this. I read on twitter you were almost hit by a car? Never again. I shouldn't have let you go. I can't believe I could have lost you." Calum ran to you hysterical as you assured him everything was okay.
  • Ashton: You were acting like a gitty school girl the entire day. You were told this morning that the boys manager was able to get you floor seats to see them preform, and you couldn't contain your excitement. Everyone naturally assumes that because you date a band member you get great seats to every show. Sadly, you almost always end up watching from the wings where the view is almost always blocked by some unknown object. The opening acts finished, and you kissed Ashton goodbye telling him to have a great time. "Of course I will, because you're in the audience tonight." He shoots you his big dorky smile as you're cheeks light up. A year later and he still gives you butterflies. "Okay lets get you to your seat." A security guard states as he leads you out into the crowd and to the 5th row. Suddenly the girls around you begin to scream, and within seconds there's a small circle around you- iPhones waving in every direction. You smile as the security guard attempts to detain the situation, yet the tension mounts as girls try to climb the railing and seats to get a better glimpse. Before you can blink an eye the crowd closes in and you begin to hyperventilate, you never handled mobs of people well. "Ashton!" The girls begin to scream as you open your eyes. "Babe oh my god Y/N! Everyone please back up!" Ashton began to yell as he pulled you to safety. "Are you okay? I'm so sorry I didn't think this was going to happen. I need to tell them that this isn't okay, where is my phone. NO better yet I need to go on stage. You could have been hurt!" He stated frantically as he kissed you.
  • Michael: "Hi love! I've just landed, yep I'll see you soon Mikey. I know I'm so excited." You smiled as you hung the phone up. "Excuse me where is baggage claim 5?" You ask politely as the flight attendant pointed down the escalator and to the left. Your heart begins to race as it finally hits you that Mikey will be down there, smiling like an idiot. It feels like ages since you've seen him last and finally today was the day that you were going to be reunited. As you made your way down the escalator you felt your phone vibrating in your pocket. "Yeah I'm coming love! Jeez." You laugh into the phone yet Mikey's tone wasn't as uplifting. "Some prick released to the press that I am in the airport. So I need you to meet me at exit 7 instead. I'm sorry." "Okay I got it babe, don't worry." This sadly happens all the time so you weren't surprised. Within seconds you see a large red illuminated number 5 and head over to grab your luggage. As you reach to pick it up you curse under your breathe, and state how this is the time when having Mikey around is useful. You begin to stroll through the airport slowly passing exit 5, then heading to exit 6. As you make your way past exit 6 you suddenly feel a tug on your bag and before you know it your face is pressed against the cold ground. You look around, disoriented and realize that the paps had not only found you but literally pushed you to the ground. "What the fuck do you think you're doing! Get away from her you pricks or I'll sue your fucking asses off, get away! Babe are you okay. Here let's get you out of here."

THE 100 AU » Bellarke Royalty (Part 3) requested by bellgriffins

Clarke awoke that morning to the sound of conversation. Raven, still in last night’s dress —as was she— was standing at the open door talking to who Clarke could only imagine was Finn.

She quickly jumped out of bed and smoothed down her dress and hair as the other girl turned at the sound.

“She lives!”

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The only exception

Summary: Pushing Daisies AU; A single touch brings the dead back to life, but Belle’s life soon gets turned upside down when she accidentally revives Mr Gold.
A/N: For Marchie, Happy belated birthday. I hope I’ll manage to be on time next year <3

For a man who had just been given a second chance at life, Mr Gold looked suspiciously like someone who contemplated jumping off a bridge.

His brow was furrowed, dark eyes boring into the squishy piece of cheesecake in front of him as if he didn’t quite know what to do with it. Once in a while he would move, push his fork a few inches to the right, tap his spindly fingers against the table, or open his mouth only to let his tongue dart over his cracked lips.

Needless to say, his silence was driving Belle absolutely insane.

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Along Their Skin- Michael

Ray’s | Ryan’s

A/N: Special shout out to Katie for being amazing and helping me figure out the sentences for this one. <3

Michael had been ready to meet his soulmate. Or soulmates, really.

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Preference- Your Child Runs Away
  • A/N: Zayn's is different from all the others and I'm not even sorry
  • Louis: Four times Louis had told your son James not to play football in the house, and yet the mischievous six year old was still kicking around the ball. He had nearly just knocked over one of Louis' Brit awards, and that was the last straw. "That's it! You're grounded, no football for a week," Louis says, taking the football and holding it out of James' reach. "Go to your room." James' eyes get wide; he has never been grounded before. "Dad, that's not fair! That's mine!" "James, I told you four times to stop playing in the house, and you still did. You live in my house, you live by my rules." Your son stomped off to his room, only to come out a few minutes later with his small backpack slung on his shoulders. "Dad, I'm running away," he declares, a determined expression on his face. Louis looks at him skeptically, remembering when he did this same thing when he was six, and decided to do the same thing his mum did to him. "Really, James? Why?" "I can tell that you hate me now. I'll leave so I won't bother you anymore." Louis sighs, a serious expression on his face. "I don't hate you, buddy, but you are six years old. I can't stop you if you really want to leave." James mouth falls open in surprise as he sees his dad reach into his pocket and pull out a few pounds. "Here's some money for the tube, and for a pay phone so you can call us when you get somewhere." The little boy is still speechless as Louis walks him to the front door. "I'll miss you, James. Maybe you can visit on Christmas or something," Louis says when they reach the porch, bending down to give James a hug. "Dad, you're letting me just leave?" James asks incredulously, and Louis nods. "You're six now, James, you're old enough to make your own decisions. If you don't want to live by my rules then I guess you'll just have to find somewhere else to live." James starts walking down the front walkway, taking slow, unsure steps. When he gets to the street, he glances back at his father, watching as Louis gives him one last wave and turns to go back inside. "Dad, wait!" He cries, running back up to him and jumping into Louis' waiting arms. "Dad, I'm really sorry I played football in the house. Please don't make me leave." Louis picks his son up, holding him tight to his chest. "I won't, James. I could never let you just leave. You're my partner against mum and your sister. If you left, I'd be all alone." The two go back inside, deciding to forget all about James' punishment.
  • Niall: "Shit." Niall cursed to himself when he opened up your six year old daughter Emily's room to find it empty and the window wide open. He had sent her to her room ten minutes ago after he found her eating a bowl of ice cream before dinner, even though she had been told multiple times not to. Niall had been having a rough day, having just got back from a small tour in America and being jet lagged, so when he discovered his daughter disobeying him, he let his temper get the best of him and scolded her rather loudly, causing the small girl to burst into tears and run into her room. Niall had calmed down a bit before going to Emily's room to talk to her, only to find her missing. His heart pounded in fear as he ran outside, frantically calling her name as he ran down the block. He reaches the end of the block and halfway through the next before he hears the familiar whimpers of his little girl. "Emmy," He says, his heartbeat slowing down when he sees her sitting against a tree, clutching her Hello Kitty book bag to her chest. She looks up at her father's voice, quickly running into his open arms, her tears creating a wet spot on his shirt. "'M sorry, daddy, I was gonna come back, promise, but I got lost and couldn't see home anymore," she mumbles, and Niall gently rubs her back, picking up her book bag as he starts to walk back to his house. "It's alright, Princess, I'm here. Daddy's got you," he whispers to her, "Don't you ever do that again, Emmy. I was so scared." Emily bring her head up to look at him, their identical eyes locking. "I'm sorry, daddy. I love you." Niall chuckles lightly, kissing her cheek as he responds. "I love you, too, Princess. Daddy's sorry for yellin' at ya earlier."
  • Zayn: You had passed away from cancer about a year earlier, leaving Zayn and fifteen year old Ally alone, and lately, the two have been distant and rude with each other, not quite knowing how to cope with their feelings without you there. So, when Zayn comes home from the studio one day to find the house empty and quiet, he doesn't think much of it, as Ally was often out with her friends or boyfriend, Hayden. However, when it got to be the next morning, and he still had not heard a word from his daughter, he began to panic, calling her cell multiple times only to get sent straight to voicemail. By lunch, he had gotten the police involved, filing a missing persons report, and he felt awful. This is his fault, if he had been closer to Ally and actually spent time with her then this wouldn't have happened. For the millionth time, he wished that you were here, because he was honest to God terrified and needed your comfort right now. Finally, at 10:08 PM, he got a call from an unknown number and picked up on the first ring. "Hello?" "...Daddy?" Relief courses through Zayn's veins at his daughters voice, although he is still slightly angry. "Ally, where the hell are you? I've the police looking--" he suddenly stops at the sound of Ally sobbing, and his anger quickly vanishes. "Ally, what's wrong? Where are you?" "Dad, I'm at some gas station next to the Super 8 motel a few towns over, you know? H-Hayden wanted me to run away with him because he told me it would help me deal with mum being gone and I said yes, because I'm tired of feeling like this, and you never comfort me anymore or anything, I felt like Hayden was the only one who cares about me." Zayn starts to interrupt, but Ally just continues. "B-but he doesn't, daddy, he brought me to this motel and tried to--tried to do stuff I didn't want to do, and when I refused, he got mad and hit me, and that's when I came here. I wanna come home, dad, I'm scared." Zayn's heart broke as he stood up and grabbed his keys, keeping his phone to his ear as he slips on his jacket. "It's alright, love, I'm on my way to get you right now. Does Hayden know you're there?" "I-I don't know, I don't think so, but he seemed pretty mad when I left, I'm scared he's gonna hurt me again, dad." Zayn's already in his car at this point, on his way to daughter. "Just stay on the phone with me, alright, Ally? I'll be there as soon as I can." His daughter hiccups on the other end, and Zayn continues talking to calm her down. "And for the record, I love you so so much Ally. I am so proud of everything you have done. I know I've been shit at showing it lately, but it's true, and I promise we'll fix our relationship. How about tomorrow, you and I go and see mum, yeah?"
  • Liam: "Dad, dad hurry up, it's almost starting!" Four year old Andrew said, tugging on Liam's pant leg. Liam doesn't look down at his son, too focused on his two month old daughter fussing in his arms. "Just a minute, Andy. Let me get your sister to sleep and then I'll be out to watch cartoons with you." Andy's face falls; Saturdays are usually Andy-Liam time, but ever since the baby came, he's had to learn to share you and Liam, an he wasn't used to it. "But Dad, Superman's already on TV!" This happens for ten more minutes before Liam finally gets frustrated with everything going on and snaps at the little boy. "I said in a minute, Andy! If you can't stay quiet until your sister gets to sleep then you won't be watching cartoons at all!" Andy's brown eyes fill with tears as he rushes out of the room, and Liam finally gets the baby to sleep a few minutes later. However, when he quietly closes her door and goes out to the living room, Andy is nowhere in sight-- and the front door is wide open. Liam's heart pounds as he rushes outside, contemplating what to do, not wanting to leave a tiny baby home alone, but still wanting to find his son. His eyes scan down the block, eventually spotting the small boy running down the sidewalk, towards the busy intersection. Liam sprints to catch up to him, shouting, "Andrew Joseph Payne! Do not take another step!" Andy freezes, his brown eyes widening. He's never been yelled at by his dad before. When Liam reaches him, he kneels to his level, a stern and angry expression on his face. "What were you thinking?! You know you're not supposed to leave the house without me or mummy, especially to cross the intersection!" Andy's bottom lip trembles , tears spilling down his cheeks. "D-daddy, you don't love me anymore. You forget about me all the time and you only love sissy now." Liam sighs, his expression softening as he brings the small boy into his arms. "Andy, you know that is not true at all. Sissy is just a little baby, she needs mine and mummy's help more than you right now. I love you so much, buddy." Andy wipes his eyes as Liam stands and begins making his way back home. "How much, daddy?" He asks, looking up at Liam hopefully. Liam laughs, moving Andy so he is sitting on his shoulders, just like he likes. "I love you to infinity and beyond, Andy."
  • Harry: The minute Harry steps through the front door after work, his fourteen year old daughter Paige rushes up to him, a frantic look on her face. "Dad, dad, I can't find Darcy anywhere, she's gone, I'm sorry-" An image of his four year old daughter Darcy pops up in his mind, worry creeping into his veins, but he knows he has to stay calm. "What do you mean, she's gone? What happened?" "Um, she was mad that I wouldn't play her princess game with her because I was right in the middle of putting Charlie down for his nap, and when I came out of his room, she was gone, I looked everywhere, even under all of the beds and in the cupboards." Harry sighs, closing his eyes as he rubs his temples, wondering why this had to happen on the one day Harry got home before you. "Alright, you stay here with Charlie and I'll go look outside," he tells Paige, and she nods, chewing her lip nervously. Harry turns around and exits the house, his mind working in overdrive. He tries to think of where he would go if he was an angry four year old, and it takes only a few minutes for Harry to figure out exactly where his daughter is. He makes his way over to the small, hidden fort he had built for Darcy a couple weeks and kneels down so he can knock lightly on the door. "Darc? You in there? It's daddy." A small sniffle is heard from inside before he door is swung open, a small body quickly flinging itself into Harry's arms. "Hiya, daddy!" Harry chuckles, kissing the top of her head before pulling back to look in her eyes. "Darc, you really scared Paige. She couldn't find you anywhere, she was very worried. Why didn't you tell her you were going to play out here?" Her tiny eyebrows furrow, a pout forming on her lips. "She told me not to bug her anymore or she'd tell Santa I was naughty." Harry laughed again, picking Darcy up as he stands and begins making his way back to the house. "Don't worry, Darc, Santa knows you were very good this year. Now, lets go apologize to your sister."
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