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So i’m sorry that it has taken so long to get this out but I did recently reach 300+ followers! I am incredibly blessed to have that many people following my trash and hope to be someone you enjoy following. I wanted to do something really cool like a giveaway but sadly I didn’t have anything to really give away so maybe at my next 100 yeah? Anyway, thank you for following me and making my experience ah-mazing, I promise to work harder and bring you better content in the future. Now, on to my follow forever!

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@fllameoflove you just switched blogs but you haven’t switched our amazing threads! you’re an amazing friend and writer, i am truly lucky to have found you on here. you have allowed me to help benjamin grow into the asshole that he is and i couldn’t thank you enough for that! 

@timexbomb hunty, you and i have recently become friends and what can i say? before i became a krp you had abby loving ethan and now we have lilly and eunhyuk (who is whipped for her) and i wouldn’t have it any other way? thank you for being such a great partner/friend and i hope we have a million more threads in the future!

@hyypejaeyoung i edited this maybe three times because my message would always get too long but god where do i start? you are definitely one of my favorite partners on this site. you and i have great characters and chemistry which is why i know our threads are always going to be good. whether it’s jae and won or brian and kyung, our threads give me plenty of angst and feels and i love you for that!

@sncwflckes BOO you have become my closest friend on this site! (no shade to anyone else ily all) but I am always looking forward to our conversations :) thank you so much for listening to me and letting me love and support you through everything and i can’t wait to have so many threads with you and watch as our characters grow together! 

@mysticmanyeo and last but certainly not least my honeybun. you have given me probably one of my most iconic ships and i couldn’t thank you enough for that. you’re hilarious af and i love that we can talk about hc with parker and ting ting all day long. i’m so glad that we started rping together and i can’t wait until we have so many more threads together!

To the people I follow, whom I love and definitely haven’t/won’t ever forget about you. You guys kept following me even after I switched over to my krp and i’ll love you for not ditching me.

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And finally, to the people whom I deeply admire/stalk. We either have a thread and I can’t wait to rp with you or I am in complete awe of your writing and would love to rp with you in the future!

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I’m sure there are countless others I forgot to mention and I apologize. So if you aren’t, follow these amazing people because they make my day by existing and they’ll make yours as well. Thank you for 300+ and, like I said, I promise to work harder at bringing you guys a great experience here and I hope you stick around with me long enough to reach my next 100, thank you!

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Hey! you guys often say that having a manga in both japanese and english is a good idea to learn. :D I can't upload images through the ask, but a Japanese publisher called "Jippi English Comics" has published a bunch of classic manga in english with hiragana and kanji next to each panel! So it's a single book in both english and Japanese! :D I have the Jungle Emperor Leo one! I just thought I'd let know that they exist in case you guys didn't know.

Thank you for sharing! ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ


Most bilingual books are actually published for Japanese people to help them learn English, but it also work the other way around. This can be a good alternative aside from Ghibli’s movie book & simple Japanese manga

Here’s the detail of the Jippi’s comic mentioned above :D
There are 3 main title published. Jungle Emperor Leo & Mighty Atom from Osamu Tezuka, and The Salesman Return by Fujiko Fujio. These are all classic manga.

If you like Fujiko Fujio’s Doraemon, there are similar bilingual books published too!

Here’s the link to get them:
• Jungle Emperor Leo
• Mighty Atom
• The Salesman Return

As you can see, the main text is in English while for every conversation, you can review the Japanese version written nearby.



Yes of course~ With a bilingual book, you’ll be able to understand the meaning of set-phrase/onomatopoeia words with no frustration.

For example, on the photo, Giant said “Ki o Tsukeru!” “Watch it!” (Lit: Careful!) and Suneo said “ぼくのせいじゃない”. “I didn’t do it! (Lit: It’s not my fault)” This kind of set-phrase meaning will be hard to find out especially since the word is written in hiragana so you can’t find which “SEI” or “TSUKERU” words that the book means. (There are a lot of SEI & TSUKERU with different meaning).

Onomatopoeia is a sound effect that mimics the thing described, making the description more expressive and interesting but is very hard to be understand by foreign people.

This type of word is used a lot in mangas. As you can see in this screenshot, the word “PeroPero” is being translated as “NYAH NYAAH~”, YAIYAI~ as “See this? (attracting atention)” and BA as “BLEHH!”

The downside of this bilingual book, unlike Yotsuba or Shirokuma Cafe, these book don’t have furigana (kanji reading) , but most text are written in hiragana and if you already finished learning N4 - N3 material, you should have no problem reading the kanji (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧


Doraemon Japanese/English Bilingual Book!

Here’s the link to get them:
Doraemon Vol 1 Doraemon Vol 2
Doraemon Vol 3Doraemon Vol 4
Doraemon Vol 5Doraemon Vol 6
Doraemon Vol 7Doraemon Vol 8
Doraemon Vol 9Doraemon Vol 10

There’s also special edition series which is a collection of stories with specific theme!

Here’s the link to get them:
• Doraemon Comic (Laugh) Stories
• Doraemon Witty (Joke/Prank) Stories
• Doraemon Scary Stories
• Doraemon Fantastic Stories
• Doraemon Touching Stories
• Doraemon Love Stories

Happy learning ! ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

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i discovered martens today, they're these little guys in the same family as weasels and ferrets. they just have the cutest faces and they kinda look like bats and?? they're so good. learning that such an adorable animal has graced this earth with its existence made my entire day tbh



It’s about time I start making that masterlist I’ve been promising you guys since forever, so IF YOU’RE AN IMAGINE/SCENARIO/WRITE FOR ANIME AND SHIT BLOG MESSAGE ME or otherwise show me you exist AND THAT YOU ARE ACTIVE.

I only follow a few blogs, and some fandoms are really lacking scenario blogs, so please like/reblog this post!

(Also, if it’s not obvious by your url, please tell me which fandoms you write for)