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DANCE MAJORS AU. (Part 1, Part 1.5, Part 2, Part 2.5, Part 3 finale) 
Contemporary Ballet Dancer Shiro is someone everyone admires and basically Everyone’s Crush™ but he already have his eyes set on a certain new hip-hop dancer recruit next door who’s always wearing red. He doesn’t have the guts to ask him out–at all. However, he asks if he could teach him hip-hop dancing. 

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Now that all the TLCJ feathers have been rumpled and they’re all rushing to tell me I’m wrong, yet give no evidence to support their statements except for repeating over and over that Irene Adler is gay because apparently that’s their only argument and I’ve yet to have anyone show anything else, I shall go to sleep. And I assure you, it will be peaceful. Because I had a lot of fun tonight. #NOREGRETS


A couple of months ago, the unfathomably awesome @mitsouparker and @silverfanart agreed to do a drarry themed switch meme with me, and although it took us ages it WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!! ;w;
I hope you enjoy~

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well would ya look at that

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Hi! To all the moderators what would be your top 5 mature angst filled romantic dramione fics you've ever read? With isolation being one of them. I'm in a isolation type reading drought and need some good fics! I'd also like to thank everyone for their hard work keeping this blog up! I absolutely cherish it!

Hi, here are my top 5.

By the Way by provocative envy- T, 18 chapters, Complete

COMPLETE: It was exquisite, the way his face fell, the way his eyes grew round, the way his mouth dropped open: he was a study in disappointment, his dashed hopes cluttering the space that loomed large and noticeable in between us. HG/DM.

The Politicians Wife by pir8fancier- M, 14 chapters, Complete

Hermione hates Draco in the springtime, Hermione hates Draco in the fall, Hermione hates Draco 247

Lessons and Obsessions by LennaNightrunner- Explicit, 30 chapters, Complete

After Narcissa Malfoy makes a deal with the Order of the Phoenix for protection and for a probational dismissal of charges regarding her son’s role in the death of Albus Dumbledore, Draco Malfoy returns to Hogwarts for a seventh year. Disgraced, reckless, and resentful, Draco decides to pursue a long-time desire for Hermione Granger. What begins as a loveless series of trysts wherein Hermione tries to ease the pain of Ron’s apparent indifference soon becomes inevitably complicated. With Harry off searching for Horcruxes and Ron still lacking the courage to pursue her, Hermione finds herself becoming increasingly and inexplicably attached to a boy she believes can never love anyone, least of all her. She believes this so firmly, in fact, that the significance of the subtle changes in Draco’s behavior may not become evident to her before their secret relationship is discovered.

Prey by Elysium66- M, 16 chapters, Complete

In her final year at Hogwarts, Hermione has been instructed to keep a close watch on Draco Malfoy to gather information for the Order. However, she never expected him to find out but he did…

Crumple by InconstantWriter- M, 11 chapters, Complete

As the war rages on two years post-‘final battle’, Hermione is captured by the other side and Malfoy is the only hope she has of surviving. [“Granger?” His voice is urgent, but she just sits there and breathes for a moment, feeling violated and still radiating pain, her eyes staring blindly at the cell wall opposite her, her brain frozen in what she thinks dully might be shock.]

- Wynken

These are my top 5 angst/romance fics: (Btw, I love Isolation, too!)

Beautiful Things Can Come From The Dark by yesterdayschild4 - M, 17 Chapters - He finds her, broken and bleeding, and it will change everything. A rape aftermath story told from Draco Malfoy’s POV. DHr

Out of the Silent Planet by ianthe_waiting - NC-17, 39 chapters - Hermione Granger fulfills Severus Snape’s final wish, to journey to Japan to ‘retrieve’ something of importance.

Crimson with a Silver Lining  by Lady Cailan - M, 78 Chapters - It is six years since the fall of the Ministry to Voldemort. Those other than purebloods are deemed less than human. When Ginny’s daughter ends up in grave danger, Hermione sells herself to the Death Eaters to save her life. Draco/Hermione. Not fluffy.

The Revenant by atalanta84 - MA, 10 Chapters - Sometimes fate brings us far from home, and sometimes it brings us back again.  When a friend’s mysterious death causes Draco Malfoy to return to Britain, he is finally forced to face his past, and the love he left behind.  A story about second chances.
Rated: MA

Finding Peace by goldhorse - MA/NC-17, 4 Chapters - Hermione and Draco have horrific experiences during the war that cause lifelong turmoil. Peace is impossible to to achieve. Or is it?

It’s not easy to choose only 5.

- AgnMag

ok i’ve seen the finale now. 

I Don't Need Anyone to Save Me

Summary: Pastel!Dan is bullied and punk!Phil comes to help. But maybe Dan doesn’t need help after all? 
Genre: Pastel!Dan, Punk!Phil and some fluff
Word count: 1389
Beta: theinvisiblephan (Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! :) )
Disclaimer: I do not own Dan or Phil and I’m not saying that Phan is real. This piece of phanfiction is also a piece of fiction (stop the press!) and I’m not saying that any of this actually happened.
Warnings: Bullying, insults, badly written comebacks? :D
A/N: A while ago llster started a trend where a lot of people were drawing Pastel!Dan and I just loved all those drawings! I felt like there wasn’t enough fics (at least I couldn’t find) of Pastel!Dan and Punk!Phil so I decided to try to write one. :)

“Oi! Look it’s our school’s very own marshmallow prince!" 

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are you ever coming back to the doctor who fandom? :(( i miss your fanfics and edits.

Aww anon!! D: D:

I still love Doctor Who to DEATH and Ten/Rose will always be my number one OTP. However, as much as I love it, it was sort of hard to deal with the lack of new content you know?? Sure, David and Billie are doing INCREDIBLE things and I’m so so so proud of them but RTD-Who will never be back :(

I might write some more Ten/Rose in the future, but I’m not sure I’ll ever be quite as involved in the fandom as I once was because of this. Like I said though, I still love EVERYONE in this fandom and I still love RTD-Who to death! And I’ve heard the new season of DW isn’t bad so maybe I’ll even give that a go??

Also, not sure if you’re aware of this but I AM still writing fanfiction – it’s for the YOI fandom now! My sideblog is @actualyuuri and I’m pretty active on there! ^.^ It’s a great fandom and I’m having a lot of fun with it so I don’t know if I’ll be coming back to Doctor Who in the near future, but I’ll keep this blog running because I still love RTD-Who to death!

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I love how out of all the covers of "don't let me be misunderstood" they selected Yusuf Islam/ Cat Stevens cover. They easily could of used lana de rey or the animals covers, both just as beautiful. But instead they went with a European artist who converted to islam, which I feel makes the context of the trailer so much more impactful in regards to sana's storyline. I can't get over how smart her trailer is & I am soooo excited for skam to explore more of sana's life, religion, & culture😀

I’m so excited too!!


For Tina 

If I’m going to die for you all, the least you could do is remember my name.” - City of Lost Souls.

sometimes i wonder what happened to zach after the show, after hannah’s parents found out about the tapes and heard about his involvement. did he go to jail ?? or did his lawyer(s) help get him a lesser sentence so he can still have a future ??

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I think that when Chara found the dog food in Alphys Lab, they wondered “So where’s the dog?” And being a huge pun-loving nerd who often makes pop-culture references, they remembered that “This is my Lab” clip from Spongebob Squarepants (look it up on youtube: /watch?v=WFr89UFJ-Nw)

(continuation) The creepy part comes when you realize that particular clip is from an episode involving a character mind-controlling Spogebob (season 1, episode 3b, “Plankton!”). So it might be foreshadowing that Chara is slowly taking over Frisk’s mind.

[video link]

(undertale spoilers)
[the dog food post that started this all]

that’s interesting..! there’s no direct quote or anything that links the two things (like with the royal guards and that book), so i’m not sure we can conclude it as concrete evidence, but it’s still interesting speculation.

here’s some stuff toby said:

do you believe this is that one minor joke in undertale where you have to know the source to enjoy it? i can’t believe this, but i just remembered something that might even support your spongebob reference theory.

if you call papyrus in other routes outside alphys’ lab, you get this:

well… that is definitely a lab/labrador joke. maybe that’s supposed to be the spongebob reference and not the dog food bag? maybe this is only a reference to endogeny. maybe it’s both! 

i’m not sure about the dog food bag specifically, but considering the papyrus call, i’m going to call a reference to that scene in game plausible!

Here you are, Commander Cullen Rutherford ~ in technicolor ;)

A personal study/excercise to restart drawing with colors. 
Reference screenshot kindly offered by melissagt.

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I apologize if you've already answered this, but who are some of your favorite couples in the industry, real and/or fake? Also, I'd like to thank you for being patient with everyone's questions, you deserve some credit :)


So, I feel like maybe it’s story time.

Hiccups does not consider herself a shipper of real people. *The audience gasps and also side eyes in a that bitch is a liar kind of way.*

Let me explain, I just don’t care that much, I mean I care enough to think of this hits all the fauxmance points (i.e. Jonas and Sophie, anything Taylor Swift publicly does) and then I move on. It’s fascinating to watch all the parts move and how a certain line in an article can direct a group of sane, rational people into the same direction, the manipulation is fascinating to me, the people involved? meh. Same goes for pictures posted anywhere, whether they are pap shots of social media shots.

Um, well how the fuck did you get here, Hiccups?

Well, there was the fateful day back in March of 2012 when I started watching interviews with Josh and Jen and I was like huh, these two have something really special. And it was that same day that I saw Jen had a boyfriend and I thought to myself, that’s odd…and then I let it go…for approximately 2 months. Then while on vacation in California I found myself sitting at my aunt’s breakfast nook and I was told a story that opened my eyes to certain things. I knew these things existed, I just didn’t think certain people would exercise their right to use them. Oh yes, I was one of those people who thought Jen would never

I admit, I was an elitist. But I’ve grown, see there’s hope for you too.

To be honest, I let that bit of info I was given go too, I let it brew in my soul and went on with my life and it wasn’t until news about Hawaii started coming out and stories from the set and promo, oh promo and the obvious closeness that Jen and Josh shared started becoming more and more noticeable that I started really considering all the possibilities. 

When Josh started obviously stunting in 2013, with the weedflower pics and the way he looked like a kicked dog in Spain, I knew that wasn’t real and well, that’s how it started and it grew from something is weird here to oh, I see what’s going on to what it is now. 

So, I don’t ship them, there’s isn’t a level of hopefulness here, like how I hoped Mulder and Scully would get together in the original run of the X-Files, there is a I am convinced they are together, if I am presented with strong enough evidence of the contrary I will reevaluate (I reevaluated this past november, btw, same answer as before). 

So, to go back to your original question, I don’t have any other favorite couples. I’ve followed along with Chris Martin and Annabelle Wallis because of the huge neon Jen and Josh connection and I find them to be delightfully sweet but I don’t look beyond that (they are real btw). There’s one couple I have strong feelings for but I won’t mention them because both are in the closet, but when they both come out, I will be really happy for them and support everything and anything they do with fierceness. 

But the only people I really look into is Josh and Jen, I want to see how this ends, I want them to get their happy public narrative. I know, I won’t ever get an official confirmation that I was right, but I don’t really care about that. Mostly because I know I am. But I just want to stick around to see them be publicly together and then I feel like my job is done.

I hope this word vomit answers your question.