i'd like to test that theory

The last of the Jedi
  • Kylo throws Luke aside. Luke crashes into another statue and falls to the ground, groaning, possibly unconscious.
  • Kylo looks over at Rey, who is conscious now and gets to her feet. They square off again.
  • Kylo: Rey ... I gotta tell ya ... I get it now. The Jedi thing really isn't about the violence.
  • They circle around each other, watching each other carefully.
  • Kylo: It's about the power.
  • Force lightning begins to crackle around Kylo again. He lifts his hands and blasts Rey with a bolt of lightning. It throws Rey back against a broken pillar. She slides down the pillar and lands on the floor beside it, groaning.
  • Kylo walks a little closer, looking satisfied. Rey doesn't get up, stays down with her forehead pressed against the floor, looking exhausted.
  • Kylo: And there's no one in the galaxy with the power to stop me now.
  • Suddenly a huge force blast hits Kylo from the side. He goes flying a huge distance across the chamber, lands on the floor and slides some more.
  • He comes to a stop and lifts his head. His nose is bleeding. He looks surprised, looks up in the direction the force push came from.
  • Reveal Ezra standing in the doorway, wearing a long black cloak.
  • Ezra: I'd like to test that theory.

silentstep  asked:

I think you once mentioned that you headcanon Jedi younglings going to the Temple at significantly younger than is portrayed in the Children of the Force arc of TCW. (I know next to nothing about babies, but having just rewatched the episodes, I'd guess the children we see are somewhere around 9 months to maybe a year old?) Would you mind going into any more detail as to how you picture it going?

Oh, jeez, this was a while ago and I think the only time I’ve addressed it explicitly was with lady!Obi-Wan in the Oxygen & Rust ‘verse though it’s always been part of my Jedi worldbuilding.  Let’s see –

I have this theory that on a lot of Republic worlds, especially the old core of the Republic like Alderaan, Chandrila, Coruscant, etc., one of the standard battery of tests done in the medcenter after birth is for midichlorian count, and if it’s high enough, then the medcenter will automatically notify the Jedi and the nearest Knight – usually the Jedi Watchman of the sector (this is something that comes in from the EU) – will turn up to talk to the parents.  At that age, midichlorian count isn’t always a sure sign that the kid is going to grow up to be Force-strong enough to be a Jedi, but it’s something that the Order likes to keep an eye on.  It’s actually not very common for a newborn infant to go to the Temple, since the Order would rather be pretty certain that they’re going to be Force-strong rather than just Force-sensitive and so they prefer to get them older (as in TCW), but it happens on occasion for various reasons.  While the Order itself doesn’t offer any remuneration to the families of children who get taken in for Jedi training, a lot of planetary governments do.  (Stuff like tax cuts, occasionally stipends until the child reaches the age of majority, it depends on the planet.)

Unfortunately this only works on planets that have a medcenter that will do those tests, which is not the majority of planets in the Republic, and of course all children aren’t born in medcenters, let alone one of those specific medcenters.  Probably most medcenters even on Coruscant don’t do that kind of testing, for example; it’s one of those things that’s supposed to be done but in actual practicality often isn’t.  So only a relatively small percentage of younglings are discovered through that route, rather than something else, and a lot of those found that way are simply not going to be strong enough in the Force to train as Jedi.  (I tend to assume that the holocron of records from the Children of the Force arc also includes the children who are Force-sensitive, but not strong enough to be Jedi.)

The NTPs

ENTP and INTP: *heatedly discussing the Fermi paradox*

ENTP and INTP: *walk into a room*

ENTP: Wait, why did we come here?

INTP: I was counting on you to lead the way.

ENTP: I wanted something from this place, but I can’t remember what exactly…

INTP: Retrace your steps, then.

ENTP: *begins walking backwards*

INTP: I didn’t mean literally *chuckles*

ENTP: *grins* everything is energy, right? And thoughts are electromagnetic waves. Energy doesn’t dissipate into nothingness; it’s conserved. So if I return to the place where I had that thought, I will remember what I wanted from this room.

INTP: *mumbling to herself* hmm… I did read about the electromagnetic theory of consciousness… but…

INTP: *grins back at him* sounds like an opportune way to test the theory! *proceeds to walk backwards with ENTP*

Everyone in the room: ?????