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I to am obsessed with the idea of werewolf Inquisitor. So werewolf inky takes one of the companions with them on a full moon to keep them company and out of trouble. How would the companions keep a non-violent but very hyper werewolf entertained. (You don't have to do all the companions I know that could be exhausting but I'd like to at least see Sera, Cassandra, Iron bull and Dorian.)

Iron Bull: Wrestling. The Herald agrees not to bite him or otherwise get their mouth anywhere near his skin, and they spar. It’s a fantastic work out for both of them. Come morning, he grins toothily at them. “Oh, man, if you weren’t trying to keep it a secret, I’d have all my men come and spar with you, too. Hell of a workout for all muscles. Would you mind sometime just transforming and doing this again for shits and giggles?”

Sera: She shoots arrows and tells them to go get it. As soon as they retrieve the first one, though, she shakes her head as they try to give it to her. “Nuh-uh,” she refuses, “I’m using old arrows for this; put it down. I don’t need your slobber getting on me; I don’t want to be wolfy like you.” Rinse and repeat.

Blackwall: Fetch! He considers asking Cullen for a trebuchet for extra effect and effort.

Cassandra: Exercise/training regimen time. Cassandra waited until now to work out, and they do it with her.

Dorian: He first tries to project a laser point at the ground to see if they’ll chase it, and they don’t, much to his disappointment. Then he settles for summoning constructs for them to destroy until they get tired.

BONUS: Josephine: It’s an excellent way to get rid of papers she no longer needs. Their claws are built-in paper shredders. “Now that you’re done with that stack,” she says calmly as she drops another stack on the ground, “please help me get rid of these.”

More about “nice costume.”

So we all know this gif from the Mall of America meet and greet in March 2012. A girl dressed up as a carrot and Louis went:

I randomly found the video of the girl’s friend who was in front of her. Here’s the girl’s costume in case there was any doubt:

You can hear Louis say in an overly dramatic voice as he first sees the girl:

“Look. There’s a giant carrot (girl/character?). Hello.” 

The girl filming is further down the line, in front of Harry, but you can see Louis do the sassy nose rub:

Harry, always attentive to what was going on with Louis, watches the girl dressed as a carrot move down the line and just doesn’t know what to say. And never spoke a word to them.

And that’s that on that.

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Hi:) I'm a girl who's been using the bisexual label for myself for about 2 or 3 years now. I know for sure i like boys but i'm still kind of exploring my attraction to girls bc that's a little newer i guess. I do sometimes think of girls romantically & i could see myself falling for one but I still can't help but wonder if i'm faking? I'd like to come out to my family soon but i want 0 doubt in my mind when i do. Do you have any tips on how to cope with or get rid of all this doubt ?

Honestly, I know myself and a lot of other bi people have this same problem. In a world where everyone wants you to ‘pick a side’, even yourself, sometimes, it’s so easy to have doubts. Like it almost feels like if at any given time, I’m not having both a “gay” thought and a “straight” thought, I must not be bi and am actually either gay or straight. I think it really helps me to remind myself that I actually don’t have to know my exact identity, and to use the label that makes me feel comfortable at the time. 

If you think you’re bi, then I think you’re bi. There is no “faking it.” 

Just remember that being bi is defined at the potential to be attracted to two or more genders, not that you have to date someone of every gender you’re attracted to! :)

Anyone else have any actual advice? :)

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Could you please, please, please try drawing and colouring a horror pic? I saw the sketch photo set you posted and I quite liked the horror one you had up. That humanoid creature looks cool! I'd love to see something like that in colour with your unique and beautiful style. Pretty please?

Actually I did color that specific piece before but I never posted it because I used a different coloring method and didn’t really like it [see above], but I do want to return to it sometime soon / do more. I’m probably more inspired by horror/paranormal stuff than comes off in my work so I would love to work more with it! I would especially love to attempt a comic one day.

Thanks a lot for the interest!

Text ✉ Angel Eyes
  • Jake: Hey um, I know I'm the last guy you wanna hear from cause I royally fucked up with all the shit I said last night, but. I sold out my mom, called the cops and now they are hauling her ass to rehab and my ass is getting hauled to some fucking group home in Columbus since no one else want's to claim me so now I'm really one of those kids. The thing is, I didn't want us having to be on bad terms, especially since I won't be seeing you as much, I want to apologize for all the shit I said, but I won't apologize for saying that I liked you. Nah, that I meant and I hope you keep that jacket cause it was meant for you, Angel Eyes. So good luck with dance and everything and um, if you can forgive me for my shit, I'd like to see you again sometime soon.
  • Jake: I mean, I'm sure the Greasers will figure out a way for me to stay in Lima, but still. I'd want to see you cause who know's if they could pull that off

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Hey, I just now asked my mom if i could see a psychiatrist, because I fear having mild anxiety, she said that its silly, and I couldn't POSSIBLY have anxiety at all. I really, really want to find out if its just shyness, and i want to make her see how important this is, but she just will not listen. It was really hard for me to tell her, and it really hurt how she just blew it off without question. I'd like to ask you how i make her see that it may be a serious problem? Please answer soon.

Sadly, there are still people in this day and age that perceive mental illness as something that can be dismissed as “a bad day” and that people suffering from legitimate problems just need to “suck it up”. In my opinion, these attitudes are detrimental to our society, and to the individuals who function in it. It may help to explain how mental health problems are just as serious (and sometimes even more serious) than physical ones, and that reaching out is hard. Tell her how you feel in an open, non-accusatory way. It is also good to note that there are many mental health facilities available for youths. There are often counselors available in public schools, and youth centers that offer free consultations. If you feel you have a problem, take action. Reach out. It’s hard and often times it requires an unimaginable amount of courage, but it is your body and your mind that is at stake. Hope this helps.


that’s right!! im opening commissions for small busts like the ones above!! it can be anything you want, ocs, fanart, irl people…

i’m doing them for 2€ (only paypal) each, fully colored and with transparent bg (or flat color, as you prefer)

if you are interested or have any question, send an e-mail to gaudensis(at)gmail.com (this is not my paypal address tho), i’ll answer as soon as possible! you can send an ask too, but tumblr is kind of a dick sometimes and works whenever it wants, so i may not see it ;;

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