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That last lance(The crush one) piece was amazing I love it. I'd like to see a sequel piece sometime. Lol Like Pidge realizing she has a crush on lance. Lol. Or lance fessing up or something. (You obviously don't have to, my pidgance cogs are turning

It took five hours and seven pints of ice cream before hunk could calm her down.

I’ve been snooping around on the internet again cuz it’s what I do, and I discovered something that made me really happy and also slightly envious

like I stumbled on the Japanese iTunes app store rankings list, and found this

You know what that is at 13? The Shounen Sunday app. It beat out Yahoo Japan, Spotify and Snapchat. Pretty impressive! You go, Shounen Sunday!!

But you know what really surprised me and made me happy and also made me wish I was in Japan??

LOOK. AT. DOG-BOY. The Inuyasha manga ended *YEARS* ago. We all know this. And yet what do they choose to use for their manga sample? Not a new manga (as are witnessed on the left) but two classic titles, including Inuyasha!! I mean it’s freakin Yura! I’m betting they have all the way back to volume 1!!

And that’s not all - it’s not just that you can still read the Inuyasha manga, it’s that they still care about Inuyasha and still use him as a poster-child for Shounen Sunday and Shogakukan!!

I MEAN LOOK AT THE CHIBI INUYASHA IN THE SLOT GAME! I WANT TEN!!! Look at him and his ears I can’t even begin to handle it.

But that’s not even all of it. Starting today, an RPG app is doing a collab with Shounen Sunday, featuring five classic SS heroes as playable characters for a limited time, and guess who one of the characters is?

Yup, Dog-boy. And as if that wasn’t enough, they also have precious lovely Lum of Urusei Yatsura. Queen Rumiko will not be denied. This isn’t even the first time Inuyasha and Lum have appeared in crossover apps either - they also did a collab with the Youkai Watch game a while back, and I believe Ranma was there too! (but good luck finding a way to play any of these - if you’re using apple products, it’s near impossible - I already tried. I’m still trying.)

So basically all I’m saying with this, is that I think it’s easy sometimes for those of us outside of Japan to pass Inuyasha off as an old anime, as a nostalgia series whose time to shine has come and gone, and to think things like reboots and new material are never going to happen.

Except they do. Like the recent Stage Play that was hugely successful. And the fact that Rumiko Takahashi continues to be one of the most famous manga artists in Japan (hello Ranma 30th anniversary celebration!).

So just because America has moved on to shiny new anime and manga series, that doesn’t mean Japan has forgotten. On the contrary, they seem to be very much in love still with our beloved half-demon, and I’m super okay with that!!!

  • Me before Civil War: ugh I don't know WHY they're redoing Spider-Man again. But whatever.
  • Me after Civil War: OMG!!! Peter is so adorkable!!! I love him!!! He's my little baby!!!
  • Me before Homecoming: I can't wait to see Peter again! :)
  • Me after Homecoming: OMG!!! Spider-Man is so cool! Like...I feel like I can trust him as a superhero. He's the superhero I'd choose to be in my life.
  • Me one day later: Does Netflix have any episodes of the animated series??? I need to watch them NOW! (Note: I haven't watched any superhero animated shows since I was like 9.)
  • Also me: Which comics should I read??? I need to read all the comics NOW.

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so i am not too big into comics and marvel/dc (i don't even know the difference) but i notice you always post about the peter parker being trans and i have seen other comments about it. my roommate convinced me to go see the new spiderman and idk i may definitely be convinced that the new spiderman is trans! it was really cool for him to be so relatable and the only real issue i had was the rumor of donald glover being the new spiderman but instead he just bought guns in the movie lol

i’m glad you were able to relate to the movie!! trans peter parker is my life tbh

and about donald glover: his character is the uncle of Miles Morales (aka the black spider-man) and the end credit sequence hinted that we might get Miles in the MCU. so if you want a black spider-man, it’s very likely that he’s coming in the new spider-man sequels!

Harry Potter and the Petersons Petunias
  • Some 10 years after the defeat of Voldemort, a new dark order threatens to destroy the wizarding world. Desperate for a saviour, they turn to the one who's never failed them...
  • Head Auror: *knocks on the door to the Potter residence*
  • Harry: *opens the door*
  • Harry: No.
  • Head Auror: Mister Potter, we need your help. The situation is dire. The people need a saviour.
  • Harry: Uhuh. Have you tried down the street? If the Petersons are as good at defeating dark wizards as they are at gardening, you're golden.
  • Head Auror: I... I don't think you understand.
  • Harry: Four years in a row they've won the 'prettiest plants'-trophy. I mean, my lilies aren't perfect but they have character, y'know? Don't they look nice?
  • Head Auror: I- well yes, but-
  • Harry: Besides, anyone can grow Petunias. Seriously.
  • Head Auror: Mr Potter. We need your help to defeat the dark forces.
  • Harry: I'm kind of busy though. So I'll have to pass.
  • Head Auror: Are you really not going to fight? You're a Gryffindor!
  • Harry: Actually, the hat wanted to put me in Slytherin. so no.
  • Head Auror: You don't understand! They are spreading terror and destruction everywhere!
  • Harry: I've got three toddlers. I'd like to see the dark forces rival their ability to create terror and destruction.
  • Head Auror: Mr Potter-
  • Ginny: *from inside the house* Who's at the door?
  • Harry: The ministry wants me to fight the Death Eater Sequels.
  • Ginny: And leave me alone with these monsters? James just ate a bar of soap. No way are you getting out of babysitting just so you can go have fun.
  • Harry: *to the Head Auror* And there you have it. Wife says no. have a nice day.
  • Head Auror: I- The world is in peril!!
  • Harry: My personal hygiene is in peril. James just ate my soap. Do me a solid and send a drought spell at the Petersons flowers on the way back, will you? Thanks.
  • Harry: *closes the door*
  • Harry: *mutters behind the door* Bloody Petersons.

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I'd like to see some kind of sequel to the bit where Luke becomes Emperor two days after Palps dies. He's so overwhelmed, he finds a way to call a Rebel base for help, and Leia or Mon Mothma are all "...Really?", and Luke's "YES! PLEASE HELP, I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!"

Hehe, I was considering doing more on this universe, so that’s just perfect.  Thank you, Anon. 


The Star Destroyer had exited hyperspace fifteen minutes ago, and done absolutely nothing since then. 

Leia Organa watched as evacuation proceeded, though none of the ships had launched yet.  They’d wait until everything was packed, then send everyone up in two waves. Hopefully, that would insure that the majority got away.

Leia tilted her head.  She wished Luke were here.  He’d been captured a week ago, and there’d been no word on him yet.

“Sir!” the communications officer called out. Leia couldn’t remember the Bothan’s name right away, but he was good at what he did.  General Rieekan turned and headed toward them.  “The… Star Destroyer is trying to reach us,” the comms officer said, sounding confused.

“Put them through,” Rieekan ordered. 

“…peat.  This is Luke Skywalker on board the Indomitable, please respond.”

“Luke!”  Leia called out, almost involuntarily.

“Leia, thank the Force!” Luke said.

The comm officer made and adjustment, and a small holo of Luke appeared.  He looked alright, in the holo, though tired.  He smiled slightly.  “Thank the Force,” he repeated as he looked at her.  “Um…” he paused and shifted.  “This is going to sound bad,” he admitted.

“What happened, Luke?”

Luke sighed.  “I was captured a week ago, and brought to Emperor Palpatine.  An hour or so after, Vader stormed in and… he killed the Emperor.  Two days later, Vader died of the injuries sustained in that fight.  But… uh… he was Palpatine’s heir,” he admitted.  “And he… he named me his heir.”

Leia blinked, but long years as a princess helped her connect the dots rapidly.  “You’re saying you’re the new Emperor.”

Luke looked down.  “Yeah,” he said.  He looked back up.  “I have no idea what I’m doing, Leia.  Help?”

Leia tried not to laugh, she really did, but Luke looked like a little boy who’d gotten caught with his hand in the cookie jar. “Only you, Luke,” she said.  “Only you.”

Luke grimaced.  “Maybe, but I really could use some help,” he said.  “I…” he took a deep breath.  “I am still committed to the cause of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. As the new Emperor, I can dismantle the powers Palpatine gained, and restore the Senate.  I just need help to do it peacefully.  I’d appreciate it if you can contact the rest of the Alliance Council and bring them my proposal- a peace treaty.”  He paused.  “I also would like some advice on how to keep the mess of vipers that is Palpatine’s advisory cabinet from sabotaging this.”

Leia laughed.  “Can you guarantee my safety, Luke?”

Luke tilted his head.  “On this ship, yes,” he said.  “Probably not on Coruscant.  You’re safe with me, though, I can guarantee that.”

Leia nodded.  “I need to speak with the Council, then,” she said.

Luke smiled.  “Thank you, Leia,” he said.  “It’s good to see you.”

“I’m glad you’re still ok, Luke,” Leia responded before the holo cut off.

She exchanged glances with Rieekan.  He looked to be fighting a smile.  “Only Skywalker,” he muttered.

Leia nodded.  She wasn’t sure how she felt about this, but… only Luke would get in a mess like this.  Only Luke.

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NikMik: also not to sound greedy, but a part 2 could totally work ;P i'd love to see what happens during their dance. & possibly flashbacks, especially klaus coming to her door. i'm just saying :P

Guys, you know I’m susceptible to peer pressure! ;) Hope you like it, NikMik!

Sequel to Best Wishes

To the Happy Couple || Klaroline

“A toast,” Klaus called, tapping the side of his champagne glass to gather the reception’s attention. He grinned at a blushing Freya as Lucien whispered in her ear. “To the happy couple, the oddest pairing no one expected to get here.”

Chuckles rose from the crowd. Caroline warily kept the head table in her peripheral vision while supervising the catering staff plating the cake the newlyweds had just cut.

The night had been a weird experience for her, both familiar and startling. Her work automatic, natural - she was in her element. But it was strange to realize it was Klaus’s element, too, especially with his eyes lingering on her so often.

He was with his family, celebrating with his business partner. She couldn’t remember a time he had looked so comfortable in a room full of people. Klaus was always on guard for something, his eyes scanning the area to get his bearings.

The only time he had that look during the wedding was when his eyes searched for her.

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do you have any idea or where i could get to read a lot of saeran/mc angst? i feel like he's always hidden behind the shadow of saeyoung :(( he deserves more love!! i'd love to see the rough paths his relationship with mc has been going through! thank you!

.. Ho hohooo~ You have come to the right place! Let me just sniff around here..

averting eyes by @kirachama is probably one of the most penultimate saeran/mc angst fics. Unrequited love, unfair cards, everything going right except for one teeny tiny little thing – it’s perfect, and its sequel diverting eyes is pretty great, too.

You’re With Me and It Was With You by @officallytheduchess are also excellent pieces, and while it is worth mentioning that there’s some serious suicidal ideation in You’re With Me, both fics are excellent for breaking your heart into itty bitty tiny little pieces.

wrong number by @kyoune is also great for some saeran/mc angst, if you don’t mind something that’s a little canon divergent. it takes a little bit of a twist on the idea of a saeran route, and well – things never really go well for him, do they.

Down The Rabbit Hole by @sakurucha may actually be the closest thing to your request, though. It’s what you wrote on the tin: Saeran coming to terms with his relationship towards the MC! This is, of course, assuming you haven’t read it already.

Those are about the ones I can name off the top of my head (and some searching) that relate to Saeran/MC and angst, but if you need hurt and comfort, I could probably find some more, too.

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I was wondering if you'd write a sequel for Rules... it was an amazing fic and I'd like to read more Philinda and little!Skye. Maybe something on how Phil would woo Melinda? *pretty please??* :P ♥

I’m so pleased Rules has gotten such a wonderful response, and I was delighted to see a request for more. I hope this lives up to the first part, and I would be more than happy to write more of this ‘verse if people wished it! =) Thanks for the prompt, dearie!

First part can be found here.

Melinda tried her best not to look at the clock again. She knew it would only make her more restless, which would just make time move slower. Patient, be patient.

Melinda was hungry. No, scratch that, she was starving. She had been running late that morning thanks to an unexpected phone call from her mother, and she had skipped breakfast. In addition to that, the night before she had only managed a paltry sandwich due to the benefit President Coulson had to attend. A security detail was necessary, as usual, and by the end of the night Melinda was so exhausted she just collapsed into bed.

So really, she hadn’t eaten much in the past twenty-four hours, and she was quite eager to rectify that.

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You know if you're taking a break from writing HTLGI, you might wanna clear your mind by indulging in some fun, senseless bit of fluff ... a sequel to the Gail snogging Grace fic perchance. Maybe? Frankly I'd like the rookies to marvel at how well Gail handles either seeing or them telling her about 'Holly' snogging a complete stranger. But I'm open to Gail merely making out with Grace again :)

I really enjoyed writing that (Part One) so here you go sunshine, part two:

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I don't think it's anyone against Peter (Honestly, I'd want AG to stay on and just continue the sequels with Disney), but if they're going to reboot SM, why not go in a new direction? Also I think we'd all like to either see some non-white representation or a female lead. Since Marvel pushed films with female/minority leads back to squeeze in Spidey, there's a little frustration. I don't think introducing an alternate, non PP "Spidey" will work, but maybe a different casting will!

no man i get wut ur saying, i really do! it’s just… i’ve waited so long for peter parker to work alongside his avengers buddies on the big screen!! i just


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Do you ever feel like Disney is getting stuck in a "Re-make"and Sequel phase? I like them, but I'd rather see some more original stuff or the "re-tell" and origins stuff like Tangled and Maleficent.

Dani: I think so, but I like the remakes. I am a HUGE fan of the new Cinderella. Sequels are a different story. I’m not generally a fan of sequels; it depends on the plot I guess.

Jen: I would say it’s more an industry trend right now than a Disney trend, but sure. It would be nice to get some more original stuff

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If a Splat2oon is to be released, what would you like to see? Personally, I'd like to see more customization options in squids, like maybe changing species or interchangeable hair styles and facial styles. What would you like to see?

More stages and weapons obviously. One or two new game modes… Those are a must if they are justifying a new game…

As for little things… Yeah, more gear and customization options.

As for single player options… Sequel to Zapfish story would be nice but I’d honestly be happy with just a great online game. (give us playable octolings tho)

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Mini Prompt drabble: Follow up from your stripper AU (I know you asked for canon but I thought I'd try)

I *have* been meaning to do another sequel snippet so I can publish them!

This is a short follow up to This One’s On Me.

Klaus really should have known that Kol was up to something. To be fair acting the nuisance was Kol’s default setting so perhaps it’s understandable that he’d not seen this particular bit of nonsense coming.

Caroline will likely disagree.

He and Caroline have been seeing each other for months and he’s slowly been introducing her to his family. Elijah first since he was the most likely to be polite. Freya second since she was rather more easygoing than the rest of the lot. Klaus had wavered whether Kol or Rebekah should go next. He’d ultimately decided on Kol. He’d known his younger brother would no doubt go out of his way to embarrass Klaus, and would likely flirt shamelessly with Caroline, but he thought it the better option. Caroline could more than handle herself, had plenty of practice, Klaus knew with what she deemed ‘pervs and creepers.’ Subjecting her to Rebekah’s doubtlessly condescending vitriol could wait.

Bekah had few female friends. Had managed to despise just about every woman her brothers had ever taken an interest in and was not shy about throwing words like ‘tacky trollop’ around.

He’d invited Kol over for dinner, had been banking on the fact that the level of intoxication Kol had reached that fateful night at the strip club would prevent him from recognizing Caroline as the stripper who’d once performed a lap dance for him.

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A Sunday Kind of Love

Written for @leiascully’s XF Writing Challenge, prompts: food and kitchen. I started writing this way back during the food prompt, never finished, and brought it back out for the kitchen prompt.

Timeline: post-IWTB, pre-revival, pre-“breakup”
Rating: PG


There was a certain earnestness to everything Mulder did, and this was no exception, she mused as she leaned against the doorway to the kitchen. She had come home from a long day at the hospital to find him there, surrounded with bubbling pots and sizzling skillets, countertops littered with cutting boards and onion skins and empty bowls, the remains of an earlier mise en place. Aromas of chicken and asparagus and spice had wafted out through the open windows to greet her before she’d even entered the house, along with Etta James’s smooth, soulful voice. He had the record player turned up so loud that she was sure he hadn’t heard her come in.

Scully loved watching him cook. The careful concentration on his face as he chopped vegetables and measured out spices, the studious way he pondered the recipe as if it were a case file, the way he unconsciously rolled his lips into a pout as he worked. He was so engrossed in his task that he hadn’t noticed her standing there. She watched affectionately as he lifted lids to sample his creations, thoughtfully rolling the flavors over his tastebuds before adding a dash of salt here, another clove of garlic there.

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