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Since you're getting some wonderful asks about weird Terran stuff, I'd also like to add human reactions to pain. I got my chin split open as a kid (which was not fun, wouldn't recommend it) and after the first burst of pain I was just annoyed. What if Terrans aren't as durable but they can handle an insane amount of pain?

Ooooh, let’s see… I can totally see that happening. Coupled with the fact that Yondu probably snapped at Peter not to cry – because it’s annoying, he says, but he simply can’t stand seeing or hearing it – the boy would refuse to do more than go very, very pale and still, like…

The Crack that can be heard when Peter falls off the wall he was supposed to climb over is as loud as any blaster fire, and it makes the escaping Ravagers stop dead in their tracks.


Tullk is the first one back at Peter’s side, trying to move the whimpering, panting child, but Peter gives a strangled sound and rolls tighter together, escaping his hands.

“Move!” Yondu bellows, shoving his men aside as he kneels down next to the child. “Quill. Quill, open yer mouth, what happened?!”

“My arm…!” Peter is talking through his teeth, but already pushing himself up to his feet. They are escaping right now, after all.

Yondu grips the boy’s uninjured shoulder, whirling him around that he can see the arm Peter holds limply against his chest. The forearm shows a strange swelling at one point, visible even through the child’s clothes.

“Tche. Broken.”

Peter goes pale at hearing that, but doesn’t blink, holds the red gaze boring into his. Takes a deep breath. “It’s… it’s okay.”


“Kid, hold on, that’s a clean fuckin’…”

“Yondu, we gotta go,” Peter insists, even though there are unshed tears prickling in his eyes.

The men go silent, both impressed and confused at the child’s behavior. Peter is very open with emotions, easy to read as any book (for those who could read in this crew). He also easily tears up when getting emotional or seeing things that a child shouldn’t see.

But here he stands, with a fresh fracture splitting his forearm, and doesn’t shed one tear. Apart from his clenched jaws and paleness, one wouldn’t even have been able to see that he was injured in any way.

Just what exactly are Terrans made of?

Yondu is asking himself the same thing, but he can’t deny the mixture of pride and satisfaction burning through his chest, quickly stomped down again. His decision is quick yet precise.

“Oblo, ya carry Quill. Tullk, ya stay on his left, Kraglin on his right side. Can’t lose ourselves a good lil’ thief. Now move yer asses, we’re outta ‘ere, boys!”


Peter hisses as Oblo lifts him onto his arms, carefully but quickly arranging the boy that he won’t be in the way and the broken limb won’t be jostled too much.

“Sorry, kiddo,” Oblo says as he starts running and Peter has to grit his teeth again as pain laces up his arm.

“’S okay,” Peter manages. “Really.”

“Terrans really are tough lil’ guys, huh?!” Tullk bellows with a wide grin, looking as if he wants to reach out and pat Peter’s shoulder, but stops at the last second.

“’S probably just how Pete is,” Kraglin argues, sending the grinning child a quick smirk. “Stubborn git.”

Peter sniffles, determined to keep the few tears from falling. That’s the first time the crew as a whole seems to respect him as their thief.

He’s not going to cry and ruin it.

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Hi.. There is a scene from season 11 or 12, I believe, where Cas is checking on Dean after the huge Angel bomb that was dropped on Amara.. And he says something about checking Deans temp and points his finger out... I'm curious if you or anyone had any gifs or personal comments/opinions on that particular scene I'd love to see that broken down and analysed

You mean this, TOTALLY HETERO moment in 11x10?

I don’t know what you want me to say about it. It’s just one friend offering to stick their finger up another friend’s a–*coughs*. It’s a NORMAL thing to do.

It’s not like Cas has experience feeling a human’s temperature any other way, like, say, putting his hand on their forehead…

I mean, it’s not like he could find and heal any issue in Dean’s body simply by one touch or anything…

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Because I’m sure he would offer the same IN DEPTH service to anyone else if they were sick, too:

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So, it’s probably just a really really normal thing Cas offers all the time to everybody. You know, for health reasons… 

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Okay, so I just saw a Tony and music headcanon which I absolutely and totally respect, because a classical music Tony is an awesome Tony that is a valid way of viewing the character.  However, I also completely and totally disagree with it and didn’t want to highjack that post to disagree.  Basically, fellow writer, you’re awesome and so is your headcanon which is totally valid and legit, but I’m gonna rift off it because I keep arguing with the post in my head.  

Maria started Tony on the piano at a young age.  Howard yelled and complained about how the kid could never keep still, so Maria taught him cords and basic piano warms ups.  She told him if he couldn’t keep still, he could go over the piano fingering in his mind.  He could even move his fingers if he needed to, going through the motions with his hands at his side as Howard ranted at him about how his latest robot was a failure, and keeping him still enough for photographers to take pictures of the engine while Howard put on his fake smile.

Tony would often hang in the doorway as his mother played and sang, hesitant to come in and interrupt her.  Music was numbers and frequencies and all sorts of things that were fascinating to Tony, but he couldn’t quite manage to fit them together into a song.  

It wasn’t until Maria came upon Tony struggling through “You’ll Never Walk Alone” from Carousel that she teaches him how to play music.  Maria the brilliant scientist who loved show tunes could explain to a young Tony Stark how to make music from the notes.  

From then on, Tony was a quick study.  He would often play as Maria sat by his side and sang along, from My Fair Lady to Evita, he would play and sometimes hesitantly sing along.  He fell in love with the quick wit of Cole Porter, often playing a quick bar or two and sing in a sarcastic tone when Howard railed on him for his failures.  Maria was always more fond of Irving Berlin, and he’d play “Blue Skies” whenever she was tired or angry.  

He always liked it when she played Rodgers and Hammerstein.  Sometimes she’d play “Impossible” from Cinderella when Tony felt like he couldn’t meet Howard’s high standards.  He was always mesmerized when she sang “Some Enchanted Evening” or “Something Good”. 

He sometimes thought about running away and working on Broadway.  He never had a way with lyrics, but he could compose a tune.  Surely he could find a partner and they’d create loads of shows that would become world famous.  But Howard would surely find him, so close to home, and the one time he tried to sneak off to the West End while visiting Aunt Peggy in London ended with her taking out a man who had been following Tony for nefarious purposes.  She was kind about it, but she had to take him home.  

Soon enough, he gave up on that dream and entered MIT, but he still couldn’t shake stealing away into one of the music shops and playing the occasional tune.  Some of the others found out about it and bullied him until he stopped.  But Rhodey could sometimes pull him away and ask him to play a song from The Wiz or some of the old Ella Fitzgerald jazz standards.  He also started to branch out at this time, coming up with piano versions of rock songs that he would play to make Rhodey laugh.

“Try to Remember” was the last song he heard her play before she died, and was always one of his favorites.  It was years before he could listen to the song again, much less play it.  Rhodey was the one who sat with him when he finally managed it, softly singing along even though he was never much of a singer because Tony couldn’t quite manage the words.  

Steve was shocked to hear old familiar songs coming from the Avengers common room one night when he couldn’t sleep.  He walked in to see Tony at the piano, singing some of the old Cole Porter songs.  Tony switched over to his own piano rendition of Highway to Hell as soon as he realized Steve was listening, but Steve had already found out.  After that, he’d sometimes join Tony, sitting at the piano and listening to the old tunes.  

It was during one of those times Tony admitted his mother had taught him, and he played “Try to Remember” for Steve.  It wasn’t one he recognized, but it had a soothing melody that made him think of Bucky, who he was still trying to find.  It was then Steve decided he could never tell Tony about what the Winter Soldier had done.  `Tony was finally in a place where he could play the song as a fond memory, and learning the truth would only cause more pain.  

After everything burned down, Steve only felt guilt when he heard the song or looked at a piano.  There were a lot of things he would never do differently, but not telling Tony the truth was a mistake.

After everything burned down, Tony sat at the piano, but couldn’t play.  He stared at the keys, but couldn’t will his hands to move.  When Rhodey would ask him to play, Tony would smile and say he was fine.

He’s always fine.

Sometimes Peter would hear haunting melodies of songs he had never heard before when he visited Avengers Tower.  He never found out where they came from, but he kind of liked listening to the old melancholy tunes before Tony finally showed up and gave him the latest upgrades for his suit.

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What Disney characters do you think Yuu, Mika, and Guren are most like?

Yuu is Ariel.
Mika is Wreck it Ralph.
Guren is the grandma in Mulan who walks through a busy intersection with her eyes closed , causing pile ups, to prove the cricket is in fact lucky.

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As someone who is trans (halfway through procedures too), I would rather it be if there was to be a trans character in a show, I'd rather they weren't shoehorned in carelessly and/or part of some theory that is like saying "oh, this person is more effeminate/masculine than they should be, they must be trans". All that is doing is pandering and the theories are saying the same as "you're not acting like your gender, therefore you're the opposite gender!" It just creates identity problems.

We definitely need to have more explicit, thoughtful, and fully intentional representation! That’s totally the ideal. I would just say that as someone working in an imperfect industry that is always influenced by its straight/white/cis/male past, I think it’s important to celebrate the imperfect victories along the way (while also pushing forward for better and better representation). 

And yeah! It’s not great to reenforce binary gender roles. That sucks for anyone on any part of the gender spectrum. If the show creators were pushing a narrative that said, “This boy is acting ‘like a girl,’ so they MUST be trans” that would not be great. I might argue that when fans do the same thing, it’s a little more complicated. If, as a viewer, you are already starved for representation, it’s reasonable that you would want to latch onto any scrap of (potential) representation you could get your hands on. 

At least, that’s how I see it? Growing up, I didn’t see many–really, any–representation of mixed race kids, so I ended up getting super attached to characters like Balto or Danny Phantom who sort of went through the same emotions that I was feeling, even if the creators never intended a mixed race allegory, or if that allegory was a little bit problematic*.

But again! I’m not trans and I don’t think it’s cool for me to make a judgement call one way or another on this fan theory. Thanks for the opposing opinion!

*also? mixed race representation still needs more work, but that’s a whole other subject

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If i were to write a fic about Ethan as Moriarty, who would be your suggestions for the other characters? I'd say Matpat as Sherlock would work. Steph as Molly? Perhaps Nate (natewantstobattle) as John??

Looks like you’ve got a pretty good handle on things already, friend. :) 

Tbh, I haven’t really put a whole lot of thought into the other characters, other than Markiplier as Irene Adler. Tyler as Sebastian Moran, maybe? 

There are so many options, haha. It could totally vary, depending on the story you want to write. :3

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i really hate it when a teacher announces that we’ll be doing something totally awesome but then completely ruins it by saying that you have to work on it in groups

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Whats your feeling about anons and Larry blogs soft-pushing the idea of boycotting Louis career/leaving his fandom because 'they dont want to reward Sony'? I'd say boycotting Louis would totally reward Sony; its what they want, very obviously. Boycotting Harrys tour OTH would def make them sit up and take notice. But thats beyond the pale. Its okay to talk about effectively ending Louis chance at a solo career, but Harry? No one dares suggest Harry shouldn't have everything. Larry? Yeah right.


Personally, this is what I’m going to do. And I advise everyone to do what they feel in their hearts.

I am going to support Louis. Based on history, I will probably like his music a lot. If he tours, I’m going to try to get a ticket as hard as I can.

I’m going to try to get a ticket for Harry’s tour, 2018. I have to admit to being extremely frustrated by trying to get a ticket for the first tour– the process was really, really unpleasant. If I can’t get a ticket for Harry 2018, I’m probably going to direct my concert-going to other artists, or at least spend my money in ways that I will enjoy.

Some fans have expressed anger toward certain parts of Harry’s solo roll-out, but it hasn’t seemed to hurt him. His single has 50 million views on YouTube. SOTT is still in the worldwide top 10 after 8 weeks.

Would he have done better with greater fan support? I don’t know.

The boys love their fans, and I really love them as people. It’s why I’m here. I really want to see them perform live, so I wouldn’t boycott them personally.

However, the music business is a business, and the one parameter that matters is revenue. Business is the job of artists, managers, & labels– not fans. It’s not fan responsibility to create a revenue stream for them– it’s their job. It’s their job to make us feel welcome. We shouldn’t buy music because of guilt or pity– that’s psychologically harmful to us fans.

The labels/ managers etc. know which psychological buttons to push. They know that when certain things happen (beards for Harry, BG for Louis), the fandom reacts. Tweets and Tumblr posts and news (fake news) coverage explode, which in turn generate publicity.

Certain portions of Harry’s promo did poorly because these tactics simply don’t work anymore. Fans are smarter than they think, have become inured to stunts, and actually react in the opposite way than expected. The stunts might have backfired on the selection of “Carolina” as single. Tess Ward doesn’t seem to have too many fans.

The resurgence of BG (Freddie) is Louis’s team trying to recreate the fandom-driven JHO experience by pushing this button.

You don’t have to buy it. You don’t have to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. You should only spend the money if you feel like they deserve your money– you hold the power.

Today, I saw muted reactions– sadness, anger– or nothing. A lot of active blogs were quiet today, and this trend isn’t going to improve with more stunts of this sort. It’s not a matter of fairness. People have a limit. No one believes in it anymore, and apathy is a slippery slope.

  • James Potter to Why has prongs added evans? :
  • James: Lily you left your book at the house yesterday.
  • Peter: oooooo why was she at our house james. why.
  • James: she was studying with Remus you prick. Change the name of this group.
  • Sirius: No way you trashed our group by adding her. now you have to live with the consequences.
  • Sirius Black changed the group name to; James has a boner for Evans:
  • James Potter removed Sirius Black from the group:
  • Lily: what is going on?
  • James Potter removed Lily Evans from the group:
  • .
  • James: hey Lily you want to come over and revise?
  • Lily: you do a biology degree? I do history??
  • James: divorced. beheaded. died. divorced. beheaded. survived.
  • Lily: ...
  • James: I'm also ordering pizza for everyone.
  • Lily: I'll be there at 6.
  • .
  • Remus: Sirius you need to stop annoying Lily.
  • Sirius: what??? how dare you... Evans loves me
  • Lily: you piss me off Black
  • Sirius: betrayal...
  • Lily: i'm sorry but you took about a thousand photos on my phone of your newly done eyebrows and filled up all my storage.
  • Sirius: you should b honoured.... Remus would b
  • Remus: Sirius, I have to spend enough time with you showing me in person.. I really don't need pictures.
  • Sirius: you guys suck. I'm adding Jamie
  • Sirius Black added James Potter:
  • Sirius: you love my eyebrows don't you James?
  • James: of course Pads
  • Sirius: awwww see
  • Lily: but Sirius my phone isn't working because of your stupid eyebrows
  • James: fuck your eyebrows Sirius.
  • Sirius Black added Peter Pettigrew to the group:
  • Sirius: Pete, you like my eyebrows right
  • Peter: yeah i guess?
  • Sirius: haha! told you guys
  • Remus: ugh..
  • Lily: srsly
  • Peter: wait you've all been on a chat without me?
  • Peter: ...
  • Peter: hello?
  • .
  • James: Pete did you put my green jumper in the wash?
  • Peter: it was on the floor of the bathroom.. so yes I put it in the wash.
  • Peter: have you considered therapy?
  • .
  • Lily: hey can I come over and steal some of your food? I'm broke and hungry... plus your house is really warm for some reason?
  • Remus: Okay, but i must warn you James is doing shirtless karaoke in the sitting room with Sirius.
  • Lily: thats okay.
  • Remus: Is it now?
  • Lily: be quiet and come open your front door.
  • .
  • Lily Evans to; I guess she's here to stay then..:
  • Lily: oh my word Sirius I just looked... my eyebrows look amazing
  • Sirius: I told you. Say it. I'm a genius.
  • Remus: Oh be quiet Padfoot.
  • Sirius: Make me.
  • James: ugh guys take the sexual tension somewhere else pleaseeee
  • Sirius: gladly.
  • Lily: hahahahah
  • James: where are you right now?
  • Lily: coffee shop on the corner. Why?
  • James: because my house is no longer safe for my precious ears. I'm running away to find you.
  • .
  • James: oh my god shes so pretty
  • Peter: i know
  • James: and her eyes
  • Peter: I am aware
  • James: ugh and her hair
  • Peter: yup....
  • James: god she is so beautiful
  • Peter: so why aren't you telling her this?
  • James: don't be an idiot Wormtail.
  • .
  • Sirius: mooonyyyyyyyyyy
  • Sirius: moony my ray of sunshine
  • Sirius: light to my darkness
  • Sirius: hope to my dismay
  • Sirius: my brightest star
  • Sirius: mooooooonnnyyyyy
  • Remus: What.
  • Sirius: I love you.
  • Remus: ...
  • Remus: What did you do.
  • Sirius: I got jam on your jumper by accident... not a big deal i think i can clean it
  • Sirius: oh shit no i've made it worse
  • Remus: Fuck you do not touch anything I swear to God Padfoot. I'm coming home right now and stabbing you.
  • Sirius: I love you
  • Sirius: Remus?
  • Sirius: crap okay I'm hiding
  • .
  • Lily: Rem you're staring at Sirius' butt
  • Remus: He has a nice butt.
  • Remus: and nice hair.
  • Remus: damn I'm so gay for him.
  • Lily: I would hope so, you've been together for like two years now?
  • Remus: He has great eyes too..
  • Lily: James has nice eyes
  • Remus: :-) what
  • Lily: What? Me? What?
  • Lily: pretend i didn't just send that
  • Lily: my point is you're staring at Sirius' butt and the lecturer has noticed and is glaring at you.
  • Remus: oh shit.
  • .
  • James Potter changed the name of the group to; Party tonight and we are all going bitches get yourselves ready:
  • Remus: That's really how you're going to announce it?
  • Sirius: gets the point across, I like it
  • James: thanks pads
  • James: I've invited Lily too.
  • Peter: oooooooo
  • James Potter added Lily Evans to the group:
  • Lily: woo hoo party!!!
  • .
  • Sirius Black changed the name of the group to; 'James got drunkkkkk af':
  • Sirius Black changed the name of the group to; 'Lily got smashed':
  • Sirius Black changed the name of the group to; 'and they totally kissed':
  • Sirius Black changed the name of the group to; 'like a proper snog alll nightttt longggggg':
  • Sirius Black changed the name of the group to; 'James wants to sleep with Evans':
  • Sirius Black changed the name of the group to; 'and now he finally knows Evans wants to bang him tooooooo':
  • Sirius Black changed the name of the group to; 'they in loveeeeeeeeee':
  • James Potter removed Sirius Black from the group:
  • Remus: He's not wrong though...
  • Lily Evans removed Remus Lupin from the group:
  • Peter: what no how did i miss this historical moment!!!!!
  • James Potter removed Peter Pettigrew from the group:
  • .
  • James: hey
  • Lily: hi
  • James: how you feeling?
  • Lily: okay i guess...
  • James: cool cool cool...
  • Lily: look about last night-
  • James: about last night
  • Lily: haha...
  • James: I'd do it again.
  • Lily: what?
  • James: I mean if you wanted to obviously! and not like drunk and sloppy like last night haha... but i would kiss you again... if you would want me to... I mean i know we're just friends and stuff but... you're really pretty is what I'm trying to say....
  • Lily: I'd like that.
  • James: what?
  • Lily: if you kissed me again.
  • .
  • James Potter added Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew to the group:
  • Lily: I'm still here.
  • James: :-)
  • Lily: :-)
  • This was inspired by another post like this i saw a while back, but now can't find, and from suggestion i recently got.
  • Send me in any other ideas!

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You I'm so into you're drag race AU sketches. I think it would be cool if it was like an Allstars season, with Victor being a first runner up in an early season and Yuuri being like 10th place or something in a later season.

omg, it totally would be an allstars!

I low-key high-key imagine Victor would be similar /Raja. Like, an early season winner who comes out in full drag every once in awhile just to remind all the other bitches how.it’s.done.

(But also can you just imagine Victor and Chris weekly reviewing fashion? That’s everything I want and need)

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So that one anon reminded me of a fairly funny story I thought I'd share with you. So my partner is at work when his coworker says to him, attempting to be jovial, "Hey, (name), do you eat that ass like it's cheesecake?!" referring to me. And my partner just turns to the guy, deadpan, and says, "Well I don't eat cheesecake but I DO eat ass." The joke seemed to have gone completely over his head and the end result was my shame. Pfft. Funny enough, I could see Otabek making the same mistake.

I don't care if it's not my department, I want to write this fluff
  • Weiss: Hey, Yang!
  • Yang: Need something, Princess?
  • Weiss: I told you to stop calling me that!! *calms down* Ahem. Um, so Ruby's birthday is in 2 days...
  • Yang: I know, I'm so excited! My baby sis will be 17, old enough to have gotten into Beacon the normal way! But she didn't, oh no, she was too cool for the normal way...
  • Weiss: YANG!!! Listen! I... need your help figuring out what to get her as a present. I want it to be something special, since it's the first birthday she's had since we got together. Can you give me any suggestions? You've known her the longest.
  • Yang: *thinking, enjoying the idea of the perfect heiress needing HER help* Well, she likes listening to music, and you can sing, why don't you have a private "concert" and sing one of her favorite songs for her?
  • Weiss: That's... actually a great idea. I'll check her Scroll when she's not around to see what music she's listened to.
  • Yang: Go right ahead, but some of her tastes are a BIT weird.
  • One hour of Weiss cringing at all the "Starbomb" and "Ninja Sex Party" music Ruby has later:
  • Weiss: Alright, I think I can rework this one into something nice.
  • Two days of practicing later, Ruby's birthday:
  • Weiss: Alright Ruby, are you ready for your gift?
  • Ruby: Totally, but why are we in the music room?
  • Weiss: Well, I thought I'd sing a song for you.
  • Ruby: Oh, that would be awesome!! Which one? I like Mirror Mirror!
  • Weiss: No, its one you might already know from somewhere else.
  • *she begins to sing*
  • Weiss: >They say I like you too much, but I say I don't like you enough.
  • Ruby: *suddenly blushing*(Oh my Oum, is she actually singing what I think she is?)
  • Weiss: >There's so much more I could do, to show that my love is oh so true. I won't give in, oh no no. I will always let my colors show. This feeling, I can't deny, that my love for you is so sublime. And they say, it's wrong they say, I'm too young they say, I can't feel this way, but I'm proud to say... I like Ruby, I like Ruby, every day and night I love you, Ruby, I love Ruby. It's even better that you love me right back, Ruby, you're my baby. If you get hurt, I'll be your ice pack...
  • Ruby: Weiss, you can stop if you want, I get the idea. And I love it. Thank you.
  • Weiss: Well.. you better! I spent two days figuring out how to make that stupid song sound romantic.
  • Ruby: Yeah, still can't believe you used that song. Shows the lengths you'll go to to make me happy though. I love you so much.
  • *SMOOCH*
5 Things I'd Change About Prison Break S5

Let me start off by saying that I think way they handled Michael/Sara’s ending was great and that’s what most people wanted in the beginning. But there are some things that won’t let me enjoy the finale and that I wish would be different.

1) More Sucre. Come on! We saw him for like 1 episode total (half of 2 episodes). He was a major character. What happened?

2) LET T-BAG AND WHIP DEVELOP THEIR RELATIONSHIP!!!! Why give Tbag a son only to take him away an episode later? Stop screwing him over!

3) Don’t break Linc and Sofia up! (Personal preference but she was perfect for him. I’m mad they aren’t endgame anymore. Not feeling Lincoln-Sheba at all)

4) Also, where the hell was LJ? Not even a mention all season?

5) On that note, what happened to Sucre’s family? And C-Note’s?

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Hi! I got sucked into your work through Every Heart A Doorway and just finished what's been published of the Toby Daye series. From my search online, it seems like there are going to be 13 books total. Why 13? From the focus on the number 7 in the series, and the 14 years Toby spent in the pond, I had sort of assumed there would be 14 books in the end. Of course, I'm not privy to your publishing contract, or your plotting author mind, but if you can share why 13 books, I'd love to know!

Um…there is nothing that says there are going to be thirteen books.  At least nothing official and through either me or my publishing house.  In fact, the FAQ on my website says “The number of books in the series tends to flux as I figure out how to pace certain events and how I want things to unfold.  "Several" is really the only safe answer.  The first thirteen books have been purchased by DAW Books.”

There will be as many books as there will be, but I have never said that thirteen was the total number.

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Weird question but what do you think Jensen's reaction would be if some 'fan' openly hated on Misha/Cas/both at a con? At maybe a cockles or j2m panel? Because I know Jensen jokes around a lot about this kind of stuff, I'd like to know how he would handle it if someone ACTUALLY were hating on Misha and not just as a joke. What do you think he would say/do?

i mean, we’ve seen what he does when people are slightly disrespectful to jared at panels. like that time a lady decided it was a good idea to tell jared that she had started a facebook group called “everything is jared padalecki’s fault” and it was meant to be endearing but j2 totally thought she was insulting jared so jensen stepped in and basically told the lady to fuck off. and we’ve seen jensen shout at rich (or whoever it was??) for being hard on rob, and he straight up grabbed rob to protect him.

but as someone pointed out to me recently, the way jensen is super protective over jared and rob is not really exhibited toward misha. i’m not sure if he’d act exactly the same, but i imagine if someone was being rude to/about misha at a panel, jensen would shut it down real quick. i also know that one time jensen asked the crowd if they wanted misha back and someone said no and jensen’s face looked like someone told him his dog just died. so there’s that. 

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(Let's be honest with ourselves. What stupid ass clown is going to approach 2P Germany, 2P Russia or 2P Canada? If I was a clown and saw one of those guys walking around outside i'd be like "Y'know what? Imma just stay home.") Anyways, what would the 2P allies (+ 2P Japan) Do if they answered the door on halloween for trick-or-treaters and had a total love at first sight moment when they opened the door and saw a rather lovely young adult (M or F) with their younger sibling at the door?

(Same tho)

2p America/ Allen Jones: Says something cute about the tiny one’s costume, cracks a joke or two, and gives the child a bit more candy than what he would normally hand other children and watches from his window as the two of you walk away. he’ll definitely be looking for you again after Halloween passes.

2p England/ Oliver Kirkland: Gushes about your sibling and gives them a bunch of candy, makes a bit of small talk like maybe your name, your sibling’s name, and if you live around here. He introduces himself and waves a cheery goodbye. That’s when his Halloween ends as he begins his extensive search for every bit of information about you as he can get.

2p France/ Francois Bonnefoy: Let’s be honest, if this dude is handing out candy, it’s because Oliver stopped by an hour earlier with a bowl of it so he’d finally have something. You’d have to be the first ones he sees though, because I honestly believe he’d dump the whole thing into the first bag he sees outside his door. So while this would be no exception, he would say something maybe like, “Happy Halloween, kiddo.” And shut the door. He doesn’t know why, perhaps to make himself seem less intimidating and cold-hearted than he really is? It was more to show you that he’s not a total dickwad. But he still doesn’t know what in the hell possessed him to try that and thinks he just made himself like 5 times more creepy and is pretty salty about it. (damn this one long tho)

2p Canada/ Matthieu Williams: One of those fuckers that dresses up as a decoration and then scares the shit out of people when they come to his door. After he’s done with that he may apologize and let the kid collect his checks, say he likes the costume and make sarcastically light-hearted comment on your lack of one 

2p China/ Zao Wang: He’d hand out the candy but once he got a face full of you w0w he is starstruck. He would start to flirt a little bit and and might ask something like your name, number, anything so he could find you again. 

2p Russia Viktor Braginsky: The moment the kid has its sacrifice he practically sLAMS the door shut as he can feel his face heating up. He’s horrified, He’s blushing, he’s breathing heavy, he wants to see you again and he doesn’t know what’s wrong with him.

2p Japan/ Kuro Honda: Hands the small thing the candy and then goes inside and sets the bowl down for the night, he’s going to follow you home and figure out everything he can about you.

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I totally be agree with you about Tenerife Sea being about Taylor; I just can't see how it would be her favorite Multiply song if it was about some other girl at the Grammys who fits "the only sense coming out of someone's lips" Like, I'd be offended if the 2 hour conversation with Elton John meant nothing. Also there's a video of Ed performing the song before it came out on he album where he clearly says "best", so it definitely was not originally Beth

plot twist: it’s about elton john

5:11, i watch this everyday

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Hey, you can totally say no, but would you be willing to draw Human!Gideon and Rip dressed as the Doctor and the Tardis? I have the image in my head, and my hand can't do that thing, so I thought I'd ask!

Apologies for the wait!  Here you go. :)

At first I was going to make them look a little more like Idris and the Doctor, but then I saw this cute TARDIS dress that I had to draw Gideon in. ^^

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I just saw "Rogue One" and CASSian was telling Jyn that he has always followed orders and like saying it was for a greater purpose and all. He also said other things. At the end of the movie they don't kiss but hold hands and cuddle so pretty romantically Canon. Just reminded me of Destiel.

Cassian is also the one with the badass coat with the fluffy hood and I would totally be in favour of trying the Earth equivalent out on Cas for size

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(I remember Euclase writing something about how Diego Luna and Misha Collins have startlingly similar facial structure too when you get down to it, although as far a celebrity dopplegangers go, Dominic West unnerves me so much when I see him on screen that I can’t even see it with Diego Luna)

Uh anyway I’m still repressing the end of Rogue One hahahaha they’re all fine and happy and alive on a beach somewhere sipping cocktails hahahaha please don’t make me engage directly with this question :))))

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I totally get what you're saying. I'd see them like this, Jefferson would be the prominently dominate one, then it'd be Laf, he would vary between dom and sub, and he wouldn't be as intense as Jefferson, then there would be Alex, I just don't ever see him being remotely dominate whatsoever. Haha. I feel like the three could have a very healthy relationship that way because I feel like they would know the perfect balance.

Just think of Fake Laf AU: Jeffs actually saying Ham how he feels,Laf returning from France,cuddles,sweet things.
They all happy together.