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“If one day… you have someone that you like please tell me. Alright?”

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Okay but you know what bugged me from Civil War? Like I know this was months late but the scene where Steve goes to find Bucky and bring him in, and then you see him flipping through Bucky’s notebook. Like Oh My God, Steve, who the hell breaks into someone’s house and reads their diary? Rude.

  • Slytherin: There's this really great show I think you should check out!
  • Ravenclaw: Okay, I will.
  • Slytherin: *three years later* Oh, did you like that show by the way?
  • Ravenclaw: Oh, I haven't started it yet.
  • Slytherin: Are you fucking kidding me?

It cries in my heart 

 Like it rains in the town 

What is this languor 

That soaks to my heart?

“On the dark street of a foreign city, surrounded by the sound of the rain, he pressed his face into his hands and sobbed.” 

-Blackbird an amazing fic by @thetwoguineabook

I really thought I was obsessed with Power Rangers because of a cute ship in it but no, turns out I’m actually, absolutely, COMPLETELY in love with all of them and how much they love each other. It really makes me emotional and happy. Like, I never could read fics other than about my ship but this movie?? I’d read 10k words of Jason comforting Trini after her Mother yelled at her once again, of Zack and Billy having a sleepover and talking about how much they love their Moms and getting emotional about their Dads and then playing video games all night, of Kim and Zack going to see gore horror movies together because none of the others can stomach it and it becomes a monthly tradition, of them all stuck in a car to go camping, blasting music and badly singing (yelling) the entire way. These five characters are just so good I JUST LOVE THIS MOVIE A LOT.

Important OMGCP information!!!

I live in samwell. like, obviously not actually, but my town is exactly where samwell is on the map. i have noticed some things that people don’t rlly know are real things, so i decided to make a list
- andover is a real school. most ppl i know refer to it as phillips, but there’s also exeter which is also phillips so ????? it’s a hella nice private boarding school in andover.
- stop n shop is a supermarket and there are So Many of them it makes sense that there’s murder stop n shop and smelly stop n shop
- it’s honestly not that weird that nursey is always surrounded by leaves like as a person who is a Mess when there r leaves on the ground there r leaves on my body bc they stick to ur hair and ur clothes like mad
- probably everyone thinks the haus is haunted bc legit everywhere around here has at least one place where ppl swear there r ghosts - okay that’s it for now small town ppl feel free to add shit if u want bye

So just to clarify some things for the new people (hello if you’re still finding me from that facebook page or the harry potter post), I am a chronically ill person with numerous health issues. One such issue being the complete genetic fuck up that are my teeth, meaning that no matter how well I take care of my teeth, they have up until fairly recently, been rotting out of my skull. 

This was in part due to being (unknowingly) allergic to the metal fillings that were put in place as a teenager causing chronic inflammation, which in turn caused my gums to try and push my teeth out of my face, quite literally. But also the fillings were also put in place by a dentist who has a) since vanished from his private practice in the UK presumably for b) using dangerous levels of mercury to create amalgam fillings and c) we now suspect wasn’t sanitizing his tools between patients because of the terrifying levels of bacteria that were found inside the root pulps of the teeth I was forced to have extracted or potentially die.

Teeth which have, by the way, been causing me severe pain for over a decade, but due to medical negligence and gaslighting, I was told repeatedly was purely  psychosomatic by several dentists and nothing to worry about.

So I went about my business thinking I was just a wuss and needed to suck it up better and not complain so much about a non-issue.

This was proved to be factually wrong two years ago when I turned up to an emergency appointment delirious with pain and fever, and what I thought was a “mild” abscess, turned out to be a bone infection that was encroaching on my upper left cheekbone, reaching toward my eye, and was promptly informed this was a medical emergency. 

I’ve since had two more incidents like this, with the true extent of the damage only being realized last year when it was discovered my lower left jaw was also rotting out, and I had two more emergency procedures, which only kind of worked, and I am still working to fix them. I’ve been on and off antibiotics for the last two years like a demented jack in the box falling down the stairs, which in turn has wreaked havoc on the rest of my already fragile health.

I’ve endured root canals without the luxury of anesthesia, digging my fingernails into the vinyl arm rests of the chair, managing not to scream and hold my head still, despite being able to feel the nerves being burned and scraped out of my skull. I’ve breathed through extractions because anesthesia just plain doesn’t work on me, and neither does standard pain medication, forcing me to destroy my stomach and kidneys to try and get some small relief from the feeling of wanting to crawl out of my own bones to escape the never ending pain for just a little while. Just to sleep, just to eat, just to catch my breath before my next surgery where there is not guarantee of success or of even being pain free.

And to add the final insult to injury on top of all of this…I have always looked after my teeth. I have always brushed, I have always flossed, for as long as I can remember I have taken care of my teeth. The rot doesn’t start on the outside, it’s on the inside, it’s in my bones. Literally.

So while I am sure a smattering of the messages I received telling me to rinse with salt water and the importance of flossing meant well, the next person that implies I somehow deserve any of this will be summarily garroted and pickled in Listerine.

Glare - Edward Elric

Finally I made something decent with my new art program. I’ve been obsessed with FMA again and I also missed drawing Ed. So here is a veeery lazy drawing of him. I think it looks decent but it could definitely be better. Unfortunately I can barely use the new program so that’s all I could right now xD Hopefully it’s enough. 

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#TheSquint for @shipnation

Nick & Fiona discuss going to the pub with Harry
  • Nick *reading out a review* : "the person I'd like to go to the pub with is Nick Grimshaw or Harry Styles, or both"
  • Fiona : I can confirm that going to the pub with Harry, and you, and I've done both, is really wonderful
  • Nick : Do you like me on my own, Harry on his own or us together ?
  • Fiona : I like you on your own or you both together. I don't want him on his own
  • Nick : Why ?
  • Fiona : 'Cause it'd be awkward and I wouldn't know what to say. He's quite quiet
  • Nick : True. He's a wallflower
  • Fiona : He just doesn't fancy me, that's the problem

Beauty and the Beast Gladnis AU except we replace Belle’s kindness with Ignis’ sass.

“If I took my father’s place, would you let him go?”
“No, the oak tree nearby the entrance. Of course me, are you not paying attention or do you have excess of furr in your ears?”

“What are you doing here!? I told you not to come to the West Wing!”
“And I told you to let me go, but did you?”

“Do you realize what you could have done!? (flips the table)”
“Wow, okay, that on the table was a very fine tea set from the 14th century, most possibly from an important asian culture for what decoration suggests. Congratulations, there goes an entire, beautiful and valuable handmade antique worth millions in more than just one sense. You beast.”

“I’ll show you to your room”
“It was about time. The tower smells like wet dog. Do you come here often?”

“You will join me for dinner.”
“I’d rather not, thank you”
“It’s not a request! >:(”
“It’s dinner, I heard fine. The answer’s still no”.

“ :3 Could you read it again?”
“Why don’t you read it for me this time? :)”
“I uhm…I can’t”
“You never learned?”
“I learned, but it’s been so long…”
“That is no excuse, Gladiolus. Reading is like riding a horse: you never forget. Now read something for me; I accept no excuses. No stuttering either. You have a giant library, you don’t tell me you can’t read and expect me to fall for it.”

“How could someone like you ever love a beast like me? Aren’t you scared of me? ”
“Well, of course I am. I never said otherwise. You are terribly imposing and I’m pretty much terrified everytime you get close. But you behave the opposite, so I really don’t mind how ugly you are. You’re nice and kind.”
“…wow, that’s so sweet from you, Iggy”
“You’re welcome.”