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Wasnt there talk of a SPN spin-off at one time? I mean, I loved the WayWard daughters idea, seeing as SPN is seriously in need of some females, but I think God'n'Gabe would actually be the best idea EVER. Like seriously, can we make them consider this? Please?


there are a couple of key issues involved with making God’n’Gabe a reality such as

  • Kings of Con! if r2 was regular on a big network series, it would more than likely conflict with the intensive filming/editing/producing they’ll do with that (they’re already writing season 2!)
  • there would probably be some contract/union issues, as they’d probably keep the filming in canada. i wANT SWAIN TO BE IN IT
  • who would write it? i think the only person i would trust to write it for screen would be robbie thompson, who’s knee-deep in marvel

i think it’s really cool how passionate some of you are to put it in the running for a spin-off, but unfortunately it just doesn’t seem all the feasible as of right now :’)

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There is so much Rob in your blog, it looks like you’re… benedicted

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Okay so my personal favorite thing to do is ask this: If the admins were members of the RFA and they interacted with you, what are headcanons for yourselves?

if you mean like how i would fit into the RFA and how my relationship with everyone would be well then shit son idk lemme think about it

If I keep everything platonic, theeeeeeeen……… Probably end up as Saeyoung’s best friend. We have the same sense of humour, enjoy the same things,  and even have the same hobbies (tinkering, coding, things of that sort) so we’d probably hang out or at least talk A LOT. Uuum probably end up as Yoosung’s gaming buddy because I’m up for days at a time playing video games, or end up as a study buddy because college sucks my friends. Would probably beg Zen to let me work on whatever play he’s in on like backgrounds or costumes because IT’S SOMETHING I’VE WANTED TO DO FOR SOOOO LONG but otherwise I was wholeheartedly support his career and be kind of like a cheerleader for him (like Jaehee does). I’d always offer to help Jaehee with her work and bring her coffee and baked goods everyday because holy shit she needs to be appreciated. I would probably connect with Jumin over our love for our cats (my baby Chaos gets treated like Elizabeth, he’s so spoiled) and I’d have deep, philosophical talks with him and like who knows what would happen from there. I’ll also laugh at his jokes because I honestly think they’re funny and I just KNOW he has a silly side that I hope he’d show me. I’d make him kitty shaped cookies all the time and bring gifts for Elizabeth!! I’D GO ON PHOTOGRAPHY TRIPS WITH V and show off my Skills™ and ask him for some tips and just enjoy the view with someone else who appreciates it and just wow. Then for Saeran I would be extremely patient with him. I’d listen and never try to push him to tell me anything and just, I’d be really really reaaaally understanding because I somewhat understand what he went through??? So I know that being asked all the time to talk about it fuckin’ suuuucks. So I’d always get ice cream with him and play some Pokemon and just yes yes yes yes YES WE CAN BE THE RESTING BITCH FACE DUO ™ ~Admin 404

I think I’d end up as Jaehee’s best friend honestly because we’re both always swamped with work and have these insane schedules and we can just sympathize with each other (and i’d probably help her out at her coffee shop because ayyyee free coffee)(we’d also probably always watch Zen’s moves together and fangirl over hOW HANDSOME HE IS). I’d probably act like such a mom to yoosung omg, hE WILL DO HIS HOMEWORK AND GO TO BED AT A DECENT TIME AND EAT HEALTHY I WILL MAKE SURE OF IT (but i’ll also turn a blind eye when he and 404 are up at 4 am eating god knows what because he deserves to have fun <3)(i’d try to join their video game sessions and fail horribly). JUMIN WOULD STRAIGHT UP HATE ME, I WOULD NEVER EVER LEAVE ELIZABETH ALONE AND HOPEFULLY SHE’D LOVE ME I WOULDNT BE ROUGH WITH HER but also jumin would love me because i’d laugh at his jokes because they’re honestly so funny???? his name would be daddy on my phone and he wouldnt know it (hey just because this is platonic doesn’t mean i cant enjoy how daddy he is *lenny*) and honest to god this the boy i’d go to if i ever felt like watching a documentary because i feel like he’d be SOOO into it (”626 thE BARNACLE GEESE ARE INSANE”) Don’t even get me started on Zen, we’re both very narcissistic people and we’d probably get into argument over who’s the hotter one (definitely me,,,) (hiS NAME WOULD BE “UGLY” ON MY PHONE BECAUSE I’M SO MEAN AND I WOULD MAKE SURE HE’D KNOW) we’d probably make fun of each other a lot but i could imagine talking with him on the phone most nights because he’d be a good friend. I can imagine moming Saeyoung and Saeran too??? but I wouldnt mom them as much as I would yoosung because they need their space <3 I’d probably be so DUMB with Saeyoung and if 404 is added into the mix, it’d be so terrible (”404 CHECK THIS OUT I’M WEARING HEELYS FOR THE FIRST TIME oh crap i think i broke my nose”). I’d probably annoy the hell out of Saeran by always texting him HSM and hannah montana lyrics and while he and I wouldnt be super close, i’d make sure he knew that i’d always be there for him when he needs to smile. anD HONESTLY I’D COOK MEALS FOR BOTH OF THEM BECAUSE THEYRE BOTH PROBABLY BAD AT GETTING PROPER NUTRITION AND I’D BE SO BOTHERED, 404 can bake them cakes tho so it’ll be made up for??? V would be my go to guy for anything because I could imagine being quiet around him and not feeling pressured to talk??? like hey lets go have dinner and we dont have to talk let’s just enjoy each other’s presence. i’d probably try to mom him too but i don’t think it’d work with him, he’d outmom me i bet, like “hey V, i made you dinner” “oh that’s nice 626 i just made you a 5 course meal” and I would love going on photography trips with him and making him teach me cause i know nothing because i love being with people and nature <3 ~ Admin 626 (btw if you dont know about barnacle geese, look up “barnacle geese baby jump”) 


 ‘The Ungrateful Second Years’ 1/3 - "We came back. We want to do our best!” 


never let anyone stand in between you and your ambitions.


◝ *.: 。 * i.  PICTURE  COLLECTION  ━━   kenneth  &  sansa .

↪    you  thought  it  funny  how  other  kings  treated  their  QUEENS .    while  they  busied  themselves  listing  every  command  and  expectation  for  them  to  follow ,    downing  wine  after  wine  as  their  wives  sat  UNAMUSED ,    you  diverted  your  stare  and  looked  at  your  queen   :    there  she  was ,    your  GREATEST  weapon ,    closest  friend .       ━━━━    au  verse ,   *  for  @sansavis .

editing tutorial!

hey so i’m making a tutorial on how I changed the text from an actual youtube video for this edit:

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kind of more of a tutorial on how to change little pieces of code but it’s easy, and after this you can change the text to any website. any.

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Spacetime // The Christmas Invasion

“Well, I reckon you’re mad, the pair of you. It’s like you go looking for trouble.”  

u ever become linguistically frustrated??? like sometimes its so frustrating speaking languages other than english bc there are words and phrases in other languages that have so much more depth and meaning but when it’s translated into english it all becomes skewered and superficial and like,,, i just want you to understand how much this phrase or sentence means but i cant because there’s also a cultural understanding that comes with it and i can’t give that to you unless you’ve immersed yourself in it wholly and it just irks me so much