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Eliminating Kirin Jindosh hurt more than any of the other targets. Either way, it was destroying a brilliant mind. I’m glad I found that newspaper outside Breanna Ashworth’s office, for some peace of mind


Day 2017 - 25 September 2016

(Delusional™) First Year Initial URs 


work in progress. i’ve been wondering why i’m struggling a ridiculous amount with this, realised i haven’t really drawn geoff before (complete portrait here)

I see the Pence worse than Trump debate crop up here and there lately, and usually prefaced with a “Trump is more likely to start a nuclear war, buuuuut…” then explain that Pence would be horrible because of his clear hatred for the LGBTQ community. It’s offered in a kind of ‘before we want this asshole impeached, think of how much worse Pence will be.’

But I want to draw your attention back to exhibit A, the likelihood of possibly starting a nuclear war, or global cataclysm, which, I know Pence is morally bad, but nuclear war will definitely kill you…like, it isn’t ‘shucks, I guess I won’t visit China’ it’s ‘shucks, I hate having to smother my best friend to death because they’re in agony from radiation sickness, but we’re all alone in this rubble and I don’t want them to suffer.’

Pence is bad, Pence can be booted like anyone else, and can be resisted like anyone else, but has a directly inverse likelihood of causing an unintended thermonuclear war because of a bad restaurant review.

Pocahontas Live Action Fancast

Q’orianka Kilcher as Pocahontas

Martin Sensmeier as Kocoum

Gil Birmingham as Chief Powhatan

Zahn McClarnon as Kekata

Tayana Beatty as Nakoma

Meryl Streep as Grandmother Willow (voice)

Sam Claflin as John Smith

Nicholas Hoult as Thomas

Kevin Spacey as Governor Ratcliffe

Gerard Butler and Iain Glen as Ben & Lon

Matthew Gray Gubler as Wiggins

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness



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closure (3/3) - time

the beginning of the video shows that they are in a cold, colorless winter. as they ride the train, which suggests the time they’ve passed in this sadness, they are hoping to meet someone again when spring (and happiness) return. when the sunlight starts to shine into the train car again, we realize that jungkook is not alone, everyone is accompanying him out of the snowy times. and when the train finally stops, they get off together and gentle breezes and golden sunlight warm over them. the lyrics tell us, no winter can last forever: no matter how hard things are, no matter how much we miss someone, they are reassuring us that over time, one day we will be able to let go of our heavy hearts and that we will meet our loved ones again on a spring day. 

ok no hate or anything, I’m just really genuinely curious and I’m hoping someone can give me a comprehensive explanation. I started watching TWD a couple of weeks ago (I’m finished) and I was aware of TD even before then but obviously didn’t understand the background of it or whatever. I’ve been around the tags and seen some disjointed hopes and theories and “maybes” and interpretations and all that, but I’d love it if someone could give me a good explanation for this, specifically the following questions (all of which I’m basing off the theories I’ve seen floating around):


the assumption is that Beth survived the headshot, being carried around, and Maggie crying over her presumably dead body at least for a little while because they were at a hospital with like….. one doctor who I don’t think was a neurosurgeon (but I don’t remember). my question is: even if we assume that’s true, why would Maggie and Daryl (or anyone really) leave her behind? do we assume they don’t realise she’s alive? because they were offered an opportunity to stay at the hospital after killing the leader, so if Beth was alive and receiving treatment, they had no reason to leave or never come back for her.


if we assume they didn’t realise she’s alive and thought her to be dead (which makes sense), how do we think she survived? are we assuming they just left her body lying around near the hospital? (or, I’m sorry, stuffed in a TRUNK? which I’ve also seen a theory of, which makes me a little ?? because would Maggie really do that to her sister? why? would Daryl?) do we think they carried her out of the hospital only to get her back inside to the people they most definitely can’t feel very generous towards and entrusted them with her ‘dead’ body to take care of? what do you think happened to the body? how did she survive?


I’ve seen some people heavily imply or outright state that TF doesn’t act like Beth is dead but ‘gone’, implying that they know she’s ‘alive’. So my question is: why would they never try to get her back? or even talk about the possibility of finding her again? it’s a huge theme throughout the show that they never give up on each other and always try to find back to each other again, and if they can’t or don’t think they can, they at least talk about that. why would they never mention Beth and the unlikelyhood of ever seeing her again when they do it in every other case? Maggie and Daryl are clearly reeling from the loss, and they have a talk about that, but none of it implies she’s still alive out there, and I can’t really see Maggie just abandoning her sister, especially not considering how we see her determination to reconnect with Glenn when they lost each other. are we assuming Maggie is the kind of person who’d leave her sister behind knowing she’s alive?

again, I’m not looking for a fight, so please no passive-aggressive attacks from EITHER side (pro and anti Beth). I’m really genuinely curious and while I’ve seen several “these are the hints she’s alive” posts flying around, I’ve never actually found good answers to these questions, so I’m hoping someone can clear this whole “Beth’s alive” theory up for me. it’s kinda driving me crazy at this point. thanks!

this is the only post i’m gonna make about the election tonight but

i am so glad that i live with a liberal family in a democratic state

also…georgia is officially dead to me