i'd like to forget about work for a while

The Signs When They Have a Shit ton of Work
  • Aries: is really pumped up at the start but then loses enthusiasm
  • Taurus: "please no I'd rather sleep why"
  • Gemini: bitches on the phone while doing work
  • Cancer: frowning cutely and actually doing stuff
  • Leo: drags their (unfortunate) friends to help them
  • Virgo: gets so worked up (heheh) about it that they leave it
  • Libra: like Cancer, does it properly
  • Scorpio: curses like a sailor, but somehow gets it done
  • Sagittarius: given up, is now on tumblr
  • Capricorn: dives into it, actually enjoys it a little
  • Aquarius: starts to do stuff, but then keeps on having profound deep thoughts, so they forget their work and pen them down
  • Pisces: is either asleep or determinedly finishing their task
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  • (Check sun and/or moon)

sniperct  asked:

Implied sexy times would be SO EASY to keep PG. Just need to have them wake up in bed together and snuggle a bit, or have Korra wake up while Asami is still asleep in bed and that's how the movie starts, with some kind of opening credits music as Korra goes through morning exercises and gets joined by Asami and it's just morning excercises and Asami doing work and then there's like an exploson somewhere and then we get to the plot. (but I'd watch a tv series about korrasami daily life)


don’t forget the lei like sokka had in southern raiders…

korra and asami waking up together wearing spirit world flower leis and nothing else i mean what