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You are precious, your blog is perfect, and you deserve to be happy! I love you 馃挋馃挋馃挋

sobs quietly i truly love you so so so so much, you deserve everything good and i hope your day is as bright as lance’s smile

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So I have a sort of crush on you, but not a romantic one... More like a friend crush... I'd eat dinner with you sometime if I could... The way you talk about Chef makes me smile... You really are awesome... Sorry for rambling...

My friend, you will never accuse me of scolding for rambling.

One of the disadvantages of being as Old as I, is that my mind wanders endlessly. I remember so much, I haven’t any room for it, I suppose, or it likes to overlap, link, tie, tangle through similarities. It simply is impossible for me to talk about anything without rambling.

This is why I so often interrupt myself, and also why I must constantly apologize for being terse. Sometimes it transpires that I am asked a question so involved, so much like a quagmire that if I don’t avoid the answering, or answer with the shortest reply possible, I will be drawn into an endless monologue about all the things that it brings to mind, how I feel or think about all of them, thus leading to others, and so on.

I am aware it often sounds as if I am upset, or that I am offended by the question. That isn’t so, but I forget to add my apology, or my preamble, and there I am looking like an absolute sod, when in fact, I am simply trying to avoid rambling like an senescent centenarian about something that has nothing whatever to do with the original topic of conversation.

I mean really, it’s as if my mind has lost something and cant quite find it, so it begins turning over old stones and saying “Are you in there? No? Well, but that’s a lovely moment! I remember that! Do you know he had the freshest breath I’ve ever smelled? Like ice! Like mint! How in God’s name did he manage to have such a sweet mouth when all he did all day long was make rope? I wonder if hemp has antimicrobial properties, and if his biting of the fiber apart actually contributed to his dental health? I wonder if his skull is still about. I wonder if anthropologists have unearthed him yet and said to themselves, ‘Well now, you see, Medieval men did have good teeth!’ and if they were surprised. not sure why they would be. Makes sense to me….”

Bloody hell.

I’m sorry. It just happens.

What were we talking about? Ah! Yes. Crush. I don’t exactly know what a “friend crush” is, but I am pleased that you enjoy me. I do try to always be my best self with you, but I cannot always be, so I do thank you for being forgiving also.

I can sometimes be quite prickly. I claim age as my mark of status and my suit of armor. Old people have plenty reason to be annoyed, the least of which is that we have to find something to do with ourselves still and one tends to run out of ideas.

This is why I like Pinterest and the Scrabble app, and Tumblr too. Ebay. Amazon.

I’m sorry. I’m doing it again. You see?


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"Wow, welcome to the community, dude!!" Silver smiled brightly, then launched into their next statement just as quickly as they had ran up to the new face. "Just as reference, what do you like to eat? I'd love to cook something for our next visit!"

Oh I absolutely love all kinds of berries! pecha berries are my fav,
and such a warm welcome! thank you

  • Sherlock: *pacing*
  • Molly: *fixing her dress in the mirror; smiling* Will you stop that? You'll be fine, she's already sort of met you once.
  • Sherlock: *glancing at the clock; dismissively* She's forgotten that.
  • Molly: *chuckles* You hope.
  • *knocking*
  • Sherlock: *looks at the window*
  • Molly: You'll be alright *pecks his lips* You ready?
  • Sherlock: *nods*
  • Molly: *dashes to her door, smoothing down her dress; opens her door* Hi, Mum.
  • Mummy Hooper: *hugging Molly* Hello, dear. It's nice of you to remember to wear some clothes-
  • Molly: *steps away; loudly* Mum, I'd like you to meet my boyfriend *stands next to Sherlock, linking fingers* Mum, this is Sherlock Holmes.
  • Mummy Hooper: *steps closer, smiling* Ah, Mr. Holmes, the one sleeping with my daughter *extends her hand*
  • Sherlock: *awkwardly shaking her hand* I'm sorry, I thought the door was locked.
  • Molly: *elbows him*
  • Sherlock: *clears his throat* Sherlock, please *forces a smile*
  • Molly: *gestures at the kitchen* I'll get the drinks, then *hurries to the kitchen*
  • Mummy Hooper: *sits on the sofa; grinning* So...do you work at Molly's hospital?
  • Sherlock: Something like that.
  • Mummy Hooper: *nods* Hmm, you seemed to like her lab coat.
  • Sherlock: *blushes*
  • Mummy Hooper: *rolls her eyes* Oh, son, don't worry about it. We're all adults and I've had my fair share of fun in the workplace, let me tell you-
  • Sherlock: *quickly* Actually, Mrs. Hooper... *glances at the kitchen door; lowers his voice* There was something I wanted to ask you.
  • Molly: *returns with a tray of drinks* Right, so...black coffee and your tea, Mum *places the tray on the coffee table* So, what were we talking about?
  • Sherlock: *hastily* Nothing!
  • Mummy Hooper: *tilts her head* You were just about to ask me something.
  • Sherlock: *chuckling nervously* No, I wasn't. That's the medication talking.
  • Mummy Hooper: *frowns* I'm not on medication!
  • Sherlock: *mutters* Not yet.
  • Molly: *looking between them, confused* Umm...
  • Sherlock: Biscuits. Thank you, Molly *kisses her cheek*
  • Molly: *blinking* Okay *walks back to the kitchen*
  • Sherlock: *to Mrs. Hooper, through gritted teeth* Forgive my haste in asking but I would like to ask your permission for Molly's hand in marriage. I have thought long and hard about my future and I cannot see spending it alone or with any other. I am in love with your daughter and, with your blessing, I hope to one day have the honour to call her my wife *swallows* Well? What do you say?
  • Mummy Hooper: *beaming; jumps up to hug him* Of course you can, you strange wonderful man. Thank you *whispers* Are you going to do it now?
  • Sherlock: *smiles* Not quite, no.
  • Molly: *returns with several packets of biscuits* I didn't know what you wanted so- *sees her Mum and Sherlock hugging* Oh, my God, what happened?
  • Mummy Hooper: *wiping the tears in her eyes* You have a wonderful boyfriend, Molly.
  • Molly: *smiles* Yeah?
  • Sherlock: *sighs* I do what I can.
Chapter 66
  • Historia: Before I eat Eren, there's one thing I'd like to ask you, Father. Why *didn't* the Reiss family get rid of the Titans *before*?
  • Rod: Well, we *tried* to, but we just never got around to it.. Things happen, you know,... bad weather, holidays, Netflix... I remember I told Frieda that if she ate Uri, she'd get an Xbox One and full Crunchyroll membership. Never saw her again.
  • Historia: (thinking) Uri... Frieda... that suicidal bastard over there... Terminal idiocy confirmed for Coordinate side effect.
  • Rod: Historia? What's taking so long?
  • Historia: Oh, nothing... >;)
  • Rod: Oh, c'mere. Let me do it.
  • Historia: Haha SIKE
  • Historia: I'm not gonna let you poison me!
  • Eren, Rod, Kenny: WHAT?!
  • Historia: *knocks Rod and the Coordinate to the ground*
  • Historia: I threw it on the GROUND!
  • Historia: YOU MUST THINK I'M A JOKE!
  • Historia: You know what, Rod? Fuck you. Kenny was RIGHT. You are the BIGGEST BUTTCRACK OF A FATHER TO EVER GRACE THESE WALLS. And you know what else? I'm DONE. I'm DONE caring about what other people think. It's all I ever freaking hear! "Historia be nice to people" "Historia DON'T be nice to people" "Historia listen to your dad" "Historia DON'T listen to your dad" "Historia needs to get her shit together" "Historia listen to Levi and go be FUCKING QUEEN" "Historia go eat Eren" "Historia DON'T eat Eren" "Historia do this" "Historia do that" "Historia's a bitch" "Historia"s fake" "Historia's whiny" "Ymir could do SO MUCH BETTER", and you know what? See how tall I am (no thanks to you, ex-dad)? I give EVEN LESS FUCKS than that. Oh, and one last thing. Remember all those stupid tacky singing fish sculptures that I bought for you YEAR AFTER YEAR and you never ONCE fucking THANKED ME? Well, I want them BACK. Screw you, screw the haters, I'm four foot a BITCH.
  • Historia: *walks over to Eren* Eren GTFO
  • Eren: meh D:
  • Historia: Oh, look at you, the fearsome Rogue Titan crying in the corner. You sound like a majestic fucking eagle. I bet you sing.
  • Eren: Historia, Rod is...
  • Historia: What the fuck-
  • *BOOM*
  • Kenny: Aaand... there goes the ceiling.
  • *The force of the explosion pushes Mikasa onto Historia*
  • Mikasa: Historia?! Are you all right?!
  • Historia: ...Well, I'd probably be BETTER if you took your HAND out of my FREAKING SKIRT.
  • Levi: Whoo!
  • Jean: Man, Ymir's gonna be PISSED.
  • Connie: (thinking) Awesome. Mikasa's out of the way, I make my move.
  • Kenny: Damn. Should've brought more popcorn.
  • * a little bottle comes flying out of Rod's bag*
  • Eren: Here's hoping it's weed. Or at least alcohol.
  • Eren: *drinks it*
  • Tagline: Congratulations! Your ROGUE TITAN has evolved intO ARMORED TITAN!
  • <p> <b>Dog abuser:</b> man I love dogs<p/><b>Animal lover:</b> so maybe stop hitting them???<p/><b>Dog abuser:</b> nah it's my personal choice to punch my dogs. Your don't hear me telling you what to do.<p/><b>Animal lover:</b> ok but it's literally not a personal choice because you're hurting someone????<p/><b>Dog abuser:</b> wow get off your fucking high horse you know humans bred dogs to serve us so I'm just gonna keep punching dogs<p/><b>Animal lover:</b> ...<p/><b>Dog abuser:</b> for every dog you don't kick, I'll kick three!<p/><b>Dog abuser:</b> I'd have to be a fucking pussy to not beat dogs. Like you lol<p/><b>Dog abuser:</b> besides I like it so I'm never gonna stop no matter what you say<p/><b>
  • #
  • Meat eater: </b> man I love animals<p/><b>Animal lover:</b> so maybe stop eating them???<p/><b>Meat eater:</b> nah it's my personal choice to eat meat. Your don't hear me telling you what to do.<p/><b>Animal lover:</b> ok but it's literally not a personal choice because you're hurting someone????<p/><b>Meat eater:</b> wow get off your fucking high horse fucking vegans you know humans bred pigs to be eaten so I'm just gonna keep paying people to kill them for me<p/><b>Animal lover:</b> ...<p/><b>Meat eater:</b> for every animal you don't eat, I'll eat three!<p/><b>Meat eater:</b> I'd have to be a fucking pussy to not eat meat. Like you lol<p/><b>Meat eater:</b> besides I like it so I'm never gonna stop no matter what you say<p/></p>