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You are under absolutely no obligation to do this, but if you feel like it I'd honestly love to see You Won't Wake Up Alone from Damian or Tim's POV? Just a thought :)

I didn’t even think about trying it from a different POV but you have now planted the idea in my brain, and I am seriously considering it. So don’t be surprised if at some point one pops up. Because I like this idea a lot, and I’ve had a lot of fun with that fic. Thanks. : D

I’m deep in clone Shiro theory rn, but I want him to be happy and loved if he is real. Shiro never thinks about his family so maybe he doesn’t have one..a family can be 1 original and 50 clones ok. also @ilovelocust had a cute idea of Keith giving Shiro clone a pep talk and I couldn’t not use it


1st year Slytherin!Yuuri got everyone in the house confused, how is this pure puffball got sorted in the snake’s house???

P.S. Pichit is a good friend. Treasure him.

2 years earlier before Yuuri grew into a fine Eros

-Hogwarts/Durmstrang AU-

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