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i don’t have anything, i just want everybody to witness how fucking adorable this is. LOOK AT DAN’S TERRIFIED CLINGING THIS IS SO CUTE!!!!

so I got my free! wall scroll today and was putting it up using one of those bubble level things but even though the level said the wall scroll wasn’t lopsided it still looked like it was so I yelled to my mom “it says it’s straight but it doesn’t seem straight” and I think that’s the most accurate description of free! I’ve ever heard 


My Top 10 for the Grand Final

I wish everyone the best of luck for the Grand Final of Eurovision 2016 and hope we get a deserving winner but of course have lots of fun along the way ♥

Man I really want to get my hands on Premier Pro and After Effects ahhh. I just kinda feel like I’m ready to try new hobbies (because i don’t have enough already oh my god) and video editing is one I’ve had my eye on for a long tiiiime

Dick Move, Bro already surpassed one fic in popularity. Let’s see how far it gets lol

yeah ok it’s me

*adele voice* hello. it’s me. 

       ok. so IM COMING ONLINE AFTER LIKE MONTHS OF SPOTTY ASF ACTIVITY and I’m coming to say I really, really wanna be here more but it’s just super hard right now? I have exams in literally 1 weeks time and I guess these are kinda the exams that count?? And while I’d love to have heaps of time to write on here,  I don’t..

I’ve been putting any of the rare time I DO have into my emma carstairs purely bc 1. I’m logged in there and 2. I find her muse easy to muster when I’ve not been online for a while and 3. less drafts = less stress = more chance of me not feeling awful about being here. 

I really want to be here more and I intend to try and do so when exams end but until then I just hope everyone can bear with me !!  I wanted to do alot more and write more esp. since civil war but it’s just not been ? possible

And I’m so sorry to everyone who I owe and who I’ve owed for months with no mention of replies coming soon. I know many of you are patient, and I know I just hope people understand but if you’re feeling resentful about it (thats probably too strong a word but yanno) I’m so sorry and yeah – it’s just times are a-hectic. 

In like, 3 weeks I’ll have a long, long weekend basically because my exams finish early asf due to the classes I do and so I’ll have a few days of nothing while everyone else finished theirs. I intend to put some of that time into sorting drafts and things bc what a mess!! But until then I just ….. can do what I can ?

Idk I just though I’d say what’s been going on. I’m not GONE, or lost muse (though sometimes I’m too exhausted to even think abt writing) I’m just busy and can’t – but thanks to everyone who’s been talking to me on emma and understand and ily all

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i love slowburn and all, but i was jw if you've posted any fics where the slowburn has already reached it's conclusion and ginhiji have come to terms w their feelings?? i don't mean an established relationship, i mean a fic where there's slow burn with resolution? i'm a fan of your work, and i know you want to take your time updating, but it seems like if it's not an already established relationship, then it's just these two dancing around each other and i just want them to hurry up and be happy

Ah, well, “hurry up” isn’t typically a term applied to slow burn fics if you love them. Regardless, yes, I have some of those:

Two Men, One Box
Go Away Light
Across the Way – still a slow burn fic, but they have sex already so it should be what you’re after by the sounds of it
What Happens on Camera

And there’s a bunch of drabbles on this page you can sort through that have that theme

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What are your character’s deepest regrets?

her entire life????

HAHA yeah no ok but really-

Cerise regrets how easily she trusts others. It comes off as a facade that she’s all tough and cutthroat, which she CAN be, but really she’s a wilting flower. Cerise trusted Zaffre so much, she practically gave him all of her just for him to figuratively throw her under the bus for his own gain.

She regrets allowing herself to be removed from her town as it was being lit up in flames, she regrets not returning fast enough to prevent the deaths of everyone. 

Cerise regrets not having thick enough walls for everyone to break through. Because she becomes so easily molded if left with long enough. It’s just a natural instinct for her to become comfortable no matter who the person is. This includes the faction in Vale. 

As if she couldn’t hate herself anymore than she already did, she goes and makes this… ‘bond’ with Cinder, Roman, and the others and just sits idly as they, along with her help, tear down and claim Vale as their own. All because Cerise couldn’t let go of her one goal, she would do just about anything to obtain it and that meant slinking back to her ‘trusting’ ways and going along with anyone who happened to provide the information she needed. IE; Roman. 

Cerise regrets allowing her emotions to have a say at ALL. If they hadn’t… if she’d only become as disconnected from the world as someone like Mercury had- then maybe she wouldn’t have fallen in love, or become a puppet so easily under Cinder. Cerise regrets so much that it’s hard for her to make any sort of judgement without second guessing and questioning their motives and her own thoughts. It’s become that of a mental disorder and she’s scared.

She’s scared because she keeps slipping up, she keeps losing the people she loves most, and feels it’s all her fault for getting too attached. Cerise regrets that she survived that ship crash and every now an then wished it’d just ended her too. 


idk kinda weird how I find a lot of guys attractive but I can only ever envision myself dating a girl…… like………. it’s weird