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hold each other (s11 fic)

for the record i absolutely believe that cas will be the one to defeat the darkness, but for this i just wanted to focus on the aftermath so i went the simplest route. 

It’s almost morning by the time they crawl back to the bunker. Dean is just about ready to pass out but at the same time, there’s a frantic buzz underneath his skin that makes him feel like he’ll never get to sleep. 

Sam doesn’t seem to have that problem, his head lolling against the window as he snores softly. In the backseat, Cas has his head turned so that Dean can’t see his face in the mirror, but he has a distinct feeling that he’s still awake.

None of them have spoken a word since they got in the car. It still hasn’t sunk in for Dean that the Darkness and Lucifer are both gone, the cold dread in his stomach stubbornly lingering. But, he admits silently to himself, that might not have anything to do with either one of them.

Dean can’t get the image of Cas collapsing to his knees as the Darkness drew Lucifer from him out of his head. For one terrifying moment, he was sure that she’d gotten Cas too. He ran to him, catching him just as he tumbled to the ground. He barely even noticed Amara and Lucifer grappling a few feet away from them, light collapsing into dark, assuring mutual destruction.

Cas was alive, but you couldn’t tell that just from looking in his face. His eyes were flat, expression slack. He didn’t look up until Dean cupped his face.

“I’m alive,” he said.

Dean couldn’t tell whether he was relieved or not. But then his expression crumbled into devastation, and Dean couldn’t do anything but pull him into his arms, muttering a litany of apologies into Cas’ hair. 

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Cara killed Kahlan's sister and her nephew and you don't mind??

I literally live for ships with the inner conflict between them

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sooo... do you ship hamburr yet? bc i know you ship doctor/master, and hamburr would be right on your level, unless you're scared of historical shipping

That sounds like a challenge

Listen, okay. 

Do not date someone who touches you without your consent. 

Do not date someone who thinks it’s okay to guilt you

 Do not date someone who lies to you like it’s nothing 

Do not date someone that pressures you into doing things 

Do not date a manipulative person !!! Please !!! Stay !!! Away !!! From those types of toxic people !!!

Apparently it’s “National Hug Day” today, so here’s a big hug for all you beautiful HBO War people. Heads up, here it comes! Nyoom!

So my internet just went out, and naturally I got that little dinosaur that looks like he’s just there to watch you hate your life right, you know what I’m talking about. Yeah, this fucker right here.

So naturally I start refreshing the page a million times, while trying to get my phone to reconnect because I’m talking to someone I really like and it’s a matter of life or death to see if she’s responded yet. Anyway when I come back to the keyboard I hit space bar thinking it’s F5 because I’m a big dumbdumb, and do you know what this motherfucking dinosaur starts doing?

He starts running. At first I’m like what the fuck? You can’t load my page but you can load this little guy running? But then Cactus start showing up, and so naturally I’m like NO DON’T RUN INTO THAT YOU’LL GET HURT and being the gamer I am hit space bar again, because that’s how you make things jump. AND THIS FUCKER JUMPED.

And I was so mildly entertained I almost forgot the internet was out, and I’m like really getting into making this little guy jump over these pants while also trying to figure out why of all places this dinosaur could be he picked a desert, BUT THEN, my phone goes off and of course I’m gonna stop paying attention to him because I’ve got a cutie to respond to and

Game over. I killed him. He got an ass full of cactus. I’M SO SORRY LITTLE GUY, you gotta believe me though, she was worth killing him. But it even keeps score and everything. 

Moral of the story is, when you don’t have enough internet to load your page, have no fear, because you’ll always have enough internet to run a dinosaur through a desert trying to dodge the natural pointy death traps that exist there.

my dog keeps running from my dad because my dad is the one who gives him his medicine and i’m just like gEoRgE he’s trying to keep you aLIVE

I just realized that I never posted this.

NO??? WELL NOW YOU KNOW. And since my tablet isn’t working, I can’t do shit. OH WELL.

So like there’s a bunch of art references on how to color different nationalities which is GREAT and all don’t get me wrong but does anyone have a guide for how to describe them in writing without defaulting to varying shades of brown because that doesn’t seem right at all but I have zero idea where else to go.

Hey, mortal instruments fans:  Do you guys want me to make a new tag for Shadowhunters?  Cuz I realize a lot of people (myself included tbh) don’t really like the show, so I could understand if some people don’t want it on their dash….Or are you guys ok with me tagging it TMI with everything else…?

//People seem to want a sequel, but… I kind of think the first movie wrapped it up? 

In the opening speech, Spirit says, “Whether that west was won or lost in the end, you’ll have to decide for yourself.” 

“I WAS there, and I REMEMBER.”

“I’ll never forget.”

He’s talking as if he’s telling this story to other horses, about a time that has since been lost. He has lost, and the Army has won. America was colonized, and Spirit and the entirety of his herd were probably (re)captured and sold off to buyers.